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  1. 1903flight

    Lockheed GB in 2019 ? at 30 on July 6th

    I am up for this one. Plenty of F-104s and F-16s in the stash.
  2. 1903flight

    1/72 Dassult-Breguet / Dornier Alpha Jet

    Some how managed not to submit the above a few days ago. So new update. Paint big almost finished final touch ups and the on with the decals
  3. 1903flight

    1/72 Dassult-Breguet / Dornier Alpha Jet

    Some slow progress recently..... A couple of coats of paint Also started on the gun barrel Not a very clear picture
  4. 1903flight

    Shorts Skyvan

    So progress so far, cockpit just about finished and cabin painted cabin seating next to go in next. Cockpit glaze are has been dipped and is currently drying. So so far have fitted 10 grams of lead under the cabin floor, I think I will need some in the nose wheel bay.
  5. 1903flight

    Shorts Skyvan

    So I dipped the test canopy this morning.... Not really the best photo, but up close it does appear to shine more, so not damaged it then. Will test one set of the fuselage windows tonight.
  6. 1903flight

    Shorts Skyvan

    While slow progress is being made on the interior, should have some pictures tomorrow, I have been researching what to do with the cockpit glazing. It has a yellow tint to it.... So I have never used Kleer before, but having read around looks like this stuff is the same.. and at £1.29 a bottle, at lot cheaper. Going to to test on a spare canopy first ....
  7. 1903flight

    Shorts Skyvan

    Start on the interior, one fuselage side and the cockpit and cabin floor. used Humbrol 87 for the interior colour, appears To be a go match to the pre paint etch in the cockpit. Need to decide on the colour of the cockpit seats next
  8. 1903flight

    What are you reading?

    Well the post today, this arrived - Will be starting tonight.
  9. 1903flight

    Shorts Skyvan

    Look what has just arrived in the post.... Thank you IPMS Austria
  10. 1903flight

    Shorts Skyvan

    Thanks all. @zebra - it was your build that started this off. @Wez - I think you are right about the rivets, under a coat of paint then should be fine. In the image below those rivets to stand out. Going to put a couple of useful links for Austrian Skyvans here, so that I do not lose them... Walk around - http://kitchecker.de/walkaround-short-sc-7-srs-3m-skyvan/ Information and a few nice images - http://www.doppeladler.com/oebh/luftfahrzeuge/skyvan.htm The kit instructions give Humbrol 155 Olive Drab and 195 Dark Green as the colours - I believe that these represent RAL 7013 RAL 6020. I normally use Xtracolor paints for the exterior and paint4models gives X114 Medium green as a match to RAL6020 A search for RAL 7013, gives an FS match as 34087/34084, which would be equivalent to X111 Olive Drab. Will see how they look on some plastic later on. James
  11. 1903flight

    Viggen LIDARed at Newark

    Swift flew with 3 squadrons - 2, 79 & 4. Admittedly 4 SQN only flew them for a mater of months, after the re numbering of 79 SQN, and not all of them had had 79 SQN markings removed before the Swift was replaced by Hunter FR.10s. If I could find decals for a 4 SQN Swift, that will be another Swift Airfix would sell.
  12. 1903flight

    1/76 Bofors 40mm Gun and Tractor

    Looking go so far, will be following this build
  13. 1903flight

    Shorts Skyvan

    This model was first released in 1975, but do not think it has been re released to offen. So here is a few pics of what is in the box. Firstly the scheme that I will be building this as... There are six grey spure and one clear one. These are the two with the fuselage sides on: That is some rivet detail. Need to see how these look on under a coat of paint. Under wings and some of the internal details. The kit comes with a complete set of seating - airline seat 3 in a row and canvas seating along the fuselage sides for the military variants. The lower wings and the fuselage top and bottom. The clear parts. The cockpit glazing looks a bit ‘foggy’, this will need polishing - not something I have ever managed to do successfully. The cabin windows have dimples in, so I think I might try Deluxe Materials’ Glue n Glaze to replace these. There are some ejector pin marks on the fuselage inside, so the first step will be to fill these, while I wait for the etch set to arrive.
  14. 1903flight

    Shorts Skyvan

    Hi Phil, That is an interesting idea. I am currently reading Gunships by Wayne Mutza and I had wondered what a Skyvan gunship would have looked like. A couple of mini guns in the rear windows? James
  15. 1903flight

    Shorts Skyvan

    I was think about what I could do for this group build - plant of Hawks and Tornados to choose from, but thanks to @Pete in Lincs, this turned up in the post today: I was think about adding this to the Airfix: The Golden Years GB build, but as I already have one in that group build and I will not be starting this until next week, the extra time in this group build could be useful. So as I plan to build this in Austrian colours, in fits here as well. I have tracked down and orders an etch set from IPMS Austria, so hoping to build with the ramp down.