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  1. Maybe I have one question or demand. I make the Red Arrows Hawk inspired by the first female pilot Fl. Lt. Kirsty Moore in the Red Arrows team. I found some stories about her, but found only one notice she flew Hawk XX179. So please if anybody knows how are the Aircrafts asigned to pilot, or what aircraft serial she flew, please let me know. Despite I found lot of pictures with Lt. Kirsty Moore in the cockpit, there is not visible XX serial as it is writen on the exhaust area.
  2. Dear fellow britmodeller. Time is running very fast and I realized, despite my continuous progress on the work bench, I didn´t update this thread for longer time. So there is a brief "report" A-37 prepared for the panel liner wash The Alphajet is finished. I will come back to it later once it will be photographed I started to make camouflages on the Hawks. Pink looking Red looking Black
  3. It are absolutelly phantastic and incredible builds I also build the Airfix Hawk and it is really shame, there is not a kit in Eduard or Tamiya quality.
  4. Well, let´s continue with some progress. Starting the Academy A-37 Dragonfly some time ago, now the stage before decaling is finished. Now I will let the gloss coat dry for some time and then I really looking forward to Academy´s plank decals
  5. Hell fellow Britmodellers, some next update, but first of all it is time to present some finished kits. Modeling is not only about building, but also finishing, taking photos and finally presenting models. Well I put the Gloster Pioneer here into Galery And also there is some update on our blog. Dušan Vrážel with his Letov Š-21 and myself with the Me-109 Duo
  6. Hello all modelers, It is my first experience with a kit from so called "new generation Ukrainian manufacturers". The sprues in the box seems really amazingly. Unfortunatelly the OOB build was not fully straightforward. Especially the cockpit fitting in the fuselage was not ideal. But I think once you glue fuselage halves together you can enjoy the build onwards without any troubles. I also note that this is one of the first kits from Clear Prop and ever since they made big progress in quality. Let´s hope all Ukrainian manufacturers will keep their business well in that bad time The Gloster Pioneer is in camouflage pattern dated in may 1941 when the maiden flight of the first RAF jet was performed.
  7. Fortunatelly I am going to build second option as it is quite interesting and also the only which appears in the MMP book about Swedish Air Force Fighter Colours
  8. Yes, there are Cartograph decals and canopy/wheel vinil masks in the box.
  9. Now I can introduce next project in progress. In the past I started the Airfix BAE Hawk T.1 I used the Red Arrows boxing, but wanted to make common black camouflage. I realised soon, that there are different sprues than in normal Airfix Hawk box. Especially there are missing gunsights in the box and the sprues are really different. To my surprise I would say the fitting is slightly better than on the common Airfix Hawk box which is also suplied with the armament sprue. The canopy pieces are from my point of view quite in bad quality. I had some struggle with fitting and gluing the front frame. I performed it at least 3 times with corrections and polishing till I get accetable result. The next point was the canopy masking. Well where Eduard made a mistake? Fortunatelly it is not big issue... Finishing the mirage III definitivelly convinced myself that I need a visit the ophthalmologist and diskuss the optical system, especially glasses At the moment I started to use the head magnifier which allows me to perform some very small operations, e.g. slats on the leading edge. At the end the final photo, as I finished rough build on the Hawks and now I can start to make camouflage
  10. I finished the Mirage II EA from Modelsvit. The final stage was as usual very hard. A various corrections, retouching, broken pitot tube, gluing the small pieces of mirror and instruments on to canopy frame etc. etc. It took at least 5 Hrs, but finally I was able to put it into display cabinet.
  11. Well after some time, I am able to update this thread and write a few words. I don´t Let´s don´t keep chronological order of my work progress as is more suitable to present some parts of kit progress. Therefore continuing with Alfajet, I finished a stage before applying the decals. Now I am waiting to right time to start decaling.
  12. Hello, I have build the A-37 some time ago. As usual, I mixed the colours from Tamiya Acrilics, in this case it were some remnants from another colours, therefore I don´t know exact formulas. But as a reference , there was the Aztec decal sheet which says: Aproximate colurs: FS33727 + 10% White = TAN FS 33070 = Olive FS 30145 = Medium Brown FS 35630 = undersurface
  13. It is really not worth to invest money for that KP kit, even, I would say, do not buy the kit itself. The fitting , details, and overall quality is really poor. I recommend that kit only for enthusiastic modellers which love Alphajet and are willing to spend a lot of time to rework, fit and improve the kit....well for those the Revell (Heller) kit could be better (?) I have some picture there in my thread:
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