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  1. Sorry, I should have put pedant alert on! Incidentally, I've not seen anything that explains how the Spanish flu epidemic (in the UK) finished. I wonder if it suddenly stopped, is one day people caught and died, the next no one caught it at all, or did it fizzle out, with steeply declining death rates until one day it simply wasn't there?
  2. Metallic paint then? I must go back to Ced's Skua build.
  3. I think there might also be very exacting clean down/disinfecting procedures requested in any venue that might be beyond the ability of volunteers from clubs or attendees helping out to do. Perversely, the Telford Centre may well have that under control by November as I am sure it will be doing something along those lines while being used as a vaccination centre.
  4. Actually, from December 2019 ( first acknowledged cases in China) to November 2021 is 2 years .........
  5. Of course, Ced, I wish I had more photos from that period of time. My Dad clearly didn't anticipate that I would have found it helpful some 67 years later if he'd photographed the dragonfly, sea furies and fireflies to a considerable extent! Actually Ced, if you are thinking about the areas around the grilles in the first photo, I think that's fluid leakages. What looks more like paint flaking, or wearing at different rates, look at the area just above and in front of the upper wheel strut in the second photo. And thanks again Tommo for the addit
  6. Tommo, (forgive the familiarity, many thanks for the explanation regarding the various kits. I am going to make the kits as part of my HMS Ocean project (my father's last ship before hee left the navy,serving as a Yeoman of signals from 1949 - 1953) to represent this Dragonfly that flew from Ocean during the Korean war; The latter picture is from the book printed privately by HMS Ocean crew to record its Korean war deployments. The serial number is VX 965. It looks from the pictures to have been a natural metal finish. No
  7. I've got two of them, still in the box, still taunting me - "We're vacform kits, we're vacform kits, you can't make us, na na ne na na !!" And I've got the LF kit, imagine my surprise when I saw Ced seems to have finished everything else - (so many, I lost count) and started this one . O, and Perdu, is yours the Mach 2 kit? Because I've got one of those, too, and it's still in the box - the difference is I'm taunting it, "you've got too much flash and I haven't got enough sandpaper "!!
  8. I’ve just ordered January SAMI, and January and February Model Aircraft from the website. Just a query, why isn’t the February SAMI available on the website?
  9. I'm about halfway through the last Day, by Andrew Hunter Murray, on and off with Vietnam by Max Hastings. The premise of the Last Day is ..... 2059, the world has stopped turning. Half the Earth is in sunshine, half in darkness. Only a thin sliver of earth between the day and night zones can sustain life. The UK happens to be in that sliver. The story follows a young scientist who is told by her former tutor at Oxford there is a secret about the world stopping turning - and only she can find it. Murders, sinister secret policement (In the UK ?
  10. Whofan

    Covid Jab

    Mrs H had her first vaccination today 3 weeks after me. She's - um, excuse me chaps, the slight dfelay was caused my Mrs H spotting me type her age. I now have a side effect of that spotting, a sore head. Anyway, she is younger than me. Funny thing is the vaccinations were arranged by the local GP set up to carry out the vaccinations and 3 days after mine, I had a letter off the NHS inviting me to book my vaccination, and Mrs H had a letter off the NHS this morning, just 3 hours before attending GP vaccination centre!
  11. Great choice. Up until this album I hadn't been interested in Jethro Tull, not Just myself but my wife absolutely love this one. In fact, I've got all the JT albums since this one. I'd say that this one Is up there with Songs from the wood.
  12. Certainly. The website is a little - shall we say ordinary, but here it is; http://333sound.com/ It isn't up to date and doesn't have the full list of books published and all are still in print, but the full list is here; https://www.bloomsbury.com/uk/series/33-13/
  13. Whofan

    Covid Jab

    I'm not altogether happy with that decision, to be honest. I'll leave it at that.
  14. Whofan

    Covid Jab

    I<political/contentious content that's probably going to get someone or other in trouble>
  15. Whofan

    Covid Jab

    Text off the GP last Saturday, booked for Tuesday just, took longer to go around the one way system in the GP’s than answering the questions and have the vaccination (AZ). No obvious side effects, no fatigue, just the usual achy injection site. SWIMBO is a couple of years shy of group 4 so she’s got to wait a few weeks yet. My daughter - a dental nurse has had it, brother-in-law and his wife had theirs, we’re all waiting for the second dose. Son in law should be getting one soon, he's in the army. Younger brother's 69, he won't be lo
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