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  1. The Debaronland Sea Vixen group build. Any colour you like. Honest. No Bull! Ah, I seem to have skipped straight from page 42 over to the bottom of page 43. Never mind. I like the pot to kettle suggestion too. Happy anniversary and holy earlobes. Oh, and I prefer a Military tattoo.
  2. How dare they. It's a shock going back to work!
  3. Onna stick. Drinks extra
  4. Details, details. Weedkiller is on hand and awaiting a dry atmosphere before application. The manicure is on hold while I scratch my head trying to figure out what's going on in this crazy world.
  5. I'll have a butchers at the components over the weekend, I wonder if I can use some on my next 1/20th Kreiger Falke scratchbuild.
  6. That all looks rather nice. You should stay away more often. Oh dear, does that sound wrong?
  7. Which awakened the Crocodiles
  8. We'd hate to disappoint you
  9. Try this. I think something has been updated, but should be the same thing. Maybe new price? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PVC-Plastic-1-6-Scale-158MM-Gatling-M134-Assemble-Toy-Gun-Model-Gift-For-Kids/392390945302?hash=item5b5c52aa16:g:uZgAAOSwo6NcU~i2
  10. The Gatling gun. What's not to like? Especially at less than a fiver (including post!) Shame it's only about six inches long. Found on the bay, and here within about ten days!
  11. The subscription to the last of the above is merely to catch up on the latest views in the gardening column on growing Rhubarb on a budget. (Or in a growbag. Fairly similar)
  12. I've been saving this one for you.....
  13. He is risen! Obviously rumours of his transmogrification were greatly exaggerated by the gutter press. And that letter to the Times. (Ahem).
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