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  1. LOL, yes mate. Love these projects. Reminds me to get my hugely modified/updated 32nd BK-117 back on the bench again!
  2. Oh my goodness, that's one of the best Phantom builds I have seen now! Absolutely love everything about this. The paint is magical, especially love those sills. Amazing, thank you.....
  3. LOVE this photo Alan! Would love a hi-res version sometime if that's ok? Personal use only. I have seen some pics of TAF Mustangs later in service with painted fuselages and wings and polished engine cowls. I am wondering if this was the case with '26'? I was deciding to do this airframe or Brendons '23' in this scheme. Brendon has invited me up to see rebuild progress on '23' which I am looking forward to. Anyway, you have me captured my friend...always love your informative builds Cheers Anthony
  4. Now that's really brought her to life! Love that scheme....great work, colours look spot on too
  5. I reckon..... that's amazing! I know you have had your struggles with the rub down stencils but you cant tell from the pics. Just beautiful!
  6. Wow, now thats really looking the Bizzo... Love that belly shot, looking awesome. What do you glue your PE with as it looks lovely and clean? Great stuff Alan Cheers Anthony
  7. Awww thanks buddy! I will be emailing you for tips on your NMF you did on the back end of your gorgeous 'J' build you are doing by the way
  8. Awww thanks mate, but I am not so sure about that... I am just bungling my way along making it up as I go Thanks again Chris, I always appreciate your feedback and encouragement. Yeah the panel lines really make the shapes 'pop' out from an otherwise grey surface. LOL Alan....you are a do'er mate. I have seen what you are capable of! Thanks again for the encouragement. I am enjoying your F-4E on the GB, that is motivating me for sure. When you got your wings on I REALLY wanted to get to that point too Haha, well I am pleased about that! I will keep my doors locked all the same . Nice to know from you and others, the work going in is not being missed I have started basic geometry work on the cockpit and have the Aires pit trimmed to fit and chopped in a couple of places. Nothing much to look at though right now. Lots of little parts are broken off unfortunately, most I can fix but the coaming piece has not survived the box packing very well, I am not sure if I can fix it, I could try Aires customer service and see if they can help me? I have also contacted the British Phantom Aviation Preservation Society in the hope they can help with rear cockpit photos, the front cockpit pretty much is like a 'J' in the Fg.1. Cheers guys Anthony
  9. Ok, so because I didnt want to do this after I had all my lovely surface detail done I didnt take many photos of the first (left) side being done. But with a buffed shiny surface the issue just glared at me even more. I tried telling myself that with a flat finish no one will ever notice....but it was an issue for me mentally. This is where I started, by fixing the upper curve of the intake section through to the intake opening. This is just the beginning as I went further back from here. But I have taken more of the other side in progress. Once the top profile was 'tweaked' I then had to build up the front section with CA as seen here. This was part of the way through the building up process The left side finished as best I can, notice how much thicker the forward section now is. Also of note is the lower intake lip being modified I think the 'hump' looks better now too More rounded and far more accurate across the top too Lower lip looking better now too.... All the time this was going on I continued to finish off surface details on the right hand side And a bit of an overall shot, to make me feel like I am making progress...... So there we go, I am making progress but it is slow, thanks for tuning in and I hope this was of interest to some Cheers Anthony
  10. OK, now this is a lesson in Phantom intake geometry/shapes that I have studied at great length and these are my findings. This may be dry and uninteresting to most, but this is for those of you wanting to perhaps know....a bit of a rivet-counting exercise if you will. Aside from the basics we have established on the Brit Toom intakes is that: A. The shoulder line is slightly higher on the Brit Tooms than the J-79 ones B. The intake is shorter from the leading edge to the front lip C. The intakes are wider through the vent sections D. The opening is shorter on the vertical axis E. There is an unusual 'hump' shape when viewed at certain angles Now whilst trying to make all these things happen on the kit a few things became manifest. First, Because the sides of the fuse on Brit Tooms are wider and more rounded, this flatter curve across the shoulder translates into a different shape at the opening. I will try and explain with photo's and not confuse you....hopefully! See here how flat the sides of the J-79 intakes are Now look at the Brit Toom Notice how the wider flatter (green) curve on the top/side of the intake translates across the top corner down the to a more fatter and curved front section at the intake opening? I know my way of explaining this is a bit crude, and I am sorry for that. The orange lines are to give you a basic idea of that is going on. The top line is how the 'hump is formed. By the higher shoulder, more rounded and wider intake translating down to the intake front which is shorter in height to the std J-79 engined ones. All these things give us that characteristic shape (I believe from my experience forever building up and sanding CA). The lower orange line shows the characteristic shape of all Phantoms, however this seems more exxagerated by the fach the front section of the intake is fatter, shorter and more rounded. I bet this makes no sense... Take a look at these pics and see if you can see what I mean In this pic above you can almost see where the intake bulges just in front of the black and white checks Now, lets look back at a US Phantom intake....see what I mean?? Much flatter, sharper intake lip etc I'm going mad, I know I can feel my OCD getting away on me LOL My next post will be to show you how I fixed it on the kit and to prove I have been working on it still! But in all honesty, this was an area that was really bugging me and I tried ignoring it, I really did! At certain angles things just did not add up! I needed to find the issue, and now I found it, it makes perfect sense and now my intakes look so much better. I need a cuppa, I will show you how I did it in my next post Cheers Anthony
  11. Wow that’s beautiful! Taking lots of notes….
  12. Oh my goodness, how did I miss this amazing build! I’m going to apply a lot of what you have done to my Brit Toom…Very inspiring indeed cheers Anthony
  13. Russ, that's the best Turkey I have ever seen come out of a kitchen! Seriously though. That is a stunner, I really love everything you have done incl the long range tanks...nice touch! One of the best I have seen Cheers Anthony
  14. Thanks Chris, I quite like that photo too....it inspires me to get on with the cockpit! I think you have pretty much summed it up, that's how I kinda understand it too. Sheesh...me too! I wonder how many actually made it out to customers? But in all reality, you really dont need that conversion set to do this now. The intakes were wrong as was the tapering back to the mid fuse (I had to reverse/undo the conversion there) the ramps were incorrect and the rear engine cans very basic. If you could modify the intakes like I did (you have to anyway as the WH ones are way too wide) and make a lower engine and 'hot' section and flanks, then with Ali's bits you have most of the hard work done IMHO. Yes Thanks Antti, I remember you explaining that early on in this conversion, I can fix that easily enough...dont let me forget closer to the time though! Aaah thank buddy, I didnt realise, I shall go back and check, although mine is an XV so I will need to see the differences! Much appreciated Aaah ok that wouldnt surprise me now....thanks Ironic alright..... RAF 43sqn FG.1, cheers Thanks for your interest and info guys, very interesting indeed! Cheers Anthony
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