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  1. While out walking my little dog, I came across a a flattened piece of cardboard. I’m going to wrap it up and give it to my nephew. He always keeps telling me that, for Christmas, he wants an x-box ...
  2. As long as it was al dente I think it would pass.
  3. I notice the professional attitude of your Quality control inspector - not afraid to get paws on.
  4. I'm pretty sure it will be along those lines. Lots of flower decals, etc.. (Incidentally, you can ride the magic bus in Manchester, a Dennis environment double decker.) It certainly won't be the commer, then transit they used back in the mid '60's, not the 7.5 ton lorry I saw them use from early '69 onwards for their equipment. I remember being at one concert in Birmingham early, and was utterly slack jawed at the amount of speaker cabinets, drums, amplifiers and guitar cases that came out of their lorry. To say they were loud that night was an u
  5. Non subscriber here; Yes, at least a week ago now.
  6. Finished Courtney's war, not bad, then read The Dream Factory, Dominic Sandbrook's run through British post war culture - very intetesting, and an about to start Art. Sex. Music, Cosey fan Tutti's bio. She was a member of Throbbing Gristle, a band who fit into no preconceptions whatsoever!
  7. This is a bit of a "me, too" thread ! My me too is my current build, a J 29 tunnan in Austrian airforce markings.A bit of a personal connection as my mother in law was Austrian (I suppose I could say is Austrian, depite having died a few years ago; you don't lose your heritage when you die, do you? oops, sorry, I digress.) I started in September, but has the steam run out on it. Anyway, the model itself - the airfix rebox of the Heller model wasn't to bad to build. Seams done, canopy masked, primed in halfords matt black ready for the nmf finsh - Nissan leaf silver whi
  8. Oh, I don’t know, there seems to be something called a VW camper van “The Who” special: I might give it a look.
  9. Thanks ...... as they say, it's a cracker !!
  10. Megabloks to help me in torturing plastic ........ Oh dear. The wife say they are for the Grandson ! Spoilsport... Still, these are for me; AC/DC's latest, Powr up to listen to while I read this - (I'm sure I'll read others as well while listening to it)
  11. I wonder if there was something else in those tubes of glue you used to get in kits, because it never fails to amaze me how similar tastes among modellers are in books, films and music! Those Niven/Pournelle books with Lucifer's Hammer are among my favourite sci fi, too, along with Alan Dean Foster's Icerigger trilogy Hal Clement's Needle and Through the eye of a needle. I ought to mention that Fade Out by Patrick Tilley is also a firm favourite of mine, as is the Difference Engine. More modern sci fi I've read more than once is the testimony of Daniel Pagels, by Vicke
  12. Was it that long ago? It's one of about 50 or so books bought while at school and University that I read now and again. Soon to read again! Thanks for the memory jog.
  13. Even after 40 years I doubt they'd be worth a second glance !! From what little I know about people with classic or vintage cars, I'm a bit surprised you didn't say he was drying it off before it went into the garage.... under an umbrella or lean to, perhaps.
  14. You might find that Hannants don't do anything as far as "Black Friday" is concerned. There's nothing on their website that I could see to justify the assumption they are.
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