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  1. I would strongly recommend this. Sprays-on beautifully. https://www.mjrmodelsandhobbies.co.uk/products/3466/8849/MRP-114-EXTRA-DARK-SEA-GREY-30ML-/
  2. I emailed HunterTeam a few weeks ago asking if they might be able to advise on the colour scheme but didn't hear back. I might try calling them as it was at the beginning of the lockdown. Neil
  3. Yes, I must confess that my old B.2 is likely to go under the knife.
  4. Here we go folks: https://www.dropbox.com/s/eaibktecnh6rbiy/SAM Vol 7 Iss 2 Vulcan B.1 Conversion.pdf?dl=0
  5. @Adam Poultney I have been sorting my SAM collection and can scan the conversion article for you. Would it be of use still? Neil
  6. @Dave Fleming and @71chally, thank you both for your information. It is indeed very difficult to tell the difference between airframe silver and LAG, even in colour photos! Nonetheless, a Javelin with LAG undersides and silver tanks would make an intersting prospect. Cheers, Neil
  7. Might I be of assistance here? https://www.dropbox.com/s/d2b235nak2ozhws/SAM Vol9 Iss3.pdf?dl=0
  8. Might I ask this group a tangential question? Did any Javelins, especially those in the Far East ever get LAG undersurfaces? Thanks, Neil
  9. That is just lovely! Well done and I love the fuel gauge!
  10. I saw this earlier today when you posted it on a couple of Facebook groups and all I can say is 'Bravo'! I toyed with doing my TSR.2 as a 'what-if' and I'm glad I didn't know because I would have been jealous! Seriously, this is indeed a great build and absolutely credible. Well done for sorting the vents at the wing-fuselage joint: I bottled them and still regret it. The pitot tube is bang-on as are the underwing stores. I'm glad you did the build with a LAG undersurface: it looks good and makes a change from the many wraparound versions out there. To conclude: a great effort, very well done indeed! Neil
  11. May I just raise a small wave for Humbrol rattlecan matt white? Great coverage, consistent and a good reliable finish. The off-white dielectric parts were airbrushed Vallejo airframe white. Cheers, Neil
  12. I must confess that I am missing a pair of nosewheel doors (promise to add them) but back in May I assembled the Airfix 1/48 TSR.2. This includes resin cockpit and bomb bay / undercarriage bays, while I adjusted the undercarriage to remove the unintentional splay. It was quite a challenging build and as with all others I learned a few lessons, not least that to have done a really great job I should have filled all the panel lines and rescribed them. Trouble is, I'd still be building it now... A full set of images here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/26690797@N02/albums/72157715123102207/with/49792162117/ I hope you enjoy these. Just a little bonus: WIP next to my still WIP after 35 years Contrail 1/72 TSR.2! Thanks for looking. Kind regards, Neil
  13. It's July 2020, how's it going lads?
  14. I have been building the FROG Sea Vixen for a few weeks now. It will be the death of me.
  15. An excellent build! Keep it up!
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