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  1. Thanks Martin I will join the GB with a bit exotic P-47D - Mexican Air Force "Lisi". It will be Tamiya 1/72 P-47D Bubbletop kit + Aztec decals. Cheers, S.
  2. Thanks @Wez, see you then with continuation photos in January when STGB starts Cheers, S.
  3. I've started work on Academy 1/72 F-84G two years ago, and got to this phase: With this progress on kit, would it be eligible to take part in this STGB? Thanks in advance, Srđan
  4. Good evening mates, I will join this GB with this little kit The machine I will try to represent is the one from Spanish Civil War - Republican Polikarpov I-15, but piloted by Serbian pilot Boško Petrović, one of ther most famous pilots of Republican Air Forces, with 7 air victories. Cheers, S.
  5. Thanks mates, yes, these Revell kits from late 90's/early 2000's are real gems - pretty nice assembling with good details for the scale, followed by enjoyable build. I didn't look at the side of the box, but if it says "Made in Korea", then I'm pretty sure moulds are from Korean ACE company, meaning veeeeery well kit to assemble! Regarding to markings, most probably I will represent box-art machine - those amblems on front of the turret are really a nice touch. Cheers, S.
  6. Hello mates, I will join this GB with this kit I will start with work in following days... Cheers, S.
  7. White parts on upper side, and underside are now finished, I'll leave it for few days to dry, and then mask for grey areas. Cheers, S.
  8. Primering was done with Mr. Surfacer 1200, while I used RLM66 for preshading, having on my mind that camouflage is Grey/White combination Cheers, S.
  9. Gloss coat is on, followed by decals, and a new protective coat of gloss varnish. Wash is next step... Cheers, S.
  10. Unfortunately, my mojo is again a bit in downward trend, so I didn't do anything since last time, but today I've managed to paint cockpit color over canopy, and next step is primering, finally! Cheers, S.
  11. All subassemblies are finally finished, so one step closer to painting stage! Cheers, S.
  12. It took a while for this step, but I kinda like it how it turned out. I've used as mentioned above Ammo Heavy Chipping Effects. Tamiya tape peeled off a bit more of grey underside on one wing, but it's not a big problem. Cheers, S.
  13. UM 1/72 Armored vehicle BA-3 - Gunze acrylics - Artistic oils wash - metal gun barrel - headlights made from Microscale Kristal Klear Cheers, S.
  14. Finally one finished from me within deadline! Since last update, I've done the dot filtering and wash, sprayed semigloss coat, made headlights from Microscale Kristal Klear, and finished weathering with MIG pigments. I'm pretty satisfied with how it turned out in the end, so thanks to organizers of this GB for lifting up my mojo that was lost for half a year! Cheers and see you in other GBs, Srđan
  15. Fuselage and cockpit are merged into one - I've added some 10g of balast (lead balls) in front of instrument panel and behind cockpit - almost until rear wheels axis, it's pretty heavy, so I assume it will be enough not to have tail sitter Cheers, S.
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