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  1. How can he provide a breakdown on how its been spent, when he's not the one spending it? Other companies are in receipt of the $41m. They decide where they spend it, not WNW or PJ. That holding statement from WNW is them attempting to sit firmly on the fence, neither one thing nor another. No denial, but no admittance either. Perhaps a 3rd party is negotiating to purchase the business, and wants WNW to keep the business "warm" until the new owners can kick on? Or perhaps WNW aren't shutting down? At present, I am confidently predictin
  2. He doesn't "take" $41m per year from NZ tax payers. That money is supplied, in the form of grants, to help companies in the NZ film industry. Those companies spend the grant money - as they must - and use some of it to purchase goods & services from WETA, because WETA are the best. So WETA earns the $41m by providing services to the NZ film industry, which has help from the NZ government. It's simply payment for services in an open market. NOT a subsidy to PJ at all.
  3. WNW chose WETA as distributors for the kits, when they stopped free delivery. However, WETA made a bit of a pigs ear of it - quite why WNW had to create their own distribution system and thought they could do it better than wholesaling to model sellers, I'll never know. So WNW decided to go the wholesale route after all, as well as selling direct, and WETA were binned. But it was a business contract, with WETA buying from WNW at wholesale discount, and then reselling with their mark up. Unless WNW sold them the kits at very low prices, it's all legal and abo
  4. No, he's not "under investigation". It's all been done legally, there is no investigation. Other companies got the grant money, then used it to buy products & services from WETA. So WETA earned the "subsidy" perfectly legally, nothing to do with WNW or TVAL.
  5. The world is on the cusp of a historic recession. Businesses are struggling and going bust every day. The unemployment rate in the US is heading towards 20% - unheard of - oil is at $20 a barrel or so, as the world battens down the hatches to fight the coronavirus. Interest rates are around zero the world over. The New Zealand economy has been hit harder than most, as they've shut down everything for longer. It's working, but the effect on the economy is profound. WNW are unable to operate at all, except taking orders on their website, because of NZ government rules. T
  6. Calm down, Darren! This is not "on one man's word" - several sources have said the same thing i.e. WNW is in deep trouble & may close. The WNW website has a holding statement, I'm sure it will be updated next week. WNW are, I'm afraid, very reliant upon us customers for a future, so we need information as well. Nobody is " running around commenting that your money isnt safe with a WW purchase"(Sic). The information is out in the wild. It's been affirmed by various WNW related people. Who is benefitting from this "to score internet
  7. The money WETA got was legal, there is nothing dodgy about it. The government has a film development fund and, of the fund, $41m finds its way to WETA via 3rd parties who contract WETA to undertake work for them. I don't think PJ has done anything wrong, but it seems to me he is pretty wee weed off. He lost $3m in the TVAL con, people are trying to insinuate something dodgy about a government fund that is just plain wrong. He's kicking up a stink in Wellington over planning permission granted next door to one of his homes. He's unpopular with Unions, as he w
  8. I agree. We're riding on Peter Jackson's coat-tails. Having an estimated wealth in excess of £500 million is very handy!
  9. When Peter Jackson first started WNW, he was on record as saying that it was not there to make a profit. He wanted it to make model kits that he wanted to buy. If it IS a profit oriented business, it's doing a very poor job. They run out of kits far too quickly, because they don't make enough. And then, when the kit goes OOP, they don't even consider re-issuing any. A normal business would be making as much product as the market wants to purchase. They don't offer kits that are hugely popular and would sell like hot cakes, such as the Fokker Triplane, BE.2, Nieuports and SPADS. The
  10. I've recently bought a couple of Taube's and a couple of Dolphin's, to add to my WNW stash of way too many. The "Sold Out" signs really spooked me, so I've "invested" in pretty much every single kit they've produced over the years, right from the SE.5a, junker J1, Brisfit & LVG C.VI they first produced, all the way back in 2009, through 2010 giving us the amazing Gotha, Albie & RE.8 kits, amongst others. I bought multiples of kits I particularly liked, such as the RE.8. FE.2b, Felixstowe and, of course, the Albies, with so many very cool & colourful camo finishes. That'
  11. I couldn't agree more. The story was that WNW had started on the Sopwith Tripe when Roden released theirs, so they just carried on. With the Camel, I assume WNW just thought, what the hell? Why WNW produce German & British planes only is beyond me. The Salmson seems a weird choice anyway, when SPAD's, Nieuports, Farmans, etc abound. At some point, they'll just run out of British & German subjects/!
  12. That is interesting. So I'll see how WETA goes over the next couple of months, but as Hannants offer back-ordering, 10% discounts on back-orders, free shipping over £100, the chance to order all modelling supplies in one order - WETA only sel WNW kits - real-time stock levels and superb service, with next-day delivery, I doubt very much I'll go back to WETA. And that's without looking at he other WNW suppliers popping up in the UK - there are several now. Why order from a Dutch warehouse that costs more, takes longer to arrive and has a history of, at best, medio
  13. I'm not sure "three duds in a row" is fair? We don't know how many have been sold. I thought they were three bloody superb kits. WNW are not an ordinary company. They produce whatever Peter Jackson fancies. He underights the operation, so they are not driven by the market or sales in the same way as other model companies. I feel they've a lot of releases lined up this year, especially as they've now sorted the shipping debacle out. Whoever chose WETA should not be expecting a bonus this year!
  14. I've got far, far too many. Great kits, Tamiya like quality, superb subjects and, crucially, short runs combine to make them must haves.
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