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  1. Great to see this thread back! I like this latest scheme.
  2. Now that is rather special. A lot of us must have seen Aircraft in a similar condition over the years. Spot on!
  3. It would have been quite a job to get the Horses and Draywagon across the trenches into no mans land. Must have been Hell for the Draymen. Mind you, it still is. Tomorrow, with a 6:00am start I'm off to Chesterfield and Sheffield!
  4. I'l second that. I just did a long overdue update and it's looking better and better.
  5. That's the spirit. You stick with modelling. You get a proper end result. Sport isn't real, you just get a good or bad feeling.
  6. Well done @Artie I was hoping you'd pass by.
  7. All this talk of Gondola's and I fancied an ice cream. Then I remembered this one Cheers!
  8. That's surely just an aquatic Dalek with a glandular problem? In the meantime, Martian can strut his stuff.
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