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  1. really nice job - this would easily pass for 1/35, so you've done great at the smaller scale. I'm a great fan of coffee stirrers too and get through loads of them!
  2. Thanks Steve, I started out with various intentions to re-invent the wheels, but ended up realising that actually sculpting "old-skool" was really the way to go for most of it. I remember when I was younger, and a synth player, trying for ages to create a convincing guitar sound until I finally twigged that it would be easier to just play a guitar - much the same here... live and learn (or live and not learn as the case might be)!
  3. Thanks Rob. Yes, it's a lovely kit - probably the best I've tried, though kits do force you up to a set detail level and I've suffered a fair bit of procrastination on this one trying to reach the expectations the kit demands. I'm now itching to get another scratchbuild underway; one where I can dictate the level of detail!
  4. This is really coming on James - great work!
  5. wonderful result on this one. A very unconventional big cat and beautifully finished.
  6. lovely job on the chipping and weathering. I particularly like the rust streaks - very nice.
  7. well it's true that not everything would be likely to be scratched up, but once the rest of the bodywork is in place, only a bit of it will be visible through the hatches.
  8. good call - it is fairly clean at the moment!
  9. It's a lovely kit - looking forward to what you do with it. Your T34 is a work of art.
  10. Thanks Vytautas - that's high praise coming from you - I'm very impressed with your work. No hairspray so far on this one - chipping is all sponge applied grey acrylics followed by oil washes.
  11. After a not so brief sojourn in the lands of hairy planes and scratchbuilt figures, I’m back on track with tanky stuff. I plucked this lovely miniart M3 Lee (interior) off the shelf off doom and blew the dust off it. It’s a simply superb kit – if anything too good – it’s caused me much procrastination as I try to figure out the best way to build it. For each sub-assembly I’ve had to constantly question; Paint first? Fit first? So a bank holiday weekend allowed me to catch up a bit. Here’s where the interior stands: The engine is a jewel – it’s a real shame to lock
  12. this is looking really nice - looking forward to the paint!
  13. I'm intruiged by your twine grass - looks very promising. I tried a while ago, using coloured fake-fur for this. I clipped bunches of green, yellow and brown and mixed them up. Whilst the individual colours were a bit garish, they mixed together nicely. The best bit is that small samples (100mm x 100mm) are available on-line for about 50p each and provide enough for years of long grass.
  14. This is looking really good so far - looking forward to more!
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