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  1. That's why the company I ordered my burnishing fluid (VMS) instructed you to clean the tracks with their extra thin plastic cement (Tamiya compatible) before burnishing them. It's airbrush cleaner, plastic cement, metal track cleaner and cure for baldness. OK I made up the last one, but you never know.
  2. That's a surprise, the Hataka box does say it's "Red Line" ie optimised for airbrush use.
  3. It now has a turret with a metal barrel as well...photo soon.
  4. Because assembling the upper and lower hull on my steel wheeled Panther by following the kit instructions was a bit awkward, I decided to build this Panther my way. After adding the suspension to the lower hull I then added the rear panel. On the upper hull I have only added the components that need to be fitted from the inside and then I glued it to lower hull, this was much easier without all the spare track racks and other flimsy items getting in the way. If I decide to use the Archers disc camouflage dry decals it will be also easier to apply them if most of the "sticky out" bits are le
  5. That's what I've found out as well, the mantlet without the chin extension were still being used right to the bitter end, none of the Panthers built by Daimler-Benz had the larger self cleaning idlers. So as you say older stock would be used, I wonder if there was a shortage of wheels in Sept 44? So the stock of steel wheels for the Panther F were used on 23 G's they were building. Throw in the I/R modifications and it would seem that there is no such thing as a standard Panther G build.
  6. Strange really, since 3 different companies were churning them out, then there were the ambush and disc schemes, plus the paint shortage meant a change to existing schemes. Then there was the bacon scheme on the G at Bovington. Must get some 1/35th scale buckets
  7. I have that Hataka paint set, I found it sprayed ok as long as the ambient humidity was not too high when it would build up very quickly on the needle tip. Going back to using the correct (for the date) fittings on late Panthers. I found a couple of pictures taken in mid January 45 of a damaged Panther G, the mantlet with chin extension and the high fan cover would date its manufacture to late December 44 but the rear photo showing where the Panther had been hit showed rounded cast exhaust covers and no louvres over the right hand air intakes.
  8. I know that feeling when you're trying to find your motivation for a kit, I've been looking for a good paint scheme for my late Panther, I might just have to go with my imagination. I have the Archer disc camouflage decals that I'm keen to use and since I cannot find a photo of what I want, I'll just have to wing it.
  9. Nothing wrong with T-34s, I'll get one in my posts.
  10. Sorry Steve, I thought you were talking about the wheel used as a shrapnel shield. My steel wheeled Panther has a spare steel wheel over the same rear left air intake, it looks as though its just lying there as there is no gap from a frame or bracket. On your picture above I would assume it's just a spare wheel attached as Lee has said.
  11. Good to see it's painted in dunkelgelb.
  12. Back on page 2 Lee posted a montage of pictures, on the bottom center picture as Ursula is winched onto a trailer pulled by a Diamond T, on the Panther in the foreground you can see a spare wheel used as a shrapnel guard over the intake grill. You're welcome.
  13. Managed to get some work done on the Panther today, I started with the suspension and running gear and was beginning to add some parts to the turret when my son phoned needing my help, so I grabbed a quick photo of what I had done so far. Thanks for looking.
  14. That looks superb Lee, and so quick seeing as you had to apply zimmerit, I must use your approach to building models and stop pis mucking about so I get more models finished.
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