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  1. I've just finished the latest book by Mick Herron, which is clearly set as a prequel to Slow Horses. Which I think are some of the best spy books out today. I hope you've enjoyed - and enjoy them in the future. When you say it's harder than you think to spend £7,000 a year on books, talk to my wife! She's convinced I spend more than that a year on books!
  2. @Farmer matt , I read this one about 5 or 6 years ago and thought a decent read. You could easily see how Johnson thought of himself as a bit of a “swashbuckler” like Churchill. I have bought Johnson at 10, by Anthony Selsdon, part of a series of books on the same theme - Cameron at 10, May at 10, and no doubt in the future a slimmer volume on Truss at 10, and maybe a bigger book on Sunak at 10. I found the Cameron and May books fascinating, so I had a look at the introduction to Johnson at 10. All I’ll say is the author (Anthony Selsdon) is not shy in coming forward with his opinion of Johnson! I am looking forward to reading the book, that is when life stops getting in the way.
  3. My wife thinks I’m weird, because I’ve just read Tackle, by Jilly Cooper. I’ve told her she’s barmy, Cooper’s Rupert Campbell Black books - starting with Riders! - are all great romps, and her other books set loosely in the same Cotswolds area as the Campbell - Black books are just as good. I’ve also got the latest Richard Osman book, The last devil to die, but first I must finish the Parliamentary battle for Brexit by Russell and James. I’s written in a dry, academic style, and takes the story of Brexit from post referendum to the end of the transition period, but dissecting in depth what happened in parliament and by parliament. As I’ve pointed out before, I’m not making anything of the politics, so to speak, but I find it a fascinating subject to read about. Probably because I read Tim Shipman’s excellent books on it called “All out war” and “Fallout” written a year and two years after the referendum itself.
  4. I managed to get the vinyl tubes on the pins, but in a way I'm relieved it wasn't just me who found the tubes didn't seem to have an end point!
  5. I thought I’d better clarify; the howlers didn’t put me off shelling out the proverbial hard earned, I’ve almost come to expect the odd one in most modelling magazines. I’m happy to go with another modelling magazine, until such time as I think “Oh dear, I shan’t continue with this”
  6. Yes, I picked up a copy today at my local W H Smith. as you say, no month of issue. And some howlers - on page 20, the Zoukei Mura FW190 A is mentioned, with a picture of a Bf 109; on page 24, a mention of decals for a Spitfire Mk. 15 is captioned Spitfire Mk.LV, ie Mk. 55. I haven’t started reading the articles and reviews yet, I’m hopeful that there won’t be any such glaring errors in them!
  7. Overcrowding to that level would certainly explain the unpleasantness. mind you, I can remember seeing various bands playing in grossly overcrowded clubs (Led Zep in Mothers in Birmingham, about 1600 crammed into a space for about 600) but no trouble. I suspect a lot of people were in quite a - mellow mood, shall we say😏
  8. The Valley has been recognised by many Who fans as a particularly unpleasant audience experience, though no one could understand why. My brother went to the Swansea show on that short tour and he has no recollection of anything but mellowness😃. personally, I must have been to 50 or more Who concerts from 1968 to 2015, and I’ve never had a moment when I was scared, or even uneasy. I did have to politely ask an enthusiastic fan at one Who show in 2010 to stop landing on my foot while he pogoed, but he took the hint and moved away. But I had the same problem (different person) at a concert by Dave Lee Roth in 1994 while he performed Jump. I’m surprised that Slade still had a skinhead following as late as 1982, I saw them in something like 1972 in Cardiff University with my middle brother and as far as I recall saw no skinheads. Of course, Leicester being out in the sticks ….. 😁
  9. there’s a book about facing future, the album that features somewhere over the rainbow, which I’ve got, as well as the album. https://www.bloomsbury.com/uk/israel-kamakawiwooles-facing-future-9780826429056/ you can get these books from Amazon or Bloomsbury US. I haven’t listened to the album since I bought the book and read it, I think I’ll dig it out and give it a spin later!
  10. I’m pretty sure I saw them in Bangor University in the late 60’s, when they were called Solid Rock squared, but I could be confusing them with another outfit. It was a long time ago …..
  11. @NG899, Nick, thanks for your positive review and comments. (And for the name check on the Ice Cream!) I think you are right - it was a work in progress which was most encouraging. I’d made my mind up to go again next year, when I thought I might see more of the actual rail layouts. As it was, this time there were too many people around most of them to get a decent view, but those I did see some of were spectacular. The scale modelling side was never going to be very prominent, as it was the first show and promoted towards the rail side, but I am confident that there will be more kit traders and club tables next year. And of course, for me, apart from a bit of a walk from rail station to Hall, very conveniently located just a 50 minute train ride away.
  12. Blowing your alias? I suspect many here know the name you travel under while studying earthlings! You’re welcome, Marti - oops, Martian. Did you do an RFI or WIP for the Resurgam? If you have, apologies for missing it.
  13. Looking through the latest issue of Airfix model world, I noticed a model of I think the first submarine (Resolution?) taken at a recent show, made by someone called Martin Hale. The model itself looks an absolute cracker, I should say. There wouldn't be a Martin Hale in these here parts, would there? 😗
  14. You mentioned unique RN paint schemes; the only differences from extra dark sea grey over sky that I've seen are red or blue spinners instead of EDSG. Which doesn't mean there aren't any, only that I haven't seen any.
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