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  1. Apologies if this has been discussed already, and I missed it. Generally speaking, what would be a good colour for the Stuka interior? (RAL or Humbrol equivalent) How to tackle the wheel hubs? My kit instructions call for underside blue, but I would think black more likely? Thanks in advance for indulging me
  2. Thanks, Guys. For an old kit it does have some very nice panel line and surface detail. Unfortunately the canopy is all one piece, but the cockpit is of course quite sparse, so maybe no bad thing. Looks like it should scrub up ok though.
  3. Really liking the early A. And learning about the G.
  4. Hello, Chaps. I have been having a sort out of my kit 'stash' and found this oldie, and thought about 'disposing' of it. Then I saw the Stuka GB, and thought I might join in, if I may? Probably have a root about for some decals, as I'm sure I have a couple of Stukas on some 'mixed types' sheets. I always liked the engine detail on this one, so might have a bash at doing something with that. Thank you.
  5. Looking forward to seeing what you can do with this oldie. Your Italeri/Revell kits pictured above look very nice, bye the way.
  6. That's looking smart. I do like the 'Green Nose' ones. Shame about the decals for your first choice, what happened?
  7. Coming along nicely. The Academy 'B' looks like a good little kit. Nice cockpit.
  8. I think I am finished filling and sanding the panel lines. Gun's and ejector chutes removed and filled. The main wings are looking nice and smooth. Wings test fitted, nice and snug. I have also been working on the cockpit. Seats fitted, and fuselage test fitted for fit of interior. Most of the smaller parts are cleaned up and ready to be fitted and/or painted. One of the small issues with the Airfix kit is the representation of the tailplane elevators. The panel lines are a little odd around the balance 'tabs'. I cut the elevators away with a sharp blade, and cut out an appropriate slot in the tailplane. Then added the 'tabs' from plastic card. She's coming along. Cheers.
  9. Looking nice. Quite a striking scheme.
  10. Spent an hour or so today tidying up the panel lines. Also made a start on the cockpit. Looks like she was a two seater, with a small seat behind the pilots seat. Can't find out much more about the interior or cockpit. Would like to find some pictures, but in the absence of any I am going to go with an interior green.
  11. That is very nice. Would love a Kestrel in my collection. There was a resin kit available once, but that is an interesting option.
  12. Thank you, Guys. This afternoon I thought I would make a start and see what I could do about some of the rather deep panel lines in this kit. I have recently picked up some Tippex Correction Fluid pens for this purpose, having seen a few builds on here using them. Previously I have tried Mr. Surfacer and various fillers, but I've not been overly keen on any of these. I decided to do this first, in case of any mishaps and to avoid damage to any assembled parts. The Fluid is fairly thin and flows on nicely, but does tend to shrink down into the lines as it dries. Which of course is handy for just reducing the depth. I was led to believe that nail polish remover would be good to clean up, but the Fluid remained impervious to my efforts. Luckily by chance I discovered that ordinary white spirit did the job. Rubbing across the lines is recommended, as rubbing along the length tends to lift the fluid out. Try to use just a small dab of spirit on a cloth, and work gently with a finger tip in the cloth. Too much spirit will wash the Fluid out, defeating the object of the exercise. This is the fuselage after the first effort, just needs a little attention, but I'm pleased with that, as some of the detail will still be visible. The panel lines on the wings will need to be eliminated, so will probably need a couple of coats/applications to build up the depth. Those lines are really deep. The guns and cartridge ejection chutes will also need removing, of course. So I'm happy with that, and this technique will no doubt come in handy for all the other 'new' Airfix kits in the stash. Cheers.
  13. Nice choice. One of the smartest of the 'racers'.
  14. Hi Steve, I have that kit, bought it just for the decal sheet (Beesons 'Bee' http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duane_Beeson ) but as you say it seems like quite a nice model, too. Don't know much about it myself, and not seen one built or the accuracy or otherwise of it discussed anywhere. Be interested to see how it comes together.
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