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  1. Very nice detail for such a small model. I like the figures.
  2. Today I was out in a 16 tonner full of beer etc. Delivering around the Eastern side of Lincolnshire. Near to the former RAF Binbrook. We had a delivery to the Plough in Binbrook village. In the village is a small farmyard. In the farmyard is a Lightning. I only saw it this time as I was so high up. It's filthy but, Form an orderly queue if you'd want one in your yard.
  3. Nick, It's looking very impressive. Lots of lovely detail and it looks very close to the real thing. Your DEF is our Adblue, BTW. Same stuff I think, pretty much for the same purpose. Also used on certain cars. Diesel Volvo's for one. Nothing wrong with that.
  4. Why does Kate Bush constantly have to turn down the central heating? Because she's 'Running up that bill'
  5. I think it's a scoop. Hold the front page! They look great to me too. For the gaps, a smear of Elmers white glue works for me. Smooth it down with a wet finger. Now then!
  6. Sorry, Alien diets are above my pay grade. But it sounds like a plan. Although a plan is just a basis for change. I'll just hold my breath until the parts get fitted to the model. That might help.
  7. Darn those spanners. And kitchen appliances. Ah well, I'm sure you've been good, so there's always Santa....
  8. Matt, the beauty of kreiger is that whatever you do, no one can tell you that it's wrong! The cockpit looks like it's coming on nicely to me. As you say, most of it won't be seen, but you'll know you did it. I've seen Milliput padding on the inner cockpit walls, bits of old watches in there and lots more wiring. It's great fun. The panel lines on the booms are a hangover from their source. The old Revell 1/32nd P-38 Lightning. Add or delete them as you see fit. The paint schemes available are literally limitless. I did one in Gulf Porsche colours! If you have any questions just send me a PM or ask on here. Have a search for this site below and see what you can find. There's a lot to see! Cheers, Pete. http://maschinenkrueger.com
  9. Welcome back, Heather. Erm, Paying work = Moolah which = more kits! Shame we can't bulk buy Mojo though. Some nice details there. It's Sunday afternoon. Have a lie down.
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