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  1. There seems to be quite a size difference between the two kits. The Zveda one definitely looks more refined.
  2. Chipping done, decals on, most details painted and varnished. Not particularly happy with how the chipping turned out, I used Vallejo German grey instead of Tamiya’s which I did the undercoat with and it’s a lot darker than Tamiya’s one, looking almost black. Hopefully it will blend in once weathering is done.
  3. Thanks Stix. Unfortunately the chipping fluid hasn’t worked on the panzer as I think I left it too long and the paint has cured as nothing is coming off. Will have to resort to sponge and brush chipping
  4. Can’t help with the first question but second appears to be a collapsible canvas water bucket/container. Such as these
  5. Thanks Bob. I used AK worn effects chipping fluid with Tamiya paints. I put two coats of worn effects down but not sure if I used enough or the paint on top was too thick as it took a lot of rubbing to get it it come away and in some places it wore down to the plastic so I need to do some touch ups.
  6. That’s coming together brilliantly. I like the stripy winter camo on the Stug and the ivy looks really good. Are you going to add some snow to the tree branches as well?
  7. Well painting has begun in earnest. First an undercoat of Tamiya German grey. Then the tropical scheme applied, base layer followed by a fading layer then the camo applied over the top. Worn effects was sprayed over the German grey so the tropical layer will be worn back. And wheels, lots of them! I started the chipping/wear on the Jerry cans to practice and get the hang of how much rubbing was needed. Turns out, quite a bit! This was over two layers of worn effects. Now onto the job of wearing
  8. The M4 105s were only built on the late large hatch M4 hulls (no driver hoods and the 60 degrees glacis plate). The turrets had the oval loaders hatch and the mantlet was different to the 75mm one. You could use the tamiya M4A3 105, the turret would be correct and you could convert the hull rear to the m4 version (front end would be largely correct). The Sherman minutia website has a lot of info on the M4 105 http://the.shadock.free.fr/sherman_minutia/manufacturer/m4_105mm/m4_105mm.html
  9. Count me in. I don’t really do wings or floaty things so I’m going to go with a scimitar.
  10. Very nice Stix, the camo and weathering look mint. You really do demonstrate you don’t need an airbrush and latest weathering products to build a very good looking tank.
  11. Thanks Darryl, first time I’ve tried to make anything like either and both came out well. I’m calling the build part done now. A number of tools and wheels/tracks left separate for painting but other than that everything is on. I added a spare track bracket to the front from some scrap PE and left over magic tracks. Another spare wheel added to the rear of the left fender. As I put other stowage in their location, I added a loose S hook to the front towing bracket. I might add one to the rear too if I can find the other one but it’s gone AWOL!
  12. These look great, going to pick up a set for my SKP challenger.
  13. Thanks WA, your build is looking good too. If you want to know how big the dragon track pins are, let me know and I can measure for you. Thanks Stix, it’s the most scratch building I’ve done in a while and particularly pleased with how the box came out, especially that it was square!
  14. Nice colour you’ve got going on there. What did you think of the kit overall? I’ve just seen a review of this kit with the interior and have to say I’m tempted despite not normally being a fan of interior kits. Be interested to know what someone who’s built the basic kit thinks of it.
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