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  1. Excellent. I built a Chipmunk a few years ago but didn't have an idea which Chipmunk I'd first flown in. If I ever build another one...
  2. Fantastic!! Very nice. I always prefered the Bulldog
  3. My parents are moving house and are having a clear out. My mum came across this in the loft What was anybody else's first flight?
  4. Great job. Not hard to see the family resemblance going forward is it?
  5. Hi Liam, Can't remember which kit it was, but I based it in this picture https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/458100593325373486/ Of an aircraft captured by the Americans and then passed to RAF hence the overpainting of the markings
  6. Hi all, Another one sold and photographed before sending away. Any old kit but built up fairly well
  7. jhutchi

    Old models

    Thanks to everyone for the advice, I contacted the guy mentioned above and it was quite a way out of his area to collect. I decided to see what the bay could do for me and I sold virtually everything so now I have cash, space and a happy Mrs H!
  8. One that I've sold that I wanted to post here before sending to its new home
  9. Very nice. I'm surprised by how "Square" it is
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