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  1. Whofan

    Music collecting, do you buy 'Live' etc. albums?

    bzn20, I agree Woodstock is a great live album, but in the context of posts here it's not a single band's live album. I don't own it personally, but have listened to it many times after it came out, saw the film, etc. And thoroughly enjoyed it. Beardie, I accept your experience with the Misfits has turned you off live albums, and incidentally at £40, it sounds like you bought a bootleg - badly recorded perhaps as well as poor performance. Harley John, No sleep til Hammersmith is one of those classic live albums! (Where's me hearing aids ? )
  2. Whofan

    Glory and the Firefly in Korea

    Looking at my father's ship's account of Ocean's two tours of duty in the Korean War, not all planes were painted with stripes. However it does look as though if painted on, the stripes were painted on in Korean waters. Doesn't mean of course that follows for Glory or Theseus during ops in Korea.
  3. Whofan

    Music collecting, do you buy 'Live' etc. albums?

    Depending on the band, you should be able to get a live recording of a concert you attend. Metallica and Pearl Jam for instance record every concert they do, and you can download them for around the cost of a normal CD. I've got decent quality recordings of quite a few concerts I've been to over the years.
  4. Whofan

    Music collecting, do you buy 'Live' etc. albums?

    I've just been listening to the Who live at Fillmore East from April 1968. ( no surprise there, you might think ! ) except that this CD is recorded from 2 shows in early April 1968, and the first time I saw the Who live was on April 23rd 1968, just 18 days after this shows were recorded. It is, with a few differences, the set I saw them play which was, without histrionics, awesome. They say the first time you do something is the best, and it's true in this case. The difficulty with live albums is they are often cleaned up after recording, with bum notes, vocal flubs, or intrusions (e.g. recent drum sounds) often edited out or over dubbed. A good example of this isThe Who live at Leeds, where in the first track missing bass notes and vocals are over dubbed, and Daltrey re recorded some vocal flubs. I've got bootleg recordings of both Fillmore East and the Leeds show, and a lot of on stage banter is edited out of the official recording. I don't make a fetish of live albums, but for the Who and Todd Rundgren I do make an exception. Including many bootlegs. I do also have a lot of bootlegs of live shows by the Pretenders, too. Regarding other bands, I particularly like the live albums from the Genesis shows of 1992, mainly because I saw them on one of the town hall shows they did then, the ELP live from 1973 and Queen from that period. Other great live albums I have are Metallica's S & M, Wheels of Fire ( Cream ), If you want blood, Under a blood red sky, Pulse, James Brown live at the Apollo, and Geno Washington's Hand clapping foot stomping funky butt live!
  5. Whofan

    Punny Brands

    Err .............
  6. Whofan

    Punny Brands

    Selwyn, I think it may have closed down now. I'm sure I saw to let or for sale signs on it the last time I was in Shirley.
  7. Whofan

    Punny Brands

    Old favourites; An estate agent in Kidderminster goes by the name of ...... Doolittle & Dalley. We also have a chip shop called Captain Cod. Not too far away in Worcester there was, and maybe still is, a chip shop called Pete's Plaice, and on my travels around the Merry Hill shopping centre I've seen a carpet shop called Walter Wall Carpets!
  8. Whofan

    The little signs of Spring

    You get that too? Spring sprung into action then a couple of weeks ago when my wife and I were treated to a view of the lace edging on a woman's knickers through her far too, far too, far too tight leggings. We didn't notice the vest top .......
  9. Whofan

    Something odd

    Rick, Thanks for this.
  10. Whofan

    Something odd

    Aha, the Ramada. Glad to hear you found some other "swanky" places ! The Catchems End chip shop is a better, I think it's won awards in the past.
  11. Whofan

    Something odd

    Goose, I think it might have been over Kidderminster th I morning, around 11.30 - noon. Any sighting your way?
  12. Whofan

    Something odd

    Hmm, there's a number of fancy hotels in and around Bewdley, was it the George?
  13. Whofan

    Something odd

    Hello from Kidderminster, too!
  14. Whofan

    Road Trip! Visiting Coventry from Oklahoma

    On a cautionary note, Parabellum is only open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, but as Perdu says, wonder at the contents, and be prepared to squeeze through the aisles!
  15. John, Congrats on this absolutely wonderful model which I had the great pleasure to study at Gosford. Having seen the build thread, I confess that the completed article, with the Jawas and the diorama base - and R2D2 being carried off - is as I said, wonderful. I also took the opportunity to have another good look at the Star Destroyer, and incredibly discovered a third cheeky little item - the lambda class shuttle just in front of the bridge!