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  1. The Very best of Wilson Pickett, because I'm reading a biography of him. The XX XX, bought for a book in the 33 1/3 series Also listened to Grindshow, by North Atlantic Oscillation, and have Band of Gypsies by Hendrix to listen, again this was bought to accompany a forthcoming book in the 33 1/3 series.
  2. Was anyone in the North Worcestershire area yesterday, around lunchtime - ish, when a twin engine (prop) plane came over Kidderminster? It wasn't particluarly low, but from the quick glance I got i would have said it was something like an Anson or Blenheim. Definitely not a DC 3, I would have recognised that from the wings straight away. I won't say it's bugging me, because frankly life's too short to worry about missing a plane, but if anyone has any idea it would be nice to know. Thanks chaps! and chapesses, too.
  3. Our local Aldi doesn't have the mini drills, but it did have the mini table vices so I bought two. thanks for the heads up! And managed to pick up the mini drill set set from another nearby branch of Aldi, so thanks again!
  4. Des, I picked those up as well. Remarkable value for money, the £8 offer is less than either one of the books cost full price! I also bought Lee Child's latest and the new Wilbur Smith (collaboration) in that offer.
  5. From yesterday's Gloucester show; The Ho 229 is to give me a taster for the Zuokei Mura 1/72 kit to be released later this year. I doubt if I'll pay less than I paid for this PM one - £7 ! To be honest, a quick fondle of the sprues reveals flash. A lot of it. But hey, that's what sanding sticks are for, isn't it? The Eduard etch set for the 1/72 hellcat leapt at me from the rack at Frome Models stand, such an unexpected thing to see and it will go nicely (I hope) into my special hobby 1/72 hellcat. The Tamiya tape and weights, nose sitting, for the prevention of, are self explanatory, and I was taken by the £20 price tag for the academy M60.
  6. Apologies, pressed the wrong emoji - I share the admiration for the toilet!
  7. Just wanted to say thanks to Gloucester club for a smashing show, and of course the clubs whose efforts are the stars of the day. I do like shows where I can see all the club tables comfortably in a day, and have a browse around the traders’ stands. Some of the models on display would have won prizes at Telford, I’m sure. I couldn’t help it, cake was consumed - twice! And nice to meet young gundylunch! I also (probably) bored Jen talking about her airfix hellcat build, but nice to see the subject of the magazine supplement in the flesh. And it was also nice to see her separate wing fold “kit”, which illustrated how detailed the kit is.
  8. I knew I was getting this gift, so to speak, but first grandson Zac arrived 3 weeks early and took us all by surprise !! I'm sure if his eyes were open he'd be frightened to death at the old f*rt holding him!
  9. Whofan

    What are you reading?

    Tony Fletcher's bio of Wilson Pickett.
  10. Errrrrrrr .......... if there's a spare slice I'm going for it ........
  11. Mike, all solved. it's the way my kindle displays the new contenty/search/etc "icons", on the PC it's obvious it's the create new content "icon".
  12. Mike, What's the new "plus" icon between the new content and search icons on the top right of each page for? I touched it and nothing happened.
  13. over my 69 years - well, the last 53 of them - I have had some memorable concerts. As I'm sure virtually everyone posting on this particular thread have had, if not pretty much the whole BM massive. if I had to try and say, my first Led Zeppelin Concert in March 1969 in Mother's in Birmingham then at the Cardiff University Dental School Easter Ball in the Top Rank Suite Cardiff April 1969 - the Who at the Marquee in April 1968 and Manchester University in 1969 - Todd Rundgren earlier this month in London - Iron Maiden at the Reading Festival in 1980 - Diamond Head in Reading (town, not the festival) in 1982 - ZZ Top in Wolverhampton Civic 2009 - Bonnie Tyler & Steve Gibbons band 1979. These are all memorable to me for particular reasons, too long to go into, here, but I could probably equally cite concerts by the Pretenders, Metallica, Def Leppard, Deep Purple, And many, many others. Apologies for thread drift.
  14. Whofan

    What are you reading?

    My personal favourite Donald Westlake book is Help I am being held Prisoner.
  15. Whofan

    What are you reading?

    Directorate S, by Steve Coll. An account of the CIA in Afghanistan and Pakistan from 2000 to 2016.The And also Dead Men Risen, by Tony Harnden, the Welsh Guards in Afghanistan.
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