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  1. Thanks @Wlad! I used the inevitable Halfords primer to begin-with, with a white undercoat for the undersurfaces. From there, I used MRP for the three main colours, followed by Alclad Aqua gloss prior to decals and finished it with Xtracrylix matt varnish to finish it off. I think some of the lightening might have been the strong natural light on the morning I took the pictures but I have to say that MRP is an absolute delight to apply. Cheers, Neil
  2. Good morning. As a child of the 1960s, it is mandatory that I have a Spitfire / Seafire obsession. Based upon an image I found on the web, backed up with support and advice on this august site (https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235108053-seafire-spinner-colour-i-cant-believe-im-asking-this), I have modelled this airframe from 805 Squadron FAA. It is the Special Hobby 1/48 kit which was a delight to put together and makes an interesting contrast with other versions of Spitfire / Seafire. A full album of images (I love taking the 'official' portrait when the model is complete) can be found here: https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjzKHTx The prototype: And the model: Contrast with DP845, the Mk. IV / XX / XII prototype. The XV was a developed and navalised version of the XII. And the well-stained underside: Happy Easter! Neil
  3. @Ivor Ramsden model complete, here is the finished article in a similar pose to the image you so kindly sent me. I have added a set of images here: https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjzKHTx Thank you all for your kind support and encouragement. Neil
  4. Crumbs! Having read "Atomic Bomb Island", I am minded to resurrect the Monogram B-29 that I bought shortly after leaving school in 1979. God alone knows where I would place the finished model, but this thread has been in inspiration! Best wishes, Neil
  5. Thank you for that: I am intrigued by your conversion and hope to see more! Thanks also for the advice on the oleos: the Griffon spitfires were clearly quite a handful. Kind regards, Neil
  6. No worries: I appreciate you looking for me.
  7. Aaaagh - just realised, it's 1:72 and I'm doing 1:48!
  8. It's the Special Hobby Seafire XV. I'd love to see your conversion: do I take it you are making a decent Spitfire XIV? I used the rear fuselage of the rather disappointing Academy XIV with an Airfix F.22/24 to make a F.21 a few weeks ago. One of my more satisfying conversions! Cheers, Neil
  9. Thank you both for your comments. They are much appreciated, not least because decent information on Seafire XVs is hard to come by. I have three primary sources of information: The inch-thick Seafire history (picked up for a fiver!!), the Airframe & Miniature volumes and the dear old Aircam book from the early 1970s. I specifically wanted to go for an RN (not RCN) machine in full camouflage, so as to provide a contrast to RAF machines and I struggled to find other sources on the interweb. I am modelling in 1/48 and using the Special Hobby kit "Far East Service" - a fascinating set of colour schemes in their own right but not what I wanted on this occasion. The model will make an intersting contrast to my model of DP845 (the Mk.IV / Mk.XX / prototype Mk.XII) and also to the Airfix XII when it comes out next month. @Seahawk thank you for the additional 'gen'. I agree with your observations, not least the partially obfuscated serial number. Looking at my production list, I woiuld suggest it is one oif SR602, SR632 or SR642. Out of 20,000 Spitfire / Searfire airframes, gettting it down to three is good going! The dotted yellow 'cut here' makrings will make an interesting comparison with my Phantom FG.1! I promise to publish an image of the completed model: it goes into the paintshop this morning. @Ivor Ramsden thank you for your offer, I'll PM you in a few minutes. Best wishes, Neil
  10. Thanks Bedders, I much appreciate your comment.
  11. Thank you Dave, I was leaning towards Sky too as I think white was more of a Far East scheme. Nonetheless, I do appreciate your advice, not least because most of the sources provided examples of both, but no explanation of the why or wherefore. Even my Ian Huntley articles don't seem to cover the period after about 1942. Thanks again, Neil
  12. Good morning. I am slightly embarrassed having to ask this question as I thought I would be able to answer it through my own resources. However, as is usual with such things, digging in to the detail tends to open-up rabbit holes. I wish to model a Seafire XV in the FAA temperate sea scheme and without any far east markings, i.e. allowing an easy side-by-side comparison with (say) a Spitfire XII in ocean grey and green. I have found the perfect specimen to model (see below) but I cannot answer this simple question: Would the spinner be Sky or white? Every source I have is completely contradictory and I feel it necessary to ask the combined knowledge of Britmodeller. (source: https://www.worldwarphotos.info/gallery/uk/raf/seafire/seafire-xv-5h-o-806/) All assistance gratefully received. Kind regards, Neil
  13. Interestingly, that's a late picture so the Phantom must have been repainted by then. Neil
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