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  1. I'm sure the fun will not stop there, my son recently moved into a new build on an existing large estate, so far Amazon, Talk-Talk and DVLA have all refused to accept his address as it's not on their data base however, BT have supplied broadband while BBC licensing are starting an investigation into why that address has never had a TV license.
  2. Superb model and diorama Stix, I echo what others have said and can only hope my models turn out half as good. Make sure those panzergrenadiers do not stop to pick the flowers.
  3. Hi George, the trick with building the running gear this way is to ensure that before you add the track sections to the wheels, sprockets and idlers, these parts slide on and off their axles easily. Tamiya tend to use nylon bushes to retain their wheels so it will not work with their tank kits but other makes, if the wheels and running gear are a loose fit on their axles then I assemble them this way as I find it easier than trying to do it after everything has been painted. I am using either plastic individual links or link and length tracks and assembling them all with lots of Tamiya extra
  4. That did make me laugh, bit worrying if you looked at the photos and they were blinking.
  5. Hi Ray, all 5 have been painted and their tracks assembled. The Tamiya StuG Ausf.B was already more than 50% started before the STGB began so I cannot enter it but I can get it finished. It's just all the details and weathering to do now, I'm going to be busy during this last month.
  6. Lovely looking model and as mentioned the best Squadron in a Gulf pig fit.
  7. I've been watching it for quite a few years, I watched up to series 10 last year on NOW TV. The program has retained it's pace throughout and has not disappointed.
  8. That's looking good Ray, have fun with the magic tracks, I've been painting mine today.
  9. Lovely Spitfire Ryan, paint finish looks superb.
  10. Lockdown for me being retired has only meant no model club meetings or model shows. I have kept well and tried to make a dent in the stash but it always seems that no matter how many kits I have the one I want to build is not there. Luckily Hannants and other kit suppliers have still been allowed to trade so the stash is bigger and I have kept building things. I've had my first jab, no problems encountered, waiting to see if our model club can start meeting soon. Bob
  11. If you have been in lockdown for a year John you must have made the rest of the Canberra collection by now? Hope you are well? Bob,
  12. It's looking really good bigfoot but if the Vallejo German grey still looks too dark after weathering I would go over the chips with the Tamiya paint, it will only bug the heck out of you every time you look at it if you don't.
  13. Hi Rod, welcome to the STGB, a suggestion from experience of using replacement tracks with a Tamiya kit, Tamiya tend to make their sprockets too wide, check the tracks will fit onto the sprockets before you glue the 2 halves together, if the sprockets are too wide you can thin them down so they will fit the track.
  14. Some stretched sprue should do the trick, nice chipping effects by the way but I would add some more dust effect.
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