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  1. Despite a number of reasonable attempts down the years by different kit manufacturers, I don't think any kit has the Sepecat Jaguar quite right, certainly not in 1/72. Capturing its pressence, with its combination of delicacy of design, with purposeful aggression I think would really benefit from 3D scanning, which always seems to me to add an indefinable quality to the end product. I think it would be a good fit in the Airfix line-up and there must be numerous readily available and accessible airframes to provide subject matter. I am feeling increasingly confident that Airfix will treat us to a Jag sooner rather than later. Almost certainly this would be in British Jaguar S (GR1/3) guise, but with careful research/forward planning I am sure Airfix could accomodate the differences for a Jaguar A, French Air Force version. With exports to India, Oman, Ecuador and Nigeria there would be no shortage of colour scheme options and the aircraft has been in numerous conflicts with military operations in Mauritania, Chad, Iraq, Bosnia, and Pakistan. As well as providing a nuclear delivery platform for the UK, France, and India throughout the latter half of the Cold War and beyond. It seems a popular choice in this thread too (no real indicator...). Scale? Probably 1/72, but no complaints if it was 1/48. Rich
  2. Loving that seat; it would look great in 1/48, in 1/72 its fantastic. Great start guys, I'll be following this very closely & with great interest. Rich
  3. It's not an aircraft aircraft I am very familiar with, and it seems to have a number of detractors, but I certainly agree it does look like an impressively large and powerful aircraft, particularly with underwing stores on board. It served in multiple FAA squadrons leading to its use on 5 aircraft carriers and pioneered "blown" flying surfaces to reduce landing speeds. I personally think it deserves to sit alongside it's contemporaries in plastic kit form. I really hope Airfix will give it some consideration. Rich
  4. Sorry to go off topic slightly. With the proliferation of kit manufactuers in countries like China and the far-east in general, it does prompt me to wonder why there hasn't been any firms emerge in India (as far as I know). Particularly given the provision of things like injection moulding services for the likes of Airfix, the skill base there and the potential home market with both indigenous and overseas military subject matter in use, not to mention heritage, all of which which often generate interest in model making. I've come across quite a few Indian modellers on-line. Maybe its a sleeping tiger waiting in the wings to delight modellers; I would imagine at which point Ajeets and Maruts in all scales would soon be available (and maybe even a Scimitar... phew back on topic! ). Rich
  5. That maybe and not doubting the logic here, but interested to understand why Airfix would choose to re-release this kit again so recently if there is little market after the enthusiasts have had sated their appeite - it's back in in their range at a £65.99 RRP (although available elsewhere online for under £50) so hardly a cheap kit aimed at a casual buyer. Hard to say without knowing the actual sales figures, profit margins etc - perhaps it was popular but they just produced too many? Anyway clearly there's a good market in plastic kit futures for investors... Rich
  6. I'm pretty sure these should be available in white too; but can't seem to find any reference photos either.... Rich
  7. Yep, like all of them... and i'd certainly buy at least 2 of each if its any encouragement Airfix have just to break from their tendency of not redoing 1/48 subjects in their range, in 1/72 PS innocent question and sorry if its been asked/discussed before - does anyone know if Airfix check out these sort of discussions and does it inform or influence their thinking in anyway? Just wondered if they've ever said - I know they seem to encourage "wish lists" on their site forum (well there is a categorgy heading at least).
  8. Actually Airfix's parent company, Hornby Hobbies, have been making model railways that are exclusively British (of all eras) since 1901... surely their business model must be coming to the end of its trial period? Rich
  9. Hmm interesting... actually I said "pimarily" not "only". Sure these types may have been exported and may have served in other countries but that was not my point. My contention was Airfix were working their way through types in British service in the post war era. If they can sell a rebox in different markings - bonus! Mind you I would have liked to have seen a Gloster Javelin in KLu markings or a Marineflieger Sea Vixen As I said just my view Rich
  10. Hmmm... whenever I come across suggestions that certain kits did/do not sell I'm intrigued at how people know this. Such rumours never seem to be substantiated with any facts or details. Surely Airfix would never release figures of production vs sales? What is a poor seller anyway - Airfix left with a warehouse of unsold kits after a production run? Or maybe retailers like Hannants left with stock on their hands/egg on their face? Or is it based on someone seeing a dusty copy on the shelves of their LMS? Ebay prices perhaps? Take the Airfix 1/48 Javelin, cited earlier, I recall the Javelin was well received by reviewers on its initial release in 2013. It filled many a wish list (here in the UK anyway); many absolutely superb builds of it continue to appear regularly on BM and elsewhere. I don't recall ever seeing the kit being heavily discounted in shops or online. And guess what - Airfix have recently reissued it! What's more they have continued to release kits in British service from this same era (Sea Fury, Meteor, Sabre, Hunter, Vampire, Gnat, Sea Vixen etc). As has often been said Airfix are in the business of making money and presumably know their market pretty well - surely if they had got their fingers burned they would steer well clear? I do wonder if the perception of Airfix's range and what sells well is viewed from an international perspective? Whereas the reality is Airfix are a UK kit maker and primarily catering for a UK market. And the UK has put some... ahem... unique types into service over the years. Airfix seem to be steadily working their way through post-war types in British service in 1/48 scale, and later cold-war (70s/80s) types in 1/72, both of which seem fertile territory for them (I fully expect to see a Sepecat Jaguar GR1 released next). So I am pretty confident that as they work their way through the list of operational types from this era, they will turn their hand to the Supermarine Scimitar in due course and it will be in 1/48. Just my thoughts of course, others will doubtless have a different view... Rich
  11. Hi Adam There is an image of XM594 in white in The Vulcan Story (by Tim Laming) p.63. The caption reads: "XM574 and XM594 at Elvington during Exercise 'Mickey Finn', a no notice dispersal exercise held in 1964. (D Haller)". XM594 is in the background. Hope that helps. Rich
  12. I'm happy to say that Airfix have been working their way through my wish-list with each passing year. So switching to neutral prediction mode based vaguely on their pattern of subject choice in different "themes". I could reasonably see announced for 2022: 1/72 Jaguar GR1/3 HP Hampden Consolidated B-24 Liberator Consolidated PBY Catalina 1/48 Supermarine Scimitar F1 DH Hornet F.3 Westland Lysander North American T-6 Texan / Harvard IIB Beechcraft T-6A Texan II / Texan T1 Switching to "wish list" mode. If Airfix were struggling to come up with ideas could I offer the following: 1/72 Canberra B2 HP Hastings C1/C2 Bristol Belvedere HC1 Westland Whirlwind HC10 Westland Wessex HC2 Avro Lincoln Twin Pioneer 1/48 Martin Baltimore Wildcat HMA2 / AH1 Apache AH1/2 Any chance?
  13. I loved this kit. My dad (sorry Father Christmas) got it me when I was about 6/7. I was amazed at its complexity compared with the Series 1 kits I was used to at the time. So many turrets... so many bombs... Oh and that box art... I had to get myself an original a few years ago - in an Airfix red stripe box. No intention of building it, just for pure nostalgia; but really super to see one built so well. Rich
  14. According to ICM on their Facebook page, their new paint range "are water-based acrylic paint" and made by ICM. Previously only available in Ukraine & Russia/CIS. Rich
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