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  1. Thanks Charlie! Nice to hear as I try not to focus on the things I could have done better. Ok so I think I am going to pause on the cockpit for now as I dont want to risk damaging or getting dust inside that I cant remove or fix later. Just trimmed @Ali62 beautiful front windscreen (perfect fit) and temp sitting in situ. I am so happy with it. Of course me being me now...I have added an edging to the rear 'hoop' where the canopy section closes onto and locks and seals. Blended in with a little JB Weld for strength. There is definitely more to go in the cockpit but it's time to move back to the internals of the fuse so I can get the wing on. Cheers Anthony
  2. Only a small update An air conditioning duct runs around the inside edge of the windscreen with a fishtail type outlet. I started with 0.20 x 0.40 Evergreen strip around the edge from the front finishing here And little fishtail ends to match photo's little bit of weathering with Tamiya weathering pastels (white) applied with the sponge side of the applicator and a Prismacolour silver pencil to the rear edge Windscreen still fits, thats going to need an edge piece put on it at some stage when I use Aerocrafts screen Still a bit more to go in the front here but...my goodness the camera hides nothing! Cheers Anthony
  3. LOL a SeaKing would be cool too! Haha, thanks Tony, I will keep future blood-letting down to a minimum... besides I am not good with blood, especially my own LOL Awwww thanks very much! Really appreciate that....now get back to your Wasp Yeah I think so too. Especially now I realise you can actually see them! Oh mate, I am so glad you are! I love having you about sir! Thanks very much!...Ummm yeah Thanks Chris, yes all fingers are good to go again! Yeah sheesh.....you're absolutely right! Cant give pilots too many responsibilities with too many knobs and switches sometimes LOL Thank you all....you keep me from sitting this on the shelf of doom! Cheers Anthony
  4. I am really loving this build and taking lots of notes for my one in 1/32 as well. You sure have the skills to pull this off, just wonderful!
  5. Totally understand.... I will wait and appreciate any decision you make. I think there might be a couple interested in this (in full, or part kit form), either way not for the feint of heart. In the meantime, I must get back to my Fg.1! Keep up the awesomeness your fan club loves what you do. Cheers Anthony
  6. According to an online calculator multiply by 0.75% to go from 1/24 down to 1/32 Maybe someone else can confirm??
  7. Oooooo, I will work it out! I will find an online calculator or something You're not teasing me are you??? LOL Cheers Anthony
  8. You know, I’m so pleased to see this build. Even though I’ve spiralled totally out of control with my own one, the whole idea was to hopefully help others take the leap and do it too. Not that I think I had any impact in your case as you’re madder than I when it comes to crazy projects lol. But this is a totally doable conversion and not as scary as some might think. I hope this build stimulates a few others to give it a go. I hope I’m wrong but I think that the new RAF Phantom by RPM kit in conjunction with Sprue Brothers will end up as an F-4J (UK). As I say, I hope I’m wrong as I wouldn’t mind doing an FGR.2 as well one day and I don’t fancy converting another Tamiya kit. Thanks also for the inspiration to forge on with mine! Cheers again Anthony
  9. LOL thanks mate! So I have my fingers working again after slicing 3 of them open...one pretty bad. But I am left handed and the worst one is on my right hand...so off I go! Kerry's 3D printed Brit Phantom rudder pedals arrived yesterday and I got straight to work...after work Quite an improvement over the kit ones I was a little worried they wouldn't be seen, but surprisingly they are fairly visible...100% worth the effort, thanks Kerry. So I sprayed them silver, then grey, added a wash and then buffed them back to practically silver again to simulate wear. And even with the coaming dropped in place Not wanting to sit around too much I got to work start to make the frames inside the Aux air doors in the back Cheers until next time Anthony
  10. I'm going dizzy looking at this. Guys, I have a feeling Tony isnt a mere mortal human being like the rest of us. I think he is AI (ie an Artificial Inelegant....Intelligent robot) and has been planted in the forum as an experiment to see if we can be fooled....ahhh but we modelers aren't as green as we are cabbage looking. I figured you out and your secret is out...... Ooooh Look, here come the men in black Seriously exceptional work human or not, we love it! Oh um if we are calling out scales...it HAS to be 1/32! Cheers buddy Anthony
  11. LOVE IT!!! Tom, I’m so pleased you’re tackling this monster and so far looks fabulous! Don’t forget Ali does some bits that will save you some time with those engines. What scheme are you after? I might be able to help with spare decals? Or anything else for that matter. Just let me know if I can help cheers Anthony
  12. Yup beautiful finish once again. It’s beyond me how you get such impressive results with a brush! Awesome cheers Anthony
  13. Thanks Chris! I ment it about the Sea Venom, mighty impressed! Heeeey Tony! Glad you're back buddy. I bet you had an awesome time, I am somewhat jealous! You must send me pics! Yup, weathering is a tricky one, I really wanted to put the yellow ZC in there but went off my instincts with this particular airframe so late in her service life. I even saw pics of them outside awaiting the scrappers axe so faded that there was clearly no yellow under the very faded black sils. I think either is correct. Everything still fits!! So this represents a fully converted (Post Mod 406) RAF FG.1 Phantom cockpit as best I can I am looking forward to working on something else after the rudder pedals and a couple of other minor things are glued in....I am sick of the cockpit. But very happy with it! Cheers Anthony Cheers Anthony
  14. I’m actually a big helicopter fan myself. You must have had a great career working on those birds! I’ve actually got several to build myself in 1/32 . My ultimate would be a 1/32 Bell 412 and a Wasp Cheers Anthony
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