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  1. Intake shoulder shapes.... Ok I will try and keep this as simple as I can so as not to confuse anyone like I confused myself. Here are my conclusions with the help of Derek B Barry, Chek and scjh on LSP as well as @Antti_K @canberra kid , and a few others I am sorry if I missed you. I am going to use a few images here I am sorry in advance if I dont credit them properly, it's purely for illustrative purposes. I always knew the Brit Phantom had wider intakes (not as wide as we all thought initially) but had never noticed the appearance of a 'hump' along the intake sh
  2. LOL, thanks buddy, it is a giant leap towards the correct shape! I sanded back the first application of JB Weld to take off the high spots and gave the area another application, I can see the shape slowly coming out of the kit. Nothing to really photograph except a bigger blob of grey epoxy on the corner. Here is an image of the product I use Antti, most automotive and hardware stores seem to sell it. The guys on LSP put me onto it, great stuff and seems to scribe well on my tests Hope that helps I am trying to figure out how to explain t
  3. Tony that looks awesome mate! Love the scheme, you really have done her justice. I have a fairly big computer monitor and it looks brilliant from where I am sitting!
  4. Alan, that's truly beautiful mate! I think your weathering and layering is spot on. Pleasure to watch come together
  5. LOL, no Trevor! Yes thats really good Antti, thank you! Left intake is finally fine tuned on the side and I am happy with the result, except the tops/shoulders are a mess Warning, ugly photo! Now we have the corrected front 2/3rd's of the intake section added. But where it attaches to the WH fuselage is all misshapen, quite a mess (this is where using the original Tamiya fuselage would have been easier whereby you could run a cut down the top of the intake shoulder and widen it yourself for a smoother transition. This is due mostly because th
  6. Yup that looks great Julian! I am really enjoying this thread, I am looking forward to seeing her on her gear...as I am sure you are too! Keep up the great work
  7. Love this pic TEZ, may I use it in my 1/32 British Phantom build/conversion WIP here? This really illustrates the lower nose profile from the NLG door to the tip of the radome and how Tamiya got it very wrong. Full credit to you of course. Anyway sorry for the thread drift, I am really enjoying whats coming up here!
  8. I know mate, I was as excited as anything on hearing about its release. Surely there has already been enough time, research and money go into it not to abandon it? In the meantime I shall take one for the team LOL Surely someone will do it, or at least a Tamiya conversion, I mean reheat cans and vari ramps are done, perhaps there is an opportunity for a basic 'starter conversion' or something? Intakes are all cured this morning, Next issue to look at is dealing with the intake shoulder shapes....eeek!
  9. Beautifully executed Vampire Chris, one of my all time favorite aircraft. Really looking forward to the release of Infinity Models 1/32 one. Love your finish (again), absolutely beautiful! That Dart Herald looks awesome, cant wait to see how that one comes up with your skills applied to her. Going to be a cracker Keep up the great work buddy Anthony
  10. You're too kind Alan, I have seen what you can do! It's just a case of belligerence, nothing difficult once you know what needs doing. Besides, once this is done a kit will come out and my job will be done for you all....If an IM British Phantom comes out because of this then I should be made a 'life or gold member' of Britmodeller and LSP LOL
  11. Quick pic of the subtle weathering and white IFR probe well, see the rear of it is squared off as per original and dosent have that half circle well in the back. Off to mix the JB Weld up... Cheers Anthony
  12. Thanks Antti, the pics you sent me of your fuse corrections is above my skill set. I admire what you have done. Forge on mate, your work is superb! Yeah I am pleased with those grilles too. Was a lot of work but I think worth it in the end...thank you Thanks Chris, I always appreciate your feedback buddy! Hoping to epoxy the other intake in tonight before bed, I have sprayed the IFR probe well white-ish Cheers guys Anthony
  13. Thanks for that, having never seen a Brit Toom I am relying on photo's and feedback, so thank you! Thanks mate....good to know! You guys have boosted my confidence very much with the colour! Awww thanks Max, I appreciate you taking the time to follow along. Glad you are enjoying this buddy! Cheers guys, I just have to paint the IFR probe well white and then attach the right intake....feeling like progress today. Your feedback is really boosting me along, sincere thanks from someone who has a big Shelf of Doom LOL Anthony
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