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  1. Hi James, the recess is Tamiya's clever Idea to make the canopy look scale thickness when it's in place. A tip for you, the intake just below the windscreen on the door side should be removed for this build, there is a very small notation in step 12 of the instructions to slice it off, it was only on Mk.V's. Despite it's accident it's looking good with the primer on.
  2. The last set of Fruils that I bought had a brass coloured wire but it was too hard to be brass, but it wasn't affected by the burnishing fluid.
  3. Those track links with cheap wire holding them together? instead of proper track pins. Good job an early Tiger was delivered today as I was degreasing a set of early Tiger tracks made up with nice track pins, all ready now to be burnished and looking for a Tiger to be fitted to.
  4. That's looking good Werner, most of the tank chat is on the Tiger superthread.
  5. As usual with a Dragon kit there are a lot of spare options in the box, I would go as far as saying there are more main gun mantlets than you can shake a stick at. I'll see what options I have along with what's in my decal collection. First model of the year and despite what I keep saying about having too many kits, not the last.
  6. Posting photos was the most difficult thing I found on joining this site, I thought it would be like adding a photo or attachment to an email but it's not, you have to open an account with a service like Flickr (that's the one I use) You can join and get the first 1,000 photos in your account for free, once you have done that I can explain how to get them on your posts.
  7. Well Tiki turned up, I was just about to give up after waiting all day for the knock on the door, then at 20 to 5 there it was. Well worth it, there are a lot of new parts, but it's not a special edition, the small decal sheet just covers 3 options with the name Tiki and a winter whitewash scheme. I will have a good look through what's in the box and report back.
  8. Alex, welcome to Britmodeller and you are more than welcome to join our merry band of...mad, crazy, lunatics, dedicated modellers, no stress or deadlines,, we are just sharing our Tiger builds and having a laugh, at each other but mainly at ourselves. If you need any advice or help with posting photos or anything else just ask, I'm sure someone will have an answer. Again welcome and join in.
  9. I'm sure the cost will not be £100 for long, there will soon be AM decals, resin upgrades for wheels, seats, cockpit and weapons. As Giorgio says, vote with your wallet, if that's what makes you happy, go for it, if not, make something else.
  10. Don't hold your breath, Werner. I have several big cats to finish first, just the usual King Tiger, Tiger and Panthers. The decals arrive today, the kit...perhaps by the weekend.
  11. Don't worry you are not the only one, 20 or 30ish, I don't think its 40ish, but it might be.
  12. I have to agree with this, so I have pre-ordered a Tamiya F-4B from Hannants, if it's anywhere as good as their Tomcat I will be happy. As for will they make the rest of the F-4 phamily? I would not hold my breath, look at their other kits like their Spitfire and Bf 109, they were designed to have follow on variants but non have appeared. Others have been mentioned where only a couple of different options have been released, F-14, F-16 and Me 262 where a whole family of kits could have been released, but that has been left to other manufacturers to make. Strange policy, perhaps it's an exc
  13. Just had an email that my Hannants parcel will be delivered today. Why at my age do I still look forward to these little moments, opening a new kit?
  14. Now a real modeller has more than one of something they like. Some kits I have 4 or 5 of, because I want to make them with different markings.
  15. If there is a sudden spike in the price...it's not going to be me. just sayin.
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