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  1. for long distance communication
  2. standards must be maintained
  3. please, sir, it's Smithers
  4. usually the commanding Generals
  5. My last email regarding the Ericsson Skycrane conversion went along the lines of, 'It's not done yet, I am up to my butt in 'gators'. Was due over a year ago, but Covid and now his wife...... I did get a Cobra HH-43 interior off him PDQ after he bought the moulds and resumed production. Just too much in the way of life I suppose.
  6. bentwaters81tfw

    Covid Jab

    First question at first Covid jab. Are you on blood thinners? If so, which one? Clotting was obviously considered from day one. Same with the anaphylactic shock - you have to have the AZ shot if you carry an Epipen.
  7. They should have picked that up at the last overhaul. Poor maintenance. Is this now being added to your annual inspection check list? Good to see you are all fixed up again. Obviously in need of more beer to keep things flowing properly.
  8. Lone Star are up and running, but the guy is snowed under. You need patience.
  9. I used the matt with a brush, and it streaked, hence I now use rattle cans of Games Workshop matt varnish, and Klear for gloss.
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