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  1. I don’t have words, only a long low whistle. Here is a totally inadequate emoji instead 👍 Trevor
  2. The Grenadier I saw was beige. Of all the colours… Trevor
  3. Saw my first Ineos Grenadier the other day. My impression is that it is slightly shorter and wider than the old Defender. It looks very nice in real life. Trevor
  4. I’d forgotten that Hasegawa did an early GR.1. I think the FROG one was ‘inspired’ by it. Trevor
  5. Other manufacturers of Harriers/Sea Harriers in 1/72 include Matchbox - very basic Fujimi - well regarded at the time. Stickies may need replacing. Hasegawa - same as Fujimi above Bobcat/Humbrol - a snap fit T2 or T4. Basic very simplified with no hangy bits at all. (C Scale provided white metal necessaries). The Esci wing was a drop fit onto the fuselage…… Sword have also done a series of two seaters Airfix - the original 1960’s GR.1 modded in the early 80’s to GR.3. Generous ordnance provision Frog and the Frogsspawn - crude Pegasus T.2 conversion. To be grafted on the original Airfix kit. ‘A collector’s item’ Some of the kits, like Fujimi and Hasegawa and of course Esci/Italeri, have break joints for the Harrier and Sea Harrier. Others may be able to give better insight into the specifics of the kits above. HTH Trevor
  6. How the heck did I miss this? This is proper modelling this is. I’ll be the one in the back of the room going ‘oooh’ Trevor
  7. @224 Peter it’s in hiatus at the moment it I fully intend to carry on. I have never stopped thinking things that need doing and how to do them. Unfortunately I have run out of mojo and Hannants don’t stock it. One model completed in two years🤣 @Cklasse I’m guessing you’ll finish yours before I do mine 😁 Trevor
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