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  1. I’ve done a reasonable amount of work over the last couple of weeks in small amounts, finally enough for a worthwhile update. A lot of the work has revolved around reconfiguring the engine deck. Tamiya kits it as a C deck whereas for the configuration of this vehicle it should most likely be a D deck. That meant filling and scribing panel lines, adding new grab handles and locking points (pinched from a Voyager set on one of my stalled Cromwell builds). I also had to fix a mistake of my own making when I stuck the two central engine panels the wrong way around, had to remove them and in doing so repair one of the hinges. I’ve got the upper deck attached to the lower hull and all the wheels built. They’re still removable for painting. I’ve also been working on the modelkasten workable tracks, making a small run at the start of each bench session. Still a way to go but they are straightforward to assemble, look good and move nicely. The build stage is nearly there, tracks to finish, tools to add and then I need to sculpt the waterproofing canvas areas then it’s ready for painting. Hopefully get the last of those bits, bar the tracks, done by end of the weekend. This is how she stands now:
  2. I like the hetzer, look forward to you doing your usual high standard of work on this. Must go and catch up on the end of your last build!
  3. Count me in for this one. I’ve got all the bits to build Tom Hardy’s spitfire from ‘Dunkirk’. It’s been on the list for a little while so would fit nicely into this GB.
  4. Clear as mud now! Thanks for your fulsome replies as always Peter.
  5. Throw my name down, I do like a good Eduard kit.
  6. Actually, this picture shows quite clearly the Cromwell style adjusters. Other pictures show the worm screw covers as well. The information I read is in the tank power book on the cavalier/centaur. It states about a dozen of the centaur III’s were reworked to final spec, and that centaur IV’s were converted from I’s and III’s. I’ve not seen this information in any of the other Cromwell/centaur books I own so it may not be correct, as you say.
  7. Thanks both. Cracking on with this build now, I love how easily these Tamiya kits fall together. First up was the real hull, PE grills were added to the sides. Next, work was done on the front glacis plate. The kit headlight guards attach to the wrong place at the rear; they should attach to the rear of the splash guard instead of the hull. First job was to fill the holes and replace the missing bits of splash guard, then I fabricated the guards from copper wire, flattened the ends and added some punched bolt heads. I also added the wires for the formation lights whilst at it. I know what details I need for this build so I can get dud lower hull finished off now. Another couple of sessions and the main assembly should be done.
  8. Thanks both for the in depth replies. I understand this is a common myth. Some of the RMASG centaurs such as Hunter can be seen to have the later external tension system so the external system was present on both. Interestingly the Samur centaur, which looks like it was likely an RMASG one, appears to have the features of both - the external tensioners and also the covers over the internal adjuster on the glacis. I read that some Centaur III's were reworked to bring them up to cromwell final specifcations. Would this have included a change of track tensioning system but retained the access covers of the internal system? Could some of these reworked III's then been converted to Centaur IV's? This is my thinking as well so I am going with that on my model. If I had been aware of the accurate armour set before I bought the Aber one I probably would have done. The Aber one is marketed as cromwell as well so you're probably right re the brackets, I will leave it off. The turret wading screen also appears to be wrong as it doesn't have the angled corner but a small cut out to fit around the aerial bracket. Thanks, I know I needed to change the engine deck panels but didn't know which type to go with. That's what I understood although looking at this picture that appeared on missing lynx recently the wading stacks appear to be the same tone as the hull so could be the same colour? I've looked at all the centaur builds on Britmodeller and taken ideas from all. yours is a very nice build. What do you think re the dark paint around the markings on Hunter? Possibly SCC15?
  9. I’ve just started building a RMASG centaur in a group build but I need answers to some detail questions. 1) when did the sloped track guards change to the curved ones? Was it related to a specific change in hull type (possibly C to D) or were the track guards associated with different manufacturers? 2) would the smoke candles have been removed for landing or would they have been waterproofed? 3) was the switch from internal to external track tension system again associate with a change in hull type? One answer I’ve seen suggests the types were dependant on who built them. 4) what are the two bits marked in this picture? The bit on the turret appears to be some type of aiming stake/device but I’ve not seen it on any other RMASG centaurs. The rear parts are provided in the Aber wading trunks set (parts 5) but I can’t figure out what they were used for. Not seen on all centaurs again but I’m sure I’ve seen a clearer picture but I can’t find it at this time. 5) how was the bottom of the rear intake sealed? Was the internal fording flap just used or was it canvased over? 6) it’s pretty certain the centaurs were all in SCC2 but pictures of Hunter show darker paint around the hull markings. This isn’t sealant as not in the right places. Could it be SCC15 painted before the markings were added? I hope @Kingsman may have answers to some of these questions, but any insight would be useful.
  10. I think that’s what I may have been remembering as well. More work done on it tonight, been working on it a bit piecemeal whilst trying to confirm build details in some areas. Turret mostly built and did a bit more soldering on the wading gear. Much neater job this time around.
  11. Thanks Pete, that’s what I understand too, although I’ve also read that when SCC15 came in, things weren’t necessarily repainted, only newly built things so some stuff that ended up in Normandy was still in SCC2. The other thing I’ve read is that the wading stacks might have been SCC15 green on the SCC2 brown tanks. Although this photo of centaurs on the run in on D Day don’t appear to be different tones between the hull and stacks although how different do the brown and green look on B&W? Im going with the green stacks and brown hull to add some visual interest.
  12. Lovely work so far. I’ve got this kit in the stash and looking forward to building it so I am going to follow this along in anticipation.
  13. I’ll take those odds! There was indeed, I’m sure you could squeeze one of those in alongside that lovely whaling boat of yours. Well, we’ve slipped anchor here and started the run in. Being a Tamiya kit it falls together, lower hull built up in one session. I need to check on the drive fittings for this one. Another session and I did a little bit of metal work. I’m well out of practice with the old soldering iron so not the neatest job on the wading stack and needs a bit of a clean up yet.
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