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  1. Thanks Soeren, Oh there is a lot more to do on the tank before it's finished. I just get easily distracted... Such as needing a figure or two for the scene. So I did this guy. I don't that I'm getting any better painting figures but I feel that are getting painted faster and with less stress. More still to do, but no rush, as I'm having fun. I hope you like. Dan
  2. I didn't see this one till just now. Excellent! I love all the little details which will make the build sing when it comes time to paint. I'm going to have to pinch that idea to tie something on with a wrap and twist of wire.
  3. Progress; Mostly just some boxes and bits to fill the scene and window dress of some figures. I have been a bit distracted with trying to design the turret boxes that hang on the Polish built T-55's. I got some great help with reference from Tim Roberts and came up with this. I added some brass strips so I could test hang the little box. I think it's about the right size and look okay, what do you think? Not for this build but I think I'll use it on my next one I want to do some painting on the tank this week end But I just got some neat figures, so who knows. Dan
  4. I have been inspired and energised by reading the wonderful posts from Dennis about his great little Camel. He encouraged me to reach deep into my shelf of Doom and try and breath life into this old build. I stopped working on this kit almost eight years ago( started it in 2008, yikes! ) after struggling with how to get the top wing to look and attach correctly. After cleaning the old girl off I can see I have a bit of work to do to get started. I'm going to overlook some of the dreadful bits and concentrate on the positive. The bones of the kit are straight and true which is a miracle after all this time. I wish I hadn't added such big mounting eyelets for the rigging but what is done is done, I'll use thin brass tube for the turnbuckles even though I now know about the neat flying wires the Camel had. Also a plus is now I have a stencil cutter and experience in painting markings so that part should go easier. But enough prattle here are some base line pictures to show what I'm starting with. That cowl is just setting there it does fit properly, honest. The upper wing is in about the right spot just I need to work out all new struts. And that's the bit that did me in years ago... Yes, I did use a thick black plastic hair comb to do that 'wood grain'. Oh, the carefree days of youth. It's not like I couldn't do a more refined woodgrain when I wanted to. Though it would have been smarter to try and make it look a bit more like a laminated prop, sigh. The motor should be useable. This is one of the oldest bits and has held up pretty well. So that's where I'm at. I've a bit more cleaning to do and then a bit of a stock take to make sure all the bits are still in the box. I more toys now to try and help get this old kit back into shape. Hopefully I have a few more skills and a tiny bit more knowledge. So thanks Dennis for the big kick up the backside. Thanks for looking in. Dan
  5. The open topped ammo box came out better than I had hoped. I'm pretty pleased with both the design and the printing. Just in primer now but I'll paint it with all the other stowage/gear and the figures.
  6. I'm calling this done till the end when I'll paint up some ammo boxes and maybe a figure or two. My squirrelly friends had me messing about with one of those flying things today and that will never do. Time to get back to the T-55
  7. I thought I'd do a bit of gardening today Broke out a shrubbery or two then took out the static grass gun for spin. I'm working on adding more bits and bobs and I want to add a puddle in that pot hole. Having fun and just pottering around. Dan
  8. I'm coming to this late but wow, just WOW! I love what you are doing and I'm inspired to take a look at my long neglected efforts which stalled at trying to get the top wing to sit just right. I think my half built example has languished for about 7-8 years maybe more. I am happily following along and look forward to how you handle that tricky step. Meanwhile I'm very much enjoying the build and learning what I can from your wonderful example. Thank you for taking the time and effort to share such fine craftsmanship. Dan
  9. Chipping away at it. The basics blocked in. Now the fun parts, details
  10. I thought I'd start the base by pouring the concrete pad. At least the base is started
  11. I got to play with some mud tonight. Not much of this will been seen again once I put the tracks back on Still it was good practice. I can see heaps to do better next time. Thanks for looking in. Dan
  12. HI John These tracks/roadwheels go together really well. Go Team Tamiya! I would say they are just about foolproof. You will want to sand off the raised nubs off the inside of the tracks but I just used my battery powered sander made from an old electric toothbrush to make short work of them. I would add a little bit of damage to the rubber tyres ( I didn't but wish I had ) I would also suggest pre painting the inside faces of the road wheels before assembly as it is really hard to get paint in there after you assemble the track units. Have fun!
  13. A bit of fun with the tracks. At least it is some progress. Dan
  14. More silly mucking about with the printer. An APFSDS round Open ammo boxes and a WIP on the missing entrenching tools for the fender. I will get back to the weathering but it's too cold and wet in the workshop to day. Much nicer working on the computer today. Dan
  15. Slow progress with the painting because I'm playing with the 3D printer. Did some ammo and some stacked boxes I'll use on the base I have planed. I've working on an open box design too. But I'm struggling with my lack of design skills. Thanks for looking in. Dan
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