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  1. Hi Roger That's really looking good, but so small I almost missed it, BTW, I think you should nip this obsession with Japanese armour in the bud.
  2. That's how I ended up with 5 of the old ones, see how many I can afford of the new ones. Models of 558 may not be top of the list with all modellers but the sales appeal to people that remember seeing her fly at airshows might be the factor that tips the decision on which variant they made.
  3. Hope everything goes well with your Dads op.
  4. Adam, I have some spare wheels if you need them, will you be at Telford this weekend?
  5. Only ONE F-106! The Meng one is the best in 1/72, though expensive. The Trumpeter kit is quite basic, though the F-106B is the only option for a two seater.
  6. I think a silver machine would be a nice change. Is six Deuces too many?? They are usually quicker than that.
  7. Hi Nikolay I have a couple of these to build, with both case X and case XX wings. I can highly recommend the Resicast wheels for this kit, they are really nice. If you are building a California ANG aircraft they did paint some in an overall silver finish. I built the FROG boxing of the Hasegawa kit but I used the open missile bay doors from a Meng kit, I'm still waiting for the Fundekals markings to arrive so that I can finish it, it's only been 6 weeks since I ordered them.
  8. A very nice model and well presented, different and impressive.
  9. I agree with @Corsairfoxfourunclethat the SR 177 would have become a defence fighter so Lightning Squadron markings are more appropriate, plus the schemes that the Lightning had from NM, Green/NM, greys and green/grey. As for choice of missiles it depends on which time period you model it, but which ever you choose welcome back to the hobby.
  10. I have resisted buying any of Eduards Tempest kits, only because with my present stash I would have to live past 400 years and still have all my marbles, but that has not stopped me buying some Mustangs.
  11. One impressive Corsair, well and truly sandblasted or should that be coral dusted, either way it is superb.
  12. Superb looking Mustang, I have a couple of these kits in the stash, I just hope they come out as good as yours.
  13. I had a rummage in the shed and got out the Eduard Doras, I had forgotten how much fun they are to assemble, you need to be a three armed wallpaper hanger to get these things lined up with some tape to dry fit them, just like the original Eduard A series of FWs. So here they are dry fitted together, the top right one has the original wings, the bottom left has the top wings from a new Eduard A series kit (I think one of the A-5 kits has an extra set of wings in it.) They fit well and get rid of the problem of the tricky gun covers. The gun covers can be replaced with some Quickboost resin ones, but they did not quite get the cutout right and you either have to trim the wing gun opening or trim the cover. Where it's thinned at the rear edge, it should be also thinned along the bulge on the side. By the time I've finished the first half dozen I will have got the hang of it.
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