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  1. Hope your refund comes through - they did again to refund my subscription, as after 4 months I had not received a single copy. After 4 weeks of chasing the refund, I went through PayPal and after suppling a copy of the email chain, PayPal issued the refund.
  2. Hi Martin, You have made great work so far! Looking forward to seeing the finished model.
  3. Still no December issue of SAMI for me, I renewed my subscription in November and seeing that the publication date has now moved to the end of the month, from the beginning of the month I suspect that I will now only revived 5 issue in my subscription and not the 6 I was expecting. Should have l learnt from the problems last Marche when the March/April issue was combined and my subscription expired in March - did not get the combined issue as my subscription had expired before the publication date! I will until the 7th Feb to see if any is received and if not will ask for a full refund and open a case with Paypal.
  4. Thanks all for the responses @scotthldr those photos are really useful! - Might just go with your suggestion of Dark compass grey @Red Dot, thanks for the suggestion, will join that site. Cheers all James
  5. Hi All, Just about about to start the Italeri AS.532 Cougar in 1/72. Looking at doing the Singapore option, as something a bit different. The colour schemes in the instructions are not the clearest. Looking at images on the net, I believe I am sorted for the upper surfaces and sides. The confusion is the underside colour - Italeri appear to have this as a tan colour, but the only picture I can find that shows any of the underside colour, it appears to be a grey - green colour - https://www.airliners.net/photo/Singapore-Air-Force/Aerospatiale-AS-332M1-Super-Puma/1197162/L?qsp=eJxtjjEOwjAMRe/iuQNRCYhsdGGkAxewHAORQhs5Hqiq3p00RUxs3%2B/bT56BxkH5rbcpMTjIjEJPaCCh4CuDmwGDkOBdO8yBtrX9sW1%2B/MIDy98GnDF2m2MYVr3dWXsq9jyKdlMBHpXPRJyU/ZdfxbOsFWeqjzzKpSmBpa8Z2kPhPuQUsTpYMURYlg%2BR8ELa Anyone have an image of the underside of a Singaporean Cougar or know what the underside colour should be? Thanks James
  6. Do we know what markings are going to be included yet? I am hoping for an 80 sqn F.3
  7. It would be good to see a Mosquito flying the UK again. I was fortunate enough to live not too far away from where RR299 was based, at BAe at Hawarden when I was at school. We often saw it fly back or even practising displays. James
  8. Hi. Steve, Yes Medway Model Club, do not worry, I am terrible at putting names to faces anyway. No meeting in April or May. Keep Safe, James
  9. Hi Steve, Welcome form the other side of Medway - I guess we are in the same club? James
  10. If Memory serves my right, the Merlins were ordered as replacements for the Sea Kings and Labradors. The airframes were to be built in AugustaWestland, but the avionics and role specific equipment (the profitable bit) was to come from Canadian companies and fitted in Canada. The was a bit of an out cry that that the helicopters had been purchased from Europe and not the USA ( Where is suspect that they would have been fitted with US equipment). With a change of government in Canada, the order was canceled, and a huge fee paid to AugustaWestland the cancelation. The Merlins were eventual purchased for the SAR role anyway. I understand the downside of the S-92 was that the transmission was the same as that in the S-70 and and in the large machine it is noisy and there are lots of vibrations?
  11. Was in Hamleys Regent Street yesterday and they 30 - 40 on the shelf at £28, so there is still plenty around.
  12. You make be on to something with the herc - possible in 2021? My source has stated that it is in the design stage. Now is the question is are we both getting the same information from the same person or different people?
  13. or a comment from someone who had been to Airfix and seen the list............
  14. So at a recent club meeting, the rumour from along the North Kent coast was that the 2020 release list is confirmed........ ....Advice to all assembled modellers was to off load your 1/72 Vulcans.... Personally, I would not expect a new 1/72 Vulcan until 2021/ 2022, with a tie in with the 40th anniversary of the Black Buck Raids... I am hopping for a 1/72 Wessex, and in view of some recent art work, prospects are looking positive
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