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  1. Running FF here OK. Still get the occasional 500, but a page refresh fixes it.
  2. My three Meng Kids B-24s arrived today - they're unbuildable! They came in End opening boxes! I shall have fun with these, and I may have to purchase more.
  3. East Anglia Eh? That flat bit at the edge of the world. There's a few of us here, just barely clinging on. Glad you've come to help.
  4. The requirement is that you apply decals to a GLOSS finish. The above examples provide a variety of methods of achieving that. I know one modeller who achieves outstanding results with micro mesh and clear nail varnish, but he gives about 20 coats, and sands between each one. TBH, I slap on a coat of Klear with a broad flat brush. It's quick, easy, and requires, thankfully, no great skill. It gives me a level gloss finish that does the job, and I follow the decalling with another coat. As I don't attempt to produce Gold standard models for competitions, it serves it's purpose. I don't go around making you tube videos of how I do it either.
  5. Print Scale are a last resort, and not just because they are inaccurate.
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