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  1. My second one has just been sent with a tracking number, so I am pretty optimistic. Jon
  2. Sadly not. I used Ebay for the La-11. One never arrived (got a refund); the other did (seller martinphila). I've got two La-9s on order: one ordered on 31st Jan and due by 12th April, and a second I ordered as a back-up last week from martinphila. The first has yet to arrive and the second has yet to be posted... I don't mind using Ebay as I'm covered by them and PayPal if the item doesn't arrive, but I do wish Ark Models had some UK distribution. Jon
  3. I hope you get a response soon. There's nothing more frustrating than not getting what you paid for. I'd keep sending emails to try and get a response. I'd give them a month before involving the credit card company. I use Hannants a lot and I can appreciate they're busy. However, they're not accepting EU orders and other companies are working under the same conditions. In the past 9 months I've had missing parts from an Italeri kit and an Eduard set, and in both cases the sellers (Jadlam and Creative Models) had started the ball rolling on fixing the problem within 24 hours of me r
  4. I am very sympathetic to your position and can appreciate why you would not sell into the UK. I bought something from you in 2020 and I'm glad I did so before the new rules came into effect. However, is your comment in relation to the theoretical proposition of getting parcels into the UK under the new rules, or the result of practical experience? I've been ordering pretty much as usual from all over the world, and aside from COVID-related delays, have received all my parcels from Europe, Asia and Russia without disruption, and in about 75% of cases by vendors who have not signed u
  5. There are several threads on this subject, but I'm pretty sure the £15 threshold has now gone and VAT is liable from £0+. Jon
  6. Sorry, we were talking about the Wessex. Cheers Jon
  7. I've been on the look out for one of these (any mark) for a while. Somewhat surprising to me that they are so hard to find - clearly they were quite popular! Jon
  8. I added the Daco correction set a few years ago - it looks like this: https://jonbryon.com/spitfire14e-html/ Jon
  9. If you've got Italeri's recent re-released of the CR.42 Falco (kit number 2801) you might want to check the runners. I got mine last week from a UK retailer and an entire section of runner A is missing - the section containing the unspatted landing gear and bombs. This means you can't make one of the options on the decal sheet (the only option I'm interested in, as it happens). The retailer has gone back to Italeri and confirmed that this is a production error and all their copies of this kit are missing these parts. They are supposed to be sending me replacements from Italy, but state that du
  10. This was posted in another thread and has been updated. I know it's mostly not EU, but I'm not sure what difference that should make and might still be of interest. All have been ordered in 2021 and all have arrived: 2 x parcels from Lucky Model, HK. Both have arrived. VAT was not paid at source and has not been levied by the courier. 1 x parcel from from Uprise, Russia. This is a small business. No VAT paid and not levied upon arrival. . 1 x parcel from PM Model Store, Ukraine. No VAT paid and not levied upon arrival. 1 x parcel from Ebay, Russ
  11. Has anyone received their La-9 yet, or had a tracking number? Mine has yet to be posted from Russia and just wondering if the problem is unique to me. Jon
  12. I am pretty sure, as Graham mentioned above, that VAT was charged on the total price, including shipping. Certainly when I had to pay it, I paid VAT on the shipping. Thus it was very difficult indeed to source an item from North America that was not liable for VAT given shipping costs. Jon
  13. Sadly, this seems to be the way the world is going. The UK were not the first (Australia and New Zealand have been doing it for a while), and the EU is following in July. When it comes to products like these, with limited availability and distribution, everyone's a loser... Jon
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