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  1. I have a couple, can't remember which kit they are and also sadly no longer with me but here goes...
  2. I flew in a 33sqn Puma from Benson in 1997. Great time
  3. Fantastic pictures and a great experience.
  4. I love the Puma, it looks right and it gets the job done. Excellent aircraft
  5. I have a veg patch with compost bin if that sweetens the deal?
  6. Desirable area so £850 I reckon
  7. More progress, the sunshine has certainly helped. The roof is on, all walls except 1 have been clad and I've put some (but not all) the felt on the roof So I started to move some bits inside... And make sure there was space for the essentials... Now I have the unenviable job of clearing away all the cr@p and getting the shed filled again before back to work on Monday
  8. Just a small update today, I have got the roof on (and my car back!) but haven't got the pictures to update this properly. More tomorrow when it isn't dark!!
  9. Thanks George, taking a bit longer than I thought but doesn't everything?
  10. That's me done for the day. 2/3 of the walls clad, both the windows in (no glass yet) and an extra roof beam in place ready for getting the roof done as long as the weather holds More tomorrow
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