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  1. Nice to see you tackle this one. All those extras will certainly be an improvement.
  2. Good choice. I've never made a Marauder (shamefully). That looks like a decent kit. Might have to look out for one. The yellow nosed decal option is pretty impressive
  3. @Malc2 thank you. That's a nice picture. Nothing fancy, but captures the charm of pottering along in the old Herald
  4. Nice. What decals are you going with? Military or a civvie?
  5. Despite my initial impression of this kit being 'crisply moulded' which it is, many of the parts do have quite prominent seams running around them from the mould. No great problem really, but it is quite time consuming, cleaning up all the parts. To this end, I have spent a couple of hours over the last evenings fettling and rubbing down various parts. I have managed to complete the assembly instruction 'part 1'.... So, that's front and rear axles and some suspension parts fitted to the chassis. And a start on the engine, The body, which thankfully comes as one complete part, cleaned up..... There's quite a step in the seam along the top of the rear 'fins'. I may have to add a small strip of plastic along the length of them. That bonnet part took quite a bit of cleaning up, especially around the headlight area. Yes, I seem to remember the whole thing was rather flimsy when open, and needed a bit of jiggling to get the catches lined up and secured when closing Cheers.
  6. What a great little kit. Super choice. I remember seeing these on the shelf of my childhood model shop. Never made one, but they do look fun.
  7. Same as the box. Red and white, like my old one. Although I think a slightly darker red. Cheers.
  8. Hi. I'd like to share my Revell 1/72 Ju-87R Stuka with you all. This is the classic 1975 kit, from a slightly later Revell GB release. I've always wanted to do the 'red snake' desert camo Stuka, ever since I saw the 1/48 Revell Stuka boxtop art in a shop window as a youngster. And then later, seeing it made up in my childhood model shop. Slightly disappointed to learn in later life that the snake was, in all probability, not red. Not to let such nonsense get in the way of a good modeling subject, I acquired the appropriate Easy Decal sheet. A brief interlude in the rain, and a spot of sunshine. I teamed the Stuka up with the old Airfix 88 & Half track, for some photo's. Here is the result....... It can be quite good fun building these old kits. It's pretty much out the box. No fancy aftermarket stuff. Just the new decals. Hope you like it. Thanks for looking Cheers.
  9. Thank you, Cliff. I'm looking forward to being part of it. Yes! it does.... So no excuse for not doing a little bit of detailing under there. Cheers.
  10. Funnily enough, we bought our one for my wife to learn in and then to keep. Unfortunately she never got on with the gearbox, so I had to let it go
  11. Nice. I fancy making this one myself, and have no idea why either. Not an easy kit to find though, and often rather pricey. It has eluded me so far. The figures do look rather good.
  12. Hi. I'd like to join in with this one, from 1967. I built the VW Beetle a few years ago, and enjoyed that. So this looks like it should be fun, too. I'm not sure who did the original box art work. This is the 2012 release. The parts look good. Nice and crisply moulded. No 'flash' to speak of. There's quite of bit of detail to go under the bonnet etc. Just enough to keep me happy. I actually owned a real one of these in the early 90's. Wish I still had it.........
  13. I love the colorful unit markings on those old Thunderjets. Very cool. Kit decals?
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