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  1. Yes they are quite a distinctive shape aren't they. Adds to the classic look of the Caravelle and Sabreliner. Used by USAF and US Navy and also a civilian biz jet version, which would be a nice option.
  2. Caracal sheets the Sabreliner. http://hannants.co.uk/product/CD72136 http://hannants.co.uk/product/CD72137 Nice
  3. The T-39N looks to be a slightly different version. Three cabin windows, and does this one use the different nose section? (also in the other boxing's). I already have the other two, just picked up the Navy T-39D. Fond memories of seeing these back in the 'day'. Caracal are planning some nice decal sheets for these, and although the kit decals are nice, these are tempting, too. Can I really justify having all three Sabreliner kits?
  4. Awesome looking jet, just something about them
  5. Wonderful pictures. Just love the Thud. The shot looking up at the NMF Thud is awesome. Interesting to see it next to the painted aluminium example.
  6. Yes that's him. I think he has memorised the Superscale catalogue Cheers.
  7. Thanks @batcode Yes, I think that must be the guy. Great to see he will be there. Fingers crossed for some interesting old sheets. Cheers.
  8. Some years there has been a stand with a chap selling mainly (as far as I can recall ) second hand decal sheets. Does anyone know the trading name, or if he will be attending this year? I've had a look at the floor plan, but nothing 'rings a bell' Cheers.
  9. Nice (and it's always so bright and sunny! )
  10. I've fancied a 1/72 727 for sometime, so this went straight on my Backorder list. Pan Am classic scheme for me
  11. This is interesting. I've just been sorting through my decal stash, and it occurred to me I'd recently seen markings for a grey Top Gun scooter, marked '53'. This aircraft appears in the original Top Gun movie! Thanks for posting
  12. Thanks for the update. Sounds like good news. Looking forward to some interesting Italian subjects. Cheers.
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