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  1. Whofan

    Telford 2019

    It's great to see that my little habits for Telford follow other, wiser heads. I also put money away each month for Telford, print out the maps for the trader and club stands, decide which trade stands I need ( errrr .... want to go to !) - and note the location of certain club/sig stands. I absolutely agree too that there is a sense of excitement going to it and in, and I try to do the halls in a certain order - with a coffee break when I've finished each one. And I always pick up my Hannants order on my way out!
  2. Yes indeed, the future looks bleak.
  3. This is damnable news. I've bought a number of books and models there recently, including a Takom FV4432 Bulldog at £40 instead of £54, and the Eduard Viribus Albatros double box at £30 instead of £40. In fact, I was going in on thursday coming to see if they had a Challenger 2 at a decent price (Trumpeter or Tamiya) Damn those leaseholders!
  4. Give my regards to Mrs Moa, and a little Bach often calms the vigour of the Who!
  5. This is without doubt a craftsman at work, but the little detail that caught my eye and confirmed you are a craftsman with a whimsical sense of humour - the little guy standing by the hand truck. What a lovely pose! And it complements the aeroplane beautifully. A Tip 'o the hat to you.
  6. I just checked, and I'm still getting the invalid security certificate message, on both PC and kindle.
  7. It is a problem, there’s quite a few including myself affected. Might give flikr a try if it lasts.
  8. Just heard 7 seas of Rhye ( Queen) played throughout a commercial for a new computer game, Borderlands 3. Strange choice I thought, but loved hearing the song!
  9. One of our favourites too, one of the very few albums my wife ever bought.
  10. Well done! this is one of my favourite G & C tracks, but I absolutely adore An Englishman in New York and Under my Thumb.
  11. Whofan

    Airfix magazine late?

    Don't you just hate doing that? Done it myself with CDs and books, as well as modelling magazines. Any, all's well that ends well, as I picked up AMW (the right month!) This morning.
  12. Just noticed in the new airfix magazine that the kit doesn't come with the extra gun turrets. I wonder if there will be any after market produced, or we just scratch/adapt existing turrets from other kits.
  13. it's a nuisance to say the least. I tried flikr a while ago and found it to be annoying, compared to village photos. However, i f village don't get it fixed soon I might migrate back to flikr.
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