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  1. Thanks for all that @72modeler I'll keep a lookout for a re-release. Not sure if I could face such a large aircraft in vac-form, but I'll keep an eye out for one anyway. Cheers.
  2. Interesting stuff. This reminds me that I did not buy a Academy 1/72 Mariner when it was first released, on the rare (for me) decision that I couldn't justify the expense. Now you can't get one anywhere, and I'm very miffed about that! Looking at pictures of the kit online, the Academy kit has these airfoils. It's a PBM-5
  3. Nice. Just waiting on my Hannants order. So much nice stuff coming out these days. Spending too much
  4. It's a shame to see so many aircraft that have been taken on by enthusiastic museums, just sitting out in all weathers slowly rotting away. Quite sad. I know it's all about the money, but they should really be inside, if they are serious about the long term preservation of these lovely old aircraft. If I win the Lottery, I'll put in a bid and get a Canberra on the airshow circuit
  5. Hi Tony. That looks very smart. I'd still rather have a new state of the art kit from Academy (or any other manufacturer). But that is worth considering. Cheers for your support
  6. @tonywood Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Nice work, that looks very smart. I guess I may have to give this 'conversion' a go myself, if I want a 1/72 T-50 anytime soon.
  7. So, this has had a few views, but not much in the way of any support. I'll just pop this in here and see if it will encourage anybody. This is from the Black Eagles Wikipedia page (credit USAF) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Eagles_aerobatic_team Check them out How can you not want that in your collection of 1/72 modern jets? Inject a bit of colour to the run of the mill grey jet's I'll try and find some of my old pictures (they're on an old defunct desk top computer. I really should sort that out) Thanks for looking.
  8. @modelldoc thanks for the picture. Is that one of yours? That's the snap kit that Julien reviewed (in the link above). I may get one at some point, because as you say, better than nothing.
  9. Considering that this is quite an important type for South Korea, and the current mount of their Air Forces 'Black Eagles' display team, I'm really surprised that none of the big kit manufacturers from the Far East have released a 1/72 scale kit. Yes, there is the snap fit kit as reviewed here: http://britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234989758-kai-t-50-golden-eagle-172-academy-multi-color-parts/ But as Julien notes it's really more of a toy. A bit disappointing really. I would have thought that Academy would have done one. Apparently they do a nice one in 1/48. I saw the 'Black Eagles' display at the Waddington Air Show a few years ago, and have been hoping for a 1/72 kit ever since. If I put this topic in here, maybe some other modellers will get on board with me and post a few positive comments, Academy will have an 'epiphany' moment and release a shiny new 1/72 kit
  10. Hi Martin, yes, I was recalling your posts in the Photograph section. The Thunderchief's and Phantom's. Did you post any Delta Darts? sorry I couldn't remember
  11. I just got my hands on one of these. Looks very nice. @AntoineHow is this coming along? @RidgeRunner Hi Martin. Did you post any of your 'Dart pictures? I'd love to have a look
  12. Howard, You might find this useful http://hannants.co.uk/product/MS72023?result-token=ZF2H3
  13. I was interested in the corrections that nimrod54 had made to the empennage on his Basset model. It took a bit of tracking down, so if anyone else is interested, here is a link to his build http://britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235021315-kit-starter-beagle-basset-206-finished/ Interesting, and a nice build @nimrod54, Cheers.
  14. Ahh, so that's what those bits are. The EWSP is quite distinctive. @Biggles81 Thanks again for your help.
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