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  1. Dermo245

    HT's SHARS

    Like those two a lot HT. Dermot
  2. What they all said - love it! Dermot
  3. Dermo245

    Corsairs Me. 262 Schwalbe

    Nice progress on this one Dennis and look forward to the next post! Dermot
  4. Dermo245

    1/72 FineMolds Slave 1

    What they all said - looks awesome! Dermot
  5. Great photos, thanks for sharing ! Dermot
  6. Great build John and a wonderful tribute. Liking the base you've done for it too. For anyone interested, the restored film is in cinemas with more details at https://www.thedambusters75.co.uk/ Dermot
  7. Dermo245

    Ardennes 1944 Crossroads

    Thank you Steve and a couple more below.. Dermot
  8. Dermo245

    Airfix E-3D 8/23(R) SQN ZH103

    She's a big 'un alright...enjoying following this one. Dermot
  9. Dermo245

    Westland Puma

    Great work and extra bits on this one Colin Dermot
  10. Very nice work! Dermot
  11. Dermo245

    C2A Greyhound 1/48 Kinetic

    Great build and finish and love the Greyhound - unsung hero of the modern US Navy!
  12. Dermo245

    1/72 Revell Avro Lancaster B.III

    Me too! Great build, paint work and weathering look excellent.
  13. What they all said - great looking Tomcat and those older Hasegawa kits still look good. Dermot
  14. So to go with the build of my 1/72 Academy Schwimmagen I tried my hand at a simple diorama to try and mimic this famous photo. The very brief build thread is here if you're interested. I'm normally a wings & rotors builder so for my first diorama in a while, am reasonably happy how it turned out. Base 15 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Thanks for looking! Cheers, Dermot
  15. Dermo245

    Ardennes 1944 Crossroads

    Thanks very much everyone. The font is 'Agency FB' which you can find in Microsoft Word...I applied 'bold' to it and while it's not 100% accurate, was as close as I could find.