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  1. Great work. The interior looks great, really nicely weathered and the wooden benches have come out really well. I would stick with the light DG, I always think it looks much better on German vehicles than the camo or early darker shade.
  2. Well I’ve had the first chance in the last 2 months to sit down at the desk for an hour. I managed to finally get the rear plate and exhaust ducts into place with a lot of trimming and shimming. Still got some gap filling to do. Thats the last of the main body of construction, the rest is all detailing now. Plus the tracks to make. not the most exciting of updates but it’s progress!!
  3. Great stuff John, another lovely looking Sherman for your collection.
  4. They both look cracking, the dust effects look good especially after the matt coat.
  5. Would a mod be able to move this to the armour WIP section please?
  6. Looking good John. Nice amount of stowage on that. I’ve got that Vallejo set but never used it as I wasn’t sure the colours were right for WWII British tanks. Colour looks good on the firefly though.
  7. Great job, really nice finish on the greyhound. The crew bring it to life.
  8. Really interesting and different subject, good build so far. What colours is it going to be finished in (I know nothing of the JGSDF)?
  9. Quick progress on the Cromwell and the Sherman is coming along nicely. Can’t beat a bit of British armour! the bucket/letter box things you refer to are smoke candles, there were normally two of them mounted low down on the rear plate. Most late war British armour carried them afaik.
  10. From the Sherman minutia website, about halfway down the page there’s photos of the radio pot (can’t link to the actual pic I’m afraid). M4 radio pot
  11. My grandfather was a Churchill driver although don’t believe he ever made it to Europe as the war ended before he was transferred. Lost the hearing in one ear from the Co-drivers MG firing next to his ear. Unfortunately he passed way when I was 10 so I never heard his tale properly. I’d have to do some research as to what unit he served with. My other grandfather that I know a lot more about served with 6 royal welsh fusiliers in NWE through the battle of the bulge, reichswald and Rhine crossing before being wounded. I have a diorama planned in dedication to him but it would be too much to take on in a GB at the speed I work. I may build a Churchill for this once I figure out a unit.
  12. Good to see another one of your Sherman builds on the go John. Will follow along with interest.
  13. That’s the sheet I’ve been looking for but apparently it’s as rare as rocking horse poo!
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