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  1. There’s some Interesting staining over the tailplanes in the first image in Elger’s post. Oil thrown back from the inboard engines? Tony
  2. tonyh

    Plane Savers

    Just wondering if I’m the only one enjoying this series on YouTube. Buffalo Airways trying to get a C-47 back in the air for the 75th anniversary of D Day. Interesting, especially when Mikey introduces the episode and announces its 25C below. Tony
  3. Or the Stratford Ale House in........ .Stratford-upon-Avon... Regards Tony
  4. What he said. Most eloquent as usual. Can’t wait. I have three of these (1 expert and 2 over trees) and will watch and learn. Tony
  5. I agree. However, they’re here at long last, and I’m impressed. I did panic for a moment when I opened the outer box as the clear sprue in the expert kit had impaled the decal sheet and then its box! Never mind. No harm done as it had missed all the printed items. Tony
  6. At last! Royal Mail say they’ve received a parcel from Poland and will try to deliver it today! I’d best clear the bench then..... Tony
  7. I’m also still waiting for my three. One expert and two over trees ordered on 01/12. Dispatched from Poland sorting centre on 18/12 but still in transit as not received by Royal Mail yet. Just how far is it??? I suppose patience is a virtue.... Tony
  8. tonyh

    Stores in London area

    When you say touring the UK, will you be venturing as far north as Birmingham? Tony
  9. Order placed for 1 expert and 2 Overtrees. Patience is a virtue, or so I’m told...
  10. You can still find some great builds by Mattie Bee here on BM. They're a great source of information, although some of the photographs have disappeared into that 'bucket' I'm afraid. Tony
  11. I might be talking through my you know what, but I just wonder if they are supposed to be fitted from the inside? The length of the exhaust stacks lead me to think that. Tony
  12. I’ve had good results with CA and talcum powder. Don’t leave it too long before sanding though. Just my two pennies... Tony
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