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  1. Brief update; I covered the tankette in blue tac worms and sprayed the green. More worms and then brown. And when unwrapped: The green looks a bit light – I should have sprayed a bit more I think. I could then pop off the lid for some interior photos. I added a heat shield to the engine using stiff wine-bottle foil and a bit of guitar string for the exhaust plus a few plastic card scrap boxes. The top had been blu tac’d in place and the hatches were all fixed using Klear as a temporary glue allowing them to
  2. It’s good to know there’s a version equipped with better tracks; that should make an excellent kit even better. excellent new Tom, thanks!
  3. Thank you - I was really impressed with the Evolution miniatures resin chap; lovely detail - I felt I needed to take away any excuses for my figure painting and see what I could do with a really good one. I'm pretty pleased with him... no more excuses!
  4. not familiar with this vehicle - I thought rivets went out in 1918 - this thing looks like a teenager's face! Very nice build though, clean but believable; well done!
  5. Thanks Rob. It's a nice kit, but the tracks are a bit of a problem. They're moulded with the wheels and so replacing them with something more accurate is a tricky prospect - one I decided not to tackle. It's a shame, because otherwise the detail is very nice, with a lot of the interior available to view. This thing is tiny - about the size of the average 1/72 tank.
  6. Sorry Vaoinas - I know XXXX isn't the hero; just a placeholder!
  7. Hello peeps! I’m being a bit cheeky here; here’s my latest project… It’s a lovely little kit – sprue fixing points are a bit thick in places and the tracks are a poor representation of the real thing, but otherwise the detail is great with a pretty complete interior for a very reasonable price. Now, I’ve seen at least one build of this (or very similar – i.e. slightly different version) model that I couldn’t even hope to equal. When I studied this build…. ….I wasn’t immediately aware of just how incredible it was. Having now built the bulk of my kit, I can see how ti
  8. stunning job! - and what looks like a nice kit.
  9. Lovely work John - painstakingly detailed and I can't wait to see it weathered up. Top job.
  10. I'm fairly new to these link and length types having done three so far (all 1/72), but it's got MUCH easier each time and I've found this works pretty well: Glue the instructed number of links onto the drive sprocket (before it's attached the the hull) Glue the instructed number of links -1 (i.e. if there are 7, glue on 6) to the idler, again before attachment. attach the sprocket and idler, but let them spin - no glue. work along the top from front (sprocket) to back, with the lengths - bend as necessary for sag and glue the last connection to the idler link. This s
  11. I agree about the dots - I imagine they would most likely have been brushed on in real life, and oils washes etc. will tie it all together. I'd say stick with the hairy stick approach...
  12. lovely looking model - I assume it's 1/35(?), some more photos would be good - I'd lke to see under the hood!
  13. Love the boot prints! Cat litter would make good ballast - if it's too big, just crush it up a little. ...for next time obviously, yours is looking pretty good now.
  14. lovely result! I think the stowage looks perfect. Very well done on the Zimmerit too.
  15. thanks JR - you should give one of these little Revell kits a go - they're really nice.
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