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  1. Why do they need undercoat (poor adhesion or risk of melting plastics) and what kind?
  2. Eduard reworked their Gustavs some time ago, Emil was not corrected iirc.
  3. Not being an 109 expert, based on many internet opinions, it can be stated that apart from minor anomalies of shape (wide slots, hump behind the cabin) the Eduard 1/48 Emil is significantly oversized.
  4. And few panels at underside wing surface are lapped as well (1/48 SH Spitfire).
  5. This is true, but it can be said about the various desirable features of modern kits. In addition, the lack of rivets leaves room for improvement for a potential competitor.
  6. And all metal Yak-9P as well. One of the most elegant piston fighters ever. Amen.
  7. And maybe worth considering a better way of representing dzus fasteners than far from reality proudly protruding above the surface..... "Old" Tamiya Spitfire I/V showed the right way in this respect imho.
  8. The wing "posted" here - https://www.pwm.org.pl/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=88798 look more like Arma Hobby one, or am I wrong?
  9. A small correction: according to https://www.1944.pl/powstancze-biogramy/malgorzata-o-brien-de-lacy,54260.html - Patryk's son - Hugon - was the pilot. Patryk was 57 in 1945 - a little too old to be a fighter pilot. Patryk O'Brien de Lacy was at that time "in Oflag VI B near Dössel (now a district of Warburg), where he stayed until the liberation of the camp by the US Army in April 1945".
  10. Attack Squadron did "Two stage supercharger engines for Mosquito" but 1/72 scale: http://www.attacksquadron.pl/en/2017/03/03/dh-mosquito-172-scale-resin-accessories/ Arma Hobby info"...Attack Squadron brand production has been cancelled....Production rights were sold to Czech company Brengun…" Brengun 1/72 set (http://www.hauler.cz/e-shop/1-72-accessories-21/dh-98-mosquito-two-stage-merlin-1584) is cheaper than the set in the title,, so rather definitely Brengun offers 1/48 set as well.
  11. After all, all these helicopters from the Eastern Bloc look similar to each other :).
  12. No , - only slightly similar silhouettes, completely different helicopters - you have most probably Aeroplast Mi-2 (quite decent kit) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mil_Mi-2 Answer kit is PZL Sokol (state of the art kit) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PZL_W-3_Sokół
  13. There are concave and convex rivets on the model - just cut off the convex ones, paste upside down in place of the concave and voila. Over 3000 pcs. as they write in the blog . Sorry for the off top.
  14. Hurricane standard is passé : http://armahobbynews.pl/en/blog/2019/10/10/yak-made-a-huge-difference/
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