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  1. I have managed to get some paint on the interior and the canopy is has been polished and dipped in Future to get a nice clear shiny look. After looking over these pictures I notice that I have to remove the antenna post and scratch a new replacement antenna. Then I can do the basic assembly and get some paint on this bird.
  2. Well, sometimes life just gets in the way and the squirrels take you in different directions. Nevertheless sometimes ya come right round and pick up where ya left off. One of the things that put me off working on this little critter was that I couldn't face scratching another cockpit. I'd done a whole bunch in a row and was a bit burned out. Nothing like four years to get you back in the mood. So progress was made; I've also ditched the vac canopy as I just couldn't get it to work. So I have carefully sanded off the main canopy frame and polished
  3. I worked on a little side project today. This little bunker in plaster and plastic card. Spent much more time on getting the angles and sizing right. Still didn't allow for the plaster to shrink just a tiny bit, sign. I think it came out okay. Broke out the old Dingo for some pics. So much more I could do but I don't want to get too bogged down. Nice to have another little stage to take pictures on. Thanks for looking in.
  4. I have the little Tilly in the to do pile but I'm thinking of giving the Gaso.line French UE tankette a go. I'm trying out the resin kits and so far they have been a blast. If that doesn't work out I have a little Ace Flak38 20mm gun on its trailer that fits the base perfectly. It's only been waiting for a base for a few years now. I like the idea about the cat. If I could get mine to stop leaving paw prints on my two cars I would be a happy man.
  5. Just me messing about with doing 1/48 scale bases. I wanted to work on getting a better composition of the background elements rather than just whacking stuff on the base. I also wanted to think more about the colours I'm using and limit the number of colours so the focus will be more on the subject( yet to be decided). I still have a bit more to add but mostly done. I want to try something a bit different for the nameplate too. I hope you like. Dan
  6. Here's my latest. A simple straightforward build with just four days from go to sitting in the display case. A 1/48 scale resin kit by Gaso.line that you don't see built much . It's a nice resin kit with pretty good details and not very dear.( I paid $20AUS for it). I'll let the pictures do the explaining. A tiny little thing but makes a nice change from the more involved builds. I have a few more Gaso.line kits in the queue I'm looking forwards to getting at. I hope you like it. Dan
  7. A quiet Christmas at home left plenty of time in the bungalow this afternoon to finish this one. Tamiya Panther G in 1/48 with Monroe Perdu paper zimmerit and Full tracks. Lots of fun to build. I hope you like it. Happy Christmas everyone. Thanks for looking in. Dan
  8. Progress; PE track hangers and some foliage.
  9. Progress; Hull basically finished, well as much as I'm willing to do. Maybe some oil paints and dirt but that's about all. The turret is next and the spare track hangers. ( Soldering tiny brass parts, looks like heaps of fun...not.) A fun build but like a lot of my builds I can see so much to fix. I do like those metal tracks though, and the zimmerit. I think next one will be the Elephant, no the Panzer IV no the..... Dan
  10. I didn't think I could get any decals to settle into all that nice zimmerit texture so I busted out the Silhouette stencil cutter. Nice to have the right tool for the job. Not perfect but better than I had hoped. This was the last thing I was really worried about so the build becomes fun again. Thanks for looking in.
  11. Panther Progress; The AK Burnishing fluid worked well but I found that I needed to mechanically clean the links with a fibre glass pen before it work well. I think next time I'll spend a bit more time getting each of the links cleaner before I assemble them. The base colour yellow is on but I'm having a devil of a time getting my airbrushes to spray well enough to do a good freehand camouflage pattern. I might just do a 'cloudy patten' or stick with a plain yellow beast. I'm at that point where all I can see are my mistakes and 'bits you could better
  12. Latest progress. I tried out some Friulmodel tracks for the first time and I gotta say I like them a lot. Expensive but a joy to work with and I think they look darn nice. I'll play with the other side tomorrow but now that I know what I'm doing they should got together pretty quickly. Pretty close to getting to paint this sucker.
  13. Thank you Simon, You are too kind. Last progress on this for a bit while I await the metal tracks from Canada. I am going to see if I can make the early Friulmodel Panther track work, I know they aren't quite right but, eh? If not I'll use them on the D I have in the stash Should be a bit of a lark as I haven't used any of those metal track before. A few bits to futz with on this until then but I'm not holding my breath about shipping times these days as the mail services are stretched pretty thin. Our Posties are having to send mail outside my own state for sort
  14. A little progress; Schruzen hangers needed fixing once I noticed them while looking at some photos of the real tank. I thought that they were bolted on but no, they have a neato bent metal bracket. Soooo, off the the races and I added some plastic and brass bits and used the paper schurzen from the MP zimmerit set. I did use very thin superglue to stiffen the paper and it looks pretty good. They are removable too I'm interested to see how durable they will be in the end. Might just have well gone with the plastic ones from the kit but I wanted something thinner, with overlap
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