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  1. Hi DA, where are the names for H troop and T troop sources from? I’m aware of the ones from photographs but where have the other names been recorded? Warspite is a 5 IB vehicle, photographs of it clearly have a 5 badge on the front. Also, I commonly see Vidette as a W troop vehicle but I don’t see why. There’s enough W… named warships to name the full troop after so in my mind it’s more likely from a V troop. It’s often linked to 5IB so it’s more likely IMO that 5IB had V,W and two other troops in it. great work on the Cromwell and centaur. Nice pick up on the SCC15 wading gear. I will remember that for when I get around to doing my RMASG section for my sword beach project. Looking forward to seeing your sculpting if the crew if you go that route, I always want to try it but haven’t got the skills!
  2. Great, thanks for signing up, definitely for fun rather than a competition. Just an opportunity for a bunch of us to build models around a common theme. I’ll add you to the list!
  3. I went to the show yesterday, first time I’ve managed to go despite living in the area for a good few years. Really enjoyed it, some great models on show. My 2 year old even tolerated it for over an hour! Thanks for putting it on.
  4. Hey Bigfoot... I dont know what I have to do to be in a GB, but I would love to build something for the anniversary... Put a post in the thread I posted, if enough people show an interest then it might get into the GB schedule for next year. Then all you have to do is pick a kit related to the theme, build it within the 3 month window and post a build log. Simple as that!
  5. Great build! Love the finish on it. I’ve been trying to get my hands on this kit recently to no avail! I watched midway recently and loved the film, inspired me to build some aircraft. Also trying to get a Midway group build off the ground if you’re interested…
  6. Welcome aboard, V-P, name added. That makes it a twelve. Good subjects, nice to have some carriers amongst the builds.
  7. Welcome to the flight deck all! Thanks for signing up, names have been added to the flight roster. thanks for the background info Marklo, I’ve added it to the first post. Who wants to make it an even dozen?
  8. Ah finally someone has (hopefully) done a decent hellcat! If it’s as good as their M10 I’ll be a happy man. Sign me up for one!
  9. With the 80th anniversary of the battle of Midway in 2022, the major turning point in the pacific war, what better time for a GB on that theme. Planes, ships and anything on Midway island at the time of the battle. Any scale, if it was there, it counts. A little background of aircraft provided by Marklo: On Midway, by 4 June the U.S. Navy had stationed four squadrons of PBYs—31 aircraft in total—for long-range reconnaissance duties, and six brand-new Grumman TBF Avengers from Hornet's VT-8. The Marine Corps stationed 19 Douglas SBD Dauntless, seven F4F-3 Wildcats, 17 Vought SB2U Vindicators, and 21 Brewster F2A Buffalos. The USAAF contributed a squadron of 17 B-17 Flying Fortresses and four Martin B-26 Marauders equipped with torpedoes: in total 126 aircraft. The main Japanese carrier-borne strike aircraft were the D3A1 "Val" dive bomber and the B5N2 "Kate", which was used either as a torpedo bomber or as a level bomber. The main carrier fighter was the fast and highly maneuverable A6M "Zero". There were also the usual selection of support vehicles such as Jeep’s and AA guns based on Midway. The Japanese also flew the ‘Jake’, ‘Judy’ and ‘Dave’ during the battle. Then there’s the whole plethora of carriers, destroyers, subs etc for those who like their floaty things. My free time is limited having two small boys so I probably wouldn’t be able to host on my own so if anyone wants to co-host/ host on their own please volunteer. Flight Roster so far: 1. Me (Bigfoot) 2. @Ozzy 3. @stevej60 4. @Corsairfoxfouruncle 5. @LorenSharp 6. @dnl42 7. @Marklo 8. @Jb65rams 9. @TEMPESTMK5 10. @franky boy 11. @Andwil 12. @vppelt68 13. @Tokyo Raider
  10. A build I finished a little while back but only just got around to it. It’s the academy late version with DEF barrel and fruilmodel tracks. I had to scratch build the spare track brackets as I lost the originals. Fictitious camo as I’m not a massive fan of tri tone and I liked the look of this two tone scheme. I used this as a test bed for a few new techniques. A few things I’m not that happy with such as the mud splashes and wet runs on the front but also things like the wheels and oil weathering on the top surface. I only built it as I got the tracks for a steal so had to get the kit to go with it. Anyway, onto pics: Thanks for looking, comments and criticisms welcome!
  11. Great work on the BARV and ARV. I like the use of balsa to replicate the wooden blocks.
  12. Good work on the BARV, not easy to scratch with all those angles! Thanks for the link, have saved that for when I get around to my 1/35 scale one. What’s the Bradford book?
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