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  1. Hi Steve, Just a thought, but have you considered clear PVA? I didn't know that it even existed until the Mistress of the Blue Horizon picked one up from Asda recently by mistake. I needed some for a diorama I'm in the middle of. It seems to work ok, but I can't vouch for its longevity. Chris.
  2. It looks to me as if you have made excellent use of the available reference materials and produced a very impressive replica of the Vickers Vimy Commercial. You have done an excellent job of reproducing the interior and I really like your homemade assembly jig. Thanks for sharing it with us all. Chris.
  3. You're tackling this from the wrong angle. Given my build rate, I should have enough kits in my stash to last me until I'm 187. By the way, it's a big thumbs up from me for the Allouette II
  4. Very nice indeed. There's only one thing better than a great looking Spitfire and that's two great looking Spitfires. I like the idea displaying the first and the last. It gives a good visual comparison of how the Spitfire developed. Chris.
  5. I must say that is one fine build, with subtle, but perfectly applied weathering. Your photography is particularly well thought out, giving beautiful images that make the viewer look carefully to see that it is a model and not a photographs of the real thing. Well done Paul. Chris..
  6. A great little model of a great little aeroplane. Well done
  7. They're brilliant. A really colourful collection. Thanks for showing them here. Chris.
  8. I'd say that you've got it spot on. You've done a great job with the restoration of your Spitfire XVI, my favourite mark of all the Spitfires. I've always thought that the ICM kits are great value for the money. Well done Chris.
  9. .Don't beat yourself up about Les. As a hobby, we're all individuals in the way we approach it and what we want to get out of it. For me, I do like to scratch build certain things on some kits, such as cockpits and the like, but only of I think the kit calls for it. For example, if the kit comes with a fairly roomy interior and an open canopy, I'll put some detailing into it. If not, it will be built completely out of the box. On the other hand, if I am building the model or a diorama for someone else I will pull all the stops out. As I stated earlier, it's a hobby and at the end of the day, we do it because it's supposed to give us pleasure, but we reserve the rite to take from it what we will. There are a good many modellers who constantly produce museum quality models, many of whom regularly display their beautifully detailed and superbly finished models to the delight of us all here on Britmodeller. There is plenty of space for us all within this wonderful hobby. Whether your model is totally scratch built, or a superbly detailed kit, or just simply built totally out of the box, as long as it makes you smile, then it's has done its job. Chris.
  10. I fell out of love with photo-etch many moons ago, preferring instead, to revert to the old school methods of the renowned modelling master, Terrance J Marriott of Scale Aircraft Modelling fame. When needed, I much prefer scratch building cockpits and wheel wells etc with various thicknesses of plasticard and wire and other materials. In practice, I find that I get much more enjoyment from my time at my workbench and spend much less time on my hands and knees paying homage to the Carpet Monster and searching for the etched part that had just propelled itself from my tweezers like an Exocet missile. I'm certainly not rubbishing the medium that is etched brass/steel, far from it, I just prefer not to use it.
  11. You've got three stunners there and your in flight photos are fantastic. I particularly like the JP. Well done.
  12. Damn this dust in my eyes which has caused them to water so much. What a beautiful back story you've told and hats off to Mr Warburton for his inspiration. You've done a fantastic job with your Meteor and I'm sure that Mr Warburton would be impressed with it. Chris.
  13. I must have missed this the first time around Neil. You've done a first class job with this. It's beautifully built and finished. I have a real soft spot for the Heron and it's always great to see one of these vintage Airfix kits get the TLC that they deserve.
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