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  1. Hi Tom, I have decided to bin precisely 97.2% of what I've done so far. I should restart in a couple of <insert totally arbitrary period of time here>. For now, I'm learning Fusion 360/ And I'm still totally in awe of what you're doing here. Cheers, S.
  2. I've build kits with less parts than Minibase aqua-Flanker's front gear leg...
  3. Received mine today. It's amazing. The challenge now is not to lose a single part...
  4. Isn't it the sacred and constitutional right of the armchair modeler to speculate and whine about real or perceived problems? S.
  5. A dry fit review : https://www.themodellingnews.com/2021/01/test-kit-dry-fit-review-48th-scale.html Me wants! Happy year of the Beleaguered Badger
  6. Hi folks, A build in progress there: Cheers, S.
  7. I'd like a MiG 25PU. I'd rather blowtorch my nipples than buy the KH one, so... S.
  8. I found paint masks for the single seater in pixel camo there: http://www.advmodprds.com/su2748.html Maybe if you ask Jim nicely, he can brew you the masks for the twin seater... Cheers, S.
  9. Hi, Just received mine from the early morning grocer (ie dawngrocerystore on ebay). You liked the Flanker E? You'll like that one too... Cheers, S.
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