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  1. Very nice work, can’t go wrong with those Tamiya kits. Looking forward to seeing you apply some pigments to this and how the Caunter scheme comes out.
  2. Lovely stuff Andy, masterful work as always.
  3. Classic kit to get you back into modelling. This was the first kit I built when I got back to armour modelling. It goes together very well and gives a nice finished model. welcome to BM!
  4. Insides are looking great. Nice PE and detailing work. Looking forward to seeing you slapping some pigments on the outsides!
  5. Looking good, diorama is coming along nicely. Good to see youngsters getting involved in the hobby.
  6. Nice start, I’ve just built one of these as an OOB (pretty much) quick build. It’s a decent little kit. Will look good in that 3 tone scheme I think.
  7. I’ll join in with this if I may, I have a resicast Sherman DD to build.
  8. The finished product is fantastic badder. Your layers of weathering add a lot of depth to the finish.
  9. Wonderful build, great work. Your little alterations have really brought it to life.
  10. Interesting concept always good to see WHIF concepts. How would you plan on attaching the paddles? Will they be on the outer face of the wheels if you’re going to have tracks on it well? I think, from the way you’ve built it it would sit quite low in the water, with the waterline likely at or above the top of the wheels. If that was the case then paddles on the outer face wouldn’t work as they wouldn’t clear the water line. I can’t see another way of adding paddles with tracks on it. alternstive would be to use tracks similar to those used on LVT’s that themselves act as paddles. Wouldn’t make the vehicle that quick in the water though...
  11. Very nice finish Nigel, lovely looking model. I quite often find the tri tonal German camo is hard to pull off well and comes out looking either too garish or dark and subdued on a lot of models I see but I think you’ve done it very well on this. Top job!!
  12. Great finish on the Tilly, really looks the part. Looking forward to seeing this done and dusted with the base and driver.
  13. If that’s not good enough, I have the skybow kit in my stash. I can scan you the instructions if you still need. Can’t post as I still need them!!
  14. Outstanding model making, your detailing is bringing to life a, by all accounts, second rate kit. My dad was an RAF Wessex pilot back in the day and a keen modeller (although of the train variety) so I will have to show him this build, sure he’ll be interested to see it. looking forward to seeing you get the second side finished up.
  15. Coming along nicely, the zimmerit looks really good, must be tough and fiddly to do at that scale. Looks like you’re learning lots with this build though.
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