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  1. ScanmanDan

    Neko-Works Mustang GT350 ( Toon )

    I've been messing about with this for the last few days, almost finished with the detail painting. Thought I'd make a little base for the Mustang. Here's what I came up with. Experimented with a few things but good old 240 grit sandpaper painted up looked the best to my eye. Just a bit more work and this one will be done. Thanks for looking in. Dan
  2. Thanks Haken, I too love the colour and variation of WWI aircraft. Though I'd forgotten how much my hands shake and what an adventure the rigging would be. Guess that's why she sat for almost ten years. Paul, thank you for your encouragement. The pilot is a old Revell 1/32 scale pilot from the Beaufighter I think. He 'fit the bill' and was on the bench so he was pressed into service. I should have modified his straps and shaved off the earphone cups on his helmet but if you don't look too hard he kinda looks okay. Certainly the size isn't an issue. I like to think this is an aircraft post war being used in a Hollywood movie al a 'Wings' That way I can have a touch more 'artistic licence' than deserve. Spent some time today 'futzing' and adding some weathering. I noted that I left off the windscreen and who knows where that is now, sigh. a little more and then it will be at least 'finished' if you know what I mean. Thanks for looking in. Dan
  3. Many years ago, maybe ten, I started three Revell 1/28th scale kits the Triplane, SPAD and the Camel. They all got quite far into being built and then stalled hard. I finished up the Triplane last year but the SPAD and Camel have sat there mocking me since. I decided to clean off The SPAD and see if I could get her across the line as well. The Camel will need to wait for another day. First thing was to clean a decade of dust and muck off the SPAD and then get to grips with what I could really do with her. I quickly remembered exactly why I stopped work on the SPAD. Rigging. I had been using invisible thread and stretched QTips for crude turnbuckles. Much of the original rigging of the struts survived and with a little applied heat returned to an acceptable tightness. I have since used elastic thread and brass micro tube but even so it has taken about five hours to get to this stage and I still have the back wing rigging to do. I have started on trying to get the paint to look okay, I like a weathered look of an in service machine, so I can hide a little bit. But I am limited by what I did ten years ago. This will never look as good as I thought it could when I started all those years ago but at least I will have finished it. Here are some pics of where I'm at now. I wonder have many folks brought back kits that have spent years on the shelf of Doom? Any success stories? Thanks for looking in. Dan
  4. ScanmanDan

    MENG Panzer III

    I know not everyones as crazy as me but I do like these little critters. So much fun and no pressure means building kits is fun again. I did use some bits from an old Dragon PzIII that I had stuffed up and lots of Evergreen styrene but the base kits not too bad. I hope you like how it came out. I plan on taking this one to Model Expo to see how many other critters will be in the MISC category. Thanks for looking in. Dan
  5. ScanmanDan

    Meng Panzer III ( Toon)

    Progress; Just the basics Even wonder what you can use the wooden tops off soft cheeses for? They can make nice round bases for smaller models. Once this lot drys off I can add some greenery.
  6. ScanmanDan

    Meng Panzer III ( Toon)

    Pretty much done, just a few more little tweaks. I think it came out okay, better than I expected. I might make a little base for this so I can take it to the local Expo. I see that the new Toon Panther is available so...... Thanks for looking in. Dan
  7. ScanmanDan

    Meng Panzer III ( Toon)

    Progress; Having so much fun. I want to get this one finished to take to Expo and then start on my first WNW kit. But darn it if Meng hasn't got two more of these little critters coming out soon, Darn you MENG!!!! Dan
  8. ScanmanDan

    Meng Panzer III ( Toon)

    Progress?; Not too sure about the skirts, need to work on em a bit. I might do without em completely, no rules Thanks for looking in. Dan
  9. ScanmanDan

    Meng Panzer III ( Toon)

    Progress: I got some paint on her today and started the weathering. Still real rough and a long way to go but having fun all the way. Dan
  10. ScanmanDan

    1/48 ACE Flak 38 w/trailer WIP

    Progress; Got some yellow on the gun. I want to do a clean, almost new weapon as a change from the beatniks I usually prefer I still have some little bits to do but I like the colours so far. Thanks for looking in. Dan
  11. ScanmanDan

    Meng Panzer III ( Toon)

    Progress; Basic construction completed, now off to the paint booth Need to straighten one of the armour panels, thankfully they are removable for painting . So much more you could do with these little critters, but you have to stop somewhere. Having a blast, glad you guys like it so far.
  12. ScanmanDan

    Meng Panzer III ( Toon)

    I though an STUG III inspired stowage rack might be fun What do you think?
  13. ScanmanDan

    Meng Panzer III ( Toon)

    A bit of progress over Easter. Still a lot I want to do but getting to look like the way I want it. I love going through my older junked models and finding bits to steal for these kinds of projects. Having fun and that's the point of modelling. Thanks for looking in. Dan
  14. ScanmanDan

    1/48 Tamiya Dingo ( More base fun in 2018 )

    I pressed on to finish tonight because I have the attention span of a gnat and if I don't work fast I get distracted. Finished, for now, pics. And here is the picture I had in my minds eye when I started this base. So happy it is as close to what I was envisaging before I started. Dan
  15. ScanmanDan

    1/48 Tamiya Dingo ( More base fun in 2018 )

    Well maybe not that finished... I have been playing about with making bases for my older builds, mainly to practice on them and spent the morning knocking this up; I'm having a bit of fun but I do like my vehicles in some kind of scene. Will see what I can come up with in the groundwork. Dan