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  1. jhutchi

    How Exciting!!!!

    Nice. I am currently planning my new build for maybe March. I'm looking forward to getting it started
  2. jhutchi

    Old models

    Great. Thanks
  3. jhutchi

    Old models

    I'm thinking about thinning the collection a bit. Sell, chuck and keep maybe
  4. jhutchi

    Old models

    Evening all. I have all my models that I have built in the loft in boxes. There is no space to display them in my house. What do others do if they don't have display space?
  5. Well I've never seen one of these before. Looks great
  6. Impressive collection of test-beds that you have made there
  7. Wow. That is staggeringly life-like. Fantastic
  8. That's interesting. Nicely done. What colours have you used?
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