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  1. It's often been said about me. Nice of you to notice, old chap. Engines come in many colours and myriad shades. I think as long as they're metallic looking where they should be, they'll be good.
  2. Nice intakes. I'm glad to see you got there in the end. I like the gen about the cable cutters, but would they not have been removed post war and the holes faired over?
  3. This evening, on tales from the Gonk factory.... Great to see things back in production. I too like the yellow one. Is that contrasting colour dark sea grey? What if it had a tail hanging at the back? It could be how it plugs in to recharge.
  4. Elton John, Someone saved my life tonight. Quality.
  5. I'm rereading The Last Escape, Published in 2002 & by John Nichol & Tony Rennell. It's been some years since the last read. In the depths of Winter in 1945 hundreds of thousands of Alllied POW's were force marched West, away from the Russian forces that may have liberated them. They were sometimes given only very short notice that they were on the move. Malnourished, badly dressed and ill equipped, there was a large death toll. Of course they had to be guarded, and it wasn't unknown for the prisoners to carry the weapons of their elderly & infirm guards! This book was possibly the first time that details of this little known wartime episode were published.
  6. Eaten by Metal Micky (I wonder how many of you remember that show!)
  7. Sadly, we never found a willing volunteer. Haven't I seen this before in one of those undersea documentaries? It would make a great spaceship though!
  8. I seem to have missed a few days on this build. Tsk! Some great ideas are being bounced around and I like the changes to the trailer, depth, bolts and power, can't be bad. The drooping nets, metal mesh? Possibly from a strainer at the five & dime? (Do they exist any more?) We have pound shops. Metal mesh can be pre-shaped and should hold that shape whereas plastic may not. The booms, perhaps they could lower to hold canvas for sunshades? (Tissue stippled with an emulsion of Elmers and water. It dries solid). Lights? Board game counters of the correct shape may do the job. Dirt cheap at yard sales. Must go now, there's a Mutagoat loose down at the old riverbed, who knows what it will eat!
  9. Nick, It's an idea, though it's a bit late now, I've almost done. I'll have a look at doing it to this last panel though. What I have thought of is adding bits of hardware/greeblies to the skin. Plus I'll scribe some panels within the panels using templates to add detail. Hopefully I'm up to using the airbrush to add interesting colour variations on the panels. I don't want it all in boring grey. Thanks for the suggestion.
  10. Impressive stuff, Adrian. I'll pop back from time to time to see how it's going.
  11. Love that Plymouth Fury. The roof artwork is awesome. IIRC they actually lay the lace on the car and then spray it. That electric Beetle is interesting. I imagine the 0 - 60 is a bit better than it was. I'll second the vote for that Porsche 944. It's still a lovely shape.
  12. It certainly is. It has vibes of Art Deco to my eye. And all the better for it. The early Mustang is a work of art.
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