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  1. Awesome pictures. Thanks for posting.
  2. Nice. I like the desert scheme myself, but that blue is smart. Remember this one? Ali Cat.
  3. Those are really nice. (my favourite airplane ) Thanks for sharing.
  4. Great. Never get tired of watching Eagles. Any info on the deployment or the 747? Thanks for sharing
  5. Cool. Looking forward to seeing that.
  6. I'm not familiar with these aircraft, but it looks like an interesting project. I'll follow along and hopefully learn a bit about them.
  7. Loving the old Microscale sheet, should look great. Good luck with the canopy.
  8. Two B-2's in a loose formation over March, Cambs. Nice to have seen them as I doubt I'll be able to get down to Fairford. Still a very futuristic shape on the sky.
  9. I was hoping someone might post some pictures in the Photography section. I'd love to see them and get some pictures myself, but it's a bit of a trek down there from Norfolk. I'd hate to go all that way and they weren't there.
  10. Very nice. The Airfix Bucc should be with us soon.
  11. Ah, Fat Albert, ok I'll let you have that one Not many All Over Light Blue ones.....................
  12. Nice. Seems there is some interest in a new Mig-19. I wish that Airfix had done one instead of the new Mig-17. I have a Misterkit one somewhere in the stash, and KP of course. I love the look of the -19, very Cold War Soviet Union. Some great Mig-19 videos on YouTube that I have been watching recently. One of my favourites http://youtube.com/watch?v=SabWGCETDN0 Perestroika Comrades
  13. A BLUE Herk, now that is unusual. Nice.
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