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  1. Sebastien

    Sanger 1/48 Avro Vulcan vacform

    I contacted Sanger about the B-45 (I'm REALLY interested in one). The answer was less than enthusiastic. S.
  2. Sebastien

    Kitty Hawk Su-34 1/48 - render - March

    Two things: - I'm very sorry for the gentleman's sausage appearing just beneath the flash in the second picture, but that is KH's fault. - What Mr Paint reference should I use for the belly of an eggplant painted Fullback? Cheers, S.
  3. Sebastien

    Kitty Hawk Su-34 1/48 - render - March

    Hi, Fullback received. The box is filled to the brim with plastic (and a bit of resin). I'm not much of a fan of the fuselage design: I prefer GWH's approach, with wings blending into the fuselage. KH's way is a problem magnet... There's a bit of flash (tiny little bit) on the fuselage: The 2 sets of resin nozzles are much nicer than what KH did for their Su 35 (from what I remember of the Flank Offvideo series): The canopy (and all the tiny transparent bits): The decal sheets (the biggest one is for the armament): I hope there is a very special circle of hell for those who design these decals where the screens are lit and full of details you should only see when the plane is flying at 30,000 ft. There's one photoetch sheet for detailing: And four sprues of various bits to complete the plane: I'll spare you the six (yes, six) sprues full of weapons... This looks like a very nice kit (detailing is crisp, fuselage halves seem to mate without trouble, lots of stuff to play with). But most KH's kits are like this. Nice in the box, and entertaining on the building table. Time will tell... Is it a good model? TBH, I don't know, I hope Flankerman will have an answer to that one. Cheers, S.
  4. Sebastien

    Kitty Hawk Su-34 1/48 - render - March

    Hi, It looks like it's available there: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Kitty-Hawk-1-48-80141-Russian-Su-34-FullBack-/183242905824?hash=item2aaa20d8e0 54 quid, and the eBay shop is quite trustworthy (at least according to my very own experience with it). Cheers, S.
  5. Both legs are done: I'll have to dress up all this and detail the structure... Cheers, S.
  6. The first gear leg , still to be assembled: And in place: The only glued parts are the oleo and the bit through which the axle goes. I still have lots of ways to ajdust ifwhen needed. To be continued! Cheers, S.
  7. I will make another set of landing gear for my H, but I don't think I'll make more (well, maybe a third if I ever get a G version too). I'll make wheel resin sets though, and if you want some, PM me for the details. Cheers, S.
  8. It might, but I'm entertainingly incompetent with a soldering iron... Cheers, S.
  9. I've started building the undercarriage. It will be made of brass tubing, because there's going to be quite a bit of weight on it. Here is the frame. The legs will have 1mm brass wire going through them, and will be were you can see the brass wire: And the first upper leg; The legs swivel, and so far it's OK with the fuselage. I've sent the wheel to the printer (yes, I know, this sentence is interesting). Cheers, S.
  10. Hi Radleigh, Do you know if the Neptune is an ID Models? I have the RCM one, and well... Cheers, S.
  11. OK, I'll post here when my wheels are ready, you'll PM me then. Cheers, S.
  12. Sure. Want an instrument panel too? Cheers, S.
  13. Sebastien

    1/48th Boeing B-52H Stratofortress

    Tom, Thanks for the heads up. It might be easier to correct than the starboard wheel well doors, though. Cheers, S.
  14. And I received today the printed instrument panel. I must say I'm quite happy with the result. Tom, do you want a copy? Cheers, S.
  15. Sanity is overrated anyway.