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  1. ScanmanDan

    Tamiya 1/48 Sturmtiger

    Glad you like it. The base is just a wooden painting panel bought from an art supply shop with a ridge of 2x4mm Evergreen styrene glued to make a dam for the 'concrete'. A few coats of black spray paint from a rattle can were used to finish the base. The hardest part was waiting for the black spray paint to dry. Then a mix of coloured tile grout, acrylic paint and plaster of paris was poured in and screed to level with a steel ruler. I did 'work' the top with both my finger and a metal straight edge to give a little surface finish. Just before the plaster/grout mix totally set I lightly scribed the lines and set the lot out in the sun to totally dry. Once dry I masked the base again and shoot a few coats of clear gloss from a rattle can to seal the finish for washes. Washes of very thin Tamiya enamels thinned with Humbrol thinners were used to get a bit more variation to the overall colour. Once dry I used some more washes this time made with AK chalk setting solution and chalks to dirty up the place. More setting solution was used to fix some scatter material and I cut some static grass tufts into thin slices for the weeds in the cracks. A quick blast of Matt clear tied it all together. (The grate and manhole are 1/35 scale from Miniart, hopefully they don't look out too of place.) All up started yesterday lunchtime and finished lunchtime today. There is much more I can and will do but this is good enough for now. A quick, fun project and innately scalable. IHTH Dan
  2. ScanmanDan

    Tamiya 1/48 Sturmtiger

    Spent most of the day on the base. Need to get ready for back to work so I'll have to finish the Sturmtiger weathering next week. Just a concrete slab, but I want to use this base as a 'set' for taking photos. Thank for looking in. Dan
  3. ScanmanDan

    Tamiya 1/48 Sturmtiger

    Pushing ahead with all due speed. Time to get started on that base for it. Not too dirty, okay maybe a bit more than I had originally though of but.... Thanks for looking in. Dan
  4. ScanmanDan

    Tamiya 1/48 Sturmtiger

    Thank you all for your wonderful comments, glad you guys like it. Progress, had a few hours this morning to putter around with the Sturmtiger here is where I'm at. Still having fun and that's the main thing. Need to work on the tail end and then on to the tracks. Thanks for looking in. Dan
  5. Just a very quick one to do over the holidays. Tamiya 1/48 Sturmtiger straight from the box with only a few wire handles, Voyager Grills and the MP paper zimmerit. Building took a few hours over two days. I did leave each track section seperate to make painting easier. I then primered in purple to get a nice contrast going. Then quickly on to the yellow, gloss and starting the weathering with pin washes. Today was camo and more weathering. I have just about got the hull top finished to where I like it, maybe some chalks? I just need to get the rest of the kit to this finish before Sunday as I'm back to work on Monday. So far I'm pretty pleased wth the quick progress. Every chance I'll get this done before I go back to work. This is a great Tamiya kit to build, perfect fit and builds so smoothly. Thanks for looking in.
  6. ScanmanDan

    Freedom F-104 ( Toon)

    I hope you give a base a try. They are great fun and can really set off a model. All done! I have finished my little bird and more pictures available here. Finished pictures
  7. ScanmanDan

    Freedom F-104

    I finished up last night, Here are the beauty pics. If you want a quick bit of fun you cannot go too wrong with these little kits, A better modeller than me could really make these little gems shine. I had a quick blast ( Four days from beginning to end) and enjoyed myself immensely. I look forward to the TF-104 which came in the same box and the other kits in the Freedom range. Thanks for looking in.
  8. ScanmanDan

    Freedom F-104 ( Toon)

    I'm happy you like my little base. They aren't too much hassle to make. I use a pre-cut wooden furniture leg that I get from my local hardware chain ( Bunnings) by turning it upside down I get a nice chunky tapered base. Next I superglue a lip made from 2mm styrene Evergreen around the top to contain the groundwork. To fill the end grain I use a thinned mix of Tamiya grey putty and Tamiya lacquer thinners. This all takes just an hour or so. to get to this stage. I often make a few at a time as it's just a bit easier and they can sit on the shelf in storage for when they are next needed. For finish I use two coats of hardware store flat black from a rattle can( with a nice rub down with steel wool between coats) and a last top coat with satin black again from a rattle can. I then add groundwork on top. For the concrete I used a mix of plaster of paris, grey tile grout and light grey acrylic paint. Used a small steel ruler as a screed and roughed up the surface once almost set with a stiff stipple brush and a brass wire brush. After it set a bit I scribed the paving lines. Before weathering I sealed the 'concrete' with a few light coats of gloss varnish from a rattle can once dry I added the white line with an airbrush. Weathering is lots and lots of thinned enamels from Tamiya thinned with Humbrol enamel thinners and a little bit of ground pastels. A couple of hours work some last night and then a bit this afternoon. This is what a scenic one looks like ( About 90mm square) IHTH.
  9. ScanmanDan

    Freedom F-104 ( Toon)

    Thanks for your kind comments, these kits are very cute Knocked out the base while I'm waiting for all the tiny bits to dry. Pretty standard fair and built as per all my other bases. I did try adding in a bit of coloured grout to the plaster mix and that seams to have worked well though the colour is a bit too dark. It added a nice texture to the concrete. I hope to do final assembly tomorrow.
  10. ScanmanDan

    Andy's 2018 - Updated

    More beautiful kits completed than there are months in the year and you say you are not productive... Well you have consistently brought a smile to my face and given me much to think about. Thanks Andy and may you have many more productive years
  11. The only kit under the tree for me this year was this little gem from Freedom. A two kit boxing of a F-104, both single and two seater in the one box. As we were having a very quiet Christmas I jumped in and bashed out some cockpit details and assembled the single seater. Then buttoned up the lot and shot some semi gloss black from a Tamiya rattle can followed by some silver leaf from Tamiya on top. Added some of the decals today after lunch and I'll hit it with gloss tonight before bedtime . I'll work a bit on the landing gear and base tomorrow, ( I have to resist the temptation of touching the darn thing until the gloss sets hard.) I might just get this one done and in the case by New Years. I love these little critters and these ones from Freedom look pretty darn good. They have a F-5 that looks mighty interesting..... Thanks for looking in.
  12. ScanmanDan

    1/48 Tamiya Kettenkrad SdKfz 2

    Thanks for all the nice feedback guys. I have been a little sidetracked as I try my hand with a little set of etched bicycle kits. I want one for the background. I first tried the standard bike and made this. Quite rough but sturdy, looks like a bike and taught me a bit , well enough to try the step through bike. Thankfully I still have a couple of more kits to practice on. I have some more ideas to make it a bit better. On this one I tried removing every other spoke to 'lighten' the look of the front wheel. I think the front wheel looks a bit nicer. I will do the next kit with both wheels done this way. The rear sprockets still wrong but I have some ideas for that too . Thanks for dropping in for a look. Dan
  13. ScanmanDan

    1/48 Tamiya Kettenkrad SdKfz 2

    Progress? A long, enjoyable day at the paint bench. Purple primer, then yellow base coat with some shading sprayed on. Then break out the brushes to block all the colours in. Chips and scratches, then a quick shot of gloss from a rattle can followed up with some pin washes with oils and Tamiya enamels. Still some way to go but progress. Thanks for looking in. Dan
  14. ScanmanDan

    Cute Somua S35

    Thanks Andy, so pleased you like it so far. Progress; Back ends about done. Bits to do on the front and turret plus all those lift hooks still to add. I'm pretty happy with the work so far. I just want to get on to the painting Thanks for looking in. Dan
  15. ScanmanDan

    Cute Somua S35

    Silly weather kept me out of the paint booth for the last few weekends, so.... I've done a lot of little mods and added a few bit here and there, lots more I want to do. Not a bad kit straight from the box but I had to add the final drives housings to the rear hull and fill in around the rear turret hatch. That's the fun of these little critters, you get to decide just what gets changed to make your own characterisation of the real deal. I'm looking forward to the French camouflage. Thanks for looking in. Dan