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  1. Your Lordship, I am about to break my Canberra 'duck' by converting an Airfix B(I).6 into a B.2 with an Alleycat extended nose and - for fun - I'm adding Red Dean missiles! I am following your build with great interest especially as you have undertaken nose surgery. One question: I see you have not taken-up the Alleycat replacement canopy and upper fuselage: was that because it wasn't in your eBay purchase or did yo unot think it worth the effort? Watching with interest, Cheers, Neil
  2. It was a mockup of the 'Thin wing Javelin'. Neil
  3. Right, strap in for some serious Red Dean action. It doesn't help that Red Dean and Firestreak (neƩ Blue Jay) look so similar from a distance. However, Red Dean is a Behemoth, 16 feet long against the Firestreak's 10 feet with everything else scaled-up. Just today I created my first model of a Red Dean in 1/48 and here it is alongside a 1/48 Firestreak. Ignore the green bands, it's just filler. As for the shape, the development rounds had a hemispherical nose as in the images above, but as you can see below, the production Red Dean was schedul
  4. Oh lordy you are right! I took a look and drill and live rounds are never mixed. Thanks for that: I'll have a rethink. Neil
  5. Hi @Selwyn, Thank you for that. In the end, I decided to go for black, so my Javelin FAW.7 fit-out will be 2 x active Firestreaks and 2 x dummies. Cheers, Neil
  6. @Selwyn and then I came across this (in an electronic copy of an old 'Warpaint' book. I think they may well be black. What do you think? I'd hardly say it was convincing either way The things we do, eh? Neil
  7. Another random question! I have seen a few images of Javelins with Firestreaks that were obviously drill or dummy rounds. Some are white, some silver but some very dark. Might anybody recall if they would be dark blue or black? I have failed to find a colour picture to confirm either way. Thanks, Neil
  8. That is a rather rare Vickers Red Dean!
  9. There's also a very useful bluetooth gizmo that will do the same thing using your phone!
  10. The post I just committed shold have gone up last night but I had a glitch. It's interesting that you have noted how the RN FG.1s looked to be in Darke Sea Grey without the 'Extra'at the front. Picking up on the comparison above, here is e-Paint's comparison between FS36118 and Dark Sea Grey. Could it have been a simple misinterpretation of colour and was FS36118 used? Note: I am very aware that colour comparisons on computer monitors are dodgy! What do we think? Cheers, Neil
  11. OK, so there might be a pattern emerging. To begin, the diagram unearthed by @Tailspin Turtle makes for interesting reading as it refers to 'Dark Sea Grey', not Extra DSG. Now this might be nothing more than semantics but I wonder if, as @71chally said, the aircraft as delivered were pale. Therefore, were F-4Ks painted FS36118? Now, I could be putting two and two together and making five, but perhaps Royal Navy F-4Ks were finished initially in FS36118, which is noticeably lighter than EDSG, but then refinished in the proper BS shade? Just a
  12. If anybody is interested, here is a Phantom's strike camera, on display at the excellent Solway Aviation Museum:
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