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  1. Nice. I have the Fujimi kit. I do wonder how the decals will go on when I get round to making it. I'll check out the DEKL's one's. I saw the Saudi Hawks at the Yeovilton Air Day some years ago. Very colourful and cool team to watch. The Revell Emerald Green looks spot on
  2. Just came across this on Hannants website. Nice pictures of the parts and a made up model. This will look great with my PBR 'Pibber'. I put one on backorder. Should be out soon now
  3. Thanks @RidgeRunner that would be good Just checked my work roster and it looks like I'm good to go. Looking forward to it. IPMS renewal sorted and NHS letter duly applied for
  4. I was going to compliment you on your panning! Nice shot of the Bristol M1 with the blurred trees behind, giving the impression of movement. I tend to just use a high shutter speed to counter my wobbly panning efforts
  5. That's very nicely done. The subtle weathering is super. I have the Revell kit of the same aircraft. Hope it comes out this nice.
  6. Hi. I have recently bought a new laptop, which came with Windows 10. I am really struggling to get my pictures organised in to Albums and sub-albums for different subjects etc. I just seem to have ended up with a great jumble of disorganised pictures. Also the editing program is not great for adjusting over or under exposed photos, my biggest and constant faux pax What editing/organising software are you guys using and would recommend? Cheers.
  7. I just found out that this 1/32 scale Beach Buggy kit has been re-issued. I recently enjoyed building the VW Beetle, so will definitely be getting one of these. Is there anything to suggest that this could be the start of some of the Airfix Classic Car range being re-issued? I'd love to do some of those old 50's 60's 70's cars
  8. I don't have anything as interesting as that I'm afraid, but I was thinking of getting a scanner for some of my old negatives. Nice to see they came out so good. Good luck with your project.
  9. Oh wow. Those pictures are amazing. I'm so glad I asked The aircraft and your comments about the 'actions' are fascinating. Your other pictures are great too, thanks so much for sharing them.
  10. Hi Mike. I was following this in the Africa GB. Nice to see it finished. The Bucc looks great in this scheme. You've done a cracking job.
  11. Very nice, that's a beauty. I was tempted to get one of these when they first appeared. Been doing a good job of resisting................until now
  12. Nice. Interesting camo scheme colours. Great personal story. Any more pictures?
  13. Wow. I had no idea there were so many recorded examples, and such varied colours and markings. I can see the attraction. Great work.
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