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  1. I abandoned this kit a few years ago as I wasn't all that happy with the way the finish was going. This week while using the kit as a test mule I thought, "Why not just finish this one rather than starting another project." Results. So while it's not my best effort at least it isn't sitting on the Shelf of Doom anymore. Thanks for looking in. Dan
  2. Hi Roman. I'm happy you liked the little piece. The design broke the Nebelwerfer into the following bits; 6x chassis pieces, upper and lower and two chassis rails, left and right plus two wheels. The barrel assembly, front support and sight are seperate as is a tiny curved elevation rack. All told I spent the better part of a full day ( Say, 12 hours) to add supports/slice and print enough parts for two models. I'm sure that it could have been done more efficiently but I do things slowly and in a manner I know will work. ( Most of the time) IHTH. Dan
  3. As Bugs Bunny would say, "Must have been that left turn at Albuquerque" My 3D printer has set idle for a long time and as I was cleaning up I though I'd do a little project. I had downloaded a set of files for a neat little Nebelwafer 41 from Thingiverse but never got round to printing it out. How hard could it be? Many hours later I had two sets of decent parts. Assembly and basic paint took a coupe of hours. And today I did the rest of the paint and put it on an old spare base. Nice, quick and fun project. ( The best kind in my book) I hope you like it. Dan
  4. Well other than a figure, that I'll do when I get the mood to do figure painting, I'm calling this one done. I'm pretty happy with the results. I don't know that I could do much better if I had done more to it. All I know is it was a fun build and looks pretty cool in the case. I hope you like it. Thanks for looking in. Dan
  5. Progress; Chips and oils I think I'll stop before I mess it up. A little bit of mud and splattering on the undercarriage and that's about it. Dan
  6. Sometimes you just want to build something. No resin, PE or mucking about with scratch building. Just build and paint That's one of the main reasons I took up 1/48 scale armour as an antidote from burnout building 1/32 aircraft. So, it being the Queen Birthday long weekend, I started this Sdk.fz. 232 on late Thursday night and here's where I'm at on Monday morning. I did drill out the 20mm and the horns and added a brass MG barrel but that only added what 20minutes tops. Everything fits, not fettling or putty. I looks pretty right, okay the exhaust covers are pants but I wasn't going to get sucked in to fixing them. I'll do little chipping and some more weathering then a dull coat and be done in a week. Very refreshing and a lot of fun. Thanks for looking in.
  7. A great little resin kit by Gaso.line. Lots of fun to build. I hope you like it. Always more you could add but this ones off to the display case. Thanks for looking in.
  8. I worked a bit more on this one today and I'm calling it done. I may in the future go back and add the steering linkage but it's just a bridge too far right now. ( Come to think of it I'd like to try lacing some wire wheels too) At some point you have to just say, " The next one will be better but this one is done." Final pics; I pretty pleased, it came out much better than I had any right to assume. I learned a lot and had a lot of fun. Enough to start the Candies & Hughes Funny car. Great to try something new and different. Thanks for looking in. I hope you like her. Dan
  9. Progress; Getting towards final assembly and replacing the front suspension with wire and plastic rod was a better choice than trying to work with the kit parts. I did manage to mess up the holes for the steering linkages ( nothing lines up ???) and I'm in two minds about leaving them off and calling it a day. Next time I'll know better but I am happy this has come out as good as it has. I sprung for a Polar Lights funny car so I'll see what I can make of that. Thanks for looking in. Dan
  10. I spent all day Saturday at the bench putting the decals on. I don't get along well with decals and these were pretty brittle and broke apart in a few places. I found that there were some rough finish in some areas of the decals like there was some 'grit' mixed in with the ink. They also didn't respond to any of the decal solutions I threw at them. In the end good old hot water and heated pads for soft paper towel worked the best to get them to conform and lay flat. I then spent much of today laying thin coats of Tamiya TS-13 clear over the top. This seems to have worked out pretty well and I'm not going to risk anymore futzing about and just let this set and harden for a week while I finish the chassis. Here's my progress so far. I'll do a bit of semigloss black to the interior with a brush once this lot gets nice and hard. I still have to figure out how I'm going to mount the stearing arms and front rods. So far so good. Thanks NearsightedJohn, I did do a lot of very thin mist coats of the TS-13 before I did the last wet coat. I also waited about an hour between each coat even though it almost killed me as I like to just get on with things and hate waiting. I think this is the best glow finish I have ever done and I'm so surprised I didn't stuff it up. Thanks for looking in. Dan
  11. Progress; Last fitting before decaling. Everything looks like it fits and the yellow came out better than I had hoped. I have three thin coats of TS-13 clear on top and it's my best ever gloss finish I didn't polish out. I'm a bit scared to use TS-13 over the top of the decals but we'll see how it all comes out. Thanks for looking in.
  12. Progress; Just a bit of weathering, some crew and stowage and she'll be done. Such a fun kit to build and paint. Thanks for looking in. Dan
  13. Over Easter break I wasn't felling much like working on my 1/48th scale armour so I thought I'd try something a bit different. As I have always liked Top fuel dragsters and especially the front engined kind I thought I'd give one a go. I haven't built one of these in well, years and years. Back in the Testor's tube glue times. And well this kit is from that era too. A pretty basic kit without many parts, thick chrome plate and horrible instructions. Just like I remembered them. Started right away with putting as many sub assemblies together as I can. The body was stuck together, gaps filled with CA and block sanded too get a good straight and even finish. I still have more work to do before primer but it all fits. The frame is thankfully one piece and straight but needed a fair bit of clean up to look presentable. I have then started working on the motor using only bits from the kit and stuff I had on the bench, plastic strip and rod and some lead wire. So far everything 'fits' and should come together in the end but I still have a lot to do on the body to get it looking good. I'm not that great with gold finishes and major decals but I'm having fun so that's good. Thanks for looking in.
  14. Nice little resin complete kit from Gaso.line you don't see built much. It's a shame too as it makes into a neat little critter. I still have the tracked trailer to build and a few more details but the major construction is done. Now I just have to figure out a good Tamiya paint mix for the overall French green the critter is painted in. So far here's where I'm at. Thanks for looking in. Dan
  15. Progress; Worked on modifying a figure for the scene. FWA head on a Tamiya body. Lots of hacking about and a little Green Stuff later he's ready for some paint. I haven't done much working with Green Stuff but it's a lot of fun, if fiddly. Now on to the fun bit. Painting!
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