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  1. His probably has a laser leveller. @Alan P I’ll look forward to that build! Trevor
  2. No I haven’t disappeared it’s that modelling opportunities are less at weekends at the moment because we’re doing summer activities (and seeing Wales get a nail biting draw against Switzerland ). My ‘staring at photos’ continues and I came across this restoration log with plenty of photos http://www.vicair.net/mosquito.html Also a shout out to @Alan P and his build of the same kit, albeit transmogrifying it to an FB.VI. Check it out Hopefully, I’ll get back to plasticing soon Trevor
  3. A dark blue hard top MGB GT, Liverpool registered, on a K plate. Pulled off as I approached and although looking very nice, sounded a bit rough. Trevor
  4. Flippin’ chuffin’ ‘eck ‘endie! Another marvel is appearing in front of our eyes. Trevor
  5. @AdrianMF Hello! As promised I fished out my comparison sketch of the wings (and as a bonus the tailplane and fuselage). I have already started the new Airfix wing so lining up was a bit hairy, but what I tried to achieve was to line up the three wings at the base of the engine. As you can see, all three differ somewhat! Tailplanes aren’t bad and the fuselages more or less match. The wing is the Revell reissue from the 1990’s and the black mark overlaid is a tracing from the Arthur Bentley drawings. Make what you will of that lot! I have no idea
  6. This’ll be good. I have this kit, plus the old and new Airfix versions and I have this insane idea to build them together! Just to let you know, the wing shape of the Frog/Revell kit is markedly different outboard of the engine to the two Airfix kits. Give me a mo and I’ll dig out a (crude) comparison drawing of the three. Trevor
  7. I’m loving your ‘reanimation’. Can’t help you with the uniform I’m afraid other than to say flying from Banff it could be rather cold! As for the canopy I don’t need to tell you that it’s split vertically and that could cause a world of pain to hide the join. At least you will be able to chop off the windscreen and replace it with a flat one. Just remember it’s too tall at the windscreen end (look at the panels as they are square rather than rectangular) so butchering it may cure this fault. Will you need to remove the side panels with the blisters too? Looking good
  8. @Alan P nice start there! Glad to think that my dabblings to date are of help. No updates from me last week (weather too good and was told I had things to do in the garden.....) For the price and scale, this is a great kit on which to make your mark and you will end up with something unique. Bonus is that as the Mossie is mostly wood, not much rescribing will be required. Those Aviology stencils look intriguing and appear to have a lot more going on than the ones provided with the kit. Needless to say, front row with popcorn in hand! Trevor
  9. Dunny* side up chaps *I had typed ‘sunny’ but for once predictive Texas came up trumps
  10. I haven’t had the plastic in my hands so am approaching this from the direction of extreme stupidity, but what is wrong with the kit cowlings? Chin up as @general melchett wouldn’t say Trevor
  11. I missed ‘The Great Unveiling’ Turned out nice didn’t it! Trevor
  12. I don’t believe it
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