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  1. So cute. What's more - Interesting features - unpainted? nose panel and RLM 02? on the wing flap and slat. Would there be any sanctions for a full swastika?
  2. Arma, do you read this ?..... Engine, skis and decals only.
  3. This looks so cute. Romanian 11f is perhaps the most elegant variant of all 11's...
  4. 3-seat low wing with fixed landing gear and belly gondola....
  5. It could be 1/32 P.11f, or P.24.
  6. Zigster - I'm with you demanding from Arma as detailed surface as nowaday technology allows. It sems like executing the fixings / fasteners of removable panels used by PZL, without simplifying them, is above ability of any mould maker (too small and too complicated for 1/48 scale - hence the round bumps on fuselage and teardrop bubbles on engine's corps covers on Arma's 11 surface - forgivable IMHO; I've tried once on Karas to replicate them as simplified by pressing them by injection needle with self made squared tip). Absence of rivets (at least on the renders) is a step back compared for example with their 1/72 Yak. Protruding panels on aircraft surface - for example longitudinal fuselage strenthenings - executed as protruding panels on kit surface are mandatory nowadays (scale realism aside). Trumpeter did them for IAR-80, Arma should as well. I'm waiting with hope for my ordered Arma kits, newertheless without the above-mentioned details - rivets and protruding panels - Arma leaves the room for impovements for another manufacturer; maybe IBG would shrink their 1/32 marvel .
  7. According to rumors, he has no less than 3 spare doubles. so you never know....
  8. Here's a picture borrowed from Arma's blog (1/48 kit sprue render) with red lines added , if that can help:
  9. You mean perforated panels arranged in a cone between the engine and the propeller spinner?
  10. I watched this beast with great pleasure. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Why do they need undercoat (poor adhesion or risk of melting plastics) and what kind?
  12. Eduard reworked their Gustavs some time ago, Emil was not corrected iirc.
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