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  1. A brush works just as well and better than an air brush most of the time. Find a colour scheme you like (there at=re plenty of sharp edge Tiger 2 camo schemes out there) and follow it no need to rush with applying it and you can always have a do over. Hope it helps. Pete
  2. Thank you for that info. Do you have a link to the build at the are so cryptic on the titles I gave up on trying to find it? Pete
  3. Rob You could sand off the angled treads on the track then they would resemble the early production track but during WW2 buy the 1943/44 most Panther had early and late tracks fitted at the same time as they had to use what was available to hand. Pete
  4. Thank you Stef N Well why make it harder to create & assemble parts the other frets also have component assembly jugs on them as well. A large hold and fold is needed to form the running boards for the sides of the hull due to there length. Pete
  5. I managed to get this kit a few weeks ago at a very good price after looking through the kit I decided I did not like some of the plastic detail parts and I have designed some etched/3D printed replacements I have also designed three other frets in the set and once I have test built and fitted the parts if all goes well I will add the frets to my product range. These will be the 3D printed pars. The updates on this Wip will be sporadic but I will try to be very in depth with them when I post. Pete
  6. Rob Don't forget the handle on the copula hatch (check you reference info). Good work it's taking shape really very well. Pete
  7. The answer is easy don't put too much solder on the iron, use a good liquid flux with a variable temp iron and low melt leaded solder none of the lead free rubbish and clean both surfaces properly and during construction. This is all 1:76th scale
  8. Defiantly Green on the RAF version. Pete
  9. All of theses were taken at RAF Cossford in 2005 https://i.postimg.cc/sgBsNhQw/DSCF0050.jpg
  10. You are never to old to try something new in model making.
  11. I never said they were Tirans as the question was about paint colour and those show the differences in the colour in the same time period in question and there is not much variation, also your pictures are of a vehicle indoors under artificial lighting not showing the true colour.
  12. The correct way to assemble Etched parts in my opinion. Most 35th scale plastic parts are way over scale manly due to the injection molding restrictions in production. 0.15mm thick equates to 5mm thick at 1:1 scale. Very nicely put together Sir.
  13. These may help taken in 1991 years before the remodel of the Tank Museum.
  14. For a while now I have been trying to contact Ian Sadler from the Nottingham area, Ian when I knew him was an extremely good scratch builder model maker of 1980's 90's Soviet Armour and vehicles. If anyone knows of Ian and could contact me (PM on her) and I could give my contact details and they pass them on to Ian and ask him to contact me direct? Please let me know if you can help? Pete
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