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  1. Good evening mates, Today I finished this Spit, started years ago. Not much to say - painting done with Gunze acryllics, wash with artistic oils, and weathering with MIG pigments. Chipping of tail section was done with hairspray technique. Navigation belly light is made from Kristal Klear. Details... My famous "reference object" Cheers, Srđan
  2. AZ model 1/72 Spitfire Mk. IXc, Egyptian Air Force - Gunze acryllics - Lift Here decals - Artistic oils wash - MIG pigments for subtle weathering - navigation belly and back fuselage lights made from Kristal Klear Cheers, Srđan
  3. And here we are... in finish line finally! All regular stuff was added - wash, final semigloss varnish and weathering with MIG pigments. Navigation belly light was made from Kristal Klear, as well as navigation light on the back of fuselage... Cheers, Srđan
  4. Hello mates, after a while, I finished another kit... this one was one of "Covid builds" ... I was bored with markings given in box, so I decided to give it a touch of What-if...actually a bit more "alternative history" look - what if Serbia continued with western equipment through the time. So, here it is - Serbian Air Force RAH-66 Comanche, in "Cobra" unit for reconnaissance and attack operations. Camouflage is fictive, based on Cobra snake look (darkest patch visible from above), while decals are borrowed from Serbian MiG-29 Lift Here set. Painted with Gunze acryllics, subtle wash with artistic oils... A bit of details... My reference object - Kingston USF flash disk Cheers and stay safe, Srđan
  5. At the moment I'm sanding tires' footprints because they have mouldmarks. When I finish this phase I'll wash all tires with soapy water to remove moulding residue (if any), and then, I'm thinking of putting a layer of gloss varnish beetween tires and wheels - just to have some kind of isolation layer beetween the two. If the fit of tires and wheels is really tight, I'll add just a few spots of superglue on their join lines but from the inner side, so that won't be seen from outside.
  6. Thanks Bill, I'll leave the varnish to harden for a longer time period. It's probably learning curve when you use some new product for the first time, so I'll get used to it eventually. Cheers, S.
  7. Decals are set! Gloss layer on this kit was Gunze GX100 Gloss Super Clear III - I ran out of Tamiya X22 so I've tried this one for the first time. It gives a bit more shiny and glossy finish than Tamiya X22 after just few layers, but on few places I got something like "finger marks" - I don't remember of touching those areas while drying, so it may be connected to drying period (I applied decals after 2 days) or to thinner used (Gunze Leveling thinner - it maybe dries a bit slower than regular thinner). anyway, I'm pretty satisfied with result... Cheers, S.
  8. Yup, I know about possibility of problems with rubber tires and plastic - I had damaged sprues on UM T-26 kit due to rubber tracks At least parts in this kit are not damaged by rubber, and I hope that superglue will act as a isolating layer beetween the two. Didn't have much free time for modelling in recent weeks, so hopefully whis weekend will give me some rest so I can start with this one. Cheers, S.
  9. Good evening mates, I will join this GB with one of many UM kits of T-34. I chose model 1940 with F-34 gun. Here are the sprues with plastic parts + etched and rubber parts. Metal barrel is RB model made, and represents F-32 gun, but it looks the same as F-34 to me, so I will go with it. I'll start with assembly in following days... Cheers, S.
  10. Thanks Charlie. I'll let paint to dry well for few days, and then gloss layer is to be applied before decals. Cheers, S.
  11. Cammo is done - Mid Stone and Dark Earth are both Gunze Aqueous (H71 & H72) Cheers, S.
  12. After a week spent on painting small parts (landing gear, wheels, propeller,...) I finally applied first layer of paint - Azure blue - Gunze C370 Cheers, S.
  13. Thanks Charlie, that's what exactly caught my attention when thinking of what markings should this one be in - I prefer a bit exotic camouflages and markings on planes. Here comes the preshading - Mr. Surfacer 1500 Black Cheers, S.
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