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  1. Hi, The Vulcan just landed here. It's awesome. Can't wait to put it on the bench (I just have to build my bench first, though). Cheers, S.
  2. For the Vulcan? 184 quid & postage. I should have mine tomorrow... Cheers, S.
  3. Hook, Hook... We're talking Motörhead here... So OK for a "Run Rudolph Run" with a Sabre Jet for the Chuck Berry Original, but at least a B-52 G for the Lemmy, Rev. Billy F. Gibbons and Dave Grohl cover. Louder, dirtier, hairier and wartier. Fightersweep, I think the Screaming Blue Messiahs album had P-47Ns on its cover. Cheers, S.
  4. Hi, Though I disagree with the "heavy metal" bit in the blurb (Motörhead played rock'n'roll), I'm quite happy with this release. Cheers, S.
  5. Hi, I haven't seen it posted here, and I really think everybody even remotely interested in classic British airliners, scratchbuilding, or just modelling should have a good look at it. So check that: http://www.master194.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=105804 Some early steps have been erased (a pity), but most of the build is there. I'm not the author of this masterpiece (when I have grown quite a lot of talent, maybe...). Hope you like it, S.
  6. Hi, I've watched Paul Budzik videos about scratchbuilding a 1/48 Neptune, and a North American AJ-2 wandered in my imagination. I've looked at the articles on Mr Budzik's site, and I'm wondering about one thing: how is the fuselage cast. From what I gathered, he made a wood fuselage (a modelling clay one for his superb 1/72 Boeing Clipper). Then he made plaster molds, so far I can follow. What I don't quite follow is next step. How did he make his resin fuselage halves for the Clipper? The Neptune videos have stopped coming (I know, I should wait but...). Has anybody here got ideas about how Mr Budzik does his magic? TIA, S.
  7. Small resin part in 1/72 are made the same way : someone with golden fingers, quite a good pair of eyes, not necessarily too much time on their hands, and the urge to make something nice about a plane/train/tank/car/ship they really care about. Silicon molds can reproduce quite fine details. Their main problem is durability. But once you've got a master, you can do molds faster than you wear them out. Cheers, S.
  8. A bit of post necromancy here, but there goes something that might interest you. This is how Vincent Kermorgant made his master for MDC 1/32 DB605. Hope you liked it. Cheers, S.
  9. You bought two BUFFs too? I'm glad insanity is catching! Well, I might buy two more, you know (F&G). I can send the 3D models for the wheels and you can have them printed if you like. I'm working on the D instrument panel, the H panel is a bit different. I'll try and do the central console next. Cheers, S.
  10. The instrument panel is a bit of a chore, TBH. But I'm making (excruciatingly slow) progress. Not my fault, though: Amazon Prime's Good Omens was released on Friday, and... Anyway: Cheers, S.
  11. I've started the instrument panel. I printed the B-52D flight manual relevant pages and with a ruler, pencil, and some very elementary math, so far I'm there: This is gonna be long. Very. Cheers, S.
  12. I sure hope it is. After all, once you've joined, you're the product Facebook sells... S.
  13. https://www.flight-manuals-online.com/product/boeing-b-52-stratofortress/ Cheers, S.
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