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Max Headroom

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    not far from 53*17'N 3*03'W
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    British aircraft WWII to approx 1980's.

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  1. Max Headroom

    Fourem Rules , again

    and also bad maintenance
  2. Max Headroom

    Fourem Rules , again

    Bits keep dropping off
  3. Max Headroom

    Fourem Rules , again

    Is there another kind?
  4. Max Headroom

    Vote Grump!

    Ah, Tayto. I believe it’s a bit of an institution over there to the extent that Dara O’Briain did a whole routine about them. Trevor
  5. Max Headroom

    Fourem Rules , again

    Me? I drink beer!
  6. Max Headroom

    HK Lancaster ?.

    I take that as a Binding Contract. Shall I pm you my addy???? Trevor the very grateful
  7. Max Headroom

    The New 1/48th Revell Beaufighter TF.X

    Looking good. Those Aviology sheets are a mine of information **ahem** tailplanes!! I love the engines, the Tamiya one has absolutely no plumbing at all and is the reason I’m using for my stalled build. Could I trouble you for some close ups before you button them up. Pleeeaaase??! Trevor
  8. Max Headroom

    Vote Grump!

    https://goo.gl/images/jitrmp There you go! Trevor
  9. Max Headroom

    Vote Grump!

    Ulster Fry? To be honest, I’ve never come across a flavour of crisps I didn’t like. However I’ve not tried the Marmite ones yet...... Trevor Lineker
  10. Max Headroom

    Cats, they're taking over. Part 3

    Ok getting serious for a mo. I have a granddaughter of two weeks old who visits us daily atm. Allie is an indoor cat and as we have an open plan downstairs, she ends up in our room whilst babs visits. Food and facilities are provided for her whilst locked away. How/when do we introduce the two to each other? Do any of you have experience of this?? Trevor
  11. Max Headroom


    Oops https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/world-asia-45572275 Who’ll be the first with a model of this?? Trevor
  12. Max Headroom

    I hope this is a (bad) joke....

    That’s juche being silly Kim il Trevor
  13. Max Headroom

    Fourem Rules , again

    as are Hasegawa kits
  14. Max Headroom

    1/72 Sword Raytheon U-125A JASDF

    Ooh nice! I always wondered why Hasegawa never got round to it in their biz-jet range. Before anyone gets too excited about derivatives there are certain features unique to the -800 that need attention, namely: * cockpit glazing - earlier variants had slab sided windows and not faired in to a more ‘pointy’ front end * in plan form the wing was a new design, so reprofiling will be necessary * the ventral area of the fuselage from the rear of the wing to the tip of the tail is not as faired in. So in short, the engines, wheels and undercarriage are common to earlier Garrett fan engined versions. Not much commonality I’m afraid. Having said that a civvie -800 would be nice. Trevor
  15. Max Headroom

    Fourem Rules , again

    Clapham omnibus to arrive