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  1. @Duncan B You raise some pertinent questions. In my opinion probably, which is a shame, because I've always been fond of smaller shows; the smaller size and venue seems to make for a more relaxing and pleasant day - not that I find the larger shows unpleasant, far from it. I can only speak for the Avon show, where I was show manager for a few years during the 2000s: we certainly did try and have a mix, especially not too many selling the same thing. Seems only common sense to me. Undoubtedly there are as many answers to this one as there are people at the show. The only time I recall any significant issues was when we expanded into a side room in our venue: tried to mix it up, but the traders who had been put in there were not happy. Lesson learned: all traders in main hall in future. But had they not complained, how would we have known? Honest and relevant feedback should always be welcome, and should not be taken as an insult; equally, it should not be given in an insulting or aggressive manner. If everyone just says "It's great", the organisers feel good, but don't know about any problems or potential improvements. There was also the time a club or SIG (forget which) turned up expecting a table, but we had no record of them. It turned out a club member, with no authority to do so, had promised them space while at a previous show and not mentioned it to anyone else. We managed to get them in: I never thought I'd be grateful that some other club was a "no-show".
  2. I have to confess to making jet noises while placing a model Harrier on the table at a show once.
  3. MikeC

    Joint flaws

    I paint the seam with unthinned Tamiya acrylic in a colour that contrasts with the plastic, then sand it back. It's a great tell-tale, the paint is thick enough to fill any minor imperfections on its own, and as I use Tamiya and Mr Hobby acrylics is perfectly compatible with paint (unlike the sharpie mentioned above).
  4. To add one trader's perspective, I came across this recently https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/blogs/news/the-realities-of-trading-at-model-shows
  5. I've not seen much publicity anywhere for this, but I for one am going, as is my club (MK).
  6. There's one in the rumourmonger Chippie thread: not particularly close-up, but hopefully you can get an idea of the structure, hopefully enough to trigger the memories you clearly have. [Edit:] @T-21I've just spotted that this particular tug does not have the mirror on top of the windscreen arch, which was also a feature of the tug fit.
  7. MikeC

    Possible Scam

    That url they asked you to click is a dead giveaway. If it was really from the nhs it would look a bit more official and include something like "nhs dot uk".
  8. Thanks for the clarification Rod. Regarding the harness, I only know that at Cambridge our old Chipmuks in the grey/dayglo scheme left one by one, to be replaced by different Chippies, all in the new scheme with new harnesses and g-meters. I didn't realise that not all aircraft had them, certaonly every RAF (Air Cadets) Chipmunk I encountered from then on did. As part of the changeover we acquired WP970 with the code letter T which had the glider tug fit. I don't suppose that's in the kit?
  9. Thanks, that's very detailed indeed. However, there is one thing I'd query: you say If memory serves, these rails were simply a sliding portion of the front cockpit's side panel. I'm not sure when they were deleted, but were certainly not present by the time of my asscoiation with the aircraft. As I've yet to get my hands on one, am I right in thinking the kit depicts a 5-point harness, as I've seen in some of the early CAD images? This was only fitted during the fleet refurbishment in the 1970s, prior to that a 4-point Q-type harness (two lap belts + two shoulder belts coloured blue or black) was used. How do you tell? Well that refurb was when the red/white/grey was applied, so for any scheme earlier then that, 4-point harness. That was also when a g-meter was fitted - a small instrument dial fitted above the coaming on the left. The 5 AEF Chipmunks used VHF radio, and Pilot's Notes covered both types. Again if memory serves, the UHF radio fit also involved a smaller radio control box located centrally on the coaming. Thanks again for an interesting review.
  10. Many years ago, I had a work colleague, Mr Hall, whose first name was Albert. Best of it was, he was a former Royal Marine, so he had been Royal Albert Hall.
  11. I think you deserve a more considered, less flippant response. Whether Spitfires as a type are interesting is, of course, a matter of taste and opinion, and ours clearly differ. However, Spitfires sell. I'd have been very chuffed to see most of the things you mention, and I'll add a Hart family and Avia B.534. But if that, or perhaps a DH60 had been the first release, would Kotare make a profit on it? I doubt it. Once they have money coming in, then maybe we will see some more esoteric types. I look forward to seeing whether that is the case.
  12. But this is interesting. Oi, don't forget the PR variants! [Edit - sorry, I missed it, you did mention them. ] "Kotare model kitsets will be available from specialist retailers worldwide and direct from www.kotare-models.com with postage from New Zealand charged at cost." https://www.kotare-models.com/page/ordering
  13. MikeC

    Camden Town

    The Northern Line will take you to Colindale for Hannants shop and the RAFM.
  14. Who needs more Spitfires? ME, of course. This has made me a very happy bunny. Wonder if they'll follow up with an early Mk I?
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