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  1. Hi @fatalbert, I had a go at this recently, and I quite enjoyed the process. I think it worked out ok, and I will do it again for other projects. There are some pictures of my process and efforts here. http://britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235049533-airfix-172-hawker-siddeley-hawk-t1a/ (its all on the first page so easy to find) Plastic card is much easier to work with as the glue/solvent will actually weld them to the wing, as opposed to brass etch and cyno/superglue which can be brittle and easily knocked off. (as Selwyn notes). It's worth notin
  2. Thanks for the input, Mike. Appreciate the help. Great that you were able to match up to a proper paint chip. It's the trial and error nature of mixing and the difficulty of reproducing it again that is driving me to find a good off the shelf match. Hopefully Jamie at Sovereign Hobbies has the answer with the M23/NARN51. I'll report back on the results Cheers.
  3. Thank you, guys. Yes, good idea. That would look smart, especially with a nice tail marking. Cheers.
  4. Thanks @Todders I chose this one because I felt the white markings added a bit of interest, compared to the more familiar all black. We certainly are spoilt for choice when it comes to Hawk markings. I do like the original RAF training scheme of red/white/grey and there are some interesting export customers, and of course some colourful display teams. Hard to choose Hawks are a pretty little aeroplane, good luck with yours.
  5. After a protracted build, finally managed to finish this little Airfix 1/72 BAe Hawk T.1 Used some Model Art Decals for a FRADU aircraft and a lovely little brass pitot from Master. Was going to be a straight forward build, but I did get a bit carried away with some small details. Build thread Thanks for looking.
  6. Smudge


    Here is a F-35B transitioning to a vertical landing from a 'conventional' approach Hope this helps
  7. Hi @Giorgio N unfortunately not. Rather hard to come by I'm afraid. But thank you for the suggestion.
  8. Hi @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies Thanks for the reply. Here's our original conversation re 501-109. http://britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234996958-rcn-grey-501-109/&tab=comments#comment-3846987 I didn't want to drag you into this again, so thank you for the input and info regarding the M23 paint code. I will pop over to your web site and choose a few colours to make up an order, and get a few tins of NARN51. This does sound very promising
  9. Blimpeyboy, thank you very much for all that info, and the links. I have had a quick look and will go back through them in a bit more detail. That's Great, Thank You.
  10. Hi Jamie. Thanks for your patience with me on this one. Yes, I think that might be an option, it does look close, maybe even the same. It can be hard to tell just looking at patches. But definitely worth a try. Thank you.
  11. Humbrol 23 (with some white?) could certainly be a close match. I'll have to do a couple of test patches. ADC/COIN Grey.......... I don't really think that would be right. The mixes are a bit too complex for me I'm afraid. But food for thought. Thank you.
  12. Thank you for that. I think I will have to check out the Tamiya XF-12. The Model Master mix is probably a bit too hit and miss, but does have the blue/green element which is interesting.
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