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  1. And sorry from me too..... Thanks for the extra information by the way, already useful!
  2. Thanks so much, Another great set of drawings. I am guessing there wasn't a lot of differences?
  3. Hi Air Ministry I too am an orphan from Key. That forum was such a wonderful resource for many of us rebuilding Vintage aircraft and dabbling in a bit of scale modelling. I got some great advice and helpful tips for the rebuild of My Auster T.7....such a shame its such a mess now. Your research is very interesting and makes sense. These all make sense to what I have discussed, researched and found discussed here. Andy (Crimea River) poses an interesting couple of questions. Do you or anyone have images of these lamps, transmitters and receivers? Cheers and thanks all Anthony
  4. Brilliant and informative discussion guys....keep it coming! Now that questions been answered, can we ask another? Just wondering what the seat differences were from the std US Navy ones? Different harness I suspect?
  5. Wow, they are awesome! Thanks so very much. I have the Wild Hare conversion and will be putting these on for sure! We need a dedicated Spey Phantom thread!
  6. Absolutely stunning Andy!! Just love everything about what you have done here. By far my favorite BM WIP. Love the detail, weathering, finish etc… in fact, .what's not to love about this. Thanks for sharing your time and skills, I hope my 24th one ends up looking half this good! Cheers Anthony
  7. Hi Andy, first up, brilliant work mate! My favorite build on BM by far! Second, 1/48 isn't really my scale (32nd is) and to be honest I hadn't noticed that when I built the 1/48 Tamiya kit last year either. I just looked at photo's on line and it seems you didn't mess up, it's the kits design. Airfix look like they got it correct in 48th scale (I always liked the 'look and feel' of that old kit for some reason). But they screwed it up on their big 24th scale one...just like the Tamiya 48th one. I have corrected this on my 24th scale build which was a fairly easy fix. Tamiya got it correct on their 32nd scale one though. They took nothing from their previous kits and started afresh when they did the 32nd scale one. Honestly, I wouldn't loose sleep over it, it looks fantastic and I wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't said anything. Cheers Anthony
  8. Beautiful work, just love all those details you are adding....stunning!
  9. Yes we believe HR339 had this internal aerial set up... Hey Pete, that's a great little drawing! Love these discussions
  10. Oh my word! Just amazing, nice seeing civilian types modelled and especially to such a high standard!
  11. Lovely work Mick, pleased to see progress on this. Keep it up!
  12. Absolutely beautiful Andy! Love the paint job, you nailed it buddy. Love that replacement rudder too cheers Anthony
  13. Right-O getting a bit of a handle on a few things here... This is taking some time as I have 1000's of Mosquito sheets and drawings. Please be patient. First thing Almost impossible to find anything on Monica in all my drawings and Mod sheets. Practically nothing. Regarding the tail fairing, I think it's fairly conclusive this was for the Type 'F' Flasher unit. Mod 261 : 19/10/43 : 'To make provision for fitting equipment Type 'F' For Mks VI, N.F.30, and in design of N.F.30 & 38 Drawing (cant find it again-ugh) for this shows the plate attached behind Navigators knees as in my prev cockpit photo. But also the Flasher unit mounted as per Tony's HJ711. Interestingly there is no mention of fitment to N.F.II airframes. I will need to look at photo's as I suspect tailcones with this provision were used on many marks as they were tailcones in RAF stores stock etc. So probably got fitted to numerous airframes? Now, more interestingly the 'Z' equipment! Mod 646 : Classification 4B : 27/7/44 : 'To introduce equipment Type 'Z' in wing (fixed Parts) For Mk's T.III, VI, & N.F.30 I don't have this mod sheet or drawing and would love to see it. Then Mod 742 : Classification S.O.O. 2 C.W.P : 8/8/44 : To Introduce equipment Type 'Z' (removable parts) For Mk's T.III, VI, & N.F.30 (see attached Courtesy Dave Brown-I hope you don't mind me sharing this mate?). No where in any of the mods was there provision to add another landing lamp anywhere (let alone in the wing leading edge). So could this be part of Mod 646 for the 'Z' infra red? Likely this was included in production and why we see it on so many different types? Over to you.....
  14. Yes totally makes sense to me now, what he was telling me at the time. Possibly not actually fitted to export airframes? But I have to research the 'Z' equipment now also!
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