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  1. Hmmm. Landing gear, guns and engine plus two people in that tiny fuselage. Not much room for fuel in those thin wings. Perhaps it is a modified Star Wars craft? And, who will be the first to fit booms and call it a tandem Vampire?
  2. I think you'll need lead engines to stop it tail sitting! Nice work and welcome back to the madness. Pete
  3. Oh, I just adore fountains, she gushed...
  4. Well that was a catch up worth seeing. It's coming on in leaps and bounds yet very subtle at the same time. The plaster base came out very nicely too. Pete
  5. Another masterpiece, Tiking. Lots of detail to look at and very accurate for the middle East. I would perhaps add a washing line to the roof (like the boots up there) but not much else. Pete
  6. Nice riveting, it looks good to me. I don't know if you've tried typists correction fluid? A white liquid it will flow into gaps and those annoying holes and when dry excess can be removed with IPA or light sanding. I get it from home bargains, it comes in bottles with a brush or applicators. And, it's cheap! Pete
  7. Welcome aboard from a fellow Leicestershire type, though I left decades ago to wear a uniform. Enjoy the forum and your builds, Pete
  8. Me too. I'm not sure if that will be this weekend. I need to sort the canopy and get it fitted. Add to that lousy (rain) weather and I'm not sure how much spare time I'll have but I will try. Thank you for the nice comments. Regards Pete
  9. North of Lincoln earlier this afternoon.... A Chevy Station wagon, (1956 I think) Imagine a four door Nomad. Very rare over here I think. Ten minutes later, a red Jowett Jupiter towing a smaller car on a trailer.
  10. That looks nice, lots of surface detail despite the sanding, so well done, better than I usually manage! BTW, I drove through Cotgrave today. Are they taking forever with the roadworks or what? Cheers Pete
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