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  1. available now from Greggs (for our overseas friends, Greggs is a chain of savoury bakers, who have recently jumped on the vegan bandwagon)
  2. from the Burj Khalifa (if the climb didn't kill them)
  3. Nice job, Ben. I have got as far as sawing some of the pouring gates off. It may get done this winter. Nice to see it scrubs up well.
  4. I take it Martian will just activate his force-field.
  5. A red Rolls Royce 20 4 door convertible, which looked to have broken down, accompanied by a green Morris Cowley Bullnose 4 door, also with the top down. Sunday before last, a Mk 1 (Bullit) Mustang fastback in metallic red.
  6. The spar face is painted yellow/green chromate, the remainder is aluminium. P-51 doors droop as pressure is lost after shut down.
  7. Anyone who dares tackle a FM kit deserves a medal. Without doubt the most difficult models to build. As was said, those who have never built a FM kit, and modellers. That looks a very fine rendition of an aircraft I had never encountered. Bravo!
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