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  1. mitchem

    BOAC Cunard Super VC-10 in 1/144

    Fantastic work all round, Dave - build, paint, decals, windows and base Beautiful plane in a truly classic scheme ! Thanks for posting. mike
  2. mitchem

    Last lot of old builds

    All I can say is that the Photos are long overdue ! Glad to say that I've seen most of these down at the club, so they've brought back fond memories. (The Yak-25 enticed me to come along in the first place, the Connie left me speechless and the Albatross was your entry for the Out-of-Africa comp). Thanks for getting around to posting the pics. mike (I don't suppose you have any pics of "the bridge" or the Beverley ? )
  3. Lovely build and very attractive in BA colours. I really need to build one of these (or perhaps two of them....) mike
  4. Nice build John. Like what you've done with the base too ! mike
  5. In spite of the kit's reputation, you seem to have smacked this one out of the park John. Impressive stuff - thanks for posting. mike
  6. That's rather brilliant, and as Mr Kipling would say - Exceedingly good ! Thanks for persevering. mike
  7. Wow! Brought back happy memories of watching the American Detective series Riptide and their S-58T "The Screaming Mimi" Thanks for posting. mike
  8. You've spoiled us recently with all of your fine builds and your Coronados are no exception. Many thanks for posting. mike
  9. So sorry I never bought any of the Hasegawa Loveliners. There's been many a time when I could have done with a "Quick and Easy" build. Simple scheme on your 727 but well executed. mike
  10. Brought back memories of all of the Lufthansa Airfix 737s that have passed through my hands over the decades.... Unfortunately, very few of them made it through the production line, and those that did, ended up in other schemes. mike
  11. Classic airliner in a classic scheme - what's not to like ? mike
  12. Impressive to say the least. Saw my one and only 717 (Volotea) in Verona and sorely tempted by your build. mike
  13. Excellent finish on your cat's SMM (Surface to Mouse Missile). I remember seeing Heller's 1/125 airliner kits in the shops some time ago, but never purchased one. Now I'm sorry that I didn't succumb before austerity hit my wallet. mike
  14. Nice to see you back Alex. Liking the Singapore scheme as I've always had a soft spot for the colours. (Pepsi is okay but I've always been a Coca-Cola fan myself.) mike