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  1. There has been some progress since last update. I've assembled engine intake with fan blades... ...and soon after that the rest of the interior parts were assembled with fuselage halves and wings, and all the seams sanded where required. Pavla cockpit fitted reasonably well in the end.. not perfect but I am satisfied. Few more parts are left to assemble, and hopefully painting stage will come soon. Cheers, S.
  2. Cockpit is finally finished - painted, detailed and wash applied. And this is how should fit into fuselage - some tweaking will be required, but I expect no major problems... Cheers, S.
  3. Sorry for this such a late update - I've been busy preparing for now finished Mosonshow held in Mosonmagyarovar some 10 days ago, so my modelling mojo suffered a bit. Now I'm coming back, although slowly, so here are first visible steps on my Shar. Fuselage halves were modified in cockpit area in order to accomodate Pavla resin cockpit - I'm actually surprised that cockpit fits reasonably well, some sanding here and there and it will be ok. I've sprayed some cockpit and engine parts with grey and black Surfacer, so next photo update should represent finished cockpit. Front wheel well had an awfull ejection pinmark, so I had to remove it, and to reconstruct that "pipe" structure using stretched sprue (dark grey cross in the middle) I was preparing mentally for fixing exhaust nozzles as they were made from two halves, making very visible seam requiring some styrene sheets to cover it... but... fortunatelly I found this Aires aftermarket on Mosonshow, so with no hesitance bought it! Difference is very noticable! I'll spend following period of time to paint cockpit details, so I'll make new photo update then.... Regards, S.
  4. Oh, thanks for the info @Col. time will tell how it fits, but surely will improve the look in the end! Cheers, S.
  5. Good evening mates, I'll join this GB with Airfix Sea Harrier Of course, this option of markings will be used Here are the sprues - still sealed in original bag And I will use this package of aftermarket - don't know actually whether this Pavla set is made for this Airfix kit, or older one, but I'll manage somehow to use these parts - they really seem to improve the look of the pilot's "office".... Cheers, and see you soon in progress stage... Srđan
  6. #2/2022 One of easy and relaxing builds - very simple kit with not so many parts (most of them are bombs and missiles :D). Painted with Gunze acrylics, while canopy has been subtle tinted with Tamiya Smoke. Wash done with artistic oils. The only chalenging part on this kit were blue fuselage decals - they were almost 1cm longer than they should be, so they mismatched the shape of area around canopy. I cut them in 4 parts and then assembled them piece by piece - had to repair blue color a bit on few places (behind cockpit is most visible area) Cheers, Srđan
  7. One relaxing project started few months ago. Typical UM kit - interesting subject requiring a bit of patience and careful assembling and everything goes well. - painted with Gunze acrylics - weathering done with artistic oils and MIG pigments - headlight made from Kristal Klear Cheers, S.
  8. I doubt it would arrive in a month, how much is left until the end of GB, and probability that replacement parts are also prone to the breakage is high. Nevermind, they are shelved until I find some inspiration and solution to this problem. Maybe they will be finished as what-if, I'll think about it Thanks for the suggestion anyway. Cheers, S.
  9. Well mates, I'm officially giving up on these two - Dragon made my day with its inventive/modernised canopy design, which I do not so prefer.... I was about to mask canopies with Tamiya tape, and as soon as I've pressed tape onto windscreen, I just heard "craaaaack" sound... and canopy just split in half... there was a seamline visible before this, but I thought it was just inside_plastic_seamline that wasn't surface based and impossible to repair .... anyhow, I don't have any creative idea at the moment - maybe in future I will make canopy just like on these photos, and make SF-18 Space Hornet, but frustration is high at the moment, and I'll just shelf them... Cheers and thanks for organizing this GB - see you in some other themed story Srđan
  10. Tails are attached on the fuselage, as well as weapon pylons under the wings. What's left to do before primer is sanding seamlines on canopies (they are moulded right across the center line ) and polishing of canopies. Hopefully next photos will be in primer/painting stage... Cheers, S.
  11. Just a tiny update for today - I've glued lead balls as a weight in nose area, I hope it will be enough to avoid tailsitting Cheers, S.
  12. Unfortunatelly, shortly after intro photo was made I've got first symptoms of Omicron, and as expectedly positive AG test, so the following period was just taking a rest and a ton of medicines and vitamines... All of that is now behind me, thankfully everything went well, so I'm finally back at the work table, and continuing where I stopped at (almost) full speed Cockpit is assembled, painted and weathered - I've used black ink for wash, and it's much less visible in vivo - macro emphasize all of those paintbrush streaks... Hopefully assembling of fuselage is on the schedule in following days... Cheers, S.
  13. Few days after last photo was made I've got first symptoms of Omicron, and as expectedly positive AG test, so the following period was just taking a rest and a ton of medicines and vitamines... All of that is now behind me, thankfully everything went well, so I'm finally back at the work table, and continuing where I stopped at (almost) full speed Fuselages are assembled, although their alignment wasn't perfect - it seems Dragon messed up a bit joins of fuselage parts, so I had to use a lot of putty and sprue goo to repair that bottom part of strakes and around horizontal stabilizers... Kit with fully stretched wings is going to be VFA-31, while the other one, in parked wings position will be VFA-105. Few more parts to be glued and we're ready for primer... Cheers, S.
  14. a bit of progress with painting of cockpit and exhaust area... Cheers, S.
  15. Nightmare is finally finished. I know the pain you've gone through, so just big BRAVO for the final finish. Weathering turned out pretty nice around tail area - it really looks like after landing to the muddy runway. Cheers, S.
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