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  1. I read the foundation novels as a young man, very early 20's, and tend to think it would be very difficult to translate them to television. It would be nice to see someone make the effort. My particular wishlist of sci find to be made into a film/tv series is the Icerigger trilogy by Alan Dean Foster, Needle and Through the eye of the needle by Hal Clement, and Fade Out by Patrick Tilley.
  2. Whofan

    Lysander - Eduard 1/48

    Ced, " I'd like to see what Mrs. B's opinion of that is. Mrs B's opinion of me dressing up has never been tested, although I expect she would 'transmit her apathy' at me " Oh dear. So no dressing up as Anthony and Cleopatra then .... ? Oops, I may have given the game away .............. "It's now been taped to the kit part and blasted with Mrs B's 'Dyson Supersonic' - calling it a hairdryer is like calling a Hurricane 'a bit windy'." If it's the same one Mrs H has then I keep well upwind of it, to quote Yoda, Powerful, is that one!
  3. I've got to say that this has brought some memories of watching My little pony with our daughter, probably 30 years ago! Do kids still sing the song "My little pony, Skinny and bony" ? I think the ponies seem to have become a little more cartoony than I remember, but that's how the show is, I suppose. This is clearly a Labour of love for you, and it's great to see the obvious enjoyment your daughter has in doing things in the model.
  4. Whofan

    Lysander - Eduard 1/48

    I'd like to see what Mrs. B's opinion of that is.
  5. I can't seem to find the whether or not the models released by AMP include UK Dragonfly version as used by the Royal Navy (with winch and rear fuselage bulge) are available yet in the UK. I don't know if the model asmodean is building is the one, but with additional parts to make the stretcher carriers on the fuselage, perhaps Sergey you could confirm for me whether the FAA SAR version has been released, and is available in the UK? I don't mind waiting til Telford if it is available and you are going to be there.
  6. Whofan

    Dudley Sutton dies aged 85.

    The last thing I saw him in was Cockneys vs Zombies, a low budget comedy horror film. Surprisingly, more comedy than horror. He played his part excellently, and as people here have said, as Tinker in LiveJournal he stole many a scene and enhanced the programme wonderfully.
  7. Well done Ced, a most excellent journey on your build ! I'm sure it was careful placement, as the formation of Liberator and Peacemaker looks very right.
  8. Whofan

    Vote Grump!

  9. Whofan

    What music are you playing ? Part IV

    3.2 by Robert Berry - The Rules have changed. Several Songs part composed by Keith Emerson, the album was intended to be a "follow up" to 3, released by Emerson Berry and Palmer in, ohh, 1988. Also just listened again to the magnificent All the Cowboys have Chinese Eyes by Pete Townshend. But will move on to Queen II, because I can !
  10. Whofan

    What are you reading?

    Unwinnable, by Theo Farrell; Britain's war in Afghanistan 20012 - 2014.
  11. Whofan

    BBC Drama headline (didn't believe it!)

    The Burning question is this ................ Will it be better than the Tom Cruise version?
  12. Whofan

    Albatross, Get Your Albatross Here!

    I have been like this for as long as can remember so its as much a fault with me than anything else. Trouble is that when this particular worm turns, he does so with a vengeance, often to his own detriment. Unfortunately Martian, this strong sense of duty - (or should it be strong, duty this sense is in him? Or am I confusing my aliens here?) is a feature of our old employment. At least before the merger ................... Sadly, worm turning as practised by myself didn't do me any favours. I can still see the look on my Grade 6's face when I pointed out that all his self congratulation over some work my team had done would lead him to severe embarrassment when the Public Accounts Committee found out about it. Courage, mon Brave,
  13. Whofan

    Hellcat NF.II - Help please !

    Probably a bit of both, perhaps? I suspect a bit more of the bull before disbandment!
  14. Whofan

    Yellow Dashed Line Decals. Any Available?

    Further to your question, what are they for? I'm sure I've probably missed an explanation somewhere on BM, but .....
  15. Whofan

    What music are you playing ? Part IV

    Thanks. I will have to get the CD's out and listen to them again. It's been a while since I did, so much music, so little time ..... Currently listenig to Paul McCartney's newest, Egypt Station. it's not oo bad at all, some highs and lows.