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  1. Another interesting build from you DA. Although I don’t have the same level of interest in the Israeli Shermans as i do in WWII Shermans, I always love to see a good conversion and interesting build. The research and details you and @Bullbasket put into your Israeli builds always makes them worth following along and I always learn a thing or two. And I don’t think you can be a proper modeller unless you have several unfinished builds on the desk or shelf of doom, I’ve currently got 6 in various stages of build/paint!
  2. Great work and unbelievably speedy! You are certainly turning tanks out faster then a Russian tank factory. i have a soft spot for the panzer III despite not being much of a German armour fan, and North African ones in particular. This one looks spectacular, nice work on the stowage.
  3. Sherman looks great and tanker is looking good too. I’ve got that panther in the stash so be interesting to see what you do with it.
  4. More brilliant builds from you. Great work on the DD, looking forward seeing more progress. For the second HVSS Sherman you’re planning, I did the same turret on one of my builds, using the Tamiya hull and dragon turret with the split loaders hatch, modified to represent the ‘second batch’ intermediate turret.
  5. Brilliant work, the wading stacks turned out very nicely.
  6. Here you go: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235056112-sherman-v-dd/
  7. I know that feeling, I’ve been using some accurate armour resin parts on a current Cromwell build and had to ditch some and adjust others as parts are too small. i will look forward to seeing you build it, I’ve got one of the old resicast Sherman V DDs on my desk almost finished building but it has been a pain to put together.
  8. Nice, are you converting the DD or using the resicast kit?
  9. I have seen it written somewhere (can’t remember where off the top of my head, I would have to do some digging) that the flags were naval for ‘follow me’, which would make them black and yellow checks. I don’t know how valid that information is and I’ve often seen them described as dark green and white as John said.
  10. Yeah I’d agree, inner lip is slightly above the angle on the rear hull.
  11. Nice work, good to see something a bit different on an M10. I’ve been contemplating building a bunch of wading stacks for Brit Shermans so I’ll keep a close eye on this!
  12. Unfortunately not. Having work done on the house and two small children means I have lost my man cave to storage and have little time to model. What little time I have had been used to build as that’s easier to pick up and put down. House work is nearly done though so I will have my man cave back soon and I fully intend to crack on with this one! The photo caption states they are mostly British cabs and you can see the WD stamp on a few of them. Thanks for the interest.
  13. Looking very nice, good clean finish to it.
  14. Thanks Roger, hopefully another update next week. Cheers John, whilst the detail is good it is let down considerably by the sizing issue. I don’t know if I just have a bad batch with shrinkage issues or if they’re all like this. I’ve used their accessory/stowage stuff before but this is the first conversion kit I’ve tried. I’d be more annoyed if I’d paid normal price for them rather than getting them in a bulk purchase.
  15. Update time. I’ve finished the welded rear hull of the Vw using epoxy putty. and started on the major surgery to the upper hull. Both tanks have had the drivers hatch area cut away to take the AA resin plates; Vauxhall hatch for the Vw and the side opening hatch for the F. Vw on the right, rivets also removed from the front upper plate. Unfortunately the resin top plates in both upgrade kits are about 2mm too small in each direction so going to have to do some work to get them to fit. You will also notice I’ve filled and rescribed
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