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  1. The build for this can be found here: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235085105-wh660-in-148-scale-red-dean-canberra-that-nearly-was/ WH660 was a Canberra B2. slated for fitment of the AI.18 radar (Intended for Thin-wing Javelin and used in the Sea Vixen) to be used in trials of the Vickers Red Dean active radar-guided air-to-air missile. The Red Dean was rather ahead of its time and was cancelled before the conversion oh WH660 was complete. However, WH660 did receive its long nose and used extensively by the RRE at Pershore for a variety of avoin
  2. I'm calling it finished. I shall put more images in the 'Ready for Inspection' section later-on.
  3. Another update. Somehow, as I get closer to finishing, progress slows down! Here goes... I have spent a fair bit of time working on the wing hardpoints and this included adding small magnets to act as the means of attachment for the missiles: useful as I do want to be able to swap between marks of Red Dean. Meanwhile, there was one detail I was going to have to scratchbuild. Canberras used for weapons drop and launch trials carried camera pods at their wingtips, replacing the more usual tanks. These had a very distinctive shape and I am not aware
  4. Very good point sir! I shall give it a try! Thank you for that - you are a scholar and a gentleman! Can you confirm Jeffrey's website please? Finally, thank yo to you all for your insight and support. It's really appreciated! Cheers, Neil
  5. Thank you for that: it's quite satisfying to model an unusual subject, especially where scratchbuilding is a must. You raise a good point regarding colour: the top picture were I was half-way through applying the underwing serials was taken indoors at night using an LED lamp that, notionaly, produced a white light. The second, showing the completed serials, was taken in natural light, indoors, on a dull day. Don't get me started regardng TSR.2 undercarriage colour! Cheers, Neil
  6. @adrian, @Troffa and @Duncan B, thank you all for your rapid and informative replies. Yes, here is the really frustrating thing: all the other bits (e.g. nose undercarriage leg, underwing slots, revised nosewheel door are all present but the slotted stabilators have been snipped off the sprue! I don't for a minute this this is some kind of evil anti-FG.1 conspiracy by Revell, it'll just be part of the process but just to think of all those slotted tailplanes in their recycling bin! I think I'm going to have a bash at converting the FGR.2 stabilators although
  7. As promised, here is the original Red Dean as seen at Cosford: And here is my model of same: Thanks, Neil
  8. While I am working to complete my Canberra (see https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235085105-wh660-in-148-scale-red-dean-canberra-that-nearly-was/), I am already thinking of my next build and a 1/48 UK Phantom would compliment my Buccaneer S.1 and, later on, Sea Vixen. I have two 1/48 Phantoms in my stash: the special edition Hasegawa FG.1 from 1987 which I'm not quite ready to build just yet and the Revell FGR.2 version available today. This is where my frustration lies: although most of the parts to build an FG.1 are present, the two vital parts that are missin
  9. To begin, thank you to @Tornado 01, @mark.au and @Nikolay Polyakov for your kind comments. Nikolay, I'm going to flatten-down the radome - the paint was very fresh when I took the photos! Meanwhile, while I let the paint dry rock hard for a few days, I have turned my attention to the armament: the Vickers Red Dean fully-active air-to air missile. To recap, the Red Dean was designed as a fully-active air-to-air missile. This means that it would be a fire-and-forget missile which, when its inbuilt radar locked-onto its target, it would continue to follow the target unti
  10. What a fascinating build! Loving your gun ports and other detailing and you have stimulated me to go out and get a Seahawk! Cheers, Neil
  11. Hello folks, my apologies but just a quick update this weekend although I hop you like the result: painted and varnished. My garage is tidier than it appears here! Next up will be a few development Red Deans. Cheers, Neil
  12. It looks like it did have the short, pointy ones. Here's a picture of WH660 taking-off.
  13. That picture you mention is such a sorry one! Now, regarding the inteke bullets, I think I've got it. In the Alleycat intake set, there are two sets of bullets: a pointy pair and a rounded pair. I gather the rounded ones apply to some B(I)8s and the PR.9s, while the pointy ones for most of the others. However, earlier Canberras had short pointy bullets and later ones, such as the B(I)6 had longer ones reflecting a later version of the Avon engine. What I have done is shorten the Alleycat bullets, so I think I've got them right but I'll check again. As an aside, the rounded bul
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