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  1. I've got 2 books on the go at the moment, Andrew Marr's the making of modern Britain 1901 - 1945, and the latest David Baldacci, Daylight. I've had the Andrew Marr book in my reading stash for about 10 years now, the Baldacci less than 12 hours! In total, my reading stash is now 62 books, and I am seriously concerned that they now form a NGTBRIML stash! (Not Going To Be Read In My Lifetime)
  2. You raise two points here; Firstly, I've had scam calls after changes like supplier, or contract terms: my conclusion is it's likely to be current staff of the new people trying to make a bit on the side. Secondly, your brother is a man after my own heart! I often adopt a sad tone, and say do your parents and grandparents know you're a thief? The reactions range from an outraged "I'm not!" to slamming the phone down. I know they just break the connection, but I like to think of an outraged scammer slamming the phone down!!
  3. My goodness Ced, you have been busy ! Glad to hear Tilly is OK, we weren't quite so busy with Rosie (sadly no longer with us - old age) asI mentioned, Cavs aren't quite as energetic as cockers. Grandson duty is grand, isn't it? I can't see the mods being too concerned about a photo of Otto, gazing contentedly on the mobile, and thinking "as soon as I can reach I'm having THAT one!" Weddings - have done two for the same daughter (long story, not interested in the telling) but 3.30 am - yikes - that beat the last wedding - with lots of Army people there - by an hour! Man cave temperature; no idea what, but tooooo hot. PE for the reggiano 2000 painted with primer last night, I am sure as it went on it dried instantly! It sounds to me that despite the travails with plumbing and hitches with wedding you've probably had a good time pver the last 5 weeks. That augurs well for the mojo !!
  4. Grounded? Over a perfectly legitimate German word? I say old chap. a touch ferocious, what ??
  5. How's Tilly got on? Our cavalier, Rosie, had to have a knee operation and very sorry for herself with one leg in plaster for I think 6 weeks. If it's any help once plaster off, and a couple of weeks "cage rest" (cavs fortunately not so energetic as cockers) she was back to her normal self. I'm sure Tilly will be the same. While wholly off topic, how's the grandson? Appreciating the mobile?
  6. I believe this Austrian Hotel which is found in a small village not far from my relatives' home in Carinthia may bring a smile to the lips .....
  7. I bet everyone else laughed!!
  8. I enjoyed it, I am sure. (It was about 10 years ago!) The only ones that I didn't quite take to were the couple of books that dealt with interwar Russia, with a lot of exposition on Russia. The Roger Brook and De Richeleau books were probably my favourites I suspect I liked his sci fi books a bit more than the Gregory Sallust ones. If course, his occult books were extraordinary, especially for a teenager who'd never really come across the concepts! I have a fond memory of embarrassing my father when I had bought the book the Eunuch of Stamboul (I was about 13 or 14), and as him "What's an Eunuch?" I remember him wriggling in his char and looking away from me and saying "ask your mother" Honestly, when I found out, I couldn't believe how embarrassed he was!
  9. There used to be a firm near me called 24 hour erection ltd. (Scaffolders) And here in Kidderminster we have the (world ??) famous estate agents, Doolittle and Dalley.
  10. I've read the Philip Baker bio of Dennis Wheatley; was that the one? In fact, he's one of my favourite authors, I first read the devil rides out back in the early '60's - it was passed around in school (much as Lady Chatterley's lover was). I have a box in the loft with every one of his novels in.
  11. Ouch! I should think that's quite a difficult thing for a publisher to do. There are no pages missing in my copy of V2, I'm happy to report.
  12. As I've just bought the new paperback of V2 by Robert Harris, I had a look at the first chapter, and to my surprise I found I'd got to page 55 in what seemed no time at all. I've finished Elvis Costello's memoir, which I found very interesting, and a good read, and started a biography of Steve Jobs, so here I am again, reading two books again! V2 is proving a real page turner, and after a second session I'm now up to page 141 of 378, so I've left Steve Jobs at the point in 1975 when he found a Apple, to finish V2.
  13. A mixture of reading and modelling supplies. To read, this; A surprisingly easy read, I'm up to page 111 in what seems like a couple of hours. Also these; more volumes in the 33 1/3 series of books on individual albums. Rio and Avalon are well known to me as albums, and most Britmodellers will I am sure be aware of songs like Rio, Hungry like the wolf and Avalon itself. The third volume - on the Donna Summer album Once upon a time does demonstrate that the series isn't restricted to rock or pop/rock albums. In fact, one of the books coming out in the autumn is on Maria Callas' album "Lyric and colouratura arias" - alongside books on Computer World by Kraftwerk and Live at the Harlem Square Club by Sam Cooke.There are now 157 of these books published, I have them all, but am missing 5 of the albums. Modelling accessories were Yahu instrument panels for the Supermodel 1/72 Macci 205 and Fiat G 55, Kora resin wheels for the Macchi 205, as the little vinyl bagels you get with the kit look - well, like mini vinyl bagels! And then these; seatbelt for the Macchi 205 and a set of generic Eduard Italian camouflage blotches, in case I get fed up trying to freehand them on the little collection of Italian planes I have (Macchi.C.205, Fiat G.55, Reggiani Re.2000 and Reggiani Re.2006)
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