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  1. It’s coming along now, got all the base painting down on the outside using AK real colours. Did some hairspray chipping on the dozer blade to get the worn down paint and used a mottle mask on the armour panels, something I’ve not used on armour models before, to add a bit of visual interest. Next thing to add is the markings before moving onto the weathering.
  2. Thanks Keith, me too it’s been one I’ve been itching to get back on with. Cheers John, definitely something a bit different to what I normally build (although it still had tracks!) It does look like it’s going through it’s 70s disco phase! Thanks Pete, hopeful won’t be long before it’s over the finish line That’s the reason I didn’t build half of the engine! Although give them way the floor of the drivers station fits together, it’s not a bad thing it can’t be seen!
  3. Really great selection of work there. You can really see your progress but even the early stuff looks great.
  4. Got back on with this one. Finally picked up some 1.5mm brass tube to replace the resin pistons I cut too short. Pinned the piston heads to the brass tube and tried to fit it to the bulldozer, only to discover the blade mounting frame was too narrow. Had to cut that on the bends and insert two plasticard shims to wide it before glueing it all back together and filling the gaps. With that done it fitted much better and I got the frame glued in place. I had to scratch build a couple of small parts that had got knocked off and lost but it’s all now ready for proper painting.
  5. Really great project, I really like the operations around the Netherlands although I am more interested in the Scheldt estuary area operations where you get interesting things like LVTs etc getting used. One of my favourite tanks, it does have a ridiculous turret but I think that’s part of the attraction! Nice camo work on the panthers, you’re going to have a great looking force.
  6. Ah good to see this resurrected John, I remember the thread from back then. I’ve got a stalled Vw on the shelf that I was using your build as a reference for. Need to get back to that one!
  7. Thanks Pete, yeah not enough hours in the day for everything that needs done! Thanks guys. Glad you like the driver, took some short cuts with it so definitely not my best job. It is a less common vehicle which I like. The base kit is decent but lacking in a few places and some details missing.
  8. Blimey, you’re cracking through these builds. All looking good. Will look even better with a lick of paint on them!
  9. Thanks for the kind words Ed, I missed your comment earlier. Having not done much at all at the bench for the last quarter of 2023 due to life, I finally found some time and cracked on with this build. First job was to get the driver painted up. Not the greatest paint job in the world but you can’t see much of him when he’s in position. With him in place I could finally close up the beast and get the top armour in place. A little bit of encouragement and it got sat quite nicely in the end. With that on I fitted the dozer mount. The actual blade is not stuck on yet to allow me to fit the piston arms. I noticed that the kit doesn’t include the armoured covers for the hydraulic arms that are fitted to the bulldozers so I had to fashion those from platicard. This was a bit of a faff as there was very few areas to attach the covers too. I think next time i do this I will make them from copper sheet instead of pc. Last job is to fit the piston arms but I made an error and cut the arms too short so I need to get some rod to remake them. Then it’s ready for painting fully! Still need to decide on markings for it. Greg
  10. I’d join this one, I’ve got several armour kits in the stash that would fit the criterria
  11. I would get on board with this one, plenty of subjects to choose from
  12. Great stuff Arjan. I’ve got one of the LVT2(A) kits to do as a walcheren vehicle at some point, along with a couple of LVT4s. Thanks for sharing those reference pics.
  13. I’m in, I’ve got a meteor F3 that wants to get built.
  14. Superb detailing as ever on your builds John. They look really crisp.
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