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  1. Scalemates shows resin photo conversions from A&V models, The Final Touch and Kora. All, incidentally, have rounded fronts. SAM produced bits for Hurricane IV conversions.
  2. I hope it really is 1/72 and not a mis-labelled 1/144 one
  3. 240=rlm02, 241=rlm70, 242=rlm71, 243=rlm72, 244=rlm73, 246=rlm75, 247=rlm 76 , 248=rlm78, 249=rlm79, 251=rlm 81, 252=rlm82, 253=rlm 83.
  4. A plain plane, Fifer 54? Anyway, ugly name. Look it up. How did the Commies think they could get away with it in Catholic Poland?
  5. Trumped by the Transavia Airtruck. People in glass houses, Ley
  6. Replacing the Airfix nose with one by Air-Graphics should not be too difficult but I seem to recall that the black ones had a different window arrangement as well. Can anyone set me straight?
  7. When I first saw "Mosquito and Lancaster tax" in the heading for this thread my first thought was " My G-d, surely they won't put up with that!"
  8. Vallejo "French Mirage Blue", 70.900, FS35164 is to all intents equal to USN WW2 Intermediate Blue in other paint ranges
  9. While on the subject of the Plastic Planet decals. can any one confirm the accuracy of the colour scheme of Warburton's aircraft as they show them?
  10. Have you searched Hannants using "sworl" as the key word?
  11. Await the inevitable questions about when the FAA switched to type D roundels
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