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  1. I think Formaplane did a vacform back in the 80’s. Usual caveat about price/availability. Trevor
  2. Hello Just had a ‘like’ for this. I know I’ve been ignoring this build and I promise I’ll finish it. Thanks @USA Cousin Soon Trevor
  3. Never seen one of these built up so will watch with interest Trevor
  4. Unexpected - maybe a Tucano next? The Cranwell red is easily explained as a printing error. Look at the painting guide and you’ll only see one shade mentioned. Trevor
  5. A bag of non-clumping cat litter
  6. @Troy Smith thanks for the heads up. I have plenty of spare roundels, tail flashes and serials accumulated over the years and fancy a camouflaged example but with post war ‘bright’ markings. I don’t have the Eduard kit and this is an exercise in scratching. BTW a square spade grip!!! 10 amp fuse wire sorted that out Trevor
  7. @Troy Smith and @Graham Boak thanks guys! I picked up the low-back XVI for £11 at the Chester Model Centre which I thought was a decent price. I know the cowling needs beefing up and have found a couple of decent sideways shots, but thought if there was a slot-in replacement…… I have the propeller off a long junked Otaki VIII that can be used to replace the kit item. Stickies look ok, but B type upper roundels???? This is just a ‘fun’ build and I’m not too concerned about the slim nature of the fuselage. Will post piccies once completed. Trevor
  8. Quick question. Will Barracuda’s 1/48 Spitfire XVI cowling top meant for the Eduard kit, fit the ICM one? Ta Trevor
  9. I had the opportunity to get inside it before the diamond cutters got to do the dismemberment. In a moment of stupidity I turned it down. Regretted it ever since. Trevor the eejit
  10. I was at Woodside Ferry Terminal in Birkenhead today and took the opportunity to sneak some pictures of U-534. Not very impressed and it now seems to be a glorified pigeon loft. Not sure if it’s always been in this condition since dissection but I think it’s in need of some care and attention. See what you think….. view from the top of the hill This is the pigeon loft I think these next two shots show the damage caused by the depth charge? Trevor
  11. Many years ago when editing an amateur aviation magazine, if doing an article on Avro, it was standard practice to send BAe copies of historical photos, because “theirs had been destroyed in a fire”. A quick google found that Chadderton did indeed have a series of catastrophic fires https://www.oldham-chronicle.co.uk/news-features/8/news-headlines/67077/fire-left-scene-of-devastation It’s only a hunch, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some/most/all of the records may have been destroyed? Trevor
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