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  1. Vickers Valetta Bell Sioux HT2 Handley Page Hastings
  2. What a great little diorama. I can't say that I've ever seen a diorama of this, one of the most necessary areas of a bomber airfield before. First class work.
  3. This build just gets better and better. Your attention to detail is outstanding and every single element you produce is absolutely stunning and so realistic. I read each one of your updates wonder and never cease to be amazed by your craftsmanship. With just 5% of your skills, I would be a very happy modeller. I stand by what I said in an earlier post, IMHO, this is turning out to be your best model yet. Chris.
  4. That's fantastic. The weathered finish you've achieved is so realistic. Well done.
  5. Two truly elegant ladies indeed. There's just that little something special about that BOAC scheme. So very nostalgic. Thank you for sharing them.
  6. That's a neat little model of a rather quaint Home Guard idea. As you suggest, the instructions need a little bit of atTENtion.
  7. Could this be the 5G chimp?
  8. A life well lived, a duty well served and a person we shall never see the likes of again. Thank you for your loyal service to this country and to Her Majesty the Queen. My heart goes out to her. RIP Sir and God bless you.
  9. A couple of great finds. Thanks for posting the links.
  10. I may be 100 miles wrong with this, but I've taken this from the RAF Aircrew Slang Glossary : "Screened: a period after completing a tour when the crewman could not be called on to do operational flying." It could also be part of Aircrew continuation training, or competency testing. Good luck with your research.
  11. Peter, your work in skinning the nose of the Fury is truly masterclass. I can see the finished model in my mind and I don't want to put a curse on it, but this shaping up to be your best ever. I'll fight anyone who disagrees. If I'm not there, just tell them to start without me
  12. It's lovely to see the Viking in kit form and for that we should be forever grateful to Valom. You've done a superb job with this kit and your metal finish is first class.
  13. I don't know how I missed this one fire time around, so please accept my apologies for late to the party. You've made a lovely job of the Tallboy conversion and presented it beautifully. I've always had a soft spot for the yellow edged 5 Group markings, which, from the modeller's point of view, really make their aircraft stand out. First class work as usual.
  14. Looks like Lockheed is back in full production again. Once again, another fine looking Ventura beautifully made and finished.
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