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  1. Glad you like her Gary. I posted the finished shots in The Ready for Inspection section but never linked it to this post. Humber scout car finished I hope you like her. I haven't done a base for her yet but she looks pretty good in the cabinet. Dan
  2. I'm always on the lookout for new figures in 1/48th scale and have been experimenting with using figures meant for 28mm wargaming. I printed this 28mm figure from a stl file purchased from Wargaming3D.com. Rescaled for 1/48th scale and printed with my Elegoo Mars printer I think it came out pretty well. I'm still working on his mortar and the other crew members. Here's where I'm at so far. I hope you like it. Dan
  3. Just a quick one. Built just for fun Pretty much OOB with some bits of resin stowage and tarps made from Greenstuff. Posed on a little scenic base I'm working on. Neat older kit that builds nicely. Thanks for looking in. Dan
  4. I used what was to hand. Evergreen no 253 (4.8mm x 4.8mm square tube) and 1/8" K&S brass square tube. Works well enough for single seat 1/48 scale prop aircraft but I'm not too sure about jets. You might want to go up a size. I have a He219 that I think I'll need to use bigger rod on. I'm also looking into getting some 3mm and 4mm square acrylic rod from EvilBay to see how that works for supports. See how you go.
  5. Thank you to all for your wonderful comments. Murewa - What I do is install a length if Evergreen square tube into the fuselage which has an internal size just larger than the K&S Brass square tube is externally which I use for the uprights. I then brace this internally with epoxy putty and superglue. On installation I leave the tube just a bit proud of the surface of the fuselage and then sand and fill with superglue to make a strong and seamless joint. I use this same connection on the base. This kind of connection makes it easy to remove the plane from the stand to work on it. IHTH. Dan
  6. Last for the year Another one straight OOB. Neat older kit using only aftermarket decals. I hope you like her as I had heaps of fun building it. Though masking all those stripes and checkerboard nose were a challenge. Once I get some bits squared away I have an He-219 Uhu in the dock for the same treatment. Looking into alternatives for the spotted camouflage that most of those birds seemed to have. Best wishes for everyone for the new year. Dan
  7. Hi Doccur. I used a set from Iliad Iliad set 48009 Nice set, has four complete sets of markings. They were thin with very good colours and registry. Unusually none of the decal solvents I used on them had any effect at all they settled down pretty well. Unfortunately out of stock at BNA models, though he might still be able to get them. IHTH Dan
  8. Thank you all for all of the kind comments and likes. I am super pleased you folks like her. I did bust out the Silhouette cutter and add a nameplate in vinyl lettering. Off to the display case now. Dan
  9. You have done a wonderful job on that kit. I can see lots and lots of extra details you have added. I part built one of those kits back in the day and I have to say that is one superb build of a, well, challenging kit. Love to see more photos if you have them to share.
  10. Latest quickie. Straight OOB with aftermarket decals. Built in flight to save time. A super fitting older kit. Such a relief to just build for fun and not stress over every little detail. I hope you like her. Dan
  11. Here is my latest 'kit' Comprising of only five pieces this 3D printed resin model comes from F&A Miniatures. Well printed with only a few areas of miss alinement and a whole lot of fine supports structure to remove. In fact the bulk of the time assembling this kit will be in carefully removing these thin support structures. The hull is printed in one piece to which the two turrets and tow track units attach. This is really a kit for the modeller who likes to paint and weather. I spent a few nights slowly working on the parts and then a week or two painting. Here's what I came up with. All in all a fun kit and proof that these 3D prints can be made into acceptable models. I'm sure that no mainline manufacture is ever going to kit this model in injection moulded plastic. And this kit was much easier to build than a traditional poured resin kit. Thanks for looking in and I hope you like it. Dan
  12. Progress; Next is to install the driver, fix the windscreen and add the spare tyres. Then I ahem a ton more loose stowage to add. Thanks for looking in. Dan
  13. Stubbed my toe on this one while reorganising the SofD. Started messing about with it on the weekend as I could really mess it up that badly could I? I haven't much of a handle on the old chipping fluid method but I'm getting some basic colour on her. Thanks for looking in. Dan
  14. This ones been kicking around for some time. Pretty much finished now with the addition of the last crew member. Tamiya 1/48 scale Elephant with resin and 3D printed figures. The kit is typical Tamiya I only added metal barrels and the Monroe Perdu paper zimmerit. Lots of fun to build and paint. I hope you like it. Thanks for looking in. Dan
  15. Latest finished one. I've been working on this for some time. Lots of new stuff to play with, white wash finish, snow and modifying figures. All in all a lot of fun. I hope you like it. On to the next one! Thanks for looking in. Dan
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