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  1. Barking. Must be past time for your medication by now? Well done for tackling it though.
  2. Mike, Rather you than me in that humidity. Was it just the one can of Tiger a day?
  3. I braved the cold, switched on the oil filled radiator and spent some time tidying out the mancave this afternoon. To that end, this build went back into it's box. Mostly as there were a lot of bits scattered over the cutting mat. Will it come back out of said box? At the moment I'm not so sure. I enjoy building the kreiger stuff, but my painting skills fall short of my ambitions, so I think I was stalling the finish rather. Besides, I have a small devil on my shoulder whispering scratchbuild details for a (shhh) Star Wars freighter into my ear. This one has be
  4. Overall, not a bad programme though. Nice Aircraft shots and bits from the BoB film. I'll be watching more episodes for sure. I, at last learned more about the readiness boards in the Fighter Command control centre. So that was good. I wonder if he did actually do that well, or was it good editing? He's getting on a bit now, but should have some decent co-ordination left. I checked, I do have room in the back garden for a fibre glass Hurricane. (Please Santa). Warbird Workshop starts on Yesterday, Thursday at nine. BTW.
  5. So there I was last night, stricken with insomnia and deep into the Borneo boys book. A lot of the Whirlwind missions were to resupply army hilltop observation posts that were actually small forts along the border. Our young hero RAF pilot (aged about 22 & on his first tour)* is bimbling along (solo) in poor vis on the way to one such place. The idea is that an RNZAF Bristol Freighter comes in, does the supplies paradrop, and the chopper lifts said loads to the top of the hill. Otherwise it takes the troops at least half an hour to get each load to the top in 90% humidi
  6. Even Marge, in the background there, seems impressed. I know I am. Nice C channel solution. And, more importantly, the current configuration lends itself to zooming session around the basement. Did someone say Hunters? Bring it on! Fifties lovelyness!
  7. Sometimes, a cheap kit and lots of scratchbuilding is more fun than slapping in resin and bent brass. Nice seat and engine. Who cares if they're not quite right? So long as they look the part. It all comes down to the paint in the end anyway! So the shops still close halfway through Saturday? That was a pain when I was out there too ('83 to '86). I'm far from a Harrier expert having never worked on them (thank goodness) so can't help with details. My advice though, is to check out walkarounds etc and other builds on here.
  8. Well that's me worn out after a five page catch up. Slow down that chap! I've learnt things here and been impressed by other things so a result in my book. What's better than a B-17? Two B-17's! I love them. I shall pop by again.
  9. Heather, it's been a while since I popped in to see one of your builds, sorry. But this one makes up for that. A lovely job and with impressive micro soldering too!
  10. Belated build happy birthday! Getting there then. The four tie down loops/rings didn't always just hang straight down. They sometimes didn't swivel that well. I got into the habit of making sure they all pointed downwards on my inspections.
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