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  1. bentwaters81tfw

    Vote Grump!

    Oh, that's a favourite.
  2. bentwaters81tfw

    Four on the floor

    it's a rough ride
  3. bentwaters81tfw

    Spot of the Day Part 2

    Daimler Sovereign circa 1968 on the M5 south of Worcester on Monday last. On a Channel Islands plate. A couple of sports racers on a transporter as well, but I couldn't identify them properly, and an MG TC heading Northbound.
  4. bentwaters81tfw

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    Not only that, he can talk as well, and take the michael out of the punters.
  5. bentwaters81tfw

    Vote Grump!

    I remember one incident as a 'yoof' when we used to buy fireworks and amuse ourselves in the time honoured fashion. Bangers down roadside drains and in Airfix models etc. We used to frequent a local wood, and warfare was ensuing one day. A sixpenny 'Standard' rocket was launched at a horizontal trajectory out of the entrance to the wood up the footpath, and passed rather closely to P.C. Maurice Dolling, who had been dispatched to quell the insurgent uprising. Some polite 'words of advice' were given, and an armistice was agreed. We were allowed to keep our remaining offensive weapons. A quiet report went to his sergeant (my dad) and I was 'mentioned in dispatches' at teatime. We probably went out and disposed to the remaining ordnance that night....down drains etc.
  6. bentwaters81tfw

    Four on the floor

    thanks Richard, Large Cod
  7. bentwaters81tfw

    Four on the floor

    along with drop bears
  8. Some of you will have seen this at Telford: This is how it was done: Take 1 Lindberg 1/96 Vulcan, and one Trumpeter 1/32 MiG 15. Dice, shake and mix! Distinctive features later filled. Add some acrylic tube to extend the fuselage, and remove the fin. Grind off the wing roots, open up the gun bay for the nose gear well Move the cockpit forwards Chop up the Vulcan Remove the engines Test fit Assemble and fill Fettle and paint Finishing touches, and all done Sprayed with Halfords FIAT red orange, the tones on the computer are not true to real life.
  9. bentwaters81tfw

    Four on the floor

    Wake me up tomorrow
  10. bentwaters81tfw

    Telford 2018

    The green one. You know I,m a joker
  11. bentwaters81tfw

    Telford 2018

    I,m on video 2 at 6.12
  12. bentwaters81tfw

    Four on the floor

    It s a gas, man!
  13. bentwaters81tfw

    Four on the floor

    Pie in the sky
  14. bentwaters81tfw

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    I went Frog (s)hopping at SMW. Shorts Sealand 1/72 Lifeboat 1/72 E type jag 1/16