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  1. What a beautiful little aeroplane. You've certainly gone to town with this one, it's absolutely stunning.
  2. What a great piece of modelling. It's certainly an inspirational demonstration of what can be done. Great stuff indeed. Thanks for sharing it with us.
  3. A good looking model. I really like the metal finish. I really do miss the Maintrack kits as they managed to produce models that other companies would touch. Thanks for sharing it.
  4. Lovely build. Superb finish. Gorgeous scheme. Beautiful aeroplane.
  5. Always an essential part of my tool kit. Once you've used them, you'll wonder how you got on without them. A word of warning though, be careful with the fine tips as they can snap off very easily.
  6. cngaero

    Golden Arado 196

    That's a stunning finish you've achieved with this one, it's even more remarkable by the fact that you've applied by brush. Absolutely amazing.
  7. That etch set is stunning. I particularly like the details on the rudder pedals. Good luck with the rest of the build. This is going to be good.
  8. cngaero

    RAF Mechanical Transport Fleet

    Weathered or unweathered, they're still great. I fully agree with you about the apparent oversight in period vehicles used by the RAF by kit manufacturers. It's such a shame, as they really do add something to a display or diorama. How about doing a WIP with some of your scratch built/converted vehicles? I'm sure it would be popular here. I've got my armchair ready!!!!
  9. cngaero

    Airfix 1\72 Tornado Gr1

    You've done a great job with this old Airfix beastie. It certainly shows what can be done with a little time and patience. A minor observation though, you may wish to have a look at the fin flashes, the leading colour should be red, not blue. I hope you don't mind me pointing that out.
  10. cngaero

    RAF Mechanical Transport Fleet

    That's a very impressive collection of RAF vehicles you've put together. They're all nicely built and beautifully finished. I'm particularly grateful to you for including the sourcing of your vehicles. I can't wait to see more.
  11. cngaero

    Bonus Buys

    I have nightmares about this. When I shuffle off this mortal toil, some people are going to reap the benefit as in order to save space in my shed, I have dozens of kit boxes that are homes to multiple kits. For example I have an Airfix 1/48 Lightning box which has three kits inside. Others include kits with after market resin, white metal and transfers. Most boxes contain surprises. So when I go, SWMBO may be on here offering "bargains". Hopefully that won't be for few years yet though, so I suppose I should really sort them out, but it'll be such a monumental task, I don't really know where to start.
  12. I agree with Convair that the only two possible options for the 142 are either the Airmodel vacform or the Mach 2 injection molded kits, so my definative answer would be the Mach 2 BV 142 kit. Now then, how do I choose between the brand new Mini Clubman, the £20,000 tax free cash or the all expenses paid trip to my local model shop????
  13. Is it a Blohm & Voss Ha 139 or a 142 by any chance?
  14. cngaero

    The airfix Buccaneer S2b

    As Buccaneers go, that's one of the best I've seen. Great work indeed.