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  1. While we are on the subject, could someone list the visible differences between the S1 and the S2? Aside from the intakes for which I already have the aftermarket? I'm sure it would be useful before the kit does appear.
  2. Fingers crossed it will be accurate. Airfix's previous excursions to Eastern Europe have been undewhetming.
  3. Since Fly have announced some new Bristol 170's, rely on Airfix rereleasing theirs.
  4. OK, so how do I approximate "Oyster White"?
  5. dalea

    More Finnish Blenheim questions

    Thanks Kari. Twas just an idle thought in an idle season
  6. dalea

    More Finnish Blenheim questions

    Since I note that the Museum Mk.IV now has a ShVAK cannon in mid-upper turret, I just thought I'd ask:- 1 What were the guns in the British-built, short nose, early Blenheims - Vickers K or Brownings? 2 What were the original guns in the Finnish built/assembled long nose Blenheims as built?
  7. dalea

    Old Airfix Do17E

    OK, what are the advantages of the RS kit?
  8. dalea

    Finnish Blenheim Mk.IV color questions

    Lifecolor did a boxed set, don't know if it is still available. A net search "Lifecolor Finnish Air Force " brings up the colour swatches
  9. It's OK, Dora. Just keep the Proctors and P-63s coming. Waiting for a Fairey FD-2 is soul strengthening. Have been doing it for years.
  10. dalea

    BOAC Whitley Question

    Also remember the painted dummy turrets on e.g. Wellingtons intended to deceive the Luftwaffe from a distance. That looks like a black painted line to me on G-ADGY.
  11. Wonder if the plastic will be white rather than their usual grey.
  12. dalea

    Anyone built a 1/72 Ventura Spitfire?

    Apologize for the misdirection
  13. dalea

    Anyone built a 1/72 Ventura Spitfire?

    They're reboxed HiPlanes , if that conveys anything to you. The outline has always been regarded as accurate. From my own perspective, I would want an Aires (or similar) interior and replacement exhausts. Any Hiplanes kit of that era requires a Dremel tool (if you've got one) or loads of sand paper (and patience) Actually an Airfix kit is much easier.