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  1. There's more.... This one won't embed, search for an animation called Worlds Apart by Michael Zachary. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=872D8-Oamjk&list=TLPQMjQxMDIwMjAwDCaMNrX2BQ&index=2 The Archiver. Nice hardware. And something for everyone in this short https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eG9lTgu0R-M&list=TLPQMjQxMDIwMjAwDCaMNrX2BQ&index=1 Galactic battles
  2. I built one of these in the mid sixties. And the Alize. They were a few pence cheaper than Airfix kits. I don't think I realized back then, the difference in scale to 1/72nd. Yours has undoubtedly turned out better than mine!
  3. Fabulous engine. I know that one of these cars (not sure which year though) is in a garage in Boston. I saw it outside & running in the summer. It had primer around the edges so hopefully it's being restored.
  4. Except the orange ones
  5. I know I said I wouldn't have time but I managed a couple of hours this morning, and got some paint on! So feast your eyes on the results. I hope you like how it's turned out so far, I'm happy with it. This is it with the IJN green still wet. The underside is Medium Sea Grey. Both are from Tamiya rattle cans. Don't forget I still have the WW1 lozenge decals to apply over parts of this. So this is not the final finish. I'll still be online tonight and then not until Tuesday. So any questions may not be answered until then. Thanks for look
  6. Nice work, Brian. Can I assume these kits had been put together with tube glue? I recently dismantled a 'glue bomb'and I found that Tamiya extra thin will usually soften the joint enough to make it easier to prise apart. It can damage the plastic surface if left too long, but that's normally on the inside so no problem. Best to practice on something past it's best first though.
  7. A black base for the plaque will look good. As does the mirror. As for Bridies, we deliver to a pub in Peterborough that imports them from Edinburgh. Some American food can be like that.
  8. Yep, awesome stuff. It should easily outclass someone sailing a U boat.
  9. I love the textured wooden stock on the machine gun! The swirly plastic on this stirred an ancient memory that finally surfaced. Just over fifty years ago, my Sister and I went to Germany to stay with family friends for a month in a small village near Cologne*. The boy next door there had a great model railway. On it was a Bf109 with just the same swirly plastic. He gave it to me when I was due to come home. Goodness knows what happened to it. * I was about 14, my Sister was 11. We were given a book of tickets and away we went. You could do that in those days!
  10. Thanks, Guys. I see that actual humour is locked down over the water.... I got home at a decent time this afternoon and found that the primer had dried nicely and revealed the faults as intended. Nothing too serious, just some low areas and, a few badly scribed lines and the odd hole. I set to with Humbrol filler and some PPP for the finer bits. So there'll be yet more rubbing down soon. Ah well, such is the life of a scratchbuilder. Tsk. Cheers, Pete
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