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  1. Words fail, nearest to perfection I've ever seen. derek S
  2. Air-Craft.net are showing the above fan cap air-brush/spray-gun for £79.99 which is a great price for a fan pattern gun. Can anyone point me at a review or have personal experience of it? Derek S
  3. Just remember : 1. Less than half a bottle don`t count 2. Work is the curse of the drinking classes. Cheers, Derek S
  4. Thoroughly enjoyable thread,great photos,but I have aquestion. As you are building a Mk Vb,why is the thread titled Mk IX? Either I`m missing something(not unknown),or Iclaim the £5.00 for spotting the deliberate mistake. Cheers Derek S
  5. The only reference I have for Dutch D VIIs is "Air Enthusiast" No38,Jan 89. It would seem to be a D VIIF(BMW engine). According to the article, there were extra instruments in the cockpit-ASI, altimeter,temp.gauge etc. and at some stage the German MGs were replaced with Vickers guns. The article was about flying the Fokker in1937 in a training unit,so date unknown for the re-armament. Hope this helps Derek S
  6. There is an unboxing video now on Hyperscale.
  7. Ref. Oil Cooler,photo`s found,albeit of the replica,which is supposed to be very accurate. Scale Models International April 1988 pages 192& 196. Sorry, I can`t post piccies. Regards,Dered S
  8. Ref the oil cooler,Mushroom book No 8105 on the Fury ,text on page 6,"Vickers Potts oil cooler inside behind the shutters". Also,"Wings of Silver",cutaway on pages150/151,item No 25. Unfortunately,no photo's. Sorry run out of superlatives!! Regards,Derek S
  9. Ghast is flabbered beyond redemption!!!! Ref your radiatorcowling,I seem to recall that the oil cooler lives in between the rad shutters and the rad itself. With the shutters open it would be visible,so might be worth checking. Regards,Derek S
  10. Gordon Bennett!!!! My ghast is absolutely flabbered! On a serious note,the "light" is, in fact,the aerial terminal,so it should be there. Salaams, Derek S
  11. Hi, Me again.The guns are available from Miniworld,ref Mina4862 in 1/48 Good photo on Hannants web site. As the set is for the Flycatcher it includes 2 guns,LH & RH feed. Your progress so far is stunning. Best wishes, Derek S
  12. Hi, Ref. the machine gun,it appears to be a Vickers Mk2*B.The B indicating RH feed.What is causing the confusion is the synchroniser motor &it`s shadow above the gun.The Chute coming from the left of the gun is to collect the belt links.The empty cases exit from the bottom of the gun. According to the drawings in "Early Aircraft Armament" By Harry Woodman,the dimensions of the gun are as follows: Receiver 16.5"long x4.5"deep x2.25"wide Barrel jacket 24"long x2.25"diameter Also note the barrel jacket is perforated like a Browning. Hope this helps, Derek S
  13. Hi, Suggest you check out "STORMO" for all things Italian. The website is a bit complex,but the info is all there. Regards, Derek S
  14. Shame they're not for real. Many thanks for the replies. derek
  15. Hi, On13 April,72modeler posted a "spitfire photo collection"on the "Resources"forum. Check out 601 Sqn ,photo titled "Malta Patrol"(4 up from the bottom). Spitfires seem to be desert scheme oversprayed blue/grey.Very strange serials though! Any thoughts? Cheers,derek
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