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Max Headroom

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  1. The T-33 is a good shout. Maybe when Heller get back on their feet they could have a look? Trevor
  2. Only one scheme for me, namely WP900 ‘13’ from 10 AEF Woodvale circa 1977. Trevor
  3. @spaddad I agree with you on Oz soaps. I’d go further and ban all soaps, reality and ‘augmented reality’ shows and replace them with uplifting and educational programmes. Kenneth Clarke’s ‘The Ascent of Man’, James Burke’s ‘Connections’ and Bob Symes’ ‘Trains, Boats and Planes’ should be on a constant loop. Trevor
  4. ELO’s A New World Record. I’d forgotten just how good it is. Trevor
  5. Italeri could tap into the wave of ABBA nostalgia https://www.amazon.com/Arrival-ABBA/dp/B00005CDNG#immersive-view_1568709474839 Trevor
  6. Five Miles Out https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Five_Miles_Out#/media/File%3AMike_oldfield_five_miles_out_album_cover.jpg Trevor
  7. As long as it’s one of the ‘proper’ CCF built ones with the fixed rear canopy, or tooled in a way so that both can be done. Trevor
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