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  1. My meatbox arrived hot from Airfix this morning and I've just got round to fondling the sprues. Well after many years of waiting for this important and neglegted type to come along in 1/72 from a mainstream manufacturer (acknowledging the F.8 from MPM/SH/Airfix which I always considered a short run product) I have to say it was worth the wait! Setting aside any issues around price and realative vfm, my initial reactions are that this looks to be a superb product from Airfix and may well be their very best ever in this scale. It is moulded in the new darker grey, harder plastic with fine surface details, separate control surfaces/airbrakes, ultra-delicate undercarriage, well detailed cockpit and a super decal sheet (Cartograf) for two RAF and one Belgian aircraft. If it builds up as good as it looks in the box I have a strong feeling this is will quickly become one of the stars of the Airfix range. What can I say... this new Airfix kit is out of this world! Rich
  2. Mmmm interesting choice Certainly has the virtue of not having been done before and I feel sure it will be of interest to quite a few. I hope its really successful for Hannants and encourages them to explore this subject area further as there are quite a few UK prototype and cancelled projects I would like to do. Unfortunately its just a little too esoteric for my tastes. Rich
  3. Looks brilliant! Sorry to hear you were disappointed with the kit and the challenges experienced in making it, but I hope you were ultimately really pleased with the end result. I really like the sit of the aircraft and the paint job you've done. I have the kit, but have held off making it pending an anticipated aftermarket decal sheet for the kit. Had planned a 60 Sqn machine, but no recent news of this. Rich
  4. Accepting the points made re over ethusiastic washes on panel lines, also perhaps worth bearing in mind that not all lines are actually the consequence of panel line washes. Aircraft of the period often have black lines painted on to designate no-step areas on wing surfaces etc. These are in decal form in but could be perhaps mistaken for panel lines on some kits at first glance impacting on the overall effect. Just a thought... Rich (diving for cover... )
  5. One aspect of these post war aircraft, from my perspective, is their sheer collectibility. The range of colourful RAF squadron markings (not to mention use by many overseas airforces too) screams buy more than one... (at least to me anyway!). Clearly cost is going to limit many ambitions for multiple copies. But I get the feeling in my bones that this is going to be a very popular kit and demand is going to be very high so undecided whether to get several copies as a hedge against inflation and future availability. I have to say I generally look around for the best deals - either cost or postage (I have no LMS), ideally both; so hopefully will end up paying a little less than RRP. There's a build review of a test shot of the kit in the latest issue of Airfix Model World magazine (October 2022). The review highlights the elegance of the moulding and precision of fit; the reviewer describing it as arguably the best Airfix kit he's ever built - "a throughly enjoyable build". Unused parts indicate a PR9 and Aussie F.8 to feature in future releases with both metal reinforced and clear canopies included together with different engine intakes providing plenty of options. I hope this kit offers the prospect that Airfix will do some of their earlier 1/48 scale kits in 1/72. Hopefully it will be a best seller making the prospect of new kits of Javelins, Vampires & Hunters perfectly possible. I'll certainly be grabing at least one little meatbox. Rich
  6. Hi and welcome @SarmaT I often wondered about the factory that made the NOVO kits and where it was - I'd imagined it being somewhere in Siberia for no real reason. A stall in an indoor market where I lived stocked them and have fond memories of buying loads of them in the 80's; ridiculously cheap prices for ex Frog EE Lightnings, Canberras, Buccaneers, Harriers, Hunters etc - Britmodeller heaven! I still have a box full of them in my loft. I thought it a very odd that such types were being made or even allowed in the USSR at the time! Plastic modelling does seem rich and vibrant in Ukraine with a number of manufacturers making fantastic kits (imaginative subjects and superb quality). I still rate the ICM 1/48 OV-10A as the kit of the year. That's a great job you've done on the Ventura. Best wishes Rich
  7. Yes I still remember the first release and the excitement I felt opening the box. Inside was a lot of plastic - an engraved panel line Airfix kit of a near contemporary RAF subject, with a very reasonable set of weapons options, detailed cockpit (although the structure seemed more shipbuilding than aircraft industry) and a new style of instruction booklet; and in fairness the fit of mine was OK. I bought another some years later (it may have been the S.2C/D & S.50 version) and one fuselage half was totally warped and twisted so as to be unbuildable; I sent for, and received a replacement part. So I do wonder if later production runs suffered QA or plastic related issues and the kit's later fit problems were a product of production, rather than the kit design? Yes I've got the double boxing too - I do wonder if it was a mistake and the original intention had been to include only the alternative sprue - not 2 complete kits - so as to enable any version from the one box. I do recall reading a few years ago, that the mould had been damaged in some way - so it was unlikely there would be any more Airfix 1/48 Buccaneers... Rich
  8. Actually Dave, I don't think it's all that difficult as it happens. About 10-20 mins work I recon. The fuselage nose pieces are separate parts (the intakes are also separate) which makes the bulge / fairing fully accessible. Just some gentle scraping/sanding to remove the fairing itself, whilst at the same time ensuring the fuselage contour/profile there remains rounded - i.e. no "flat spot". The plastic there should be thick enough. Rich
  9. Possibly needed when trying to get the old 1994 Airfix 1/48 Buccaneer fuselage halves to meet together - or to celebrate if you did! Rich
  10. I don't think you'll be disappointed by it! I've done a dry fit of some of the main components to check respective fit (fuselage halves, lift engine components, wings, tail fins etc). The fit of these parts is sublime. I've rarely seen better - particularly the blended wing/fuselage join. Just need care to ensure the tags (where parts are cut from the sprue gates) are completely eliminated - I run a finger nail along the part just to check its gone. With a kit like this - and Tamiya extra thin cement - even an old, sticky fingered, plastic kit bodger like me could turn out a great result! Rich
  11. Ahahahaha!! You posted the picture of the million and one stencils on the decal sheet which looks incredibly challenging I thought; and then the thread changed to "2 weeks later". That made me laugh out load... sorry... unintended irony from the discussion forum software! Its looking great - keep going! Rich
  12. I've never seen any aftermarket nose landing gear for a 1/48 F-4K / FG.1 (other than the SAC parts). You could try and obtain the necessary spare parts from Hasegawa. There's a thread on the subject here. I believe the sprue in question is "J" which contains both the fully extended and retracted legs (also has the appropriate stabilators). The kit itself was available fairly recently from Hasegawa in its RAF guise ("British Phantom FG Mk.1 `Treble One´ No. 07441 ) so you may be in luck. Failing that someone may have the item in their spares box in particular as the kit has 2 types of NLG someone might have a spare one- you could ask (I'd offer to check what I have - but its just too hot to go in the loft at the moment... ). HTH Rich
  13. Not sure about the rest of the world but over the last 5-10 years the price of Italeri kits in the UK has been relatively high. They suddently went from the economy end to the premium end of the market pricewise but with no discernable uplift in quality. A bit like Hasegawa. But as they did not have much in their range of interest it did not effect me at all - some of their more recent kits were spoiled by poor panel lines (Short Stirling & Sunderland). Having said that I loved their recent 1/32 Tornado GR.4 - expensive at c.£100 (compared with the Revell equivalent) but a beautiful kit a generation ahead of its predecessor, with loads of detail and close to Tamiya standards. Tamiya would doubtless have charged much more for the same quality. I think the same goes for the F-35B I got it for £64 (inc VAT & postage) about the same as I paid for the new Airfix Buccaneer. Quality is a very subjective thing but again I think a Tamiya equivalent would probably have cost more in the UK and perhaps people would be happy to pay. Rich
  14. The instruction booklet runs to 24 pages so its quite a task to photo however in the absence of anything else online, I created a pdf of the instructions and added to the relevant Scalemates page. Not super professional but hopefully OK until something more "official" appears... https://www.scalemates.com/kits/italeri-2810-lockheed-martin-f-35b-lightning-ii--1328490 The kit provides for different aircraft configurations and also available is "Beast Mode" with loaded external weapons pylons. HTH Rich
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