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Max Headroom

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    not far from 53*17'N 3*03'W
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    British aircraft WWII to approx 1980's.

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  1. Max Headroom

    RMS Carpathia, Scratchbuild, 1/500 Scale

    Well this one slipped by me! I know diddly squat about ships but I recognise the work of a Skilled Modeller when I see one. I’ll be keeping an eye on this from now on. Trevor
  2. Max Headroom

    FOUR information, dial # 4

    However the spelnig irrers
  3. Max Headroom

    FOUR information, dial # 4

    if you wear headphones
  4. Max Headroom

    FOUR information, dial # 4

    All those sequins? Dazzling!
  5. Max Headroom


    @Brad I think four-legged sharks would be the least of your problems. Your country has wildlife which seems actively to hunt you out and kill you to death. I mean packs of hunter-killer funnel web spiders lurking in every dunny. Trevor
  6. Max Headroom

    FOUR information, dial # 4

    licences signed in triplicate
  7. Max Headroom


    @Vince1159 You’re lucky. Outside cat. Ours is strictly indoors so a bucket of water is a no no..... Trevor and no, throwing the bucket over the cat is not an option
  8. Max Headroom


    ^^^^^ insert groan emoji here........
  9. Max Headroom


    Allie, our cat, barfs hair balls BUT NEVER ON TILED SURFACESOh no, soft surfaces are her victims of choice. I’ve sat her down and explained this, but no, she’s wilful. This is the dogs for removing.....stains https://www.espares.co.uk/product/es1678995?utm_source=google+shopping&utm_medium=shopping&utm_campaign=google+shopping&mkwid=sGt4jns3i&pcrid=174054713172&kword=&match=&plid=&pdv=m&gclid=CjwKCAiAwJTjBRBhEiwA56V7q-f-V-2tWQLmxwe_yipG-LsXGrfexJ5d_yZm34sRdNiKYPFowT0tYxoC2EIQAvD_BwE Trevor
  10. Max Headroom


    Round these parts we call that chopped toast. ‘Croutons’ sounds fancy, like a Berni Inn. Trevor Flat-Cap
  11. Max Headroom

    FOUR information, dial # 4

    sells left handed greeblies
  12. Max Headroom

    FOUR information, dial # 4

    had collapsed loudly twanging
  13. Max Headroom


    Is this what you’re looking for? Trevor
  14. Max Headroom

    FOUR information, dial # 4

    meaning a shortage of
  15. Max Headroom

    FOUR information, dial # 4

    Tick! You’re it!! Run!!! terribly sorry, I *ahem* regressed to a six year old in the playground