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  1. Not aftermarket, but the best Rebecca aerials I've found are in the Italeri C-47 or DC-3 kit. You could always rob the aerials and build the kit as a civilian Dakota.
  2. Wespe Models make a Ford WOA2. It's not a Woody though. https://www.wespemodels.com/military_models/military_models_scale_1_35/scale_1_35_ford/ford_woa_2a_wes_35002 They also make a cut-down C11 which I guess started life as a Woody. https://www.wespemodels.com/military_models/military_models_scale_1_35/scale_1_35_ford/ford_c11_adf_alexander_wes_35026
  3. There are a couple of photos in the SAM Publications Modellers Datafile on the Griffon-engined Spitfires which might help. I can email them to you if you let me have an address by PM, or maybe somebody can post them on here - I can't.
  4. The throttle controls are hidden by the control column. You can just make them out in the photo. Google Supermarine Walrus cockpit and you'll find photos showing them more clearly. Also, and I could be wrong here, I don't think that the seat in the photo (which is of the Walrus at the Fleet Air Arm Museum) is the correct one for the pilot. There are a lot of interior parts missing from this aircraft.
  5. There are definitely some records which link gliders and the aircraft which towed them. I can't remember what the records are but I'm pretty sure they would have been a squadron ORB. I know I've downloaded them because used them in connection with some work on Arnhem but I'm blowed if I can find them on my system. I remember being astonished at the amount of detail given - it included the gliders' loads. I'll keep looking.... Aha! It's the 296 Sqn ORB Appendices for 1944. There's nearly 200 pages. Stand by.... Darn! There's no mention of S/Sgt Shirley in the records for 18th September. I guess that confirms that he wasn't towed by a 296 Sqn Albacore out of Brize Norton. The records don't give the glider serial number, only their chalk numbers but despite this they are really interesting. The National Archives reference number is AIR 27/1647.
  6. The Appendices to 66 Squadron's Operations Record Books include combat reports for the 12th and 13th May. They don't give any information about the aircraft codes but they are very detailed as to the description and location of the action. The ORBs don't give any aircraft letters but they list these Spitfires/Pilots: N3225 Gillies, N3035 Smith, N3033 Cooke, N3027 Brown, N3029 Cameron, N3032 King. The Appendices can be found at the National Archives here: https://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/C2503238
  7. The hand grip consists of a wooden block fixed into a metal frame. In the first picture the wooden block is missing, leaving the skeletal outline of the frame.
  8. Here are the full-size measurements from Hythe camera gun no.1777 of 1917, measured in mm because they are easier to write than inches and fractions: Length overall 975mm Barrel diameter 82mm Barrel length to camera box 360mm Camera box 123mm high, 70mm front to back, 88mm wide. Centralised on barrel, Ammunition pan 205mm diameter, 30mm deep. Ammunition pan centred 330mm from rear end of gun handgrip. I hope this helps.
  9. If you can wait a couple of days I can measure the one that we've got on display in the Manx Aviation & Military Museum.
  10. In our museum archives there is a clear photo of the port side of Mk.XII DL-R. There is no Nigeria marking. Most of the serial is missing but it's one of the MB-series.
  11. Build it! That's what it's for. We of a certain age built hundreds of these Airfix Dakotas in our youth without worrying too much about accuracy other than the lack of dihedral. I'm enjoying restoring one which was built in the 1960s in the old Silver City colours. It will never be an accurate model of a Dakota but show it to anybody and they'll instantly recognise it. If you're needing decals, 26 and S&M produce a range of post-war civilian schemes for the Dakota.
  12. I can recommend Drawdecal products and service. I've used them regularly for years. Blackbird Models list them in the UK, although they don't list anything in 1/32. I've always ordered direct from Drawdecal; their mail order service is very good.
  13. It's about par for a Mach2 kit. They take work, but that's part of the fun of real modelling. I agree with your praise for Didier producing these obscure subjects.
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