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  1. For those wondering what the fuss is about: (Photo from Cold War Studio) The Trumpeter kit is on the bottom; the CWS correction above. Draw your own conclusions, but having built a collection of 1/48 jet MiGs that is only missing the MiG-9 (waiting for Mars Models) and MiG-27, I'll be waiting for something that looks more like the real thing. Jon
  2. I'm half with you. I added new resin intakes, rear fuselage, nose and a vacform canopy to my MiG-23. Aside from the canopy (which is missing a frame in the kit for the Flogger-B), the improvements made by adding the aftermarket parts are hard to spot and you really need to know what you're looking for to see them: So I kind of agree with you: Trumpeter made a lot of mistakes, but the finished thing looks pretty good from the box. The MiG-27/23BN, on the other hand, has a completely wrong geometry around the nose and canopy which is, IMO, a very glaring error. 'Awful' seems a perfectly good adjective for it to me! Jon
  3. Many thanks indeed Des - most informative! A bit of a shame as I was hoping to place an ugly-as-possible Harrier (twin seat, laser nose, tall tail) next to the most attractive Harrier (the AV-8A), but sadly I'll have to compromise Cheers Jon
  4. Hello, I'm late to the party and have only just acquired Kinetic's 1/48 Two Seat Harrier. I would love to build this as a T.4 with Snoopy nose and tall fin, but I've got a bit confused. Did such a combination exist? Or were all T.4s with the laser nose fitted with the shorter fin? I'm specifically interested in the nose/tail combination as I'd like my Harrier to be as different as possible from the GR.1 I also intend to build (when Kinetic release it). Any assistance would be much appreciated. Jon
  5. Italeri released the Kinetic F-16 in a couple of boxings, too. Jon
  6. It was their first kit: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/kinetic-k4801-f-84f-thunderstreak--105489 Jon
  7. Laurent's point is a good one: Italeri don't seem to have reboxed a Kinetic kit for a while. Jon
  8. He means the 'tradition' of Italeri reboxing Kinetic kits (E-2, S-2, F-84F, etc.). Jon
  9. Thanks chaps for all the comments. Much appreciated Jon
  10. Thanks everyone It was a fun kit to build. The matt finish is Gunze GX113. It's not as even as I would like and I've managed to get some Mr Rapid Thinner which should produce a more consistent finish in future. Jon
  11. Thank you Two of the '0's on the tail serial came from RAAF markings for the Hawk! Jon
  12. Hello all, Here is my latest completion: Hasegawa's 1/48 AH-64D Longbow Apache. Additions are a Master gun/pitots/tail aerial and decals cobbled together from ArmyCast, the kit and an Airfix BAe Hawk. Paint is Hataka laquer. I've very unhappy with my effort on the canopy sealant and there are a few other issues which became apparent after I looked at the photos, but overall I'm pretty happy with the final product. The aircraft modelled is from http://www.b-domke.de/AviationImages/Apache.html#AH-64D_US. Thanks for looking and comments welcome. A build article and more photos can be seen at https://jonbryon.com/hasegawa-1-48-boeing-ah-64d-longbow-apache/. Cheers Jon
  13. I really enjoyed reading the write up in AMW and thanks for pointing out yet nose is not quite straight enough! I'm looking forward to getting round to mine in due course along with the Yak-28PP version. As a minor correction, this is not really their first 1/48 kit; that was the Tu-2T. I know that was released under the 'Xuntong' brand, but it's the same company - they just changed the name (I imagine because outside of Chinese-speaking countries, no one knows how to pronounce 'Xuntong'!). Jon
  14. Doesn't this set fix the problem in 1/48? https://phasehangarresin.com/collections/48001-1-48/products/48034-ee-canberra-tail-correction-all-airfix-1-48-kits Jon
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