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Pete in Lincs

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  1. Pete in Lincs

    Fourem Rules , again

    Worn off the shoulder
  2. Pete in Lincs

    Vote Grump!

    Pretty much anything really. You probably won't remember it tomorrow anyway. Get well soon. Or we'll send the boys 'round. (And possibly Spiny Norman too).
  3. Pete in Lincs

    F-4M/K Phantom II - Matchbox 1/72

    Then RIP Uncle Tom, and thank you for your time in the mob. Oleo. Wiki says.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oleo_strut
  4. Pete in Lincs

    Albatross, Get Your Albatross Here!

    I found this for your elucidation.... https://www.scalemates.com/kits/139030-a-and-v-01215-farleigh-fruitbat-mk-i Of course it could be a red herring. But I think it's nearly an Aeroplane. Although there is a school of thought that says this is actually the Gloster Gobstopper which was disguised for propaganda porpoises.
  5. Pete in Lincs

    F-4M/K Phantom II - Matchbox 1/72

    I'll sling a hammock up near the bar then. BTW. Uncle Tom's memorial sheet had a Phantom on it because? You can't just leave us in suspense like that. Unless it's to the shame of the family that he ran away to sea....
  6. Pete in Lincs

    1/48 Su-33 Red 81

    Fabulous. Tres Bien!
  7. Pete in Lincs

    Marine Sniper....the flying kind

    I always liked the F-5 and that one is a beauty. Semper Fi.
  8. Pete in Lincs

    Fourem Rules , again

    When applying the liniment
  9. Pete in Lincs

    1/76 Sherman MKI Tank

    Enjoy. Garlic? with Bread? Come back Peter Kay!
  10. Pete in Lincs

    Fourem Rules , again

    Also, grand or upright?
  11. Pete in Lincs

    Krieger Lunadiver variant - MANTA

    Arrgh! My Eyes! Try this one instead of visiting the other side or wherever that came from.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maschinen_Krieger_ZbV_3000
  12. Pete in Lincs

    Krieger Lunadiver variant - MANTA

    This is not dementia. This is kreiger. there is a subtle difference. Krieger has Japanese origins and is appealing (to me at least). Dementia causes confusion and is not appealing at all. Kreiger models are built up from parts of other kits to represent stuff used 800 years in the future and usually have a bit of an organic look to them. Here's another I built some years ago. This one is 64cm long, is called the Sternail and is one of only about four ever built. Strictly speaking Sternail is a spaceship but my mate's wife took the pics and photoshopped this one. And, sitting quietly in a garden just outside Riyadh. Thanks for looking, keep taking the tablets. (I buy them in bulk). Pete
  13. Pete in Lincs

    Tornado - What’s behind the panel?

    Ah, now it comes drifting back. Thank you. We were doing a night engine run after an ECS snag. The pressure was on, the main intake FOD guards were fitted but not the aux intake ones due to a problem with the fitting pins (can't remember what, maybe one missing). I was up on the spine near the tail, on a long lead, doing leak checks on the BASOF under the fin. Suddenly I realized the comms had gone quiet. Why? 'Cos the long lead had gotten sucked into a Right hand auxiliary intake door and the RH front engine fan had chopped it to bits. So then it was an engine change too. There was a bit of Flak about that.
  14. Pete in Lincs

    Tornado - What’s behind the panel?

    That was the older type that we used on (In my case) Wessex and Puma. Positive, negative and if I remember correctly, one to trip the power input relay. I think (Though not sure) that it was only there in case the aircraft landed at a remote base that didn't have the correct multipin plug. NATO standardization you see. In later years I used the three pin type on other aircraft too. The Tornado was thirty odd years and several aircraft types ago for me, so some memories are blurred by time. Cheers Pete