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  1. That looks great. I’ve enjoyed the trip with you and can’t wait to watch your next build.
  2. I hope Airfix have plenty of spares as I’ve just checked my kit and it has the same flaw. Tony
  3. I’ve removed transfers (sorry, I’m old) with sticky tape. Tony
  4. It’s a British thing, taking the proverbial out of ourselves. We’re doomed I tell ye!
  5. Well done with such a nice job with this. I'm just glad I don't have this one in the stash! Regards Tony
  6. RAF C-130J ZH889 at low level around 22.30 last night, just north of Stratford Upon Avon, headed West. To see this at low level in the dark…… and the low level of noise. Impressive is the only way to describe it. I wonder what they were practising… Tony
  7. I'm retired after a career in IT. Support were always looking for a pattern or the ability to re-create the issue. I've had the odd 500 error but today found I could consistently create the problem when I searched for the term 'f-15b' (without the apostrophes). It doesn't seem to matter which page I search from either. Ii hope this helps. If this is irrelevant, please ignore. Regards Tony
  8. That does look really effective. Duly noted for when I drag one of mine out out of the stash. Tony
  9. tonyh

    Mike McEvoy

    Sad news. A gentleman. RIP
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