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  1. Yes mate, slow but steady, I am getting there. I was talking to Kerry last night and he asked if I had most of the hard work done with the conversion. After seeing his fan section I replied 'Yes!' It is really just a matter of refining the surface details until I am satisfied and then it will be like building any other Phantom kit...right?? Well I cant take the credit for the front section. But because of your descriptive memory, this pic is for you! First test print Here you Go Alan...goodness knows how I am going to paint them... Thanks mate, I like the idea of having a target date too. Hoping this will motivate me to stay awak until the wee small hours of the morning trying to finish it! And this is just a quick pic to show the blending of the Tamiya Kit section and the WH conversion as well as correcting the panel lines. Once I have stopped being so fussy on this area I can rivet it. Then onto the cockpit...did I mention I hate doing cockpits? Thanks again gents, your likes and comments mean the world to me!!!!! Cheers Anthony
  2. Thanks as always Chris! Well i have to admit to a bit of burnout here. Correcting and replacing surface details on this right hand side is mind numbing and hard to motivate myself to carry on with all those rivets! Anyhow I have still done a little bit each night and the various builds here have been hugely inspiring, thanks guys. I put my head down today and tidied up some more areas at the back end where the resin and plastic join (from where I earlier cut the conversion fuselage into 3 sections). only a couple of panel lines to do now and continue working on adding the fasteners. Then I can do the rivets. I will leave the best part of this post until the end as it's the main reason to update you all because I dont really have a lot to show from spending hours on the surface detailing. Here are some results of all my fine tuning, see nothing really looks different, but I really hope it pays dividends with the final result Then as a bit of a side track for me was to take a look at the lower nose profile and how I was going to fix it. I added some thick plasti card to the front, more on this later) and removed a couple of antennas that are not present on Brit Tooms. A suitable section of the original Tamiya fuselage section was cut out of the back for the Aux air doors in the back. Still yet to add some surface details before I make them too thin and add a bit of internal structure Anyway the big news and main reason to post is this....... Kerry said, well I made a 'Hot' section, I may as well make a 'cold' section!!! Isnt he awesome! He said to me that the NZ IPMS Nats are coming up on 8-10 Oct in Auckland where he lives, so I am going to see if I can finish this beast up to take up there. I will do my best and it gives me a target! I probably wont enter it as I have let my membership slip for quite a few years and I am not into competitions or placing anymore (I used to judge them as well) but happy to bring it up to display if nothing else Thanks for looking all, and until I have more to show.... Cheers Anthony
  3. Absolutely sensational! Beautifully built, painted and weathered. Great inspiration for my 32nd one. Love everything about this, thank you for sharing your work with us
  4. Yep super cool Alan.....talk about making a silk purse out of a Sow's ear. Brilliant mate!
  5. Oh my word that is gorgeous! Such inspiration for my Tamiya conversion I have started ages ago...
  6. Just beautiful skills and overall build quality...you are very talented with a brush as well! Love your work
  7. I have really enjoyed catching up with this build over a cuppa, just beautiful! I really love the Jag, especially in the scheme you are doing. Cracking job sir!
  8. Well you have me captivated! I plan on doing one of these in the future and will use this for my reference if that's ok? I always love your background information etc, very informative indeed. Wonderful start, keep it up....I need to get back to my RNZAF subjects after this Phantom Cheers Anthony
  9. LOL, you wouldnt want to crawl up there very often I am sure! Thanks Julien and thanks for such a great walkaround, you have been an enormous help! Derek mentioned the same as you on LSP....I am on it now! Mark, your stuff is awesome mate and I really appreciate feedback like that coming from you....there a fair bit to go though Cheers and thanks again for your valuable input, its much appreciated
  10. Thank you sir...I will be back at the Skyhawk hopefully after this... Yep, they sure are beautiful indeed. better make sure I do a good job of the cockpit..... Thanks Chris, Ali really did a superb job and is a 'must have' in my opinion All final finishing is done on the reheat cans and I am happy to say they are a close to perfect and accurate as we can get them. Still another 'tweak on the 'ramps' but we're getting close Inside The cans tuck up in the back like this Photo Credit @Julien (Walkaround Coordinator), thanks for your great walkaround here on BM! Here's mine, sitting a touch low still Should be closer to this, but easy to fix, a touch more sanding along the top of the opening should tuck it in closer to this, this is a tiny bit high I think, but just placed in here to illustrate And a slightly different angle. Important to note that there is still a titanium edging to go around the edge of the airframe, slightly overlapping the edge of the can. This will fill the gap between the 2 parts and tidy it all up. This illustrates how I still have to 'tuck' that engine up about another 1mm Oh well, back to surface details, this was a nice diversion Cheers Anthony
  11. You're a great help buddy thank you! Still plugging away on the surface details on the starboard center section when I got a nice surprise in the mail today... These are the clear cast parts to @Ali62 revised canopy set (there is also a bag of internal framework and sills etc)for the Tamiya Phantom. All I can say is WOW! These are beautiful and if you have a Tamiya Phantom in your stash, then you NEED one of these. Especially thanks to Rick Godden for sending me 2 sets. Thank you sir! I hope I only need the one LOL Right-O back to scribing and riveting..... Cheers Anthony
  12. Sam you are a man after my own heart! I LOVE these BK/EC family of Helicopters and am quite a way through correcting and superdetailing an old 1/32 Revell BK-117 using lots of EC-145 parts and custom etch and scratchbuilding. Must pull it off the SOD after seeing this! Keep up the great work, I am absolutely loving this! Cheers Anthony
  13. Thanks Chris, not sure how I missed this... Absolutely stunning work! You really are capturing the look very well. Like Chris, you make me feel like I could build my own Auster (T.7 WE552 I am rebuilding to fly), in 1/32 scale. Bravo, that's awesome!
  14. Thanks for that, my approval came through for the British Phantom Aviation Group (BPAG) Facebook group. Looks like a Great place! Thanks for the heads up!
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