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  1. I had 4x4 Cossie in late 90’s, so this is a kit I certainly like to have.
  2. Here's another build thread Modelshipworld 1/200 Bismarck
  3. Hi, The item number is 7489, just looked around but couldn’t find the instructions on-line.
  4. So fine engineering and amazing craftsmanship!
  5. So the 17 year head start must explain the difference in skills and patience needed… I still may have some hope… Cheers
  6. Ron, the level of detailing and the skills to achieve that is something to wish for! Your 312T4 is just staggering.
  7. One of my favourite models ever, and a great craftsmanship!
  8. Such a beautiful Viggen! One of my favourite jets ever
  9. Hope everyone at JetMads will have a speedy recovery.
  10. Gorgeous, so nicely executed and subtly weathered!
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