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  1. Dragon always finish off CONTINENTAL with a U so they do not have to pay for using the the logo, somewhere on the plans they should mention that you are expected to change the U to an L to correct this economy measure, it's a pain but easily done with a scalpel or micro chisel. I think the reversed N is just a mistake. Cover it with some 'mud'. Looking at reference photo's of Tigers in Tunisia they appear to have the thicker rim on the wheels. Good luck with your Tiger build.
  2. Sorry to hear of your health problem Greg, It's always been good to know you were there, hopefully, as others have said, you can look in when you need a break from doing the flight sim thing. As they say on a popular TV show, "Live long and prosper" It's been good knowing you. Bob.
  3. Lovely Buccaneer. Just started assembling mine, glad you didn't use the kit colour call outs for the MARTEL missiles, not sure where Airfix got theirs from? I worked on MARTEL and Sea Eagle missiles for several years (too many) The TV variant should have a black cover over the glass nose part, it remained in place until launch when a small gas generator cartridge blew it off the missile.
  4. Exactly the same for me, as soon as I received the email I transferred to my basket with some other AM that I wanted. The Bucc arrived a few days later in an Airfix outer box cut to closely fit with all the AM inside the Bucc kit. Kit box was undamaged and no problems like any short shot parts or strange smells encountered. Glueing has commenced.
  5. Whilst on the subject of the kits weapons, I cannot help noticing the raised band around the 1,000lb bombs, it looks like Airfix have seen or scanned bombs with the transit rings in place. These cast rings are to protect the rear surface of the bombs during transit and storage and are removed prior to fitting the tail section. Regarding the MARTEL missiles, apart from the test and evaluation rounds, operational missiles and pods were painted gloss Light Aircraft Grey, at the end of the 70's when only the RAF were using them did they get painted satin dark green. I'm not sure where Airfix got their colour call out for the kit missile schemes? The TV missiles should have a black protective cap over the TV clear nose, it was blown off with a pressure cartridge on launch and there was also a connecting tube from the front of the TV launcher to the nose of the missile. (I'll represent it with some stretched sprue) This provided coolant to keep the clear nose section from misting up during flight, that is why the launchers are different for the two missile types, the AR just had an aerodynamic metal nose cap, the TV variant had a temperature control pack.
  6. This is not helping me with my resolution to 'not add any more kits to the stash'. OK, just the one then.
  7. Here in North Yorkshire, UK. It's currently 14 degrees C and raining, what heatwave and drought?
  8. I wish I knew that feeling, I still haven't found the decals for my dozer Sherman, since it's an old decal sheet I cannot just get another one. Very frustrating.
  9. Glad you have finished your Sherman Darryl. I have to agree with others that the infantry figures are 'distracting' from a very good Sherman.
  10. Can I be the first to say that is a lovely little Fokker.... Superb detail and camouflage.
  11. Good looking 410. Glad to hear it goes together without drama as I have one to build (and the Master 50mm gun barrel)
  12. Good progress Alan and well done eliminating the gap under the canopy, I'm at the same stage with my Six's, fill, sand, repeat ready for some paint.
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