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  1. Mine has arrived. So how much of the already available aftermarket stuff (Wheels from Barracuda, etch from Eduard etc.) can be used with the Mk.3? Or is the beast so different we have to wait for specific releases?
  2. Hmmm. Disappeared again. Maybe it was the current one. Sorry for the bad steer, folks.
  3. Incidentally, I've just cancelled my back-order for this. When I signed up, it would have cost 18 GBP (22GBP less VAT); now they're only 10+GBP.
  4. Well they haven't been manufactured for years. I was just trying to be a little more specific than Jordi, not to confuse the issue more.
  5. HU23 in Humbrol Authentic Colours. HU 23 in their ordinary range is called "Duck Egg Blue"
  6. In the Colourcoats range RAL 5008 is matched to Semigloss Blue ANA 606, US 07
  7. Actually, I did rather fancy using the Valiant Wings 1,000 pdrs.. Can use the kit ones instead,
  8. I'm sure this has been asked before but I can't find it. I know certain squadrons specialised in carrying bombs or rockets but what is appropriate for the original issue of the new tool Airfix kit. I've got to open the appropriate holes in the lower wing before proceeding.
  9. OK you've got me inspired. I have had the Zvezda kit for a long time now and I don't think it is as bad as it is made out to be. Anyway I've just acquired the Sutcliffe vacform which gives me the opportunity to make two kits but the clear parts can do with an upgrade. So, I've just ordered the MSD kit which I expect to be truly terrible. Hopefully with a bit of aftermarket (Decals? Torpedo?), I can do something. Not aiming at anything like as good as yours but a bit of an improvement on the original
  10. Tp79 Hugin is a C-47. An S-31 is a Spitfire PR XIX: an S-26 is a P-51D. HTH
  11. dalea

    Spanish Blues

    Thanks. Ivand. Sorry for confusing Porsche and Peugeot but neither is in my stash. Found my two pots of Humbrol Acrylic RC 404 once I started looking. Sad news about the Goss Green, though. And the undersides of the Merlin one are not the same, hooray!
  12. Have also got a lot of the aftermarket. Missed out on the tip tanks. though. Can anybody be more specific about just precisely what is wrong with the originals since the Fisher replacements appear to be extinct?
  13. dalea

    Spanish Blues

    Now that you mention it , I seem to remember the same thing. Could only find Garter Blue in Humbrol Acrylic, if I recall. ,
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