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  1. Hi Mike. I was following this in the Africa GB. Nice to see it finished. The Bucc looks great in this scheme. You've done a cracking job.
  2. Very nice, that's a beauty. I was tempted to get one of these when they first appeared. Been doing a good job of resisting................until now
  3. Nice. Interesting camo scheme colours. Great personal story. Any more pictures?
  4. Wow. I had no idea there were so many recorded examples, and such varied colours and markings. I can see the attraction. Great work.
  5. Wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing
  6. Rather like the 'Little Boats' at Dunkirk, some Civvies step up and lend the under resourced Armed Forces a helping hand. Where is Captain Mainwaring? I'm sure he'd approve Seriously though, nice of them to show some support, and nice pictures.
  7. Cheers Col. Back on a week of Nights at work, and then off on a Family Holiday, so I won't be getting much done (as usual), but I will post some updates as it get's done. Thanks for your interest and a Great GB.
  8. Smudge

    Africa GB chat

    Thanks Col. It's been a good 'un.
  9. Hi Davey, I was just looking at some of your builds in the Gallery. I'm very impressed with your airbrushed camo schemes. May I ask how you go about masking up for the various colours in the camo patterns? Cheers.
  10. Despite my efforts to have an Eleventh Hour push on the Hind, there was just too much left to do. Still, I have enjoyed the GB and chatting to modeler's with similar interests. Thanks for stopping by and showing an interest in my build. I did manage to have a bit of a bash with the airbrush, and although it still needs a bit of attention here and there, I'm fairly pleased with it, so far..... Although it won't make the GB Gallery, I'll pop a couple of pictures on here when it is finally done, Thanks Guys
  11. Blimey, was it June 4th when I said I'd get on with this? Time is just flying by, and I don't seem to have too much of it for modelling Anyhow, I did manage to give the bench a good tidy up, and get focused on this one. The Main and Tail Rotors are pretty much done, ready to be popped on. Although I'm sure I'll knock them off, I fixed the remaining aerials on to the top of the fuselage. I prefer to fix them on first, rather than after painting, as that tends to risk damaging the paint finish. Engine intake covers in place, and a test fit of the canopy, which now needs masking up. I have splashed out and bought a masking set for this one as it is rather complex. And I finally got some paint on it. Only the 'easy' underneath solid blue colour, but it went on nicely and I'm pleased with the result. {It's a much brighter blue than it appears on my screen} So next step will be to tackle the topside camo scheme. Hopefully I'll find some time towards the weekend. Cheers Guys.
  12. That is very nice. Can I press you for the decal sheet number, please? I like the nose art Cheers.
  13. Thanks, Martin. I'll get her masked up and have a bash at it
  14. Hi. Yes, sorry about stalling on this one. I think I am developing a phobia of using paint Had some poor results trying to hand brush, and then getting in a right mess trying to use my airbrush. I guess I am going to have to bite the bullet and get on with it. Thanks for the kind comments
  15. Great pictures. Shame about the 'big belly'. As we say 'There's always one!' Cheers.
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