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  1. Judging by some of those photos, looks like heavy rain streaking weathering techniques are needed for anyone replicating these Tornados! Looks like they had some pretty bad weather at the time with substantial puddles. Hardly desert conditions, more like Germany (or Norfolk...) Rich
  2. RichG


    I had forgotten just how much I really like the look of this aircraft - in both its ship based and land based form. I remember making the original Matchbox release many years ago and being impressed with the kit at the time. When the model is cleaned up, and a set of good seats installed, and good decals used, I rekon the old Matchbox (or more recent Revell) kit looks pretty good. It's a shame the kit is no longer in production. The type would make an excellent candidate subject for a future Airfix release in their post-war 1/48 British fighter range... mmm a 1/48 Venom NF.3 (and/or Sea Venom
  3. Have to be a little careful because it looks like the RSAF renumbered their a/c at some point with serials 701-708 becoming 751-758. The trainers being: 754 (ex 704); 755 (ex 705); 756 (ex 706? w/o 28/08/89 - not sure if it was 756 at the time or still 706). Rich
  4. Not too sure of the state of deliveries to RSAF immeadiately prior to GW1. According to my information I understand the RSAF were in a hurry to receive them once the initial contract had been signed and 18 were therefore diverted to RSAF from RAF (and another 2 from German) Batch 5 production. The initial deliveries allowed the formation of 2 IDS squadrons (also one ADV - from RAF's Batch 6). The first IDS Squadron, 7, took all 20 Batch 5 Tornados (serials 701-6 and 757-770); this included 6 twin stickers reflecting the units secondry role as a weapons conversion & tactical t
  5. Thaks for the info re Eduard. I have seen RSAF Tornados with JP233. They were a standard weapon fit when they purchased Tornado as part of the massive and controversial Al Yamamah I arms deal by the United Kingdom to Saudi Arabia in the 1980s. This included: 28 GR.1 Standard Tornados, 6 GR.1A Reconnaissance Standard and 14 Dual Control Trainer GR.1 Tornados 24 Panavia Tornado ADVs (equivalent to RAF's Tornado F.3 standard) JP233 Runway Denial Munition Sea Eagle Anti Ship Missile ALARM Anti-Radar Missile Skyflash air-to-air Missile A further 48 Pana
  6. Interesting. I wonder if this will be their own kit or a rebox of the Revell GR.1 ? Really looking forward to this and all the Eduard goodies to go with it. I recall the original 1/72 Airfix MRCA kit included an option for an eight bomb weapon load albeit the bombs were BL755 cluster bombs with the TSC's integrally moulded with the pylon; as did the Monogram 1/72 kit. Not sure if the BL755 was ever carried by Tornado in service but clearly an 8 bomb fit was considered from the earliest days. I recall building the Airfix kit with 8 bombs in "operational" RAF camo markings when it f
  7. Brilliant videos Andy; my favourite scheme - many thanks. At the moment I have it in mind to do Vulcan B2 XM599, 35 Squadron based at RAF Cottesmore from that famous photo of it releasing a full bomb load of twenty-one 1000lb bombs during an exercise in 1965. Thanks again - now where's my volume control... Rich
  8. Nope, I do exactly the same... Although during lockdown there is no easy access to the paper copy for me that doesn't involve driving 8 miles - I could try and argue essential shopping, but... so the digital copy is a godsend; particularly when there is a feature I really want to read. Rich
  9. Ah thanks for the clarification on that. I thought when I first read the article and saw the photos of the tail fin it was a mistake in those markings / era. If I had read the by-line I would never have doubted! I'm going back to re-read the article in a new light! Rich
  10. Just received this from Airfix: We regret to inform you that your order was delayed due to a system error following the launch of our new website. The order has since been processed and is being prepared for delivery. Your items should be with you shortly. We are very sorry about this and want to apologise for any inconvenience this has caused. As a thank you for your continued loyalty and patience, we would like to offer you a 20% discount on your next order with us. I actually received the order a few days before the email, but great respect to Airfix for a
  11. Just received my 2 sets of 1/32 British 1,000lb GP bombs from Videoaviation today (6 x retard, 6 x freefall) from Italy. They are beautifully cast in resin in two main parts - bomb & appropiate tail section, with tiny separate lugs, arming vanes and stencil decals. The profile of bomb and tails look spot-on. And all at a reasonable price (compared with some resin I have recently purchased). 3 words to describe them: out... stand... ing! I hope this is the start of a Brit ordnance range and if they are ever produced in 1/48 I'll definitely be back for more. Well ple
  12. Ah OK... its a while since I've been to Brum, hadn't realised Smith's had moved. I do remember the section at the top of the stairs and, it could be age dulling the memory, but recall actually being quite impressed at the time, certainly compared with my local branch and considering the primary nature of their business. I think there would be a gap in the market (even if aimed at the pocket-money end of the market) where I live as there is nothing local by way of model shops. I do feel sad when I think of some of the fantastic box art on today's kits not being seen on
  13. I remember getting a light-hearted telling off from the MZ manager once, when I went into the London shop having been to Hannants old Colindale shop and came in clutching yellow Hannants carrier bags! Doubt that would ever happen at WH Smiths! Happy days Rich
  14. Yep, I really miss ModelZone. Always seemed to have loads of Revell kits. I remember picking up a 1/32 Revell Hunter for £9.99 at the MZ Holborn branch about 12 years ago. An excellent kit and a real bargain. Last "model shop" I had access to. Rich
  15. Looks like a work in progress... recycled workbench editions from last year... oh and a new ship scale introduced (bit small for me) 1:1600 All joking aside I am quite surprised it has been released in this state. And no sign of my pre-ordered (12 months ago) Buccaneer S.2B which now shows as "out of stock". Rich
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