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  1. Since the topic of the Brewster Buffalo in the 'Far East' has raised its head again, the Hobby 2000 re-boxing of the Hasegawa kit includes a part E1 which is supposed to represent an additional plate of armour attached to the pilot's seat. I'm unconvinced that it should be there for the Dutch version, the well-photographed B-3100. The other choices, by the way. are AX815 and AX820 both FAA Western Desert. I personally think it's a left over from the Hasegawa Finnish version but I wouldn't know. Does someone else know?
  2. dalea

    POTUS VH-3 colours

    FS14081 is apparently known also as Pullman Green. I seem to recall a Floquil Railway colour of that name.
  3. I was quite taken last year to see the then POTUS boarding a Marine Sea King. So, what sort of Green was it? FS34087, (now fs34088} or Helo Drab or something else. (Yes, it's been polished so it should begin with a 1---) While we are on the topic is the white White or Insignia White
  4. You can see the markings choices on the HLJ website
  5. dalea

    B.O.A.C. Lodestars

    The mmp book is apparently unobtainable here so I can't check that myself. Since the first 2 were ex-civil that figures (thanks, Geoffrey). Since Special Hobby only gives decals for G-AGIH, it's either benches or nothing. Easy choice.
  6. dalea

    B.O.A.C. Lodestars

    Did the B.O.A.C. registered Lodestars on the run to Stockholm have forward facing seats or sideways facing benches?
  7. Thank you, Giampiero. Question resolved.
  8. Perusing the instructions on my Sword Re 2002 I was struck by the yellow tips on the propeller. On going through the Wiki images I'll go along with this but the early 1940 vintage images of e.g Fiat G 50 do not show these. I don't think it is an individual manufacturer's foible so the question is - is there a timeline? When did the changeover from a practice similar to the U,S. to one more like that of the U,K. take place? It seems to be evident before the 1943 surrender.
  9. No cameras. I assume they are in the box.
  10. Shouldn't there be a cowling machine gun on the TBF-1? Can't see one.
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