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  1. bigfoot

    M4 Sherman Tamiya 1/35

    Fantastic model, even better for being your first AFV. Painting and weathering are spot on.
  2. bigfoot

    Tamiya easy 8

    Thanks! Yeah I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do with this. Got some techniques I want to try on this I’ve not tried before. The Tamiya kit is lovely, fits together really well and a great base kit for up detailing.
  3. bigfoot

    Tamiya easy 8

    Thanks John. The OD is already on it in the bottom three pictures. It does look quite light in those pics, and in real life, but it is on there. Will darken down in the weathering process.
  4. bigfoot

    Tamiya easy 8

    Thanks for the comments guys. Although I haven't had a chance to update in a little while, I haven't been idle. I found a couple of days between Christmas and new year to get some work done on it. i finished off the PE and detailing work, adding chains to the filler caps and front towing shackles, did the rear stowage shelf and added the tow cable. The wire on left hand side extra armour is all done now too. i finished off the other side of the turret, adding some spare magic tracks for spares. I also redid the .50 cover as it was too thick and I couldn't get the bracket around the barrel. So single ply tissue was used and I added a spare PE strap around the muzzle to replicate the photos. Casting numbers were added to the turret with archer decals. I've also made up dragon magic tracks for this, built in sections but in two sections now for painting. The section around the sprocket is separate so I can get the tracks on after painting. And with that the build was finally done. I cracked out the airbrush and laid some base colours on the tank and sandbags, using lifecolor acrylics, with a fading effect on the armour. i forgot to paint the .50 cover but I'll probably just brush paint that. Next job is the detail painting.
  5. bigfoot

    Tamiya 1/48 Sturmtiger

    Looking very nice. As Steve says, purple isn’t the first colour I’d think of for priming/shading but it definitely works!
  6. bigfoot

    Liberation of Eindhoven

    Nice Cromwell and dio. Nice interaction between the figures. it won’t be the the guards armoured division in the original photo either as they weren’t equipped with Churchills.
  7. bigfoot

    Takom Chieftain MK 5

    Nice collection of chieftains, look the part. Nice dusty finish on the latest one.
  8. Great stuff. The OD looks a little dark but nice finish.
  9. bigfoot

    Meng 'King Tiger' 1/35

    Good start. I too have one of these staring at me from the shelves. I’d only read good things about this kit, hadn’t heard about any issues with the suspension. Will follow this build with interest.
  10. bigfoot

    MiniArt 2019 Teasers

    Thanks for sharing. Good to see the us in rain covers set finally being released. This was announced about a year ago and I was wondering where it had got to! The new us and German figure sets look interesting to me.
  11. I’m in, I’ve got several panzer/StuG iii kits in the stash to have a bash at.
  12. bigfoot


    Lovely model, I really like the missing fuel tank and the addition of the crates and logs. Great whitewashed finish.
  13. bigfoot


    Coming along nicely Badder. The interior has come out looking very nice indeed. The friuls are lovely, but do take a bit of patience. I gave myself a blister on my thumb and finger from drilling out a whole pack in one sitting recently for my hetzer! They do give a nice finish. mud effects are coming along well. Looking forward to seeing how your whitewash comes out, especially after the finish you got on your m4.
  14. Very nice build. Can’t spot any imperfections in those photos!
  15. bigfoot

    Austin Tilly.

    Oops. I don’t read so good when there’s pictures of great modelling to look at...