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  1. News just in...... https://wallace-and-gromit-2015.s3.amazonaws.com/film_AGO_mobile.jpg
  2. Welcome back! Have you been building the house extension to house these two?
  3. No update for nearly two weeks. Is the hand any better? I know these things take time though.
  4. Well, we had rain in the night, and despite the gusty wind I managed to get a new strip nailed down onto the shed roof. It did turn out damp but warm (ish), but the kids turned up late morning with Granddaughters, so much playing, laughter and chasing ensued. I did manage to sneak out for five minutes and did a dry fit of the landing gear. It does look good. Pictures soon. And, I had a revelation last night. Scale. With no cockpit, there's no point of reference. So the scale is dictated by the figures I put next to it! Doh! This Locust sounds promising. Boeing schmoing already, it can wait can't it?
  5. Ball bearings need greasing
  6. Hello Mate, The stuff we used to use has probably been banned by now. We stripped a complete Wessex once, oh the stink! I think you might get away with Nitromors or something similar, it shouldn't harm the aluminium but make sure there is plenty of water to wash it off afterwards. Thick rubber gloves and scotchbrite pads will help. Plus masks and goggles of course. If the Nitromors won't touch it, then wet & dry is probably the next stage. It will at least take off the top layer & down to etch primer. Then respray in your colour of choice. Pete
  7. Real life kept getting in the way today. Wood to cut for the logburner and clearing up to do after last nights winds. It also stripped roofing felt off of the shed. So a trip to B&Q ensued, amid shock at the price of a replacement roll. How many kits could I buy for that? Anyway, I did manage to get the filler rubbed down and the undercarriage sponsons glued on. All being well tomorrow, weather wise, I'll be on top of the shed and maybe also get some more modelling done. We shall see. Oh, I'm swaying (under pressure) towards a 1/35th scale drone. You guys! Pete
  8. It is now! It still looks great to me. The latest details just add to that.
  9. I used to do exactly the same thing on Tucano's. Cracking of the skin made it necessary. Dark earth and PR blue? well it was Far East air Force. Anything could happen. I think it would look more interesting like that? It is looking pretty good at this point. Full marks, as always, for your perseverance.
  10. Note to Vince. TIDY THE YARD! Actually, it's nice to drive home from work in the light. I start quite early though, so it's still dark then.
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