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  1. I agree with having December free (hey, it rhymes! :D) - in that pattern we have time to vote for Classic#2 gallery candidates after the GB ended and still finish voting before year ends. Or maybe we can have this pattern: Classic GB #1: January 1st - May 31st Break: June 1st - June 30th Classic GB #2: July 1st - November 30th I'm ok with all proposals - most important in my opinion is not to have overloaded and too tight & stressful schedule - this is our hobby so we should enjoy builds without having stress of chasing deadlines at all costs Cheers, Srđan
  2. Another gem from your modelling cuisine Complementary colors preshading better fitted to this one - especially I like that lower area - it really looks worn out and heavily weathered around panel lines. That antenna mast on the top of canopy really looks good, although its design is sooo funny Cheers, S.
  3. This livery gives Flanker a kind of mistique look - it really suits it. Great job!
  4. Great job mate! This experiment with complementary colours really added much to the worn look of final camouflage. Lower part maybe looks a bit more dirty for the desert cammo, but anyway it looks very interesting. Cheers, S.
  5. I do like this year's format - final GBs of current year not prolonging into next year's timetable - it makes sense to have GBs all fit into one calendar year, so we can have some kind of "cooldown" period in December, and resting/preparing for next year. Old format in my opinion was a bit too dense, so if you participate in many GBs it becomes stressful to finish all those builds at the same time Cheers, Srđan
  6. Assembly of all main parts is finally finished - it took me almost whole one day for assemblying of landing gear which is so complicated, it looks like a giant thick spider web a bit What I put on this photo, but has to be fixed a bit more with some sprue goo is spinner - seam beetween frontal and rear part of it is very strong on this photo, and I plan to blend it a bit with some sanding and rescribing after sprue goo cures... I've drilled exhaust pipes and those big air inlets in front of landing gear legs... Primer/painting is not so far away now! Cheers, S.
  7. Decals finally came to their place - not so bad - decals on vertical stabilizer were a bit bigger than kit part, so sign "Ace of Spades" went over the leading edge a bit - it couldn't be positioned backward because of that little number 01 on the rear top of tail .... Somehow I've managed to paint lightened Gunze Dark Ghost Grey (per instructions) at the EXACTLY THE SAME shade of grey on USAF roundel on bottom part of the wing You see what I mean... ehm.. or NOT see.... After decals and gloss coat I think that camouflage actually do not look so bad as I thought... not quite good, but not terrible either... Managed to match VMA-231 two-greys shaded decal to the cammo pattern... Next weekend I plan to do the wash, and hopefully not so long until the end of work on this one... Cheers, S.
  8. @Col. I agree, but if I made that contrast a bit more stronger it would be much better, however, now it is like it is, so we'll see how it turns out after gloss coat and decals Cheers, S.
  9. First of all, thanks for the kind words mates, I'm glad you like it Regarding to Ammo Scratches Fluid - basically it is "good old" hairspray technique but with a bit more scale modelling specialized chemical product, made by Ammo Mig (Jimenez) In the following video made by Mig Jimenez I've learned how to work with this product What is notable is to try to experiment with different manufacturers of colors, as different colors react differently to chipping attempts, so you can get smaller, larger, "dottier" patches - it all depends on different manufacturer color used. Gunze colors tend to give larger chips - almost patches, Model Master acrylics give more subtle and dot-like chips, while Tamiya is something beetween, so you can choose what you wish depending on subject (AFV, airplanes, more or less chipped surfaces,....) Also, I've used only Scratches product - Ammo make another product - Heavy chipping fluid - that gives larger patches of worn-out color. Thanks Roman, and yes, exactly as you wrote - tracks were soooo tightly fit before paint that it would be impossible to assemble them after potential painting. And it really annoys that you cannot make them in natural position for IS series of tanks - sagged Once again, thanks for the comments, and hopefully I helped a bit with video posted above. Cheers, Srđan
  10. During last two weeks, I did the preshading and painting, so I waited till finished to present photo update... I am not satisfied with upper ("darkest") patch of grey - I am painting with Gunze acrylics, but it seems that their Gunship Grey is a pretty lighter shade than it should be, so it almost blended into middle grey painted areas I am not willing to mask whole kit again in order to spray some other shade of Grey, so I'll just leave it as it is - I just want to finish this one and put it into display shelf.... Cheers, S.
  11. It was a while since last update - I didn't want to take photos until at least fuselage is assembled... Next step is attaching wings, and masking and fitting of canopy, so that should be next photo update - hopefully during this week... Cheers, S.
  12. Big thanks to @PlaStix for organizing this, another, great GB - it was a real pleasure to be part of it, and it was nice to see so much nice kits. I hope we all had fun & joy during this period, and of course, released some space in our stashes with our GB builds - in order to fill that hole in stash with few new kits All the best to everyone onboard and cya in some new interesting themed GB Srđan
  13. Relatively easy kit to assemble - I was a bit scared of tracks as a friend of mine managed to breake some wheels during attaching of tracks on his IS-2 that is basis for this kit, but it turned out ok in the end. - painted with Gunze acrylics - chipping done using Ammo Scratches Chipping Fluid - wash done with artistic oils - gun barrel is metal one from RB model - I've made headlight from Kristal Klear - weathering done with MIG pigments Cheers, S.
  14. Cockpit is primered, painted, weathered, and next phase is assemblying of fuselage. Instrument panel is combination of PE frontal part and instruments printed on transparent plastic sheet (background layer) Cheers, S.
  15. Small update - build was going very quick, so I didn't make assembly photos before primering. Preshading is next, and camouflage is approaching soon Cheers, S.
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