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  1. And now I'm suitably Wowed! after a catch up. Beautiful work as always, Peter. Meticulous is the word that just popped into my head. I think the 'things' sticking up at the front may well be air bleed valves for the cooling system.
  2. That's a great result. It's obviously just trundled out of it's pod. It's so clean! I always loved the scruffy 'post rescue' look that was applied to the models. To me it added to the effect back then.
  3. Yes, Mate. They are coming through as links. I was sure there were pictures in your thread last time. I just right clicked on them & saw them on a new link, but there may be a problem. Your previous posts have also now become links, so it must be a problem at village.photos.
  4. Well, the Gremlin is, shall we say, 'special'? If we say bad things about it, it may well run off and cry. As for the Pacer, "Party on Wayne!"And that's probably about the only reason a model exists. Though I think there were some drag racers?
  5. Nice guns etc, Jamie. And congrats on finally beating the sharks and getting your overdue compensation.
  6. Great pictures once again. Thanks for posting them. For the Chivenor open day in 1993 I was picked to help out as ground crew for visiting aircraft. We saw in the Crunchie Stampes, I did a rotors running refuel on a Navy Lynx, and, we had two Tucano's there. One support/spare and I think the other was the blue one as seen above. As the only one in the crew with Tucano experience, I strapped in the crews (both solo) and then did a double start and wave out. The last time I went near one.
  7. They're all coming along nicely and I'm glad you sorted the paint problem. It looks like you are enjoying yourself.
  8. So that's what I've been doing with my scratchbuilds? The picture can be a bit fuzzy at times. I think I have a dodgy vertical hold.... Yes, those Electric car prices seemed high to me too. They are using Tesla motors. The results are very impressive performance wise, but to me, as I say, seem to be a compromise when it comes to the practical side of using the vehicle. Last nights episode was a Porsche 914. Not noted for it's interior space, I'll report back when I watch the recording. The best episode used a Land Rover. At least there was some space left in there.
  9. Via the bay, an Airfix MBB 105 Helichopper. It's missing a window and a seat but was cheap, so good for spares/scratchbuild bits.
  10. Nice subtle grot there. Does it need/will it get wing mirror & aerial holes? I was thinking a period add on would be a green sunstrip with Kev & Jane or something on it. But how to do it, I know not.
  11. I've been watching a TV programme called Vintage Voltage. Based in Wales, they convert cars to electric power. It's not cheap, and for some reason they are popular with customers from the Emerald Isle. The results, performance wise, can be outstanding. But one was an MG Midget. Remaining useable space, The seats. No stowage room left at all! So for thirty odd grand, the owner reduced the usefulness of his car? As for clouds, who can tell? We Earthbound mortals can only stand and marvel at their majesty. See, I can do profound. (Only by appointment though).
  12. And suddenly you're in a rush already? Two words, Mate. Hycote plastic primer. Okay three words then. It's cheap, delivered to your door (usually free on ebay). And, It works! It stays stuck on! I use the grey and white ones. It's cheaper to buy multiple cans BTW. You've hit the hurdles here, but you got around it, so good for you. I think you're not alone in wanting the end to come sooner rather than later! Regards, Pete
  13. You're aren't far off at all. Both were good to fly from the perspective of the pilots, The PC-9 had the edge, I heard. But, Pilatus wouldn't consider changing the canopy for a birdproof windscreen, and weren't keen on it being licence built. Short's in Belfast, however, needed work and, in a similar fashion to DeLorean, were basically propped up by the Government. It was said at the time that a lot of the cost per unit was down to the avionics fit. Having worked on both types, I'd say that I prefer the Pilatus.
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