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  1. Incredible work Allan. You really transform these old kits. Dermot
  2. Hi all, hope you're keeping safe and well. I'm in with this rivetted oldie pulled from the attic (those kits in the background are on the way to market - long story) Airfix B-25J by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr This plane will be shooting....film of course! When I saw the decals were available for the Psychedelic Monster, I jumped at the chance to build it. B-25J_Draw_Decals by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr The plan is to build it in-flight, more on that later. Thanks for looking and good luck with your builds. Chee
  3. Sorry but going to withdraw from this one. Not much mojo right now and there's already a build thread for the option I was thinking of....don't want to be a copycat! Will follow along anyway Cheers, Der
  4. That’s a beautiful scheme, brilliantly done
  5. Hi all, Very sorry to say this one will not make the finish line - a lack of spares, fuel shortages and.... Just kidding...my hobby-room-DIY-makeover has stalled because of Covid and also suffering a bad lack of mojo. So nowhere to build and no energy to build. Don't worry, will be back again soon. Take care, good luck with your builds and happy modelling. Dermot
  6. Welcome Dan, look forward to seeing some of your builds. As Graham says, you'll get plenty of helpful advice here. All the best, Dermot
  7. Hard to tell given the shape. F-14 Tomcat size?? Given the price point, I really hope that it’s a proper kit, not an Easy kit with crude details..
  8. Another vote here for the Italeri Sea-Harrier (ex-Esci)...lovely kit British Phantom: If you can find one, the Esci F-4S (UK) is tidy. The Fujimi Royal Navy Phantom is also now reboxed by Italeri Tornado: Revell is easy to find but the nose gear is a little too 'tall' out of the box - easy fix Harrier GR3: Airfix is really nice kit,.gives you the option of the dropped intake doors A4 Skyhawk: Fujimi is lovely but can be scarce, Airfix new-tool is a joy to build F-16: Again, Revell is a cracker, F-14A: Hasegawa (later box
  9. Hi all, hope this finds you and yours safe & well! Well that was a year - the hobby, those on here and my club forum IPMS Ireland really helped me through it....thank you! My first finish was in January, a hangover from the 2019 Flying Boat GB - Revell's CL-415 in 1/72 with metal u/c, otherwise, OOB. Next up was Bandai's lovely tiny Millennium Falcon for the Film/Fiction GB There was a What-If GB on our club forum so my next finish was PM Models Ta-183, again mostly OOB with some spare decals.
  10. Wonderful work Adrian, great to see. All the best for 2021! Dermot
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