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  1. This is very nice. I have one on backorder, so great to see what it looks like and how it goes together. I would like to see some decent marking/decal options for some more colourful examples, maybe some will be available soon
  2. Thank you, Mr T. They do at least one other boat, an LCT landing craft, but I dont know much about it I'm affraid. Martin Sheen! there are some figures included, but they are pretty poor. Good luck with the York.
  3. I started this in a GB some years back, and it has been on and off the bench many times as various hurdles were met, and possibly overcome. The Mach2 kit is ok but I felt I needed to add and improve here and there. Some scratch built items and replacements, and the inclusion of some Mini World brass guns, M2 .50 cals, which are little models in their own right. Painted with enamels, but I used a Vietnam Dirt weathering powder, to try and add some interest. Pictures Here is a link to the old GB and a few pictures of the early construction http://britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234991592-mach2-172-pbr-31-mkii-pibber/ "Never Get Out Of The Boat"! Thanks for looking.
  4. The RAF should be pleased to get some action. It's this sort of thing that keep's them in business, Typhoons and their shiney new Posiedon.
  5. Smudge

    Sand and Spinach

    Ok, thanks. Sorry, but I prefer those darker colours. Maybe it's just what I'm used to.
  6. Smudge

    Sand and Spinach

    Errr......which one is which?? The colours on the right hand Defiant are rather bright.
  7. Thank you for that, Tony. It was the nose I was thinking about, never can remember which ones have the short nose or vice versa, and also the tail cone and wheel etc is useful info. Cheers
  8. Very nice, and an interesting subject. Do you mind if I ask which additional resin parts are included, and is much cutting involved? I might be tempted to get one
  9. Hi Jan, Great to see all these new projects coming along and even being available, however http://britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234953920-172-cessna-150152180-u-17-skyhawk-by-azmodel-release-in-2020/ At the risk of boring everyone with this, any news on the Cessna 150/152, 180 ??
  10. That's very nice. I have the Zephyr, but really should get a couple of these to replace (or add to) my Heller kits
  11. In these times of Drones and satellites its amazing they still fly the U-2. But I'm a fan, so great news.
  12. There is an excellent thread on here somewhere about this. Lots of great pictures. Apparently they are reinforcing plates and there are several sizes and shapes. Search through this section. Good luck with your Phantom.
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