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  1. I spent all day Saturday at the bench putting the decals on. I don't get along well with decals and these were pretty brittle and broke apart in a few places. I found that there were some rough finish in some areas of the decals like there was some 'grit' mixed in with the ink. They also didn't respond to any of the decal solutions I threw at them. In the end good old hot water and heated pads for soft paper towel worked the best to get them to conform and lay flat. I then spent much of today laying thin coats of Tamiya TS-13 clear over the top. This seems to have worked out pretty well a
  2. Progress; Last fitting before decaling. Everything looks like it fits and the yellow came out better than I had hoped. I have three thin coats of TS-13 clear on top and it's my best ever gloss finish I didn't polish out. I'm a bit scared to use TS-13 over the top of the decals but we'll see how it all comes out. Thanks for looking in.
  3. Progress; Just a bit of weathering, some crew and stowage and she'll be done. Such a fun kit to build and paint. Thanks for looking in. Dan
  4. Over Easter break I wasn't felling much like working on my 1/48th scale armour so I thought I'd try something a bit different. As I have always liked Top fuel dragsters and especially the front engined kind I thought I'd give one a go. I haven't built one of these in well, years and years. Back in the Testor's tube glue times. And well this kit is from that era too. A pretty basic kit without many parts, thick chrome plate and horrible instructions. Just like I remembered them. Started right away with putting as many sub assemblies together as I can. The body
  5. Nice little resin complete kit from Gaso.line you don't see built much. It's a shame too as it makes into a neat little critter. I still have the tracked trailer to build and a few more details but the major construction is done. Now I just have to figure out a good Tamiya paint mix for the overall French green the critter is painted in. So far here's where I'm at. Thanks for looking in. Dan
  6. Progress; Worked on modifying a figure for the scene. FWA head on a Tamiya body. Lots of hacking about and a little Green Stuff later he's ready for some paint. I haven't done much working with Green Stuff but it's a lot of fun, if fiddly. Now on to the fun bit. Painting!
  7. Well I got a bit carried away and thought I'd make a bit of a winter Hetzer. First time doing the hairspray technique for winter whitewash but I think it came out okay. Still need to finish the whitewash but thought I do a little snow scene just for fun. Worked up a new base and did some vinyl cut lettering. Progress; I'm working on some figures too.
  8. I look forward to seeing what you come up with. With these little beasties you can do whatever you like without fear of a single rivet counter. Have fun!
  9. I've purposely left this one alone so that the Future on the canopy can dry really hard, I'm a bit worried it might lift when I take off the masking. Meanwhile I've busied myself with painting details. Here's where I'm at. I see I need to fix the chin radiator before I shoot the primer. Well, that's one reason for taking this kind of in progress pic. To spot things you don't even see when you have the kit in your hand and you are working on it. I'm looking forward to working up some vinyl masks for this one. So we'll
  10. I have managed to get some paint on the interior and the canopy is has been polished and dipped in Future to get a nice clear shiny look. After looking over these pictures I notice that I have to remove the antenna post and scratch a new replacement antenna. Then I can do the basic assembly and get some paint on this bird.
  11. Well, sometimes life just gets in the way and the squirrels take you in different directions. Nevertheless sometimes ya come right round and pick up where ya left off. One of the things that put me off working on this little critter was that I couldn't face scratching another cockpit. I'd done a whole bunch in a row and was a bit burned out. Nothing like four years to get you back in the mood. So progress was made; I've also ditched the vac canopy as I just couldn't get it to work. So I have carefully sanded off the main canopy frame and polished
  12. I worked on a little side project today. This little bunker in plaster and plastic card. Spent much more time on getting the angles and sizing right. Still didn't allow for the plaster to shrink just a tiny bit, sign. I think it came out okay. Broke out the old Dingo for some pics. So much more I could do but I don't want to get too bogged down. Nice to have another little stage to take pictures on. Thanks for looking in.
  13. I have the little Tilly in the to do pile but I'm thinking of giving the Gaso.line French UE tankette a go. I'm trying out the resin kits and so far they have been a blast. If that doesn't work out I have a little Ace Flak38 20mm gun on its trailer that fits the base perfectly. It's only been waiting for a base for a few years now. I like the idea about the cat. If I could get mine to stop leaving paw prints on my two cars I would be a happy man.
  14. Just me messing about with doing 1/48 scale bases. I wanted to work on getting a better composition of the background elements rather than just whacking stuff on the base. I also wanted to think more about the colours I'm using and limit the number of colours so the focus will be more on the subject( yet to be decided). I still have a bit more to add but mostly done. I want to try something a bit different for the nameplate too. I hope you like. Dan
  15. Here's my latest. A simple straightforward build with just four days from go to sitting in the display case. A 1/48 scale resin kit by Gaso.line that you don't see built much . It's a nice resin kit with pretty good details and not very dear.( I paid $20AUS for it). I'll let the pictures do the explaining. A tiny little thing but makes a nice change from the more involved builds. I have a few more Gaso.line kits in the queue I'm looking forwards to getting at. I hope you like it. Dan
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