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  1. Well, Flickr and I have come to a temporary fix. I now have three months Pro for free and somehow, that’s semi cured the problem and I can upload new photos! So……… Using my Tamiya IJN Green I painted the cockpit sides and picked out some detail. First this…… and after picking out detail….. Phew, that’s a relief. Lets see what I get up to this weekend. Trevor the relieved
  2. Good news everyone! Although Flickr haven’t solved the problem (yet), they have given me three months free Pro upgrade . So I tried it out. Whilst I still can’t do my preferred method, go to photo, open app and upload, I am now able to go to the app, press the + at the bottom of the screen and to upload that way. Now let’s see if I can post…… That’ll do Trevor that is the vet up the road to me btw - someone put it up on the Friday night after closing and it stayed there for a week!
  3. Several sources have come up with this story today https://ukdefencejournal.org.uk/argentina-to-purchase-jf-17-thunder-jets-from-pakistan/ Politics aside, Argentina has been looking for a replacement for its Mirages and derivatives for several years. Trevor
  4. Well I just had the killer reply from Flickr to the effect that they are aware of the problem and that their engineers are working on it. Looks like I’ll be twiddling my thumbs until such time some sort of patch is released. So no visible updates on my builds for the foreseeable future. Trevor
  5. To pick up on your theme, I would suggest a series of Hawker Harts and derivatives. More variations and schemes you could shake a strut at. Licence to print money I think. Boeing P-12 would also be a very ‘out of the box’ subject. Think of this from Kotare’s accountant viewpoint. Unlike WNW, there are no owner’s millions backing them on day 1. They need the ‘bankers’ in the bank as it were. Once they have $ in the bank, maybe an RNZAF Vincent?! Trevor
  6. Stunning build. I see you corrected the underwing pylons to the British pattern too. I’ve had one on a stutter and stop for several years. I do aim to complete it someday Trevor
  7. I built this when it was released by NOVO and remember even then that it was little more than an outline. Panel lines were very fine raised lines, wheel hub and engine front end detail were less than stellar. Apparently it’s outline is accurate though I recall one IPMS modeller commenting at the time that the fuselage was too fat? Anyway, he ended up grafting the nose onto an Airfix B.(I)6 Trevor
  8. This leaves the field clear for Tamiya to concentrate on the Hurricane I…….. Trevor
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