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  1. That's great, many thanks. Who'd have thought Halfords would have them?
  2. Can you tell us where yu got yours from? Not Halfords, surely it can't be that easy !!
  3. I've got to agree with you! I'd like to do the kit I've got in the blue and yellow, but it looks a heck of a challenge.
  4. Enjoying this build as it brings back memories of our trip to the Maldives when we took the seaplane option to go to our hotel. Except ours was in this blue and yellow livery. The two flights were the most tremendous fun, especially take off and landings!
  5. Whofan

    Telford 2019

    Boasting entirely justified if you ask me. I saw your branch's display and was well impressed in the flesh. Looks just as good in the photos.
  6. Somewhat surprisingly, I found myself irrestibly drawn to HMV again today by a strange force that took over my wallet and made me purchase this pair; to the left the CD. To the right, the Deluxe CD with a slip case featuring slightly different picture arrangement and 3 "bonus songs".
  7. From HMV today (before going to see Knives Out, a film where Daniel Craig hams it up outrageously and to great effect, and a decent film to boot) The exlorer version of Egypt Station (a 2 CD set with extra bonus tracks complements my UK CD release, the HMV limited edition with bonus tracks and the Canadian limited edition with bonus tracks. Galaxy Quest because it's GREAT. I don't normally shout but I have to with this, as it is my favourite Sci FI film of all time after Star Wars 4,5,6, 7, 8 and Rogue 1.
  8. Is Facebook the spawn of satan, as is often claimed over here?
  9. My daughter buys and sells stuff on Facebook marketplace. Is that the same thing, or are you using specific Facebook groups? I have no idea about facebook, as I don't ever look at it.
  10. An excellent diorama with a superb new technique in the raindrops. One question from a non military person - in heavy rain, would he have his rifle slung muzzle down to stop rain going down the barrel, or have the barrel covered over, or would the amount of water getting in the barrel not make much difference?
  11. From Sainsburys, because The Police were a good band, and it was £2 cheaper than Amazon, before P & P! And a high chair for the grandson when he comes to visit, assembly following intstruction manual only marginally better than some kit ones.
  12. Somewhat improbably to me the Guardian has not only given this a sympathetic review, but uses the word masterpiece in its review.
  13. A successful raid on Waterstones and Foyles in London today: Liberation Square; a play on SS GB, where it's the Russians who invaded the UK and have divided the UK into 2 occupied zones, one by the Russians and one by the Americans. Fall Out - appears to be a left wing polemic on the Manhattan project; The Mick Herron is 2 novellas about Slough House; Night Time Cool - bent met officer and gangsters story. The Micheal Chrichton - not a prequel to Jurassic Park, but a novel about the discovery of dinosaur fossils in 1870's America: and the new Paul Samson spy book. What a lot of reading to do !
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