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  1. Thanks @PlaStix Russians did winter wash with white color overpainting the markings, but on this Pz.III it seems it had to be done differently. On following link you can see what I've meant - number 111 and black "cross" on turret are clearly painted over white color, and white seems to be overall equally painted. This unfortunately is only a kit, and it may be just an modeller's interpretation, but, as Revell assembling manual shows markings clearly visible on white background, I think I will go with decals over white color, but I will "scratch" white around edges of hull and
  2. First stage of camouflage is done - Gunze Panzer Grey, a bit lightened with white for middle parts of panels/surfaces. This one should have white wash cammo, but I'm not yet sure whether white color should cover markings, so I can chip that area to expose markings, or decals should be applied over chipped white color. Most photos of this kit done show decals over white overall, while I would like to chip the white a bit on some areas... Do you maybe have some suggestions/advices on this matter? I've just tried AMMO Chipping fluid and I'm really pleased with r
  3. Yup, release year for this "bag" package is either 1965 or 1967, so some 10-12 years before I was born I tackled flash on fuselage halves a bit, was busy with some other kits, but couldn't resist to give it a go, at least these small steps As canopy is small and relatively thick, cockpit won't be too much of a sight, but I will probably upgrade "seat" a bit... and maybe I'll make instrument panel, according to Special Hobby kit's assembling manual. Decals are fixed onto the window, sunny weather finally arrives these days, so there will be plenty of it to remove
  4. This one is Boomerang. In topic about predecessors of Harvard/Texan there is a paragraph that states: "So I'd like to propose a STGB dedicated to the Texan and its predecessors/derivatives such as the Harvard, Yale, Wirraway, the P-64 and yes Aussies, the Boomerang (as the wings were largely based upon the Wirraway which itself was based upon the Texan/Harvard)..." Cheers, S.
  5. Good evening mates, I've almost forgot on this GB - it came on the schedule pretty fast! I will join you with one true oldy, and so far only one that is not Harvard/Texan itself I've done quite a few these old Airfix kits so far, so I'm kind of prepared what to expect in terms of assembling, positive panel lines, lack of details in cockpit (WHAT cockpit!? :D), while decals will need some time fixed on the window in order to remove that yellow layer on them. I will probably make the boxart example - I really like those Aussies with w
  6. After a while I've sprayed Black Mr. Surfacer 1500 as a base for camouflage. First layer of paint to follow soon hopefully. Cheers, S.
  7. #6-7/2021 El Salvador FG-1D, made from Academy 1/72 F4U-1D kit. Whole cockpit is Extratech PE set, as well as wheel bay covers and few more bits on tail area. Decals are Printscale. Honduras F4U-5N, made from Italeri 1/72 F4U-4 kit. Main modification was extending of nose area by cutting it and inserting an 5mm plastic block, fixed with Epoxy. Eduard Zoom set is used in cockpit and some external details Decals are Aztec decals. Some antennas on both kits were made from scratch. Painted with Gunze acrylics, and wash/weathering do
  8. Huh, sorry @PlaStix I kinda missed this post of yours I was busy finishing F-86D in "Interceptors" GB during last month, but at the same time I didn't forget on this one Here is the result of my "absence" - all plastic and PE parts are glued, except machine gun on front armor plate, which I will glue in the end to avoid breaking of it during painting and weathering. I was a bit worried how I will do some PE assemblies, but everything turned out
  9. Thanks for the kind words mates. Yup, what if Yugoslavia have continued with western jets - would we be later using F-84F, F-100, F-102, F-104, F-5, F-16 and/or A-4, A-7? A plenty of what-if material for us scale modellers! Cheers, S.
  10. Hasegawa 1/72 F-86D Sabre Dog (JRV - 14088) - Gunze acrylics - Artistic oils wash - Lift Here decals - Eduard PE Zoom set - Landing light made from Kristal Klear Cheers, S.
  11. That one week GB extension really helped me to finish this one with ease, so once again big thanks to @Col. and @Enzo Matrix! Final touches were doing wash (artistic oils), and glueing of small bits. Landing light in front of nose gear was made from Kristal Klear, while rear view mirror is part of Eduard PE set. Here are the final photos...
  12. Thanks mates, looking through the parts, I saw their number is not so big, and having cockpit basically a ejection seat, I presume assembling will be pretty straightforward. Painting is also simple - having done 3 Tomcats in 1/144 recently, I'm used to this scheme now Probably the biggest work on these two will be placing decals, as there are a pretty decent number of them on the sheet. Cheers, S.
  13. Good evening mates, this is kit(s) I'm joinning this GB with - simple but reasonably well detailed Platz A-4E in braillescale. Box contains 2 kits, so as @Enzo Matrix would say - let's build them all! Decals are given for 4 aircraft - I chose to do the middle two: - VMA-211 Wake Island Avengers - VMA-311 Tomcats See you soon in "work in progress" stage... Cheers, S.
  14. Thanks Col. ... here is the after-decals state - not great, not terrible! These decals are "Lift here" ones, but unfortunately old batch printed by Begemot - they were very yellowish, so they were exposed to sunlight for a month or so, and maybe adhesive lost its power, so silvering is a bit visible on few places in spite of gloss surface and a lot of MicroSol & MicroSet Decals also tended to wriggle on few places and after MicroSol treatment they didn't straighten fully... I've tried to tap them with Q-tip while drenched in MicroSol, but that didn't help either... so.. it is
  15. Cammo is finished Grey - Gunze H306 Only dielectrics on tail are to be painted in black - tomorrow hopefully , and I'm applying gloss varnish before decals.. Cheers, S.
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