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  1. ....and the rigging Seriously though, this is looking the business. Trevor
  2. A twin Kitty and a front row seat. I’m a happy bunny...... Trevor
  3. That is a gorgeous model. It has a nice lived-in and war weary look about it. The G.55 and Macchi C.202/5 are amongst the most beautiful WWII fighters ever made. Come on Eduard......... Trevor
  4. Bit of a putty monster that! I love the work you put into the wheel wells. Trevor
  5. You’re going great guns BTW you can never have too much cheese in an omelette. I’m concerned though that if you had a two egg omelette and another egg for a snack, that you may be egg bound?! Trevor
  6. Thanks for that @Mountain goat - as they say, once you see it, you can’t unsee it! Trevor
  7. Fun fact - Margaret Calvert when interviewed a few years ago said the girl in the school crossing sign was her! Trevor
  8. How different is the K sponson to the H? Is it a really big difference, or is it only minor surgery? Trevor
  9. A bit more on the cockpit today. I was looking at the etched fret and to be honest, although the detail looks nice, I’ve no idea about using the stuff, so I decided wine bottle foil and plastic card would do instead. Using the etch as a template I came up with this. After another belt was made, I added both to the seats Not too bad. You will see that I also added the control columns (very brittle) and the footrests. There is no way this side of hell freezing over that the etched metal leather hoops were going to be added! The roll bar was also added, the crossbar of which fits into the cradle thingy (part A5) behind the seats. Amazing how the camera magnifies all the flaws I barely see! More soonish! Trevor
  10. Still unparalleled for but-joining large flat areas. Trevor
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