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  1. So cutting up the starboard fuselage and wing also started painting the cockpit.
  2. Welcome aboard all. Sorry for the delay in updates - very busy at work, plus had some issues with leaking pipes, involving a stay in a hotel. Finally given up on Flickr, I can no longer access my account on a mobile device. So now trying Village Photos. started marking out were to cut... Now to start the cutting... More later (hopefully)
  3. So can only access Flickr on a desktop browser for now, so images might be slow in appearing . The base Airfix kit that I will be using: Sprue short of the Airfix plastic: I am sure that the Airfix C-47 will be a popular choice for this group build,so I leave the Airfix Shots at one. Now for the contents of Alley Cat set: A set of Instructions, colour profiles and a small decal sheet: If I am completely honest, the instructions appear to lack a bit of detail, so I will proceed with caution. Right now for the resin parts. seating with the components to change the airframe: The resin parts look nicely cast and the Minion and cannon already have the brass tubes cast in the to them: The props, including a jig for assembly - a nice touch. The final parts are the clean resin for the windows (the main cockpit glazing was broken during shipping, so will need be carefully repaired), a small etch set for the door airflow deflectors and the numbers aerials. Looking forward to getting started on this next weekend.
  4. I will be joining this GB either a AC-47T Fantasma of the Colombian Air Force. The Basler BT-67 is a remanufactured and modified Douglas DC-3; the modifications designed to significantly extend the DC-3's serviceable lifetime. Not just a case of adding new turbo prop engines, but the forward fuselage is extended to keep the centre of gravity correct. The wing tips are also modified, as are the ailerons, elevators and wing tips. From Jet Photos https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/8073362 I will be using the Airfix Douglas Dakota boxing as the base kit and the Alley Cat Models Basler AC-47T Fantasma conversion set. Images to to follow shortly, once I can get into my Flickr account.
  5. Finally looks like I am making some progress. Whale interior completed... And on Junglie - cabin seating finished. hope to finish the cockpit seating tonight, almost there, some touch up of the paint require....
  6. You could also watch Chanel 5 @ 6pm tonight - Red Arrows Kings of the Skys. What about humbrol 196 for the undercarriage? Or is the too light?
  7. Making very slow progress. With christmas over with, have been working on the cabin.... Removing the ejection pin marks on the inside of the fuselage. Progress on the HAR3 cabin and cockpit. the cabin seats are now ready to go in, so these should goes in this evening. The HC4 cabin is painted, but need to add all the seat belts from the etch set before I add the seats.
  8. While trying to finish off the beaufighter, have made some progress tonight on adding the etch to HC4 and have started the HAR3, which will not have any etch added to the cabin. The airfix insturctions call for the cockpit to be grey, where as this is true for the cabin, but I think the cockpit floor should be black?
  9. Only just come across this will be following. Looking good so far.
  10. All welcome to follow. And any advice/tips gratefully received. Not the fastest builder but hope to make progress every few days.
  11. I hope I can meet your exceptions Col. The one area of the Airfix Sea King that is poor is the engine air intake filter, so I am hoping I can make a good job of using the etch to improve the filter. Quite agree can never have too many rotors. Yes the Puma is XW202, from when it was 1563 Flt in Belize. Hoping that one day Airfix will issue a new tool Puma (along with a Wessex HC2). Back when I was teenage in the 80's I did an Airfix Sea King as a 78 Sqn using the Modeldecal sets, so this is a bit of a trip down memory lane - it must of been the first time I used an aftermarket decal sheet.
  12. So having completed a couple of group builds, I thought that I would try a WIP.....So for my first try at a WIP I have decide to have ago at a couple of Sea Kings. I have two of the new tool Airfix Sea Kings in the stash. I will build the HAR.3 as a 78 Squadron from the mid to late eighties. I have a few decal sheets to help out here. I plan to add the lifting frame that appears on a number of the 78 Sqn machines. I have the Airwaves HC.4 conversion set - planned for a another build using the old Airfix Sea King - there is a challenge, so I will be using the lifting frame from that set as a template. For the HC4, I will be using the kit decals, but during the Eduard E-day sale, I pick up the big ed set cheaply, so I have some etch to add. The second set of masks is for the HAR3 and were not part of age big ed set. Also plan to use the lift strops (if the is the correct term) from an Airwaves etch set: Anyway last night made a start - a couple of the etch parts added to the Junglie.
  13. It has taken a while, but finally finished this build. Thanks for looking. James
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