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  1. Such a beautiful Viggen! One of my favourite jets ever
  2. Hope everyone at JetMads will have a speedy recovery.
  3. Gorgeous, so nicely executed and subtly weathered!
  4. That looks so much better than mine which I built in the early 70’s!
  5. Those 3D wheels are nice
  6. I think any decent black wash will do the trick. Should be available at Sisumodels or Hobbypoint.
  7. Nice! I like it a lot, the blue looks spot on
  8. https://www.spotmodel.com/newsbanner.php?id=463# Martini S4 and the official S1, the 935 Kremer K3 sponsored by Gozzy, the evolution of the Audi R8 of the 2019season, the reedition of the Cruze and a new version of the M6. These are the "official" news, but off the record, NOTHING LESS than: in 1/12 scale the Lotus 99T and 1993 Suzuki RGV500, and in 1/24 scale the 1980 DRM winner BMW 320i E21, the Mazda RX-7 Le Mans 1981, the Peugeot 306 Maxi Evo2 and the Audi A4 BTCC.
  9. I like your approach to the subject very, very much!
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