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  1. cngaero

    New Member Rudy Bob

    Hi Bob, Welcome to the forum. I must agree with you about this wonderful hobby being both fun and rewarding. Good luck with your P47, it's a nice kit. You'll find lots of great info here at Britmodeller and if you ask, you'll receive lots of help from some very helpful people.
  2. cngaero

    Cuddly Spitfire, anyone?

    My dog would try to hump the damned thing and that should never happen to a Spitfire.
  3. cngaero

    Jaffa Cakes.

    Why vote when a box of each will do.......... purely for research purposes you understand.
  4. I've actually got a box of this rare old rocking horse poo in my shed. Admittedly it's not the best, but it dates back around 30 years ahd did come with resin replacement parts for the nose section, tail section and production stabilisers. The clear vacform canopy is virtually devoid of any framing detail, but it was originally crystal clear, but sadly, due to old age, it has begun to yellow. As was stated above, if Valom could be persuaded, it would make a nice stablemate for their forthcoming Twin Pioneer. I feel an email coming on. You never know, Airfix may surprise us all in November.......... Just after they announce the Hastings and Single Pioneer .
  5. That's a fine looking Belvedere. You've done a lovely job with the old Airfix kit. It's an aircraft that's been sadly neglected in kit form over the years, but hopefully that may change. Maintrack did a conversion for the old Airfix kit to bring it up to an in service configuration , but that was many moons ago and that, to the best of my knowledge, is the only one.
  6. cngaero

    Peter Jackson's new film announced yesterday

    That's really good news. I think that giving a copy to all secondary schools is a marvellous idea.
  7. That's a beautiful model of a less than beautiful aeroplane. I certainly raise my hat to you for scratch building the Bison in the first place, but to do so in 1/44 scale, that's just amazing.
  8. cngaero

    Shuttleworth Race Day Airshow

    That's a fine collection of beautiful old aeroplanes and cars, all nicely photographed. Thank you for sharing them.
  9. cngaero

    RIP Geoffrey Hayes

    That's sad. Another loss from our nostalgic TV past. RIP Mr Geoffrey
  10. cngaero

    Helen Craig

    What a good looking ship and a beautifully made model. I always look forward to seeing your creations, they never disappoint.
  11. cngaero


    I see what you mean about the complexity of this type of vessel, but as ever Bob, you've produced a stunning model.
  12. cngaero

    Silver City Bristol Superfreighter

    That's a real blast from the past. I loved this kit as a youg'un and I've still got a soft spot for it all these years later. The name Silver City has always held fond memories for me, as I used to see their old DC 3's flying in and out of Newcastle airport when my Dad flew from there to meet up with whichever ship he was due to join. You've done a cracking job with your Superfreighter so far and if you don't mind, I'll tag along with you to the end.
  13. cngaero

    DH91 Albatross

    Such an elegant aeroplane, I would have loved to see it fly. Thanks for showing the photos.
  14. cngaero

    I hope this is a (bad) joke....

    It really does beg the question, WHY????
  15. Yet another stunning model and beautifully photographed. I love the interior, but the laminations of the propellers really enhance the overall model.