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Pete in Lincs

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  1. Pete in Lincs

    FOURtune favours the Brave

    For tea and biscuits
  2. Pete in Lincs

    FOURtune favours the Brave

    On your Birthday cake
  3. Pete in Lincs

    Sky Ship - The Amber Bliss.

    You'll need to find room on it for some I.D. numbers in a contrasting colour. They seem to feature on most of the pictures I've seen. At the weekend I found that I still have a Frog/Novo Shell Welder ship I built in the early 80's. So I think that may get recycled and be the basis of a flying ship sometime in the future.
  4. Fabulous work. What's next?
  5. Pete in Lincs

    Spot of the Day Part 2

    Lincoln, early this morning. A big bike with apehangers! It's nice to cool your armpits in this weather, but... They looked cool back in the day. With these experienced eyes they look dangerous. As I left Lincoln I saw a white H reg Bond Equipe droptop entering Lincoln. Returning to Lincoln hours later I saw it again as it left Lincoln. (For those who don't know, take a Triumph Herald or Vitesse, throw away the front & back & replace them with 'sporty' GRP bits). There was an early Scirocco hurtling down the A1 around 0800 too. Oh, and Wednesday, a lovely Austin 7 (maroon with black mudguards) leaving the Bomber Command Centre in Lincoln.
  6. Pete in Lincs

    The Few become Fewer

    THE FEW. Bottoms up. Happy landings, Boys.
  7. Pete in Lincs

    FOURtune favours the Brave

    When you stand downwind
  8. Pete in Lincs

    Grump Britain replacement

    "Aquatic mammals don't enter into it!" 'I gotta slug' "Can it talk?" 'Not as such'......
  9. Coming along very nicely and a lot bigger than the ones I'm building. Underwing thrusters, that's what they are. Thanks. Magnets? There is a steel washer in the front of the main fuselage and two small magnets in the back of Junior. It took a bit of testing to get the correct distance between them. They could still be closer though.
  10. Pete in Lincs

    FOURtune favours the Brave

    He's a Mammoth size
  11. Pete in Lincs

    FOURtune favours the Brave

    I'll solve it tomorrow
  12. Action, detail, rust and grubbiness. Oh, and WW2 as well. What's not to like? And yes, more if you want to show them please.
  13. Pete in Lincs

    What have you purchased / been given

    You'll need a wheelbarrow full of custard then.
  14. Pete in Lincs

    What have you purchased / been given

    Blue? You rebel!
  15. Pete in Lincs

    Grump Britain replacement

    Petrol is up to one pound thirty a litre. Oil is costing them $70 odd per barrel. When it was $100 per barrel a couple of years ago, was it this price per litre? I can't remember. Surely we can't be being ripped off?