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  1. Nice one, Matt. I recently read Vulcan boys and learnt a few things about the missions that I'd not known. 607 is currently away from her usual spot by the A15 at Waddington and is over by the AWACS hangar. I'm told she will have the landing gear sorted to make movement easier. A repaint would be good too.
  2. I'll second that. The seat should be a semi gloss black, so well done. nicely weathered too. An easy tip for the faceblind/firing handles in this scale is to twist black & yellow cotton threads together. Then add a drop of superglue.
  3. Just beautiful. They did look good in that JPS colour scheme.
  4. I'm teaming up with the bloke next door, we're going to grow and sell Marijuana. It'll be a joint venture...
  5. They were few and far between, but I've known some like that too. No orders. Just a suggestion. And you'd go off and do whatever it was quite happily. Every so often something like your bottle of rum or even an unofficial long weekend might be granted for good conduct, so it was worth it in the end. One of the best was a WRAF. She was a Flt Lt at the time, Ended up as an Air Vice Marshall. Well deserved, IMHO. If your Vulcan kit is the one moulded in India with the brittle plastic, handle with care. I built one years ago and, after reading a tip on here, I glued the empty sprues to the insides of the wings to prevent them cracking. The undercarriage was very brittle too.
  6. Coolest looking Droid on a Stap I've ever seen. Great subdued weathering and I love the angled pose.
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