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  1. That looks excellent (and strange too) What was the purpose and usefulness of such a thing?
  2. Absolutely, but it was definitely a sad (and worrying) thing to watch
  3. Lovely build. I remember being at Duxford when she crashed ; such a sad occasion
  4. Spitfire Spitfire Spitfire Oh, did I mention a Spitfire...?
  5. Can only see 1 picture but it looks good
  6. Looks good, glad it's got a prop and not one of those noisy witchcraft type things you keep building
  7. Sorry, hope I didn't offend you
  8. Isn't the first rule of secrets project website that we don't talk about secret projects website?
  9. I went there while on holiday nearby once and watched all of my money fall out!
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