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  1. Progress; Next is to install the driver, fix the windscreen and add the spare tyres. Then I ahem a ton more loose stowage to add. Thanks for looking in. Dan
  2. Stubbed my toe on this one while reorganising the SofD. Started messing about with it on the weekend as I could really mess it up that badly could I? I haven't much of a handle on the old chipping fluid method but I'm getting some basic colour on her. Thanks for looking in. Dan
  3. This ones been kicking around for some time. Pretty much finished now with the addition of the last crew member. Tamiya 1/48 scale Elephant with resin and 3D printed figures. The kit is typical Tamiya I only added metal barrels and the Monroe Perdu paper zimmerit. Lots of fun to build and paint. I hope you like it. Thanks for looking in. Dan
  4. Latest finished one. I've been working on this for some time. Lots of new stuff to play with, white wash finish, snow and modifying figures. All in all a lot of fun. I hope you like it. On to the next one! Thanks for looking in. Dan
  5. Stellar work Andy. My suggestion is to go with the plain black logo. Looks good, makes more 'sense' in that I don't see many companies adding a another colour to there machines if they don't need to and it looks more like the machines I normally work around in construction. Just for grins I suggest to remove the thick black mid section as well, keep the back belt, to lighten the colour scheme even more. That way the two thin oval vents stand out more and you could do a nice dark sooty stain to make them pop even more. I suppose you could use a light sooty stain on the dark panel so maybe.... Looking forward to what you end up doing.
  6. I've been busy painting a few Germans for various projects I have on the go. A mix of 3D printed resin and modified figures some Tamiya plastic and some resin Frankensteins. I hope you like them. I'd like to see more figures in 1/48th scale as it would sure help out the hobby. Thanks for looking in. Dan
  7. Always such a pleasure and inspiration to see your work. Made all the sweeter in knowing that you designed it little guy yourself. Now that you have your start in this 3D printing jazz I wonder at just what you will come up with next. No doubt it will be exciting and grand. Thanks for sharing your great ideas, techniques and joyful outlook. Your work inspires. Dan
  8. Thank you all for your supportive comments and likes. This one is part of my on going drive to clear out the SoD. I have a bad habit of abandoning kits well on their way to completion because of some self perceived slight or flaw. I'm trying to push trough and just finish stuff, many of which have sat on the self for years. Troy - The jug is from a Plus Models accessories set - The fuel equipment one( a very good set in my opinion.) the other bits are from other set from all over with some 3D printed stuff of my own design. You can never have enough different kinds of stowage.
  9. I abandoned this kit a few years ago as I wasn't all that happy with the way the finish was going. This week while using the kit as a test mule I thought, "Why not just finish this one rather than starting another project." Results. So while it's not my best effort at least it isn't sitting on the Shelf of Doom anymore. Thanks for looking in. Dan
  10. Hi Roman. I'm happy you liked the little piece. The design broke the Nebelwerfer into the following bits; 6x chassis pieces, upper and lower and two chassis rails, left and right plus two wheels. The barrel assembly, front support and sight are seperate as is a tiny curved elevation rack. All told I spent the better part of a full day ( Say, 12 hours) to add supports/slice and print enough parts for two models. I'm sure that it could have been done more efficiently but I do things slowly and in a manner I know will work. ( Most of the time) IHTH. Dan
  11. As Bugs Bunny would say, "Must have been that left turn at Albuquerque" My 3D printer has set idle for a long time and as I was cleaning up I though I'd do a little project. I had downloaded a set of files for a neat little Nebelwafer 41 from Thingiverse but never got round to printing it out. How hard could it be? Many hours later I had two sets of decent parts. Assembly and basic paint took a coupe of hours. And today I did the rest of the paint and put it on an old spare base. Nice, quick and fun project. ( The best kind in my book) I hope you like it. Dan
  12. Well other than a figure, that I'll do when I get the mood to do figure painting, I'm calling this one done. I'm pretty happy with the results. I don't know that I could do much better if I had done more to it. All I know is it was a fun build and looks pretty cool in the case. I hope you like it. Thanks for looking in. Dan
  13. Progress; Chips and oils I think I'll stop before I mess it up. A little bit of mud and splattering on the undercarriage and that's about it. Dan
  14. Sometimes you just want to build something. No resin, PE or mucking about with scratch building. Just build and paint That's one of the main reasons I took up 1/48 scale armour as an antidote from burnout building 1/32 aircraft. So, it being the Queen Birthday long weekend, I started this Sdk.fz. 232 on late Thursday night and here's where I'm at on Monday morning. I did drill out the 20mm and the horns and added a brass MG barrel but that only added what 20minutes tops. Everything fits, not fettling or putty. I looks pretty right, okay the exhaust covers are pants but I wasn't going to get sucked in to fixing them. I'll do little chipping and some more weathering then a dull coat and be done in a week. Very refreshing and a lot of fun. Thanks for looking in.
  15. A great little resin kit by Gaso.line. Lots of fun to build. I hope you like it. Always more you could add but this ones off to the display case. Thanks for looking in.
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