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  1. Thanks everyone for taking the time to comment. Much appreciated. Jon
  2. Thanks everyone for your kind comments. Much appreciated. My set up is pretty simple I think, in this case a largish softbox with four LED panel lights shining on it all set up on the dining table. I wish I could get a brighter background The close ups are with a 100mm Canon macro lens (I'm using a Canon EOS800D). Camera is on a tripod with a remote release cable. There are actually quite a few schemes that didn't carry stencils. VF-32 was one of them, and its sister squadron, VF-14, seems similarly unadorned for at least the 1966-1967 cruise. I actually quite like adding stencils... Cheers Jon
  3. Evening all, I know the internet is awash with images of this kit, but I'm going to share mine anyway This is the Tamiya kit, which is the best model I have ever had the pleasure to build. It's not perfect - the tailplanes are an inconvenient gimmick, the conical pegs for the wheels baffling (although I used Eduard wheels, which probably didn't help), the lack of options for more common airframes is frustrating and the pylon situation is a bit annoying - but it's as close as I've yet seen. This one is done in the markings of VF-32 from 1966, a scheme fortunately lacking stencils and provided by Meridia-Hobby Decals (very nice). A Quickboost resin tail tip is required as it's not in the kit, as are the early MB seats (by Eduard), and for complete accuracy I should have used a Hypersonic nose pod, which has the shorter front. Empty LAU-7 launchers are by Quickboost, the centreline pylon is from Hypersonic and the wheels are also Eduard (and were simply used because I messed the kit wheels up). Paint is mottling of Hataka, AKRC and Mr Color shades of FS16440. Comments welcome Jon
  4. https://www.facebook.com/1441398459/posts/pfbid02CjpCC254iRPG4JNuk7y41UfhR6JZMWfSFA4YvgUueQNPMSAdGtYV9CHgCfixKJdFl/?app=fbl It's a pretty explicit comment and Kinetic have long had a pretty public and close relationship with him. Jon
  5. Note sure why yours have done that. Mine ended up like this: I used some large pliers to hold the whole assembly in a large saucepan of boiling water and then ran it all under a cold tap. Jon
  6. Here's one method that works (in this case on Academy plastic): Uses a steel rule, plastic clamp and little magnets. Nothing was damaged by dunking it in boiling water for 30-40 seconds. However, I wish I'd used one magnet instead of two to get a less exaggerated droop. Jon
  7. Widely being reported on FB that people have received a marketing email from Tamiya confirming this is a new release as a follow on from their F-35A. FWIW. Jon
  8. Are these definitely in 1/48? I can only find Broplan and Isracast kits of these aircraft in 1/72... Thanks Jon
  9. Nope. I didn't add mine, and they're identical to those in that build too...they're moulded in the plastic Jon
  10. I'm not going to clog this topic up, but if you go to https://jonbryon.com/sh3h-html/ you can see all the moulded rivets on the one I built back in 2005... Jon
  11. I missed out on the Italeri 1/48 Wessex when it came out and it took me ages to get one in an auction. Second hand ones fetched full retail price (or more). Italeri have kept re-releasing the various versions and it seems to be a strong seller and there are always loads on display at Telford. That, plus the difficulty of getting an Airfix 1/48 Merlin these days, always seemed anecdotal evidence to me that helicopters could sell pretty well. I'm very grateful for this Airfix release and can continue to hope for a Wasp/Scout/Whirlwind/Puma... Jon
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