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  1. That's one huge chunk of plastic. It's really coming along nicely now. I'd love to see how and where you display all your wonderful creations.
  2. That's a great find Tony. It's very sobering and sad to realise just how much our forces have shrunk in such a relatively short period of time. Great dose of nostalgia though, just before bedtime. Thank you for sharing it with us.
  3. That's a lovely shopping list Neil. I can't wait to see the AEC Mandator. I still can't believe that when I suggested it, many moons ago, you actually agreed that it would be possible. I've been wanting like an excited kid at Christmas since then. Doing the Bedford crew bus along with the Blue Steel trolley is an added bonus. This is going to be a good year after all.
  4. What a great set of photos and an extremely valuable potted history of the Jetstream in UK military service. Thank you so much for sharing it all with us. Chris.
  5. This is coming along very nicely. I think that your method of producing vents with plasticard and hot wire is a stroke of genius and I'll borrow it, if you don't mind, for any of my future builds that may require venting.
  6. Now I needn't start the extremely rare and highly detailed Andy Pack vacform kit!!!!!
  7. Tony, I'm so sorry about the error in my text. At the end of it, after praising your work, I wrote "I tire of seeing your work", however it should have read "I never tire of seeing your work". Note to self..... I must remember to proof read before posting! Please accept my sincere apologies for the error and for any offence that I may have caused. Chris.
  8. That's an absolutely cracking model Tony. Impeccably built and finished to your usual exceptionally high standards. I've always really liked this aeroplane, but I can never put my finger on why, but it still hovers around near the top of my pending pile. You may have just nudged it upwards. I must admit that the Brigand does look to be a meaty beastie next to the Beaufighter. The MSG/Black colour scheme is very appealing and covers fair few types of that era. Apart from the Brigand and the Beaufighter it also appeared on aircraft such as the Mosquito, Lancaster, Lincoln, Canberra. Keep them coming Tony, I never tire of seeing your work. Chris.
  9. That's a fine looking Gladiator you've built. You've done a superb job with the finish and the rigging.
  10. That's a fine tribute to a very brave crew. Your Beaufort is absolutely stunning and has convinced me to add a couple to my collection.........So if SWMBO complains, can I point her in your direction?............ Honestly, it was that bad lad Tony that made me do it
  11. Great work indeed and a variant we don't see much of. Well done and thanks for sharing it.
  12. cngaero


    Being a proud Englishman by birth, but having one grandmother of Irish descent and the other of Scottish descent, I really look forward to the Six Nations Rugby tournament each year. There's always a tear in my eye when the Irish sing Ireland's Call and the Scots sing Flower of Scotland. I remember watching the game one year when Scotland were playing hosts to England at Murrayfield. Scotland were piped onto the pitch by a lone Piper playing Highland Cathedral which had the stadium buzzing . Then the teams lined up and the band played God Save the Queen. Then the Pipe band began to play Flower of Scotland. They played until the end of the first verse and the Pipes fell silent, whereupon the crowd alone took over with the second verse. It was obviously a psychological trick to intimidate the English. It certainly worked on me, a fearless ex Loose Head Prop. I was found hiding behind the sofa! My other favourite anthems are those of France and the Marseillaise, South Africa and New Zealand. Once again I can be found cowering by the sofa or my wife when the All Blacks do the Haka just before the kick off. I know I said I was a Prop Forward, but I never said that I was a brave one. It's always great to see the teams being fired up and shedding a tear by giving a stirring rendition of their National Anthem. God bless the Anthems and all who sing them.
  13. Yes, yes and yes again. Good luck with this one, it'll be a real stunner.
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