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  1. Lovely pictures of some beautiful aeroplanes. Two of my favourites, Hornet Moth and the little Aeronca. Looks like a great day out, I really must make the effort to go.
  2. Smudge

    Tyabb airshow

    I have to agree, you are very lucky. Those are some beauties. I'd love to see the Boomerang and Wirraway. Nice pictures, cheers.
  3. Blimey, I remember this! Amazing work on those two.
  4. Smudge

    Tyabb airshow

    Very nice. Did you sort out the Boomerang, Wirraway and Trojans etc.
  5. I'm glad it wasn't just us then occupational hazard I guess. You managed to avoid capture and go on to post these great photos
  6. Smudge

    Corsair - Tulsa, May 1982

    Just found these, very nice as usual. I love that you post several aircraft from the same squadron, it's surprising how they can differ sometimes in the detail and marking, as noted by others comments. '959 looks very clean and fresh, whilst '014 has a rather more worn look. Good options and references for modelling. Short Little Ugly.......Fellah?, well that's close enough for a family friendly forum
  7. Hi Martin, Another great set of pictures. Sorry if I don't always comment, but I thought everyone would get tired of me saying 'Cor, they're lovely' all the time. I restrain myself to giving 'em a like There are grey aircraft, and then there are US Navy and ADC Grey aircraft!! and those guys know a bit about unit/squadron markings. Those Orion's certainly add a dash of colour to the proceedings. Shame about the C-118, but I did enjoy the one in your other post recently. Not quite the same but I do recall seeing them over here in the UK, at Mildenhall and Northolt in particular. Interesting that you recall how you were able to get such great access to these bases. My mate and I got I right telling off from an RAF officer for peering through the fence at Northolt, I thought he was going to explode he was so angry. We also got escorted to the guardroom at Marham for our troubles: we were just spotty teenagers and all they had there were some old Victors and Canberra's, we were hardly going to sell their secrets to the soviets! Nothing like encouraging the youth and fostering good relations! Cheers, and keep 'em coming.
  8. Smudge

    Red Flag 84-4: 510 TFS

    Nice Hogs. I don't think Bentwaters/Woodbridge Hogs ever carried the warthog teeth markings, which was a shame as they were all a bit plain. Still, I do like 'em! Must have been nice for those guy's to get back to the States for a bit, the weather looks better than Woodbridge
  9. Ah, yes the old hot pen knife method. I tried that on a few Tanks back in my misspent youth. It did not end well, and I can still smell that burnt rubber. I guess some kind of superglue would be the way forward, although I think it will be a bit like wrestling a rubber snake.
  10. Thank's for the welcome guys. I followed the link to the Airfix website and was surprised to see two of the kits I was looking at this morning, as candidates for the GB. The 88mm Gun and Tractor (half-track) and the 40mm Bofors Gun and Tractor. I mainly make aircraft, but pick up the odd vehicle to add some scale and interest to my collection. The only thing that I thought might be a bit challenging were those rubber tracks for the half-track. I never could get them to 'stick' together properly or look vaguely convincing. Are there any suitable aftermarket alternatives? The aircraft kit nearest the top of the stash was the Me.163B-1 Komet, still sealed in it's 'bubble pack' complete with stand. That shouldn't be too challenging, and if it goes ok I may dig out another. Looking forward to the start.
  11. Hello, Mind if I join in? Not sure what with yet, but I have a few to choose from. Mainly aircraft, but also a couple of vehicles which are hovering around the edge of the modeling desk. I actually bought some of these kits pre 1981, so there's no worry about eligibility. And I remember watching 3-2-1 !!
  12. Very nice, I do like that. Unusual in the silver dope finish.
  13. Very nice model, I like the special scheme decals. I enjoyed the video too, thank's Jackman. I have the Hobbyboss kits in the stash. I didn't know about the dimension issues, I don't believe any concerns were raised at the time the was kit released? I will have to dig them out and have a look. Very attractive aeroplane, saw one at Yeovilton Air Day a few years back, lovely.
  14. My thoughts too, and great job on the extended flaps, which are quite unusual with the double flap and slot.
  15. Smudge

    Nanaimo airfield.

    I like them all Thank you.