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  1. I think it is a good solution . I considered the same way, nevertheless I will wait for some accurate aftermarket.
  2. Nice Hawks. I like both camouflages. I also see, you have baggage pods. Are they hand made, or is it some aftermarket??
  3. I just found in Falklands/Malvinas book from Hikoki a mention in chapter for Pucará. They get an order really on 28th April. Well, I will make some more investigation and then decide this point. I think I have some time as I will start to build Mirage this week and camouflage I will make later. I would bet, after finishing my build there will be discovered some colourful nice photo of the plane from 1.st May which will be different from my kit.... as it sometimes happen to me
  4. Cześć / Ahoj / Hello Alex, Thanks a lot for your explanation . Now it makes more sense to me . Some minutes ago I spoke with my friend who has Aztec decals Part 2 (For Daggers). There in the instructions sheet is mentioned that after 1st May when Mirage 019 was shot down by friendly fire, there was order to recognise friendly/foe by yellow IDs for all planes. Then it was realised it is not good and another order to cancel yellow IDs was given around 25 May. So If it is right, I would say, I have to make I-019 or I-015 in basic camouflage. But I will check it with photos of other plane photos and its date. Have a nice day, David
  5. It is really excelent work. I am very inspired to build it too. Please can anybody explain the history of yellow ID marks? I never have seen it on FAA Mirages (not meaning Daggers). I tried to find some informations and get following. The yellow ID was on Mirages later in the war. At the beginning there were brown? ID. At least some photos proves this, but for me it is uncertain if the brown was also used on the wings. I would like to build Mirage (I-015 or 019) shot down on 1.st May, therefore I am not sure about exact colours and locations of ID.
  6. Hello Patrick, I like all Mirage subjects. Finally we get a really nice kits from Modelsvit. Together with very nice camouflage and good modeling job, the result must be awesome. And your result is really awesome!! P.S. It seems that canopy fitting is not too critical. My Mirage IIIB kit is in my friends hands and unfortunatelly I can not pick up it due to covid restrictions. I hope I will get it soon.
  7. Hi all, thanks to all for your comments, Unfortunately I can not remember exact formula as I have used some remainder green colour from other builds which I mixed with the new fresh colours to get right tint. What I can generally say is, it was Tamiya mix of green XF-5 as base with addition blue X14, white, yellow XF-3.
  8. Hello Marcel, Actually I have RS Arado on my desk too and I am really not happy with some things there. Some of them are caused by RS and some by my hands. Well, I am motivated and encouraged now, as I see your build and very good result there
  9. Very clean and nice build Especially colours seems to be very real. I really like it. I would like to build a two seater Hawk in those colours and also I wish to downsize Hobby Boss 1/48 into 1/72 scale as the Airfix is not able to redesign the moulds of its two seater version for many years.
  10. I think, those are typical Airfix kits with their panel lines design. Considering I don´t like rescribing soft or shallow panel lines , I prefer to have deep lines. So from my point of view, very nice builds there and I am inspired to take my Harrier from the stash and build it too
  11. Very nice Mustang, I like Mustangs with non USAF markings I confirm the statement of the kit. The canopy is really trick, especially with the visible pin in rear part. Also I can confirm the point with XTradecals. I found simmilar issues on different sheets as well. Have a nice day.
  12. Thanks to all for comments. Well, despite some imperfections I still consider the Mk I kit on the top and better than many others kits and brands.
  13. Hello all, let me present a recent builds of Arma Hobby´s Hurricanes. The first one is a Hurricane in Portugal colours and it was really a pleasant OOB build. The second one is a most successful Hurricane of 310 Czechoslovak squadron during the BoB with 6 kills claimed by several pilots. The kit is also a part of small group build with my friends dedicated to Bob adversary. I hope you like it. If you are interested in a bit more details and photos, I would appreciate your visit there on my blog http://72insight.com/en/hawker-hurricane-mk-i-and-mk-iic-1-72-arma-hobby/ Here on the blog you can also find another BoB Hurricane build by my friend Vladimir Kafka. addition of example picture due to the some troubles
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