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  1. Congratulations Dennis. Your perseverance definitely paid off! Cheers
  2. Looks good Pete and your white decals turned out very nicely. Cheers
  3. Congratulations Adam. It's nice to see your V bomber collection coming together. Cheers
  4. Yes please. Probably with a Dutch F-84. Cheers
  5. It was club night a couple of evenings ago, so I took my Mustang along and did some basic prep work - sanding off the rivets and filling the decal placement marks. I also started to test fit the main parts. There were some interesting surprises! I think some filing might be needed..... Cheers
  6. CliffB

    Finnish Il-28

    @Valkyrie @reini @vppelt68 @Col. @trickyrich Thanks for the welcome guys. I think this GB is going to be a great start to the year! Cheers
  7. I'm planning to do a Matchbox Gladiator for the BoB GB, so I'll be interested to see how you get on with all your extras Cheers
  8. CliffB

    Finnish Il-28

    This is my favourite of this year's GB offerings and over the next 12 months I'm hoping to build a subject from each of the five Nordic countries. Here's the plan: Finnish Il-28 (Nordic GB) Norwegian Ar.196 (In the Navy GB) Icelandic Avro 504K (Kid's Kit GB) Danish Alouette III (Heller GB) Swedish Draken (Interceptor GB) So here's my offering for this GB. The kit includes a Finnish decal option. Unfortunately, I've got four other builds to complete before this one, so it may be an April start. Cheers
  9. An interesting choice Julian - one that ticks all the boxes for me Cheers
  10. CliffB

    FROG Hampden

    I managed to re-start the Hampden today - tidying up and fitting the transparencies. Unfortunately they were pretty rough and didn't fit at all well (unlike the beautifully moulded black plastic parts). They were also quite crystalline in appearance and slightly yellowed. A dip in Klear improved things and hopefully the painted frames will further disguise the remaining problems . Cheers
  11. 'The Sopranos' Boeing 727-200 (from the opening title sequence). This is the 1/200 Hasegawa kit, finished in Alclad chrome. The build thread is here. Cheers
  12. Thank you @Hockeyboy76 and @Grandboof I picked up the cabin window decals yesterday and they've made a big difference. I'm now declaring this one finished! It's far from perfect, but looks nice enough in the display case . As always, thanks to all of you who have supported this build and particularly to Dennis and Chris for hosting. Cheers
  13. Yes please Cookie. Ironically, I find Alclad easier to use than many paints! Cheers
  14. Yes Gaz, for sure. Thanks for your interest and I'll add you to the list! Cheers
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