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  1. Smudge

    regarding black finished Hawks?

    Nice picture, thank you. Yes, I think you are probably right.
  2. Smudge

    regarding black finished Hawks?

    Thanks. It's the white bits that make it a little bit more interesting to me anyway.
  3. Smudge

    regarding black finished Hawks?

    Hi, Truro. No worries, thanks for your interest. I think Harry Lime has answered your questions...... Thanks, Harry. Yes that's the one. XX346 from the Model Art sheet. I do have the info from the FRADU Hawks website (which is absolutely brilliant by the way) I was wondering if the white extended to the undersides, because this was the case on the similarly marked AlphaJets. It's a shame that there does not seem to be any clear pictures of the underside. She appeared with FRADU in 1995 in the black scheme without the white markings, and then at Culdrose Air Day 1997 with the white markings, so obviously applied by FRADU for some purpose. I wondered if maybe for a target towing/conspicuity trial? Thank you for your help. AlphaJet photos courtesy of me
  4. Smudge

    Those other Tornado specials

    Beautiful pictures. The decal sheet is going on my 'watching' list.
  5. Smudge

    regarding black finished Hawks?

    I am modelling a FRADU BAe Hawk T.1a in the current all over black scheme. However the aircraft I am doing has white wing root and upper wing tip markings. The decal sheet instructions I am using doesn't show the underside, so I am not sure if the white area should extend to the underside. Does anyone know if the underside of the wing tips (or any other area) should be white? Also, whilst I'm asking, does anyone know the significance or reasoning behind these white markings. They only seem to appear on a few aircraft. I recall seeing a similarly marked Alpha Jet, when they were used by RAF/QinetiQ. Just wondering! Cheers.
  6. Smudge

    Matchbox Skyservant Flying Doctor

    Nice project. Try Microscale Micro Krystal Klear. Worth investing in if you can get some. It does windows like that quite neatly and much easier than trying to make a replacement out of clear sheet. There are other similar products I think. Cheers.
  7. Smudge

    Marham. Tornadoes, Final Days.

    Cheers' guys. Thanks for the info ref AVGAS/AVTUR. That will teach me to do a quick Google next time, before I just write down the first thing I think of I thought someone may have mentioned the 'strange/ominous shape in the background' ..........Can you guess what it is? I may post a few pictures of the 'offender', although he was a little far off for any decent shots, maybe next time. Talking of which, I may have a chance to pop back over next week, when they are due to depart/fly about/return. Weather and timing permitting. Cheers.
  8. Ok, so here's where I am with the seats. Tape seat belts, Some of the areas that were filled and re worked etc. had a coat of primer to check for imperfections. A little sanding here and there, and not looking too bad. I reworked the intake on the top of the nose. I think this is a little better. I also wanted to try and replicate the small sensor on the starboard side of the nose. Very fiddly little job, and I managed to knock it off several times but here is the latest attempt, I am going to attach the canopy before I do the painting, so attention turns to it. The instructors/rear seat windshield(?) needs to be shaped to fit the contour of the rear instrument console. The Airfix shape is too deep, it should not be positioned behind the pilots seat. My plan is to make a template of the correct shape, and make a replacement part. Stage one, These are the two intakes on the upper rear fuselage, cut out with a scalpel blade, And a quick pose with the seats in and check fit of the canopy. It's pretty good Thanks for looking.
  9. Popped over to Marham this afternoon to get a few pictures before they retire. (My Flickr account is not playing anymore so trying a new site, will add photos as I get the hang of it) My first glimpse of a 'Fin. Spied through the trees from the road, running up prior to a sortie. The wind was blowing the Avgas fumes straight into my face. Apparently some people don't like this sort of thing? I thought it smelt lovely. This aircraft plus a rather plain looking partner were part of a two ship sortie that I just caught departing, and then returned some time later. Using the thrust reversers to stop in a rather short landing run. At the limit of my 300mm lens really, and 'blown up' a bit, but you get the general idea Taxying back in after an afternoon sortie. Of course, just as she taxied past, the sun was obscured by a giant cloud! I spy a strange/ominous shape in the background. On the approach. The light was against me here. I'm calling these 'atmospheric' twilight shots. A pleasant afternoon. Hope you enjoy these pictures of the Tornadoes final days. Cheers.
  10. Now that would be something!
  11. Phabulous Great shots. They flew a very nice formation. Shame they are so far away from us Brits. Those JASDF Phantoms are very colourful, would be great to see some. Very envious.
  12. Smudge

    1/72 Grumman F3F-2

    Very nice. Neat work.
  13. Thanks rob, I wasn't aware of the Revell kit issue. I have several of the older Revell Hawk's (same as Italeri?) This is my one and only Airfix. I think it has the best 'shape'. I haven't really mentioned the final finish, as I have not been too sure myself. I started out thinking an early red/white/grey would be nice, but that would need some backdating. I have some decal sheets for the modern ish black scheme, RAF Display Hawk 2009 and a couple of Royal Navy FRADU. I think I will do FRADU scheme, but it could still change. I think this is one of 'new' Airfix's earlier efforts. It is generally a nice looking Hawk, however I couldn't help but add a few bits here and there. You could really go to town with the cockpit on this one, as it is a little sparse. Thank you, Pat. So, talking about the cockpit, next little job is to paint these up and add some belts etc. I think they will be ok under the canopy. They look better than a lot of seats we've had to contend with in the past. Thanks for looking.