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  1. The 3000cc engine was big compared to that in the Austin Healy 100 - 2600cc or thereabouts. it was a fairly common way of distinguishing larger models, particularly with those produced in the UK. Cheers Mike
  2. Beautiful old school modelling! That's a mighty fine paint finish. Cheers, Mike
  3. I ended up soldering many of the joins in major parts like the engine block, oil tank and fuel tank etc on my MFH 250 GTO, as well as much of the frame members. I used a low melt solder and a normal soldering iron without any issue at all. They key is to not spend a lot of time on the join with the iron, so somewhat counter-intuitively a hot iron works better. The lower melt point solder and a good flux keeps everything under control. The joins are certainly way more robust and clean up much nicer than a CA'd joint. There's certainly plenty of scrap white metal "sprue"buts on these kits to get a feel for it. Cheers, Mike
  4. I got a textured finish on my 1/12 250 GTO by spraying matt black enamel thinned with turpentine to slow its drying and then stippling it with a small piece of sponge. I did try spraying at lower pressure from various distances but tended to get more of a splatter effect than the tight texture that I was after. Hope fully the photo shows. Cheers, Mike
  5. Beautiful smooth surface on that! Love the livery! Cheers, Mike
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