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  1. Cutting the Roden fuselage Super to the C1K Standard length is a little more challenging than might be expected.. Here is a thread that shows how to do it. Rich
  2. I wondered if you had seen this thread and if not I thought it might be of some interest. Rich
  3. Hi Iain Here's a picture of XG274/71 with 71 on the nose and the tail which was taken on 20/09/1969. So it was clearly practice to have the number on the tail at that time and so I would say therefore its pretty safe to assume the Airfix markings are correct for a 4FTS machine in 1968. Clearly the number was supplanted by the 4FTS badge by 1972. https://abpic.co.uk/pictures/view/1634575 Hope that helps Rich
  4. XB261 sadly broken up in 1989... followed in Jan 1990 by XH124 Hendon. The flight deck of XB261 still survives though; initially on display at Duxford and now at Newark Air Museum.
  5. whoops... great minds? Some great shots of the Beverley in its natural in service environment - linked in this tread... Thanks @71chally
  6. Not quite correct... perhaps not in 1/72 - but there is a good kit in 1/144 from MikroMir. Impressive even in this scale. Rich
  7. RichG

    Tornado question

    So in which case I think the best solution in 1/48 might be to source the relevant TSC parts from an old Airfix 1/48 Tornado kit (i.e. the ones that includes these stores). Judging by photos, mainly of RSAF Tornados carrying 8 x 1000lb, I think these could be a good basis (detailing as required). These kits have been out of production for some years and unlikely to ever reappear, however second hand examples do still seem to be available - albeit at a price which probably reflects their scarcity rather than quality! As a bonus they do come with a lot of additional stores options for RAF Tornados including JP233's, 8x1000lb bombs, LGB's, ALARM Missiles etc etc. They are possibly not up to the quality of the latest (or planned) after-market resin stuff, but it might also mean that somebody has those 4 TSCs you need kicking around unused in their spares box that they might be prepared to part with. Rich
  8. RichG

    Tornado question

    I am sure an ex RAF Armourer will come along and confirm but I am pretty certain they are Twin Store Carriers originally manufactured by ML Aviation and fitted to a number of aircraft types including RAF Tornados, Harriers(?), F104's and Alpha jets. There maybe some specification detail differences but visually at least they appear the same to me. Some potential sources in 1/48 (more or less detailed): DACO in their F104 upgrade set (Sprue E bottom part) (you can order just part sprues) Wingman Models Kinetic Sea Harrier FRS.1 (no K48035) (includes 2) Old Airfix Tornado Kit GR1/A (either no 09176 (original) or 09177 (Desert Storm version)) had 4 of them included as part of the kit's extensive stores options. Hope this helps - could get expensive obtaining 4. Rich PS Just found this helpful thread covering the same ground with a few more options for potential sources
  9. Yea Tony, you're quite right; frustrating does not really cover it. I had the advantage of seeing last Friday's unofficially leaked announcement where the full list of Airfix new tool products was discussed here in forensic detail before the thread was ultimately, and probably correctly, pulled. So no real surprises for me on the day except perhaps some expected subjects for re-release that were ultimately no-shows. Still I'm happy enough especially when there's a new V-Bomber in the range; and there's always next year - when I am convinced we'll get a new 1/72 Canberra! Best wishes Rich
  10. It's still helpfully pinned at the first thread at the start of the Work in Progress section. The suspicion is that Airfix used some commonly available printed 1/72 plans for this kit without checking how accurate they were - not something they would ever do now and may have encouraged them to subsequently introduce techniques like LIDAR. Certainly you very rarely see Airfix criticised for outline accuracy issues - bit like the quality of their decals. All this talk of Valiant building is strongly encouraging me to dust down my half finished one and get cracking on it - I've got the Alley Cat resin (which I think the General helped with), and Eduard PE - so no real excuses (except time). The "mighty god of fire", arriving later this year will need a stable-mate and it will be helpful to establish the best brand of white paint to use. Talking of paint does anyone know the spec for the sickly green paint colour on the interior? I matched an image of the Eduard PE closely to RAL 6037 "Pure Green" which could be close enough. Rich
  11. Very nice! Its a fair point you make - I've always found the Sabre wing issue confusing and the assignment of "mark" numbers by Canadair and the RAF no indication / help at all (which you may have expected). I have to say I have no idea what was most prevalent in RAF service, but I guess my point was that Airfix's research would have led them in a particular direction, rather than being unduly influenced by other kits available. Rich
  12. Oh come on..! Most people looking at the new releases on the site today will be familiar with the existing Airfix range - unless they've got Stars In Their Eyes...!
  13. and I'm only in for the Sabre and the Vulcan. Different strokes...? Rich.
  14. Not really. I think what will be of primary importance to Airfix will be what was the configuration of the majority of jets used in RAF service, that they wish to replicate. They are clearly marketing a range of 1/48 UK post-war fighters to what they consider their core customer base. The existence of other manufacturers kits / particular variants will be of secondary importance. Similarly they have a series of cold war jets in British service from the 70's / 80's in 1/72 scale. Rich
  15. Nothing announced this year, I'm afraid. Rich
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