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  1. Fabulous detail shots. Well done, Sir!
  2. Wow,! Beautiful paint and a great stance. Love the wheels too.
  3. With you there mate. I had a sigmoidoscopy two weeks ago not quite as bad. But I do not like the endoscopy at all. BTW mine is Colitis. Not nice. I hope they get you sorted. Great news about your kidneys
  4. About two thirds of the way through Notes from a small Island. Bill Bryson. A tour of the UK. First published 1993. He visits places from his past and travels around, as best he can, by public transport or on foot. It's not that long ago, Yet he describes very well how things were beginning to degenerate, empty shops, factories etc, back then. Yet there are places you would want to go to for the views, or the experience of the sheer history. A great insight into the 'British experience'. I do like his books, I still have a couple of others to reread. On Friday, from a charity shop, I got a copy of Henning Mankells' Wallendar book, The troubled man. Just 50p. This, oddly, is an American edition. Originally priced at $18. How it got into a remote Gainsborough shop I'd love to know.
  5. You've certainly sprinted ahead since my last visit, John. So lots of likes from me. By this stage of the war there weren't a lot of ground crew left, as whole swatches of them had been taken to bolster the Wehrmacht. From what I've read, Luftwaffe commanding officers had to apply lists of names of ground crew they needed to be returned, in order to operate Aircraft. The engines, in theory, had only a 25 hour life due to lack of adequate materials. In reality it could be as low as ten hours. Add to that, you only really want to open panels to actually work in there,and then close them up ASAP. Pretty standard Aircraft practice. So your decisions are good.
  6. Welcome aboard, Carl. you're cleared in hot to the Sci fi section. Take the first exit off the runway.
  7. Good to have you along on this one Mon General. The cheque is in the post. Plain brown envelope eh? That's the drill. Carry on, as you were. Yoiks tiddly boo, what?
  8. And don't call me Shirley. Looking (better than) good from here on Earth, Alan. The off set seat supports. Could it be something as simple as, They were welded to the chassis? So if you moved the seats inboard, the supports wouldn't be parallel fore and aft? And that would look even worse. Cattywampus in fact! Love the high tech support BTW.
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