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  1. The latest in the 33 1/3 series of books turned up today; this is numberr 148, to join I'm your fan (songs of Leonard Cohen) and Suicide by Suicide received last week, numbers 147 and 149. The next batch of these books isn't out until November, and will include books on Nick Cave's Murder ballads, from Elvis in Memphis and 24 Carat black; Misfortune's wealth. There are now 149 published, I have all of them, and truthfully I have started to read all of them, but I haven't necessarily finished all of them. I also have the album (on CD) for 145 of them, 2 are on the way (Velvet Rope and Leonard Cohen.) The two I don't have albums for are the soundtrack to Super Mario Brothers (which doesn't exist outside the game media) and the other is the Golden Hits of the Shangri Las, never released on CD, and the vinyl - I don't have a record player. I am toying with the idea of getting two different greatest hits of the Shangri Las to make a compilation myself of the tracks on the Golden Hits album, but haven't got around to it. So the answer to the question what are you reading is actually ... the first chapter of the Velvet Rope!
  2. That's a good idea. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for that. I couldn't believe the prices, though Amazon I know use a sort of price by demand, though I doubt that everyone in BM decided to look at it at the same time!
  4. Intrigued by the David Edgerton book, I looked it up on Amazon - £70 hardback, £30 paperback!
  5. Whofan

    Our new car

    My wife was driving our fiat punto (13 years old) one evening in 2006 on the way to pick me up from the railway station. She's just turned left at a T junction when the cam belt (as we found out later) went. SWIMBO in panic mode managed to coast to the roadside and call me on mobile - imagine perhaps how your own partners might be - when came the wail "oh no, someone's just driven into me!" I'm at the station, no lift, and no taxis, in full on my God mode. Managed to get hold of her brother who came out, picked me up and took me to her. As we approached the car I could see the other car. Folks, my wife was read ended by a . .... I can barely bring myself to say it ........ a Reliant Robin. Oh, the shame. I mean, a Reliant Robin! No, she couldn't be rear ended by a real car, like a beamer, or a range rover, or a merc, even a roller, no, it had to be a Reliant Robin. Which was a write off. No damage to the Punto. The final indignity. When I reported it to the insurance, when he asked what the other car was, I could barely choke out a Reliant robin, the agent laughed. How will we ever live it down????
  6. Following a link to this; I came across this, and I don't think it will be difficult to see the band's unique selling point.
  7. Not a big fan of musicals but you need the classics now and again... Vince, in general terms I;m not, but West Side Story, South Pacific, 7 brides for 7 brothers Tommy and though I'm not that bothered at all, Sound of Music are equally classics. West Side Story is of course the source for one of Todd Rundgren's covers; Something's coming. Funny thing is that our 16 month old grandson loves us singing the Wizard of Oz to him! Oooh, I guess we're not in Kansas any more ........
  8. I’m glad someone else finds them .... unusual! Also good to find someone else buys these books. I’ve got all of the ones published, except for the Janet Jackson Velvet Rope book (not in the warehouse yet) and the album to go with each book - apart from a couple. The writing style is varied - some of them I can’t finish, but I try to read the book as I play the CD. I thought the OK computer book really complemented the album, though!
  9. 2 more in the 33 1/3 series of books on albums. I'm your fan is a tribute album to Leonard Cohen, featuring Leonard Cohen songs covered by various artistes - 18 songs by artistes ranging from Ian McCulloch, the Pixies, John Cale, to REM, the Lilac Time, Fatima mansions. I've now got to get the CD! The other, Suicide's Suicide I do have the album. Frankly, the album is ...... ummm .... unusual, to say the least!
  10. In one of those wierd coincidences I was reading your build article in AMW while I started the PC up, A very nice model indeed, but my word, that periscope sighting for the turrets must have been awkward to use in real life! Nice to see the magic scale gubbins in action, too!
  11. A priest is driving down to New York and gets stopped for speeding in Connecticut . The state trooper smells alcohol on the priest's breath and then sees an empty bottle on the floor of the car. He says, "Sir, have you been drinking?" "Just water," says the priest. The trooper says, "Then why do I smell wine?" The priest crossed himself and says, "Good Lord! He's done it again!"
  12. Browsing Tesco today found this new on the shelves at £4. £6 off - bonus.
  13. Saw this advert in the October Airfix magazine, which interested me; two 1/72 kits in one box, Already released Chieftain mk 10 & mk. 11; https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/TAK05006?result-token=1l8eG and the advert for this forthcoming new release, FV432 mk2/1 and Cheiftain Mk 5. which interests me. Link and length tracks in 1/72, though? Will I need new eyes?
  14. Shame. I think the landing was a lot more skilful than at first thought, if there was hardly any damage to the fuselage.
  15. AAh, another one from the Church on BM! I spent 38 years in the job, and though I had my fair share of office visits from big wigs, I don't recall ever seeing or meeting the aforementioned lady. Probably a good thing, as I have, like yourself, in the past spoken my "mind" to senior management. Often to be asked afterwards by line managers "were you out of your mind"? Like yourself, , the higher the management I experienced (15 years in VAT, 23 years in Investigation) the lower the intelligence level, though to be fair, I think that occurred more in the last 10 years of my career, from around 2003. AFter I'd been in the job for a few months, going to C & E from a sales job in pharmaceuticals, I was told I would be meeting the then Chairman of the board, when he visited the office because I was the newest person n the office. On the day, meeting duly begun, he asked me what I'd done before joining C & E. I said, straight faced, "I was selling drugs" . The assorted managers around me froze - but the Chairman looked at me (also straight faced) and said "Ah, poacher turned gamekeeper, then?" Following the explanation (brief!) he was whisked away by the head of office to meet others. The next day was my first "were you out of your mind" meetings . I very much doubt by the time I retired anyone at his level would have been intelligent and quick enough to respond like that.
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