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  1. OK, the KP Bobcat is available, who is going to :- (a) provide the aftermarket conversion for this? (b) ask for the FS numbers for the colour scheme?
  2. Fromm-Azur give FS 35109 as the blue for their forthcoming Martin B-10
  3. I'm also beginning to see a confusion between the current Japanese flag (red disc on white rectangle) with the WWII Japanese naval ensign (aka rising sun)
  4. Thank you. Suspected as much.
  5. Would be nice to know if the Airfix 1/72 Fairey Firefly is accurate. Looks pretty but the Special Hobby Mk. !V/V is very different.
  6. Presumably because the AZ model contains the complete original Twin Wasp Hawk (A-6), together with a new fuselage and engine for the A-8. So you can make either.
  7. dalea

    Best RLM 02?

    Agree that Revell 45 is good enough. However Revell actually quote 362 for RLM 02
  8. dalea

    What airplane it is?

    So how long will it be before someone models it?
  9. That's good news. Still saving up to buy a Bristol 170
  10. dalea

    R-2600 propellers

    What are the differences in (a) length of blade and (b) blade shape among the propellers of the A-20, B-25 and Baltimore?
  11. So do I. The other alternative for the period would be interior Black. But in SW Asia? Unbearable. It appears the Malaysians had a light grey but that's a lot later. Hence the one at Caboulture.
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