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  1. At the third attempt the pictures came up. Worth the wait though. Fiddlyicious* detail, hendie. Lovely stuff. Not a patented word, so feel free to use it chaps.
  2. Well I would say what wonderful progress, Hendie. But the pictures must still be at the shop being developed. I just get little grey boxes?
  3. Shortly after I'd watched the remembrance day service on the TV, a load of logs were delivered to the front of the house for the fire. As I loaded them into my trolley to take them around to the logstore at the back of the house I heard a familiar sound. Lo and behold, from the South came a Spitfire at about 2000 feet. He turned over the field in front of the house and headed back South towards Scampton. A beautiful thing to see and hear, especially today. Bless them all
  4. Well, let's see, shall we? Here we have the freshly unmasked and micromeshed model. What you see here are grey primer, Luftwaffe grey/green and gunship grey. The latter two are fromTamiya rattle cans.The grey primer is Hycote plastic primer. I just cut low tack tape at weird angles, applied and sprayed the green, then removed some tape, re-arranged it and sprayed again. It almost looks black and white on my laptop screen. The green has come out rather dark. But as this is supposed to be a nightfighter that is okay with me. It's certainly a disruptive pattern, I think. I had painted the rear of the engines in Acrylic silver, but then forgot to mask that bit. After I sprayed I micromeshed the rear parts and this is the effect I got. I quite like it. It looks like the paint has burnt off and, are those rust spots? Next, I plan to do a bit more painting, gloss coat, sort out some decals and apply them, dull coat, fit the engines, landing gear etc and unmask the canopy. Next weekend perhaps, though we're off to Leicester for family stuff on Saturday. Hopefully I'll get something done on Sunday. Until then, comments etc are always welcome. Thanks for looking, Pete
  5. Another catch up and lots more detail to take in. Quite lovely.
  6. Shame about the glue. On the other hand, the fumes will keep you modelling through the night! The drivers window, you should be able to cut it in two. Use bluetac and a cocktail stick or a piece of sprue to make a handle to fit the pre-glued quarterlight piece through it's hole at an angle. Put the quarterlight into it's position and hang the cab with that side down until the glue has dried. then repeat with the big window. I do like that rear panel, great greeblies.
  7. Or just cheap toothpaste. It's an abrasive just the same as T cut. And your model will smell minty fresh too. BTW, give the clear parts a polish with toothpaste anyway, they will sparkle.
  8. That looks very nice on both bases. Shame about the clear, hope it gets better.
  9. As Dr Frasier Crane used to say, Go ahead. I'm listening.... Nice camouflage and welcome back.
  10. I didn't know that this existed. I like their products.
  11. Tell them to check out the Wellington pub in Feltwell. Up the road from Mildenhall near Thetford Lots of Memorabilia. Nice pictures too.
  12. Looking great. Love the detail. I think the BBS wheels look dated nowadays, But sorry, I prefer the Rota 2 wheels.
  13. Ken Bruce. A Scottish Gentleman AND the popmaster!
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