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  1. cngaero

    If not Modelling.. Then What?

    Writing. I love peace and pure escapism of writing. My only other wish would be to learn to play the Northumbian pipes.
  2. Thanks for the advice Geoff. It is the Flying Colours markings that I have, but I haven't done any great research into the project as yet. Does the fuselage of the KC97 differ that much from the 377 and if so, by much?
  3. That's a great looking diorama Adrian. I really like the work you've done with the old Airfix Control Tower(s). I've got the old Academy 1/72 Stratocruiser in my stash and a set of BOAC markings to go with it, so this has really got me eager to go. Great stuff indeed.
  4. cngaero

    Queen's Birthday Flypast over East Anglia

    Crickey, have we got 100 aircraft? Or will the Reds go in first and rejoin at the rear of the formation? Seriously though, it will be an impressive sight, but why July 10th and not April 1st?
  5. cngaero

    A very British experiment, Marshall MA4.

    Never was a truer word spoken. John deserves a long and happy retirement and he certainly deserves it. This hobby would have been so much the poorer without his input, knowledge and advice.
  6. That's some serious modelling Adrian. The hand crafted cockpit interior is utterly amazing. This is going to be good.
  7. cngaero

    1/8 Kawasaki Z900A4 kitbash

    There's some lovely work going on there Lee, I can't wait to see the finished model. I have very fond memories of riding one of these beauties when they first came to the UK. There was certainly an abundance of power when you needed it.
  8. You've done a splendid job with the old AIrfix Sunderland Adey. Both your detailing and finish are superb, especially in the very busy crew compartments. I really love that late grey and white Coastal Command scheme, it makes the old girl look so elegant.
  9. cngaero

    another Airfix J.P

    Lovely. I never tire of seeing the old J.P. A nice looking model in a neat little diorama, what's not to like?
  10. cngaero

    Hercules c.1

    That's a fine looking Hercules and in a lovely nostalgic colour scheme. In my opinion, the best scheme ever worn by the Hercules.
  11. Stunningly beautiful model, but a damned ugly aeroplane. You've really done a wonderful job with this and displayed nicely. The underside detail is spectacular. My only gripe is with Lockheed Martin, it's just not an attractive looking aircraft. It looks as though it was designed by a committee. I'm sure that others will disagree.
  12. cngaero

    RIP John Farley

    That's some wonderful footage of man and machine in pure harmony. A great, great man.
  13. cngaero

    Albatross, Get Your Albatross Here!

    That's got to be my new favourite word. It ranks up there with transbuggerafied and tansbuggerification The Albatross is coming on very nicely and the interior will look great when it's finished.
  14. Looking forward to seeing this one completed. I just love that old Aer Lingus scheme.
  15. cngaero

    RIP John Farley

    So sad to hear of the passing of John Farley. A gentle, unassuming man, but a very gifted test pilot. What he didn't know about the Harrier wasn't worth knowing. Blue Skies Sir