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  1. My better half and I both bought this album before we met each other. Neither of the album covers match this one. Marketing I suppose Trevor
  2. Then there is this I’d say that intro is pretty iconic? Trevor
  3. Nice. I built the Revell 262 a while ago and seem to remember that the canopy was a bit rough - mould wear? Other than that, it went together easily enough. I look forward to updates. Trevor
  4. Any chance of the original order number being reinstated? Trevor
  5. Just scanned through the pages and can’t believe no one has suggested Thriller! Trevor
  6. To those who don’t like intros, they’d HATE this version of Waterfront by Simple Minds In my yoof, I’d buy the 12” EP versions of songs like this specially for the extra bits Trevor
  7. Last one for now The Smiths - How soon is Now? yes I’m an 80’s dinosaur Trevor
  8. New Order - Blue Monday Got the hang of this now! Trevor
  9. Bless my cotton socks! Trevor
  10. This is driving me mad. I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to embed a video of ‘Reward’ by Teardrop Explodes. Google it! From the opening beat, it’s relentless and magnificent Trevor the frustrated oh and there’s an Austin Champ in the video too!
  11. I’ll just leave those here! Trevor
  12. All my builds are KUTAs Trevor
  13. I have an idea for a semi dead Walrus laying on its side in a dump. I’ve seen a photo somewhere…. Trevor
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