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  1. Wow! I want a 60 Sqn machine... must resist, stash is already way too big... resistance is futile! Rich ( justifying with "at least its in 1/72" )
  2. Ah yes. I missed that on first inspection, but see it now and the door & panel parts themselves are quite delicately rendered - almost see through. I also note that these parts have been blanked out on the instruction sheet, so I think they must be intended for use in another version or boxing. Perhaps one including a cargo floor or full interior with passenger seats or fitted for paratroops; perhaps a Suez or Berlin Airlift aircraft? If so I would definitely be in the market for another one. Rich
  3. My Hastings arrived today! I ordered it direct from Ukraine from UA Hobby for $28.95 + $6.90 shipping (including tracking). So about £25.50 including postage. Not sure what the retail price will be in the UK but it I'm happy enough - It arrived well packaged, shrink wrapped inside and out and took about 10 days. It looks a tidy little kit nestled in it's box. This particular boxing represents a C.1A so as predicted only provides the mark 1's high set tailplane although it does have the ventral radome for the Hastings T.5 if anyone wants to build this version. I was planning on doin
  4. OK. I'll do it... "I'll tell you this, the next drink I have's gonna be a lager. Ice cold. There's a little bar in Alex with a marble top counter and high stools. They serve the best beer in all the middle east..." The best Austin K2/Y in 1/35th Scale? ...probably! Rich
  5. I agree Paul. It seems to me very unlikely that the kit was designed this way or that if it were a fault the design team would not have picked this up at the early test shot / pre production stage. As has already been said there is another build of the kit in Airfix Model World and which does not seem to have a "droopy wing". I think a much more likely explanation is that this is a problem with those particular kits and that the wing sprues are warped. I had a similar problem with an Airfix Phantom. I didn't notice it at first until I tried to fit the cockpit tub into the fuselag
  6. Well I for one, totally agree - although the Revell kit is a complex build (mainly, I suspect, in order to provide parts commonality with Revell's Tornado F.3 version), it is certainly not unbuildable. There are plenty of online builds to show the pitfalls and the correct construction sequence to get a great result - it is certainly the most accurate and very detailed kit OOB in 1/48 by some margin. I think the main problem is, like many recent CAD based designs, the kit tollerences are really fine and a slight error in fitting or untreated flash can throw the fit elsewhere. It has the added
  7. You wanted an Osprey book? - then you're in luck! I've just got this newly published book - RAF Tornado Units of Gulf War I - by Michael Napier who spent 10 years flying the Tornado GR.1 and has written previously on the subject. Its a great book superbly illustrated with fantastic profiles of the Tornado GR.1 & F.3 as well as nose artwork illustrations and period photographs. I have only just started reading it but has some interesting insights into the tactics used and the meetings and efforts getting the Tornado and its weapon systems - designed specifically for ultra low level counter
  8. I've just got the new Osprey book by Michael Napier on RAF Tornado Units of Gulf War 1 which includes some superb aircraft profiles - I've yet to read it (waiting for a nice sunny day!). But its inspired me to get the Eduard kit. So I'm also hoping that Eduard will release the full range of stores for the Tornado GR.1 (I don't recall Italeri ever releasing a 1/72 Tornado kit with the JP233 option - the Hasegawa GR1 certainly came with these?). Eduard have already made a good start (in addition to what's in the kit) with stores and other resin details released or plan
  9. I had the same thing happen recently with a glass shower door. Heard what sounded like an explosion or somethingcrashing through the roof & ceiling (surely my stash is not that big I thought...). Went to investigate and in the bathroom there was the answer in the bath - thousands of glass fragments. Lucky there was no one in the bathroom at the time could have resulted in serious injuries. The glass did not simply crack, it shattered explosively and the explosion was spontaneous. The shower had not been used that day and the weather was neither particularly warm or cold, so what caused it
  10. I am happy to be corrected but I understand the F-111F engines were upgraded to the TF30-P-109 version in 1985–86; all the Aussie F-111Cs were changed over to the -109/-109RA engines in a programme that started in 1994. So it would be true to say that the F-111C had the same engines as the F-111F from the mid '90s Not sure which specific engine version the Reskit set represents or in fact what the visual differences between the -100 and the -109 exhausts are - others will hopefully know more than me, Rich
  11. "The new Mosquito is currently on target for an August release." Airfix Workbench 14 May (assuming of course that's August 2021...) Rich
  12. Yeah me too! ... I sure am tempted though Rich
  13. Yea agree its quite expensive, but it makes a substantial model, accurate (afaik) and the plastic was very good in its day (c 1990), state of the art panel lines which probably stand comparison with modern kits and features extended flaps and slats. Itts got weapons included although I doubt the accuracy of the "load-out" for the aircraft featured so probably an area for the spares box or after market. I doubt it really needs new wheels. As someone said earlier with quality decals and masks included it probably saves on the need for after market. putting it within striking distance
  14. I note that there are 2 releases - an F-111 D/F and an F-111 F. Does anyone know the differences between the two - I assume its the markings. Any details of the markings in the respective kits and are the parts the same (i.e weapons)? Thanks Rich Note: A little more research answered my own question! However since I asked and just in case anyone else is interested - here is the answer: F-111 D/F F-111F 70-2386, "JEWEL 64", 493rd TFS, Operation "El Dorado Canyon", April 1986. (SEA scheme) F-111D 68-0090, 48th TFW, 523rd TFS, 27th TFW,
  15. Well time will tell but its worth noting that the latest issue of Airfix Model World (June 2021) carries a full page advert for the new Mossie on the back page including the kit's fantastic box art. Which does suggest that its release is likely to be much sooner than next year... and possibly Summer 2021. Rich
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