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  1. Some cracking shots there! Especially like the Buchon and DH88 - lovely views. I bet they are pleased the show wasn’t on Bank Holiday Monday! Many thanks for posting these. Andy
  2. Just been looking at the S&M Models website. At the top is the very sad news that Mel Bromley has passed away. Understandably they are not taking any further orders. Mel was always a "must see" character at many model shows and always great to have a chat with. A fair number of my models were bought from Mel - he always had stock that was very interesting. He'll be sorely missed on the model show circuit, a true gentleman. Andy
  3. Just what Black Knight says. When you put it back in, fix the negative last. Negative is first off and last on again. Good luck! Andy
  4. Thanks SAT69, Another mystery solved! That does make sense - I don’t think I’ve seen these areas marked out on any civil aircraft. Not surprising really, it seems that the military versions of most aircraft seem to have a lot more functional features marked out and more obvious than civil equivalents. Thanks also John for the link to the walk around photo. cheers, Andy
  5. Absolutely superb, a brilliant demonstration of traditional modelling skills! It just goes to show what can be done with a starting point that has faults and a what a creative mind can do with it. I must admit it’s the first time I’ve really noticed the white markings at the rear of the wing roots, presumably escape markings? Andy
  6. Test posting of picture https://www.flickr.com/gp/188984355@N02/E4L6JV another try D711D1A2-E426-415D-8832-0088EAA38C30 by Andy Young, on Flickr
  7. I quite agree, this is one of the best civil threads going, and all about the Comet! - fantastic!. It’s great to see all your posts of measurements, thoughts and comparisons. You have all given me the impetus to get stuck in again. I did some measuring of Airfix, Amodel and an AA 4C kit that I bought at Telford last year. The Amodel one went into the “I’ll think about that another day” pile, but having seen some of the excellent work posted here I might bring it back nearer the front of the bench!. The thing that I always felt was the most difficult part to get right on the Airfix ki
  8. Another useful source of metal rods, although in slightly larger sizes, is old knitting needles. They used to be made from aluminium (maybe some still are) and come in a whole range of sizes. A good location for these is charity shops where you can pick up a few very cheaply. I wouldn't risk taking any from any of our long suffering partners in case domestic harmony is disrupted!! Be aware though that the particularly larger sizes are mostly made of plastic - although they could be useful too. They are particularly good for making things like engine mounts, roll over ba
  9. Me too, I made my second call about the October issue this morning and was told it was sent last Wednesday. Andy.
  10. Over the years I have been building a collection of classic airliners in 1/144, and for pretty much the reason you state (ie comparison of sizes etc) I've just stuck to the same scale. Visually I can't appreciate the comparison of say a 1/72 DC3 alongside a 1/144 Britannia, but when they are both in 1/144, it's there in front of you to see directly what the differences are without trying to mentally "see" one of them in the others' scale. Just my opinion though, I'm sure other people have the mental processing power to make cross scale comparisons easier!. Andy.
  11. Thanks Keith, I don't know how I managed to miss finding their website, I must be losing my marbles!! All the best, Andy.
  12. Are the Contrails resin noses still available?, I've had a look round and couldn't find anyone with them in stock. Cheers, Andy.
  13. I think that most readers would accept some errors in syntax and grammar, you can find those in any magazines. What the issue here is more about the duplicate publishing of whole articles. To pick up on another point made, I think it would be great if there were some conversion or scratch build articles included. I learned a lot from some of the excellent articles in 1970s/80s issues of Scale Models, Airfix Magazine and SAM where there was less reliance on after market, and a bit more on traditional model making skills. Ah - nostalgia!! Andy.
  14. The same thing happened last year too with a Tarangus Saab Safir review in the March 2015 issue being repeated identically in the June 2015 issue. A tad frustrating when I'm paying to read the same thing twice!. Andy.
  15. Brilliant stuff!. For anyone interested, Zoe Quilter has scanned many old Aeromodeller magazines (and other titles too), they are available here: http://www.colinusher.info/model%20aircraft/images.html Andy.
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