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  1. Don't forget, the Rockies are composed of oil bearing shale.
  2. Very impressive piece of kit, and prettier than the Raptor. Hope for some decent kits of it soon.
  3. A major field that goes unreported is Gull Island, which is adjacent to Prudhoe Bay. Tests have confirmed they are separate fields. Gull Island was found and capped, and a gagging order placed on it.....until an insider let it slip. Certain wells off the Louisiana coast, which were closed, have been found to be refilling. The oil appears to be coming from the Earth's mantle.
  4. Prior to the recent big find in Iran, there was sufficient oil underground at today's consumption rates to last until 2360*. There is enough gas underground on Alaska's North Slope to meet the demands of the United States for the next 200 years. *excluding the presently closed 'uneconomic' wells, which have been found to be refilling.
  5. That one works. Did one a few years back, you don't need metal gear. Display or transport is the problem when done. Keep an eye on the engine nacelles, one part has a bulge, make sure you get it on the correct engine.
  6. Akagi, Kaga, HMS Urge, all in the Maritime forum. USS Johnston https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7635195/Deepest-shipwreck-discovered-USS-Johnston-sunk-WWII-20-400ft-Philippine-Sea.html
  7. That's 3 subs and two carriers in as many weeks now. Heavy loss of life, but at least that have known resting places now.
  8. My grump? The prat in the red Corsa who deliberately blocked the outside lane of the A14 last night coming home from Telford. Pulled out into the outside lane at the Welford junction and refused to move over all the way to the Corby turning. Tailback of at least half a mile of very irate drivers. He had every opportunity to mover over, but despite getting repeatedly flashed, he was not going to do it. Eventually I let the following guy have ago at him. He then moved and we all followed. Got the fingers as I passed. I was very tempted to put him off the road. Shame plod wasn't around, I had it all on dashcam too.
  9. Are you sure they don't have a time limit?
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