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  1. Crikey! I thought I recognised the name, but I didn't know anything about the story behind it ! Sitting up straight now and paying attention ! mike
  2. Excellent job Neil Airfix 737.......I'm afraid I've trashed more of them than I ever finished mike
  3. Excellent stuff I've built five of these, and yours has made me want to do another. Thanks for sharing. mike
  4. Excellent build, finish and photos Thanks for the inspiration. mike
  5. Sublime work Standards maintained Always a delight to view your RFIs John, as they always strike a chord. Many thanks mike
  6. That’s really special I’m sure I’ll keep coming back to this RFI more than once. Thanks for sharing mike
  7. I haven't had a need to check into Airliners.net for two days now!
  8. Thanks for sharing Alex. Really like the Avianca markings, but then I was always a sucker for their "red-top" 707s mike
  9. Wow ! Double-whammy ! I remember being blown away when the original kit was released and I was just a boy. Fast forward 20 years and I remember flying on a Delta Tristar from Dallas / Fort Worth to Denver I was using a Delta Pass and there weren't any available seats to get me from Atlanta to Denver, so I had to stump up money at the last minute to buy a regular ticket via Dallas / Fort Worth There were no seats available in Economy so I had to pay extra to travel First Class I travelled First Class I was too stressed out to enjoy it I arr
  10. Excellent stuff Ray I have to admit that the A330-300 looks bigger than I thought. What is it like size-wise compared to you Finnair A350 ? (Subtle hint for a "with something else" shot ) mike
  11. Brilliant ! Not seen the Gambia Bird livery before. mike
  12. Absolute eye-candy Having trouble deciding on a favourite. Mike
  13. Nice to see you back Alex. Thanks for persevering because that’s a cracking build and a corker of a finish. mike
  14. Cracking build Cracking colour scheme Cracking photos What's not to like ?
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