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  1. I started to lay down my stash before my son was born, and built up my SABLE collection, as I expected pennies would be tight after retirement. Life threw many curve balls in between, and I have thinned my stash over the years, but still have a sizeable heap. There is no way I could amass my stash over again on a pension, and I am not alone in this. It has to be something good before I will consider buying these days. I went to Telford without a shopping list for the first time, though I did spy the odd bargain rarity. There are new releases coming up, though I will probably not have time to make them, and that is now my criteria. I have existing stuff I want to build while I am able. My purchases are now mostly paints and canopy masks.
  2. possible under the circumstances
  3. Civil stuff in wartime had the stripes, think Mossie and Boeing Clipper. Maybe just left in place after the camo job?
  4. brown envelopes for politicians
  5. The Mudhens are staying, and yes we get the 493rd and the 495th on plastic Lightnings.
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