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  1. Has anyone seen this for sale? Ebay doesn't bring up anything reliable. I'm particularly interested in the early markings boxing (bottom left). Thanks Jon
  2. Yep, I've used it https://jonbryon.com/mig19pm-html/. Jon
  3. If the boxart is correct, it's interesting that they are including both the S and PM versions. I don't think Trumpeter has ever done that. Jon
  4. Thanks for the update. Sounds promising with much to look forward to! Best Jon
  5. The latest issue of SAM popped through my letterbox this morning. In the editorial, Chris Meddings announces it's his last issue and is moving on. There's no mention of who's going to take the reins. A shame, I think, as I liked what Chris was doing (although I was a Gary Hatcher fan as well). Anyone heard who might be his replacement? Jon
  6. Thanks everyone for the comments. Cheers Jon
  7. Thanks all Yes, an HH-43B/F would be great. However, there appears to be very, very little commonality between them and the early piston-powered Huskies. As far as I can tell, a turbine powered 'Pedro' would need an entire new fuselage, engine and tail. Since it would be basically a new kit, I've no idea if AMP intend to release one, but maybe if they sold enough of these they'd consider it! Cheers Jon
  8. Hello all, This is my latest finished model, AMP's HUK-1 Huskie in 1/48. It's the most fun I've had building a model in a long time. There's no aftermarket and I only made some small changes to better reflect this particular airframe. Paint is Mr Color 365 and the decals are from the kit (although I replaced the national insignia). It's a tiny model (excluding the rotors, about the size of a 1/72 WWII fighter) with lots and lots of parts. The close-ups show a much rougher finish than I would like, although in real life it looks pretty smooth. Comments welcome and a full build article is at https://jonbryon.com/amp-1-48-kaman-huk-1-huskie/ Jon
  9. You're right that operational RN markings for the FG.1 in 1/48 are very, very hard to come by. I'd have been very happy with the kit decals, but I've got an FG.1 in a special boxing and have been unable to find any aftermarket for a bog-standard 892 aircraft. I've had to settle for an Aeromaster sheet with a 700P example. RAM Models make this sheet with an eye-watering price of almost £25: https://www.modelhobbies.co.uk/ram-decals-148-early-british-mcdonnell-douglas-phantoms--48001-83748-p.asp Jon
  10. Undercarriage failure as soon as this was completed... Oh well, it was a tail sitter anyway! Revell 1/48 Catalina. Jon
  11. Me too, except I'm exclusively 1/48. Jon
  12. Thanks for the reply. Any photos would be much appreciated. Cheers Jon
  13. Hello, In relation to the 1/48 Rug Rat Resin (AIM) Cessna U-3 series, has anyone got one of these kits, or even better, built one? Some basic googling throws up nothing in terms of build articles. I'm quite interested in the quality of the resin, clear parts and decals. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/rugratresins-rr4803006-cessna-u-3b--1229282 Cheers Jon
  14. I'm assuming option #7 should be labelled #6. I'll be waiting for an aftermarket sheet with a GR.3 in the white winter camo, but I'll be buying this kit as soon as it's out! Jon
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