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  1. "ASCOT 4321 you are cleared to land on... my doorstep" Now in stock at Big H... Rich
  2. Hi Penny Welcome in. As I near life long resident of High Wycombe I have to respect your choice of the Blues to support (although I personally follow another team of Wanderers - NO not Bolton!). My main problem seems to be spending over £500 on kits and not completing any! Rich
  3. As Blackadder's firing squad said when visiting him in his cell "We aim to please, sir..."
  4. There was a detailed and very informed discussion on this question a few pages back in this thread (page 14) - might be worth reviewing to see what the differences were or what to look for on the cargo floor (depending on the particular fit in use i.e. a full flat floor configuration, roller conveyor system, "mooring points/loops" fitted etc). Hope this helps... Rich
  5. I have noted several discussions on this subject over the years and the dearth of suitable figures of British forces from the 1970s/80s suggests a real market gap / opportunity for an enterprising manufacturer to step into. In particular the emergence of 3D scanning / printing technology on to the scene in the last few years suggests this could be a good prospect. Especially as we are starting to see more UK AFV's of the era hitting the mainstream in addition to the specialist resin. I have no idea of the typical costs involved in manufacture and the prices of the end product seem
  6. Noticed a message on Hannants web site this morning: "Due this week: Zvezda ZVE 7321 Lockheed C-130 H Hercules" Thought enquiring minds might wanna know... Rich
  7. Not sure whether or not I'll enter the GB (have a Zvezda C-130 Hercules on short finals) but after many years of lying dormant this thread has suddenly awoken "Hawk-Fever" in my bones, and with so many interesting schemes down the years (and that's just RAF) I just bagged myself a brace from Jadlam (oh, and a Revell Phantom FGR.2)... well at that price and free delivery it would be rude not to. Now which schemes... where did I put those Xtradecals sheets? Rich
  8. I'm very, very tempted... I've always had the bug to build one of these 1/32 beasts; not my usual scale but I like the subject and such great potential to really go to town as a super detail project. I have amassed aftermarket for that purpose over the years (including various old Paragon sets) for use on the Revell kit but for some reason never got round to it seriously (cut some parts from the sprue, test fitted things etc). Good kit though the Revell one is/was I felt that it was worth waiting either until I had the time to do it justice or something even better arrived on the
  9. Not much available that I can see; in resin Blackdog do a couple of Royal Marines from the Falklands that might work https://www.modelimex.com/135-british-marines-falklands-1982-set-2-fig-bdof35084 and there is also a vintage Kirin set of Royal Marines going on eBay. Rich
  10. Same thing happened with mine and I was mildly irritated... then I checked the Safety Advice leaflet (which I normally ignore... ) and found the decal sheet tucked away inside it. I feel sure you would have checked, but just in case you didn't might be worth a look. Rich
  11. I agree, definitely an odd man out. Following the Sea Harrier's mid-life update, the resulting aircraft was initially designated FRS.Mk 2. In May 1994 the official designation was changed to Sea Harrier F/A.Mk 2 – indicating a dual Fighter/Attack role. The replacement of ‘Strike’ by ‘Attack’ to indicate the formal abandonment of nuclear weapons delivery as an operational role. In March 1995 the unusual ‘/’ in the official designation (presumably originally influenced by the USN designation of the F/A-18 ) was dropped, becoming Sea Harrier FA.Mk 2. Natural order restored..
  12. Brilliant timing! Order placed. Right, that's the markings sorted and I'll probably go with the RAF Air Support Command variant. I do fancy doing an aircraft under maintenance - I wonder if the Brengun and Black Dog resin bits I got last year for the Italeri kit might fit this Zvezda kit? I think I'll probably be OK with the flaps and leading edges, not sure about the engines, bit risky... Rich
  13. Thats a little unfair and sorry if you didn't mean this as a rebuke. As I said I also have a Zvezda Herc on pre-order from Hannants. If you have local model shops stocking this kit in Cornwall to support that's great. Unfortunately there is nothing near where I live or even a single shop anywhere in London(!) where I work. So its mail order wherever it comes from - so that's more often than not a fiver on top of the RRP for delivery, no saving here unless I shop around for the best deals to offset (e.g ideally discount prices and/or free postage). The (potential) saving has in this case all
  14. Maybe I'll be Lucky on this occasion...
  15. Interesting, I also have on pre-order with Hannants, also with a 10% discount; but the UK price is £44.99 (discounted from RRP £49.99) + postage (£4:30) which makes it £49:29... So not such a good deal. I can only assume you aren't resident in the UK/Europe and therefore the price you quote excludes VAT (sales tax). Lucky Models price was 31.65 pounds (+ 8.37 pounds shipping). Of course I am still liable for VAT... Rich
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