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  1. Here is my effort from four years ago. Etienne.
  2. Thanks chaps........but as you know, they are not mine. I just collect, clean, and present them in one place. Cheers, Etienne.
  3. Great build, camo scheme, engine colouring and photography Overall a terrific effort.............well done!
  4. Very nice collection Lican ...........love the size of the images. Hope to see some more soon. Cheers, Etienne.
  5. Here is Black 2 in faded wartime colours in 1964..........
  6. Does this help....................
  7. Came across this today........... with this caption. 'View of soldiers from the Royal Engineers placing scale models of buildings on to an outline map for lessons in camouflage at a British Army camouflage school in the United Kingdom in October 1943." Etienne
  8. Thanks for picking that up Steve......did the necessary on flickr. Incidentally , according to the original caption it was SA-L. Cheers, Etienne.
  9. Here is the original colour slide as it appears in the Library and Archives Canada (just click on the fuzzy image) http://collectionscanada.gc.ca/lac-bac/results/images?form=image&lang=eng&FormName=Image+Search&PageNum=1&SortSpec=score+desc&HighLightFields=title%2Cname&Language=eng&QueryParser=lac_mikan&Sources=mikan&Archives=&ShowForm=show&SearchIn_1=&SearchInText_1=Seafire&Operator_1=AND&SearchIn_2=&SearchInText_2=&Operator_2=AND&SearchIn_3=&SearchInText_3=&Media[]=1200&Level=&MaterialDateOperator=after&MaterialDate=&MaterialDate=&DigitalImages=1&Source=&cainInd=&ResultCount=50
  10. Aha!....thanks Claudio. ..............and here it is in all its B/W glory.
  11. This enclosed image appears on the cover of the book " The Disastrous Fall and Triumphant Rise of the Fleet Air Arm from 1912 to 1945" by Henry 'Hank' Adlam Although very nice it looks colourised to me................do you agree?
  12. Etiennedup

    Seafire Mystery

    I came across this (rather bad) image of Seafires on a carrier deck in the Mediterranean Can anybody identify the light coloured objects on the noses of the two planes. Is it simply light reflecting off the exhaust stubs or could it be pale coloured paint?
  13. Bruce, here is a Parhe newsreel film on Ansons from Youngsfield, Cape Town during the war. https://www.britishpathe.com/video/south-african-coastal-patrol-1/query/Cape+TOWN
  14. Troy, that image originates from the now defunct WW2color.com site of the late Jeffrey Ethell.
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