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  1. Page 40 loomed menacingly.......
  2. @Bedders Sheet 66 has Shars and Sea Kings https://www.scalemates.com/kits/modeldecal-66-royal-navy-falklands-sea-harriers-800-801-899-nas-sea-king-hc4-846-nas-royal-air-force-lightning-f6-5-11-sqn--157392 Trevor
  3. This is all good modelling stuff. Putty and filing, none of this ‘it just falls together’ stuff. I’ve never built this model so don’t know the practicalities of construction, but you mentioned that the line of the door goes through the ‘normal’ position for the rear window. Would it be possible to make a cut out from the fuselage and fit the door with the porthole in the new forward position and then fettle the area to the rear? Trevor
  4. Following with interest! Iv’e got those bits stockpiled at the bottom of my ‘never to be built under any circumstances’ pile! Trevor
  5. Interesting project and I’ll follow along if I may. A few minutes googling got me this https://www.airport-data.com/aircraft/photo/000910254.html Nice interview shot of the prototype (?) Garrett engined version. No cargo door though. As to the RAF T.1’s, they had three blade props. I think it was only the Garrett T.3’s that had four blades. Trevor
  6. Isn’t the existing Vulcan tool rather shot anyway? Trevor
  7. Wow! Certainly taking no prisoners with this one. I occasionally progress mine at a glacial pace, so appreciate how the ‘interesting’ fit of parts is being tackled. Trevor
  8. New mould 1/24 releases are at best a twice in a decade event and will always be cast iron, gold plated, copper bottomed odds-on, stone cold dead cert sellers because of the time/money/resources required. I know the last ‘big un’ was American, but imagine a P-47......... Trevor
  9. I am in awe of your painting skills but in fear for your eyesight! Trevor
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