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  1. Hello Alistair Will you be producing a set of detailing parts for the 32nd Revell Beaufighter as you do for the 48th version? Pete
  2. Frank It's nice too see the comparison of the three models thank you for taking the time to post all of the steps you are going through. Pete
  3. I only use Enamels Humbrol No: 75 to start you off.
  4. Dark Bronze Green would be my starting point and then Nato Black for any camo and then washes and chipping. Pete
  5. Ah I see Rob I thought they were the tender brakes as the images looked zoomed in. They will fit on the main frame nicely. Still nicely assembled. Pete
  6. Tony You realy know how to make a rod for your own back don't you. 😜 Great work as usual very nice indeed. Pete
  7. Nice work to get those together and they will look great when they get fitted to the tenders frame. Pete
  8. That looks great all the ground work all looks in proportion. It would be nice to see more individual on each vehicles if possible? Pete
  9. Very very nice it will definitely be a big improvement on the original parts. Don't forget to get the text correct on the knock offs with regards to the sides they are on and the wheel weights. 😜 Pete
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