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  1. The picture is very graphic. I should think he had the fright of his life driving into the wall. Has there been any further news of the poor chap? Oh, and well done the venue for the marquee !
  2. From time to time I breeak out my Fleetwood Mac greatest hits CD, more often than not on those summer drives to model shows, when the urge to bellow along is highest. Other good best ofs for model shows for me are Madonna's Immaculate Collection, The Beach Boys platinum hits, Kylie's Greatest, The Kinks, the 40 song 2 CD best of the Stones, and the 50 song 2 CD best of the Beatles I burned many years ago. Despite my screen name, the Who's best ofs aren't necessarily the best on a hot summer's day on the motorway,. But Pete Townshend's best of - a different matter! And sometimes, I take along those compilations of hits from the '60's, just because I think the pop charts then were the greatest collection of sngles of all time. Well, certainly those from 1963 to 1969, inclusive. So I'm listening to Fleetwood' Mac's best of. Why, perhaps is the question, now instead of Sunday on the way to or from the GLoucester club show? Because I saw this in this morning's on line Guardian, https://www.theguardian.com/culture/2022/may/19/fleetwood-mac-ranked-30-best-songs and I just fancied a sneaky extra bellow a longa Fleetwood Mac !!
  3. Script? CedB I am beginning to worry about you. Oh, my favourite episode is episode 11, series 9. how I worried that Penny might have cut her hand when she broke the glass.........
  4. I'm with you on hating to waste food and being fussy. I take the view that soft fruit especially can be unpleasant if it's turned, I will, however use the taste and smell test on some things rather than a sometimes ultra cautious use by date.
  5. A new keyboard and a new mouse for the PC. The keyboard has been failing for a while, several characters needing a 2nd or3rd go to type in, but the mouse suddenly started playing up. So I thought bite the bullet, and I bought a keyboard for £6 and a mouse for a fiver. Both work very well. I feel almost as if I have a new PC!
  6. The new Richard Osman Thursday Murder club, interesting premise. I also have the final (third) volume of Charles Moore’s biography of Margaret Thatcher on the bedside cabinet, too; love her or hate her, her story is extremely interesting.
  7. Thoroughly deserved old chap, it was lovely to read about your adventures, and I confess scout shooting sounds terrific! Gosh, CedB is a fan of BBT, and Mark is a fan of Big Big Train. I'm sure Ced it's the witty dialogue, the science and the pin sharp acting rather than Penny that attracts you to the programme. (Speaking of Penny, Kaley Cuoco returns in Series 2 of the Flight Attendant next week) Mark, as a fellow BBT fan, no need to ask why you're a fan, I started with Underfall Yard and haven't looked back since.
  8. Lovely build there. When we went to the Maldives, we flew in a twin otter in the blue and yellow livery, but unfortunately no-one does that scheme as decals and Maldivian airways never replied to my request for a schematic of the paint scheme.
  9. I forget now the title and author but there is a novel which refers to the bombing of Hull and the effects on the people of Hull. I believe the fact was in reality the victims were terrified and stressed beyond belief, leading the government to hush it up in case their fears affected the rest of the population. Sorry I can't remember any more detail, hopefully another BM'er will be able to fill in more detail. Here in Kidderminster we have some secret places, there's a disused cold war RSG near here, in the same tunnels that Rover used in aircraft manufacture during WW2, we have had a rocket engine design centre just a few miles from my front door that produced the designs for among other sea slug, sea cat, sea wolf, sea dart and Milan - and which is still working today. Just a few miles down the road, is Croome, where there was a secret radar testing airbase, RAF Defford, and of course, TRE at Malvern. There are a number of other such secret bases around Birmingham, I'm sure.
  10. Nice one! I hope the flight was a nice one. I got mine because it was used by the Austrian Air Force, my mother in law being Austrian. The Austrian decals in the kit are derived from the same aircraft in a museum as the aftermarket decals from Brent Air Decals, an Austrian firm that I used.
  11. A touch of the Big H's website brought forth these; canopy masks for the Airfix Spitfire F.22, Tamiya Ki-61, and the Hasegawa zero, all 1/72 scale. And then this ginormous box arrived with not a very big kit in it; This is effectively a replacement for my 1/72 Zlin 126, where I mucked up the canopy and the yellow paint is definitely the wrong yellow.
  12. Oh dear. Poor elderly gentleman, was he ok?
  13. Our local Tesco had a revamp just before Christmas and reduced the number and range of magazines and books it sold. It never sold SAM, but it did, for a few months, sell SAMI !!! The only place I've seen the modelling magazines here in Kidderminster is Smiths. Apparently Smiths will be getting it next week. Incidentally, Smiths had copies of SAMI with a free booklet, Building the Me 109. I picked one up with a copy of Airfix Model World.
  14. Jon, My local (Kidderminster) branch of Smiths still hasn't had the May issue of SAM - your magazine - they are saying it's distribution difficulties. They had the May issue of Model Airplane on time. Is this a bit of W H Smiths incompetence or have you had some localised distribution problems?
  15. We took a trip with the daughter and our grandson on the SVR today, and to our surprise at Bridgnorth was the very train mentioned above! It took most of the train enthusiasts on the train with us by surprise, too, judging by the hubbub and movement of many tens to the windows to take photos of it. I went onto the footbridge to to take these two shots (the best really of the bunch I took). This is the train in its purple liveried splendour;
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