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  1. What if one of us bought it here and shipped it to you? It wouldn't cost that much to ship would it?
  2. Lovely! I remember it in the catalogue when it first came out!
  3. I think beauty is in the eye of the beholder because I think the HHA colour scheme looks - to use the word of the moment - awesome. However, so do theATAC ones and isn't is great that in a modern military aircraft forum we can still discuss the Hunter?! Cheers, Neil
  4. Just an idle question: does anybody know of a source of decals / pattern camouflage for the quite outstanding Hunter Team FGA.9 aggressor aircraft? https://cdn.jetphotos.com/full/5/53355_1544048788.jpg That would look quite striking in 1/48! Cheers, Neil
  5. Thank you both very much indeed. I was really rather pleased to reuse a model I first built when I left school. Regarding decals, they are home-printed. I have a laser printer and I design them using good-old Microsoft PowerPoint and a downloaded font for the correct type of RAF lettering. The following works a treat as the decal paper: https://smile.amazon.co.uk/Laser-Printer-Decal-Paper-Sheets/dp/B006EITEIQ/ref=pd_yo_rr_rp_3/261-7576405-3406220?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B006EITEIQ&pd_rd_r=22779ae0-3254-46b1-92f0-bf90648e4952&pd_rd_w=IAXSp&pd_rd_wg=lV3He&pf_rd_p=386a9db6-1adf-4448-87f8-dcf429442cbf&pf_rd_r=0V2K5XYWMT7CZPZ2P0T2&psc=1&refRID=0V2K5XYWMT7CZPZ2P0T2 let me know if you want any further advice there. Cheers, Neikl
  6. Thank you ! Funnily enough, I did the same the other week!
  7. I have run a small thread on the conversion of an Airfix Meteor FR.9 into a PR.10 using the tailplane and outer wings of a 40-year-old A.M.T. Meteor F.1 model that I made when I left school. The thread is below, while I have included a few photos of the finished model which depicts an 81 Squadron aircraft based at Seletar in 1960. Thanks for looking. Kind regards, Neil
  8. I'm calling it finished! There was a delay as I doubled-down to add all the stencils provided by Airfix, so sorry for the silence. All being well, I'll take some 'official' photos and put them into the 'Ready for Inspection' section but I wanted to share this now as I've just finished. Thank you all for your encouragement. Kind regards, Neil
  9. On Friday I assembled the undercarriage so that by the evening the model could stand on its wheels. As I write this, I have produced a custom decal sheet for VA987 of 81 Squadron at Selatar in 1960 and I hope to send an update tonight. Watch this space... Cheers, Neil
  10. There has been a short delay while I took a brief holiday (Madeira, lovely thanks) but I must confess that upon my return, priority number one was to attend to the Meteor. Just prior to leaving, I had more-or-less completed the fettling of the surface finish, so attention turned to the canopy and colour scheme. The two are related as earlier versions used the 'half-metal canopy, while later in the aircraft's life the full clearview version was employed and - as I understand it - retrofitted. Therefore, choosing a scheme would determine the type of canopy to be employed. Cutting to the chase, I decided to go for an all-silver finish on an 81sqn aircraft based at Selatar around 1960. I rather like the all-silver scheme and it would allow me to create some custom decals for the (rather subtle) squadron markings. In the meantime. here are some images of progress early this week: I used the rather addictive Montex canopy masks. Is it me or does Humbrol Liquid Masking not have the loveliest colour to it? Meanwhile, both engines were assembled and painted. They will not be displayed but are necessary to ensure the correct view through the intakes. As an aside, I did not include the piping assembly because their presence would have made the engine covers stand slightly proud of the surface. Finally, I ensured all other areas were masked, re-primed the airframe and then applied several light coats of Tamiya AS-12 from a spray can. Cowardly but effective. More to follow! Neil
  11. @Paulaero that model crosses the magic boundary between a good model and an excellent model! Bravo! Neil
  12. Small update tonight, I have done more work on fairing-in the transition form the fin.
  13. Justin, Your dad didn't happen to be a keen, amateur colour photographer with an access-all-areas pass when he was at Gutersloh was he? I can only speculate about the PR.10 tail but can offer this. In 1949, the prototype of the Meteor PR.5 crashed in its maiden flight and killing test pilot Rodney Dryland. At the time there were orders for PR.5s open and a lot of serial numbers had been allocated. However, no more PR.5s were built. My theory is that in the aftermath of the crash, there was a rethink and as the fighter Meteor has evolved form the F.4 (the basis of the PR.5) to the F.8 (longer fuselage, new tail, bigger engines), then it might be better to start again with an F.8-derived version than stick with the previous generation, The tailplane then becomes an enigma. Options might have been: Old-style tail considered adequate; Old-style tails already on order; Production of new style tails subject to capacity limitations and so fighter version took priority; Deliberate wind-up for aviation historians 70 years later. One of those might not be true. As an aside, I made a 1/72 model of the PR.5 and it can be seen here: Kind regards, Neil
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