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Pete in Lincs

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  1. Pete in Lincs

    Spot of the Day Part 2

    I got out as far as Hebden Bridge then across moorland to North of Leeds. Some beautiful country up there. (And some Very narrow lanes too!)
  2. Pete in Lincs

    Spot of the Day Part 2

    Could well have been. It was going in the opposite direction to me and I was so surprised to see it that I failed to register much detail, except to think of you! Most nights when I was growing up, there used to be one of these parked next door but one.
  3. Pete in Lincs

    The African Queen

    Well, I checked. Apparently it's not illegal. (Technically).
  4. Pete in Lincs

    Four on the floor

    You can bathe later
  5. Let me have a look at the weekend.
  6. Pete in Lincs

    Spot of the Day Part 2

    On Tuesday I was up in the Leeds area. On a road somewhere West of Leeds I saw an old Atkinson artic. Similar to this one but still working with a trailer on the back. https://www.trucksplanet.com/photo/atkinson/borderer_venturer_searcher_defender_mk2/borderer_venturer_searcher_defender_mk2_17976.jpg I thought @richellis might like it.
  7. Pete in Lincs

    Four on the floor

    Don't talk wet, laddie
  8. Pete in Lincs

    Flying a council house from the upstairs loo

    Was that the night sun fitting? It was a long time ago when I last saw one.
  9. Pete in Lincs

    Four on the floor

    Right, You're onna fizzer!
  10. Pete in Lincs

    AVRO 707A 1/32 scale kitbash

    Pretty little Delta. Well played, Sir!
  11. Pete in Lincs

    Four on the floor

    Torpedo's to Starboard Skipper!
  12. Pete in Lincs

    Four on the floor

    Fitter people run faster
  13. Pete in Lincs

    Four on the floor

    Hand me down boots
  14. Pete in Lincs

    Four on the floor

    Sounds a bit energetic
  15. Pete in Lincs

    Spot of the Day Part 2

    I knew that. Ha Ha. I've seen a couple over the years but not recently. Pretty. Today I was in Cambridgeshire. Two spots, both on Trailers. First was being towed on the A14, a Mk 1 Cortina 2 door shell. It looked like it had been stripped, rebuilt but now has surface rust all over it. Tsk! Second was an early Land Rover. A Mk2 I think, in RAF blue with RAF Police markings.