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  1. than your average gerbil (another welcome return)
  2. He could just send an electronic return. Not as if he has to collect and send money.
  3. That explains why I have been unable to get any white putty, and Hannants have zero Squadron stuff.
  4. Don't forget we have IPMS Ipswich too, all being online at present via our Farcebook site.
  5. Greetings Scottey, there's a few of us locals on here, so feel free to fire away with any questions, we don't bite until we get to know you. Frank.
  6. that's normal for Norfolk (a well known saying in these parts)
  7. I see the horizontal stab is in true Mach 2 tradition. I had this problem with the Valiant wings, only about 20 times worse. Nice easy fix this time. I keep trying to post a picture of the engine, showing the incidence, but for some reason that site keeps changing it. There is a very good walkaround on there. More than one to skin a cat:
  8. Blackbird Models do a nice resin Lerwick. Don't know if they might sell you some parts.
  9. Have a word with Airfix, they can re-release it next year just for you. Oh, is that a typo, did you mean rusty red?
  10. A ladyfriend of mine reckons high heels are brilliant in snow, they dig in like ice picks.
  11. I know. I have a stainless steel case Tissot watch bought me for my 21st birthday. I think it has been serviced 3 times since then, and 2 replacement bracelets....it runs on clockwork I suspect I will continue to wear it daily until I cease to function. I also run adblockers on my email.....2 of them. One is currently blocking 260 ads, the other is showing infinity.
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