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  1. Just a thought, there is an awful lot of nay saying going on about the new Mach 2 VC10. Granted the nose shape looks wrong, but has there been any actual physical reviews of the kit to ascertain the actual amount of work needed to rectify the problem(s)? I'm not trying to stir up a hornet's nest here, but I'm just trying to cut Didier at Mach 2 a little bit of slack. At the end of the day, at least he has provided us with an injection molded VC10 in 1/72 scale, which no other injection manufacturer has looked at, or is ever likely to. It may well be that Airgraphics are already on the case with a replacement nose section as well as their other planned VC10 goodies, which is good as this is helping to keep another manufacturer in business. Overall, this has got to be good for the hobby surely. Can you realistically see any of the mainstream manufacturers such as Airfix or Revell for example even considering such things as the Tri Star, VC10, Britannia, Voyager, Hastings, Argosy etc in 1/72 scale, I don't think so. Let's be grateful that someone at least is trying to give us what we want. However, at the end of the day, whatever the subject, whatever the price and whatever the shape issues, we don't have to buy it. After all, there is always scratch building or vacforms.
  2. That's fine looking Phantom Nikos. You have turned a very old kit into something special. Your beautiful brush work really lifts this model. Well done.
  3. So is this modelling democracy......... Everybody gets what nobody wants? Personally I'd welcome a brand new state of the art Vulcan. Granted it will not be everyone's cup of tea, but that can be said of EVERY new release from EVERY manufacturer. Someone somewhere will be disappointed, whether it be the wrong scale, the wrong variant or in the wrong markings. Would I have wished for a different subject, yes. Will I still be buying the Vulcan, most definitely yes. I wouldn't want to be a manufacturer for a Kings ransom, however this does show that they do listen to modellers.
  4. cngaero


    There's a section devoted to Manufacturers News. IHTH.
  5. That's a really impressive model of the Hamilcar. You've done a cracking job with it. I think that your Halifax looks extremely elegant in the invasion stripes and it's certainly food for thought for yours truly. I never tire of seeing your work here Tony, no matter what the subject, they're always inspirational. Thank you for sharing them with us.
  6. I'm loving what I've seen so far John and the name Stackton Tressel has really tickled me.
  7. I seem to recall that both aircraft were overall Light Aircraft Grey with Yellow trainer bands.
  8. Just found this on www.F35.com "In stealth mode, the F-35 can infiltrate enemy territory that other fighters can’t, carrying 5,700 pounds of internal ordnance. Once air dominance is established, the F-35 converts to beast mode, carrying up to 22,000 pounds of combined internal and external weapons, to return to the battle to finish the fight." What a Beastie!!
  9. Now that's what I call a Meteor shower! Every single one is a stunner, although I do admit to having a soft spot for both the T7 and the NF14 types. Thank you for them all here.
  10. That's absolutely stunning Tony. The Buccaneer really does look good in that particular scheme. Your artistry with a brush is superb as ever. If you don't mind me asking, which is your preferred brand of paint brush?
  11. That would depend on the version of the new Zvezda kit. The Xtradecal sheets cover two RAF C 130 J airframes, so fingers crossed.
  12. I think that I'd go with the Hercules, especially since Hannants have two lovely sets of colourful RAF anniversary schemes for the Hercules sitting in their Future Release section.
  13. That's a really nicely finished Buccaneer. The unusual camouflage scheme certainly makes it stand out from the crowd. Thank you for sharing it with us.
  14. I should have remembered Amodel, since I bought both of those earlier this year along with the two sets of transfers by Caracal for the Dove. As you said, it's certainly a good time to be a British aviation modeller.
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