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  1. dalea

    POTUS helicopter?

    Anybody tried the Whirlybirds conversion?
  2. Not many aftermarket decals for 2 stage Merlin Mosquitos. Can't possibly sell well.
  3. dalea

    POTUS helicopter?

    Is POTUS/ U.S.Marines still using the SH-3? Surely they can afford a newer one?
  4. To be precise, Buffalo B-3100, which, according to Hobby 2000, is a B-339C. They say cuffed propeller blades. I've had a look at some photos and I'm unconvinced. Does anybody have an opinion?
  5. That one's apparently defeated Wikipedia. Any more info?
  6. Betcha they'll have sold out of Special Hobby SF 260s by then. Will I ever be able to make up an order?
  7. But have they indeed altered the cowlings to show the extra cooling holes (clearly shown in the profiles)? I'd like to see some shots of the nose arrangement, too.
  8. Anybody have a photo of them loading a tank into a C-69? Interesting exercise.
  9. dalea

    Hurricane kit woes.

    I was relieved when this thread first appeared as it showed it was not just me with this problem. So I started the Mk. IIb/c. Same thing I'll leave it overnight and start sanding tomorrow.
  10. dalea

    Do-228 kit

    Try ebay. 2 going locally.
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