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  1. Thanks for the kind words Andy. My reasons for painting the fuselage stripes were the same as yours, plus the fact that I'm getting more and more into masks, and using decals only where absolutely necessary. As I said, I cut the image of the fuselage stripes out of a copy of the decal sheet, as I thought it would help. It wasn't much help really; in fact, I have my doubts about how well the decal would have fitted. If mine turns out half as well as yours, I'll be happy.
  2. And I'm doing it; you can see it over on the LSP forum, I won't post a link as I don't want to hijack your thread, and it may well be against forum regs. I've just finished painting the black, and wanted to ask: did you paint the fuselage stripes or use the decals provided?
  3. I got in from the port side when I flew in one from Goodwood, and certainly that seems to be the most common way. I've not seen the Airfix kit yet, but is it possible to simply open up the port doors anyway? In the film Appointment in London a character is shown entering a TM from starboard, but of course that may have simply been for the benefit of the shot. I'd say starboard was possible, so your call. Sent you an email.
  4. That was from 5 AEF at Cambridge. Iirc it was in standard grey with dayglo strips, the sliding part of the canopy was white, and the spinner was yellow. (Each of the 5 AEF Chippies had a different-coloured spinner for easy ID of individual aircraft.) The 5AEF logo would be on the fin above the fin flash, see my post above. I may have a photo somewhere, but no promises.
  5. Just for clarity: the expression refers to the engine and wingtips, not the second-line use.
  6. True, but it is a trainer, so maybe they'll expand the scope. We can dream, eh? But if they are sticking to pre-war, an Avro Tutor would be nice.
  7. Good to see this. I'm undecided between doing a 5AEF example (former staff cadet) or - given my interest in reconnaissance types - one of the Gatow birds. [Edit: Perhaps I'll just have to do two!] Indeed so. Also, the 5-point harness (Z-type iirc) which appears on the seat cushions was fitted during a major fleet refurbishment in the 1970s, and so is only applicable to the red/white/grey scheme, which was applied at the same time. Before that, a 4-point Q-type with blue or black straps was used. I also note that the UHF radio aerials (2 blades on the rear
  8. MikeC

    Haze Paint?

    Not much help for modelling? I've just finished an F-4A and found it extremely useful in deciding how to proceed.
  9. Well it seems the memory let me down there. Just checked my copy of Merlin PR Spitfires and was reminded that the PRX did indeed have the fighter windscreen to maintain the structural strength of the cockpit. My apologies.
  10. Very nicely done, you don't often see a PRX built. One point of accuracy critique, though: I rather think the PR X had the curved PR windscreen rather than the fighter one. Unless your reference for that particular aircraft says otherwise, of course.
  11. The first is Luftstreitkrafte (that last "a" should have an umlaut). I'm not sure of the other two.
  12. MikeC

    Hobbycraft Stores

    I was in Hobbycraft at Rushden Lakes yesterday (suitably alone, masked and socially distant, of course). While my trip was successful in that I managed to secure every Tamiya paint on my list, I was somewhat disappointed to see that the stock of kits consisted of: - three each of Revell's 1:32 Spitfire II and Mosquito IV; - a small number of Italeri vehicles; - a couple of Italeri 1:72 aircraft kits. Nothing wrong with those kits, but that was it. As far as I could see, nothing else, and no gaping holes awaiting restock. I would be interested to know wh
  13. MikeC

    REVELL 2021

    That'll do me, although I'd also hope that they finally release the D-10+ (ie filletted) P-51D in 1:32. I saw some box art two or three Telfords ago ...
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