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  1. Good morning Does anybody make a 1/48 Turkish SOM cruise missile? I'm after a couple. Cheers RR
  2. Top notch Dave, great job Can I ask what shade of grey (FS-??) you used please Cheers RR
  3. Good morning Hook and Orso thank you for your replies, they are appreciated. Hook thanks for the info on back-dating the SKE to SK standard, easier than I thought. Cheers RR (Chris)
  4. Hi Hook Thanks for the info, I've slightly edited my question to reflect the answer(s) I'm after, poor wording in the first place sorry. Thanks again. RR (Chris)
  5. I know the SK-37E was developed from the standard SK-37 trainer, my question and sorry if it's a bit dumb-*ss, are there any visual differences between the SK and SKE. I thinking of back dating the Special Hobby 1/48 release SK-37E Stör-Viggen Electronic Warfare Aggressor (SH48150) to a standard SK. I've downloaded Mike's excellent review (December 2018) and several pieces from the internet, to be going on with. Any help would be gratefully received. Cheers RR (Chris)
  6. Sorry for the delayed reply, thanks for the info Dads203 much appreciated. RR Chris.
  7. Good morning Stephen Ideally one for Sniper but, both would be great. Cheers RR Chris. Thanks for the link Steve McArthur
  8. Hello all I hope all of our UK residence are enjoying the extended bank holiday. My question, doe's anybody make a 1/48 F-16 intake pylon for use with Sniper or LANTIRN pods on stations 5L and 5R. Thanks in anticipation. RR Chris.
  9. Hi Southero72 Here's one that slipped through the net, it shows Pic.1 and 2 from the previous post in colour, taken from the Wing and Wheels series of books. RR (Chris).
  10. Hi Southero72 Here are a series of pictures taken from various sources over the years, some are better quality than others but, I hope they will be of help. I've collected them with the same intention as you to fit-out the rear cabin of a HAS.2 but, in 1/48 scale, still on the to-do list I'm afraid. Pic.1 Pic.2 Pic.3 Pic.4 Pic.5 Pic.6 Pic.7 Pic.8 Pic.9 Pic.10 Pic.1. 2 and 3 show the workstation (taken from a recruitment pamphlet) Pic.4 and 5 show the winch gear safety cover (at the back of the workstation) Pic.6 shows the proximity of the receiver and modulator units to the port side entry steps (steps bottom right of picture) Pic.7 and 8 show the dipping sonar Pic.9 shows antenna fit for a HAS.2 Pic.10 shows the workstation BUT on a latter mark of Sea King. I hope this will be of help. Cheers RR (Chris).
  11. ar now corrected and hangar added to my computers dictionary (auto-correct), thank you. RR
  12. Further to the above: I made enquires with DMM customer services, I received a reply overnight, seems they only sale to the domestic (Japanese) market:- Hi Christopher. Thank you for your inquiry. We are sorry, but this service is only available in Japan and does not support delivery outside of Japan. Kind regards. Shinsuke Customer Services Oh well I'll just have to keep looking. Chris.
  13. Hi Blimpyboy Thanks for the information, it's just what I'm after. Not sure if it's my computer set-up or the DMM system has problems with English text (understandable) but I don't get far without the system freezing. I'll keep trying. Thank you and thanks to Andy for replying. Cheers Chris.
  14. Hello all Does anybody make a 1/48 scale JASDF ASM-3 missile (possibly 3D printed) I'm after a minimum of 2. I am aware of the Hasegawa F-2A kit with the missiles but, I only require the missiles. Any help is gratefully appreciated. Cheers Chris.
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