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  1. Hi Bill, I did exactly the same as you with the liquid gravity, but for a belt and braces approach I added some into the leading edge of the wings by grinding away some of plastic in both the upper and lower surfaces of wings. It took a little bit of care to do it but it really was worth it. Mind you I just used the cockpit tub that came with the kit cramming as much gravity as possible under the cockpit side consoles.
  2. The Stranraer is fairly straightforward and the Sea Fox is a peach of a kit. If you just take your time and approach them the same way as you've done with the Gladiator, you won't go far wrong.
  3. Excellent work and I have to agree, you've done a cracking job with the old Gladiator. I've always had a soft spot for Matchbox range of biplanes, which were great for their time, with the Stranraer and the Sea Fox being my particular favourites.
  4. That's a fine looking Javelin you've got there. It's a stunning colour scheme and you've applied it beautifully. Thank you for sharing it.
  5. A great choice for the civil aviation modellers out there. Whilst this isn't my particular line of country modelling wise, it does look quite promising and with some colourful options to choose from. Once again hats off to Mach 2 for producing an injection molded kit of an aeroplane that no other manufacturer would dream of doing in 1/72 scale.
  6. That's another stunning model to add to your wonderful collection of Royal North East Air Force aircraft. It's beautifully built and finished as usual. I've always had a soft spot for the later marks of the Anson. I also built the Aeroclub C19 when it was first issued and have another one in the stash which I'll be adding to my theme of types that were based just up the road from me at nearby RAF Acklington. I have a picture of the Anson with "RAF Acklington Station Flight" painted on the fuselage. Your theme of RAF Ouston aircraft always spur me on to continue with the projec
  7. Merry Christmas to you too. I had similar issues with Blu Tack on matt paints, but not so much with Xtracolour gloss paints. I've always tried to remove it as soon as possible after painting. However, over the last couple of years I've begun using White Tack instead with no issues of oily residue.
  8. Merry Christmas Tony, I hope all is well with you and yours That's a lovely looking Gladiator, as usual, mainting your superb standards of modelling. I haven't seen that sheet of markings before. I feel a hunt coming on!
  9. Superb, absolutely superb. That's one of the finest collections of British military aeronautical ironmongery I've seen. I can't wait to see the Meteor testbeds and the JP 2.
  10. That's a fine looking Master you've got there. I've got a real soft spot for RAF training aircraft, so this one's really made me smile.
  11. Ah the good old Belvedere. This has always been one of my most nostalgic kits from the days when, in the days of my youth, the whole world was viewed in black and white, a least that's what my eldest son thought when he was 7. Having noticed my liking for good old British films from the 1950's, he asked me one afternoon "Dad, is that what it was like when you were little?" I asked him what he meant and his reply, "Was there no colours?" Bless him, he had assumed that the entire world was lived in monochrome tones. Great start to the project. I'll be tagging along until the end.
  12. Hi Mikhail, What a fantastically detailed model of an aeroplane I've never heard of, but find it very appealing. This is a classic example of what can be done with some basic raw materials and a huge amount of skill. Your workmanship is matched by your photography skills. Thank you for sharing it with us.
  13. They are both stunning looking models , but I particularly like the EDSG/White scheme.
  14. That's a real touch of class. A fine looking build with a first class finish.
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    What are you trying to say Mike, we are after all, your devoted followers
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