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  1. I see that she showered before leaving. Obviously trying to make a clean getaway
  2. That looks great Paul. It looks really smart in the British Eagle livery. The Dove has always been one of my favourite aeroplanes. I really must get around to starting mine.
  3. Another stunner. Do I detect a theme going on here?
  4. That's superb Neil. The finish and subtle weathering you've achieved really brings it to life. It's hard to believe that it's the old Matchbox kit.
  5. Enjoy your holiday Steve, you've certainly earned it with your delicate work on the canopies. Amazing, truly amazing.
  6. cngaero

    Womens Euro's

    I thoroughly agree. I stopped watching football a long time ago. Rugby Union has always been my game of choice. I got so fed up with football and the theatrical performances resulting from the so called men. Seeing a grown man going down as if he's been shot after the lightest of tackles makes me sick. Last night's game was played in a fine spirit and the spicy tackles were just an accepted part of the game and it was a real breath of fresh air. It was a great example of how the game should be played. Occasionally, just for fun, I search YouTube for compilations of rugby tackles compared to those in football, they certainly make an interesting comparison. Well done to the Lionesses, they thoroughly deserve the adulation they have received. They are a fine example to all the young girls who's dream is to play professional football. Chris, a very proud Englishman.
  7. Fantastic photos Frank. Your Sopwith Camel is superb, thanks for sharing them.
  8. A fine collection of Mitchell's finest. Out of the collection, I particularly like your Seafire, but it's a close run thing.
  9. Sadly missed indeed. I still listen to it when it's broadcast with Jack Dee in the chair. He's good, but he's not Humph.
  10. Talking Pictures, channel 82, are currently showing the comedy series "Get Some In", a sitcom about a bunch of National Service recruits in the RAF. It still raised a smile.
  11. Animal Magic, now there's a blast from the past. Johnny Morris had such an affinity with all creatures and was always a pleasure to watch. I miss Johnny Morris. I miss my childhood.
  12. You've done a superb job with this Rob. A great build and a lovely finish. Well done.
  13. You've done an outstanding job with this Dermot. This is a real stunner. There's something rather appealing about current range of Japanese military aircraft and their colourful approach to camouflage and markings. They're certainly not afraid of applying colour to them, especially the anniversary schmes. I'm looking seriously into the possibility of converting one of these Sword kits into a Dominie of the RAF. Chris.
  14. I had a brief online conversation a few weeks ago with Didier from Mach 2 and I suggested the Hastings as a future subject. He didn't rule it out, but said it may be a possibility in a year or so. Fingers crossed
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