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  1. I’ve been remiss and not checked in here for a while! Great work, the finished Sherman looks awesome and I really like the base you’ve created for it. Top stuff!
  2. Spent the evening in the garage with my new Iwata airbrush I got for my birthday and got some paint on the Sherman. It’s definitely a step up from the cheap airbrushes I’ve used up to this point! Put down a coat of Tamiya dark green in the recesses then AK real colours faded OD for the main colour, lightened with a bit of interior green. Tracks and spare tracks were given a coat of AK dark tracks. First time I’ve used the AK real colours paints and I like them and I like the OD colour, just right for a sun bleached Sherman in the PTO. Still hoping I manage to get this finished before the deadline. Modelling time is short so it’s good to have got all the base colours down, feel like that’s a big step forward.
  3. Thanks Bertie. I don’t like to build out of the box as I don’t like my builds to look like everyone else’s builds, plus I often like to build from historical photos which leads to figuring out all the details of the real thing and trying to replicate them on mine. I rarely use markings included in the box. It makes me a slow builder though between that and limited bench time. I did say at the beginning that this was going to be pretty much OOB but I just couldn’t help myself! Hopefully painting will commence this weekend.
  4. Thanks Stix, plenty happy with this one. Just need to make sure it’s painted before the deadline! The build is fully done, got the last bits of PE on and stowage mounted. The sand skirt mounts are a pain and keep coming off. I may have to redo them in plastic if it keeps happening. Some of the stowage is removable still for painting but the Jerry cans are all stuck down and will be tied down once painted. Pictures for posterity before it gets covered in primer!
  5. I like it, not often you see a Sherman in camp paint so makes a nice difference.
  6. Thanks very much both, pleased with how it’s coming out. thanks Darryl, almost! Suspension units are on now that I’ve straightened the skids. It’s just the delicate bits to add now, 3D printed light guards, cupola and MG to add and got to find a horn. Cheers Ed, me too! I’ve realised the commanders cupola in the kit are wrong. According to SoS, the one they have you use is for a 76mm turret, they right one for this build is different. None of my numerous Sherman kits contain the right one. From scouring the net, the only place that seems to do one is in Asuka’s Ic firefly. Anybody happen to have a spare one of those cupola’s they don’t need or can trade?
  7. Thanks Stix, it’s coming along in stops and starts. I’ve done lots of little steps over the past couple of weeks but there was nothing to really show for it until now as I’ve got most of it fitted to the Sherman’s now. First up, additional track armour added to the turret, resin tools cleaned up and added to the hull, armour plates and sand skirt mounts added to the sides. Wading gear fitted and holes filled. I added some L bracket and bolts along the bottom, not strictly accurate but it hides the gap! Suspension units all built and ready for fixing to the hull. I’ve used some tank workshop track skids I had which are nice but some of them are a bit warped so need a dunk in warm water to straighten. Jobs left to do are commanders cupola, periscope brackets to add, front fenders to attach (already soldered up but need tweaking as I adjusted the FDA and then stowage and she’s ready for paint! Also need to find an appropriate horn as the kit one isn’t right for this tank.
  8. Dragon made two versions I believe in 1/35. Not sure about other scales.
  9. Very nice, you’ve rattled through this one.
  10. That looks outstanding Bertie with the cutaways and all the inner details painted. Certainly a different take on it and I think you’ve done a cracking job.
  11. Welcome to the GB Micheal, nice subject and kit choice. Looks like you’ve got a good collection of Shermans already to add to!
  12. That is looking mint, the olive drab looks really good to my eye, might have to try that recipe at some point. Chipping is looking good.
  13. Looking good, the modifications are working very nicely. Are you going to be addressing the drivers hoods as I believe they are the wrong shape for an M4A2, suitable only for the M4A4? It would be straight forward enough to make the welded boxy fisher hoods as they were the more prominent version for small hatch USMC M4A2’s.
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