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  1. I havent been at my computer much recently, so I kinda missed this one. Another absolute beauty. I have always had a soft spot for the FAA. Just beautiful as always
  2. Thanks Charlie, its given me a few more grey hairs already! Thanks Chris, time to start working on the front section of the rear tub after this Thanks Antti! Yes I have been playing around with colours and wear. I dont know much about this, so very much figuring it out as I go. I guess watch this space and see if I can make something realistic looking Thanks so very much! Yes I have found the whole RN/RAF Phantom cockpits a bit of a mystery, but I think I have it figured in my head. Well the FG.1 at least Thanks for the comments and likes, means a lot and motivates me so much, I know Kerry enjoys seeing your responses, he's a talented chap and I never take our friendship for granted! Ready to print he tells me Off to go and clear/flat coat the rear tub to seal up where I am at. Cheers guys Anthony
  3. Thanks Charlie....and Kerry! Well progress has been slow with lots of ''stuff' getting in the way. Rear tub is almost done, , lots of decals and washes added And because I cant seem to make a decent panel for the left side...Kerry is helping me out, what a guy! Not much I'm afraid, but I thought I better post something or you would think it was on the SOD Cheers Anthony
  4. Great update and I love your way of approaching the conversion! Really well done and thought out. Yes I am rebuilding Auster T.7 WE552 back to flight. I am about ready to cover the fuselage except I am waiting on an aircraft interior expert to do the little there is to do in a military Auster. She's a full stock military rebuild with all original equipment and valve radio gear (non functioning). I have a facebook page I done update very often, just type in AusterWE552 Cheers Anthony
  5. Oh wow that's beautiful! I was interested to see how you were going to tackle the 'wide body' of the Autocar and this looks perfect. Well done indeed!
  6. Exactly, I couldnt have said it better! Absolutely perfect. What I like is how natural you have made it all look without being contrived in any way....just perfect.
  7. That's insane...I LOVE it! Absolutely beautiful and amazing skills
  8. Thanks Chris..... Well as long as I am on here, I got some progress made last night. Kerry's printed part arrived yesterday and I trimmed, painted and installed it. Even the toggle switches printed! Even more impressive is that I managed not to snap them off! Painted and glued in This sidewall has already been modified and extra cable added The junction box on the right side was scratchbuilt, painted, yellow markings applied, weathered lightly and glued in. Also of note is that the BB shelf it sits on was lowered too, ugh terrible photo's And everything is waiting patiently to fit in the fuse.... Bit of a rush unexpected update, scuse the terrible photos Cheers Anthony
  9. Thanks Chris, I am trying to think how they wear in real life... Thanks Tony, I appreciate your comments, I am really struggling though Cant believe the hours just gone into this today...talk about 50 shades of grey Still a lot to go in the rear pit, including some placards and a couple of stencils......tough to photograph at night. Anyhoo, I am conquering my fears! As you can see in this last photo there is still a lot to do with some more wear with the silver pencil/paint and washes. I have just got to try not to overdo it Thanks for looking in guys Cheers Anthony
  10. Tony, words fail me mate! This truly is next level modelling and quite frankly am in awe of your skills. Sometimes I scratch my head at using a pencil for panel lines but after seeing your execution I totally see your vision of end result…perfect ok I’ll give’QC’ stamp on this….carry on sir!
  11. I have sprayed the sills black, silver, black/grey and slowly with a micromesh 6000 cloth buffed it back. A little more on the left where the crew ingress and egress and where the ladders hook on. I might later use my prisma silver pencil to put a few scratches where appropiate. Back to working on the rear tub this weekend Cheers Anthony
  12. Thanks Mark! So far me too.... Dan, Thanks buddy! That's exactly why I created this thread. I did it in the hope it might help others to grasp the differences and thats involved in doing the conversion. I am hoping to dispel some myths as to shapes and intake sizes as well along the way, just using facts and measurements. great to have you along! Cheers guys and an interesting fact whilst I was doing the paint wear on the cockpit sills is that there is Yellow Zinc Chromate paint under the US airframes as in the J(UK) and silver wear under the Spey ones (later on in their service life at least,that is). They were probably yellow when delivered. though. So mine will have silver showing under the wear and not yellow, just an FYI on my observation Cheers Anthony
  13. Thanks Charlie, got a bit more painted so far this week! Cheers Anthony
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