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  1. Woo-Hoo, go Ben!!! That looks awesome buddy! I cant wait.....
  2. Wonderful, and thanks for putting this thread up. Interesting, and something I had not thought of before. Is there much commonality with the Swordfish? Looking forward to following along, I am hoping for a 1/32 one....hopefully Cheers Anthony
  3. Great thread this is! I am building the WH FG.1/FGR.2 conversion in 1/32nd scale over on LSP. I am seriously considering doing this scheme with the checks on the fin and the slightly darker overpainted spine where they were. Trouble is, the Phantom looks great all dirtied up, but it seems I cant really do that for this particular bird? Unless anyone has a pic of her looking a little weathered? I need to start making decisions on a scheme as cockpit and panel lines etc are different Any help much appreciated I have gleaned a lot from BM (clearly you love your Tooms!) and thanks to all who have posted over the years. If not this scheme then poss a 56sqn bird with some sort of Maple leaf(?) 'zap' on the red fin? Here is my build if anyone is interested...and if I am allowed to post it, I will remove if necessary...sorry in advance if thats the case https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/86105-fgr2-wild-hare-phantom-conversion/ Cheers Anthony
  4. LOL, I thought you might be interested! I am sorry in advance first getting a 1/32 Andover with me, and now this!
  5. This is a great topic I have especially ordered another Silver Wings Tiger to help me with this conversion. Plans worry me and I am unsure where we got on this thread Super interesting!
  6. I shall do some research as well....whatever you do will be better than I can I am sure! Just appreciate you doing it. Having said that, it would be nice to get it as accurate as possible I shall see what I can find Cheers Anthony
  7. Brilliant Ben...count me in as a definite and I will let Mike know as well. Thanks for the mods that need doing, appreciate you are going to incorporate them!
  8. Hey Ben, that's excellent news buddy! The kit looks great, just let me know when you might want to do her in 1/32, I know of at least one other person who is keen. Cheers and brilliant stuff, loved watching this! Cheers Anthony
  9. Well done sir. That's a real achievement!!
  10. Well done mate, that looks really really nice! My fav thread on BM at the moment, keep up the great work!
  11. Hi Ben I understand it would be a lot more work and am prepared for the fact it ramps the costs up. Of course I would still LOVE one, but at your leisure. The version I was after is the one in the photos I posted, if that helps? cheers Anthony
  12. Hi Ben Great work buddy! I am genuinely interested in one if you were prepared to do it in 1/32. I know my friend Mike is too. We have both watched this unfold and are loving it. Keep up the great work and bringing a unique airframe into model form, love it!
  13. Great updates guys....keep up the amazing work you are doing. I would donate if I wasn't already pouring countless dollars into rebuilding an ex RAF Auster T.7 to fly again in stock military configuration. But totally love what you are doing. Keep up the great work (and updates). So much work goes into what you are doing that photo's cant express..... Cheers Anthony
  14. Oh my word that looks good...great actually! Pretty impressive you could do this in about 60 hours. Great work buddy, I bet you cant wait for your printer to arrive now?
  15. Wow, stunning!..... here are some motivational photo's of NZ operated ones to help get you across the line! Photo's courtesy RNZAF Museum Archives Keep up the great work!
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