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  1. Posted 3/2, still in Ukraine 15/2. More planes to UK than Oz.
  2. Well, yes, they are expensive but -VAT-10% brings it down.
  3. I've read the 2018 posts as well as the current one. I'm still confused. I have in my stash an Academy G-1, a Fujimi G-1 and a G-2 and a Tamiya G-2. Which one(s) are accurate?
  4. Just got mine out and had a browse on the internet. My objection to it is that the air flow dividers in the intakes are not curved as they are on the original and do not go deep enough.
  5. Sorry to revive an old thread but I don't recall it being mentioned that the Tempest F.6 kit also contains parts for the Mk.2, a la Matchbox. I presume that when KP says Slate Grey they mean Dark Slate Grey.
  6. 2022?? !/72 ? SH Albacore? Dora Fairey Delta 2? Azur Battle? Promises, promises.
  7. Anyway, back on the subject. What's happened to these? Can be bought on ebay but when are they going to hit the shops?
  8. I seem to remember Buchons supposedly being painted to match the commander's Porsche.. Google Porsche Blue and you will find that that appears different under differing illuminations. Google Peugeot Blue and you will find that it has varied over time and also depends on illumination. Choose one you like and defy anybody to prove you are wrong.
  9. Interior of main gear doors and wells is a bit vague for this aircraft - White or Blue? To be greedy, - which Blue? Kit manufacturer recommends FS15050.
  10. All of which makes one a little cautious about running off and buying the AccsGB boxings. One wonders if any of the Dragonn /Cyberhobby technology has been transferred. I can wait for the first impressions.
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