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  1. Me too. Thanks. BTW, Black Sheep, we deliver a lot of that! Here's one of our newly painted wagons, a nice challenge for you
  2. Man the riggin', yer scurvy dogs! Left hand down a bit, Mr Phillips!
  3. As for the Humbrol aromatherapy, This morning I opened a tin of No12, copper, for a bit of detail painting on my Vanship build. I was instantly back decades & painting Beaufighter engine cowlings, as per the destructions. It was wrong, but we didn't know it back then.
  4. I just found this thread. I joined the RAF in 1976 and, after training, went onto Helicopter servicing, then Heli ops. We had WW2 era Hydraulic rigs and old Houchins going in the Hangar. Also annual firing of the SLR and many exercises with blanks. Various other aircraft types followed, though the ear defenders were getting a bit better by then. I can't hear the words of other people at all if there is background noise. As mentioned above, I usually grin/nod & hope I've got it right. The tinnitus isn't too bad, but I can hear it as I write this. Oh, it was some time before I realised I was lip reading! I'll have a look at the RBL website. It won't fix my hearing, but may pay for a decent hearing aid.
  5. Lovely work as always. With the ribs showing, the gear fairings look almost organic.
  6. The rear wheels were Dunlop Alloys. Not sure if the front one was though. The British TV programme Wheeler Dealers restored one. Series 7 Episode 7. It's on youtube but you have to buy it!
  7. Nice! It's a tiny model IIRC so well done on that cockpit. I saw one of these on the bay earlier. Around 30 quid!
  8. Hmm, now I want one. It would make a great base for a Sci fi scratchbuild!
  9. Another plug for Fab 208 Radio Luxemburg! One earphone, under the bedcovers, Small boys, jumpers for goalposts, isn't it? Eh?
  10. Great paint, John. I look forward to more. From what I've read in the past, as they took the islands over, the Americans built crushed coral runways. That huge propeller would have thrown the hard pieces into the paintwork with some force.
  11. So that will be the country's modelling skill level going up a point or three. The model looks great, a very novel idea. Looking forward to more.
  12. Or hanging from the ceiling. A very good point., Nigel. Personally, it was probably around age 11 for me too. Times were hard, and money was short, but I was addicted and almost gave up pocket money sweets for modelling! Some were played with, but the best (I thought) went on display. I still have some of those. They're hidden in a box now!
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