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  1. Bu**er that!! With your permission Selwyn https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6NnfRT_OZA RR
  2. Hello Mucker Woo I have copy of the plans that Chewbacca mentioned, if you PM me your postal address Ill get a copy in the post to you (in glorious colour at no extra charge) if you would like them. Cheers RR (Chris)
  3. Now that was very interesting Thanks for posting RR
  4. Good afternoon Just to say a big thank you to WV908 and James (71chally) for your replies, greatly appreciated thank you. Cheers RR (Chris)
  5. Good morning all I hope you are all keeping safe during these trying times, my question is: Not knowing that much about the Hawker Hunter were F.4s retro fitted with the dog-tooth wing ? if so for a conversion to a GA.11 as used by FRADU from Yeovilton would I be better of with the Airfix 1/48 F.4 or F.6. ? Thank you, keep safe. RR (Chris)
  6. Roof Rat

    GWH 1/48 MIG-29

    Good afternoon Gentlemen Thank you for taking the time to reply, the information is greatly appreciated. I'm off to source a GWH Mig-29 9-12 Early and a set of Print Scale or Dream Model decals to go with it. Cheers RR (Chris).
  7. Roof Rat

    GWH 1/48 MIG-29

    Hello all Could anybody please help and stop me going around in ever decreasing circles, which is the best/closest 1/48 Great Wall Hobby MIG-29 as used by the Iranian Air Force IRIAF. Would it be the 9-12 Early or 9-12 Late, I don't have a clue!!! I feel dizzy.... Cheers RR (Chris) Sorry if this should have been in Cold War
  8. Hello Hook and luis Pacheco thank you for your reply's even if they have left me slightly confused (I'm at that sort of age) let me explain. I understood that the TM upgrade was put in place after the Terminator 2020 program was completed, it was an upgrade of none Terminator airframes that concentrated on the air-to-air role and not the air-to-ground role of the terminator. Please see below (I hope the link works ok) if not I've added the relative information below, information from siyah gri beyaz. https://translate.google.co.uk/translate?hl=en&sl=tr&u=https://www.siyahgribeyaz.com/2015/03/turk-phantomlar.html&prev=search Terminator II and Şimşek Projects Terminator shortly after the completion of the project, Turkey has started to evaluate the modernization package that includes a second 48 aircraft. In the Terminator II project, which includes the renewal of the F-4Es of the 112 and 172 Fleets to keep the air-air capabilities in the foreground, the contribution of the domestic defence industry was envisaged to be increased. Contract negotiations with Israel were cancelled in 2005 due to the cost of up to USD670 million. Soon after, a more limited-scale improvement program was launched in February 2006, under the name of Şimşek, covering 16 F-4Es in the 112th Fleet (172nd Fleet, the Commander F-4E's other end-user, It would be temporarily extinguished until 35s came into service). Within the scope of the Şimşek project, LN-100GT integrated INS / GPS navigation system, CDU-900Z flight management system, IFF Mod IV and MXF-484 VHF / UHF radio were installed on the aircraft. The first prototype made its first flight on 22.12.2009 and the first delivery was made on 02.03.2010. With the project completed in 2011, the aircraft renamed F-4E / TM were planned to serve at least until 2014-2016. However, these planes withdrew from the flight in June 2012 much earlier than expected, and 112th Fleet began to borrow some of the 111st Fleet's F-4E / 2020s. Thank you for your help, if anybody can add to this that would be a great help. Cheers RR (Chris)
  9. Hello all It's me again with another Phantom question. What does the TM stand for in the F-4E/TM & RF-4E/TM Turkish Phantoms. I understand it refers to a modification/update but I can't find any info into what the modification/update was, and when it was introduced. Can anyone help? Cheers RR (Chris).
  10. Roof Rat

    RF-4E Phantom

    Good morning Gentlemen I'd just like to say thank you for taking the time to reply, the information you have passed on is gratefully appreciated. 72modeler I have added the websites you suggested to my favourites, also to help me understand the block number / aircraft serial number relation I have ordered a copy of McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II Production and Operational Data from Amazon. Thank you again. Cheers RR (Chris)
  11. Roof Rat

    RF-4E Phantom

    Hello all I've been going around in ever decreasing circles trying to find out from which construction block onwards did the RF-4E switch to the rounded nose profile for it's camera bays. Can anyone help? as always any information received will be greatly appreciated. Cheers RR (Chris)
  12. Good morning Dave Thanks for taking the time to reply, I've added your recommendation to my list, thank you. Cheers RR
  13. Hi Knikki Thanks for the recommendations I've ordered the book from Amazon and added the website to my favorites. Cheers RR
  14. Hello all I'm after recommendations for reference book(s) on Schnellboot's / S-Boot's. I've been dabbling on the internet gathering information on the subject, which I will confess up until a week ago I knew they existed but that was as far as my understanding of the subject went, so any recommendations will be gratefully received. Cheers RR (Chris)
  15. Hello Toby Looking through various books I've come up with the following, I hope it maybe of help and not a hinderance. Westland Wasp HAS.1 Four-blade main rotor, with all-metal blades carried on fully articulated hub. Torsion blade suspension system. Two-blade tail rotor with metal blades. Rotors driven through steel shafting. Primary gearbox at rear of engine, secondary gearbox at base of pylon, angle gearbox at base of fin, tail rotor gearbox at top of fin. Main rotor/engine rpm 1:71. Tail rotor/engine rpm ratio 1:15. Main rotor hub has drag and flapping hinges. Rotor brake standard. Tail rotor has flapping hinge. The Wasp had the ability of "negative pitch" from the rotor-blades which enabled the aircraft to "adhere" to the deck until the lashings were attached. Both the tail boom and main rotor blades were foldable to allow stowage. To help explain the technical aspect of the above statement maybe one of the very good ex-pilots or ex-mechanics that frequent here could help. All the best RR (Chris)
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