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  1. Avro 748 (Series 2). This is the 1/200 Classic Airlines multi-media kit built OOB. It's not the most colourful of schemes, but the 'PROP-JET' pronouncement is just so early 60s! The build thread is here . Cheers
  2. Thanks @Wings unlevel and @Corsairfoxfouruncle. Luckily everything's turned out OK. It's been a very pleasant build Thanks to everyone who's followed along and especially to @Mjwomack for starting the Darts tournament! Cheers
  3. Welcome to the Group Build Alexey. It's nice to have you along - well, most of you anyway . I hope your finger recovers soon. Cheers
  4. Thank you I'm pleased to report that the main painting is now finished. White went on first. I then I had the challenge of working out where the cheatline demarcation should go. The decals are not very opaque and so have to be applied over white. The positioning of the demarcation line is therefore critical (there's no hiding it beneath the cheatline decal in this case!). To help, I photocopied the decals and taped them in place. The white goes to the bottom of the windows. From there, I was able to position the masking. And here we are finished. Time will tell whether I've got it right or not... Cheers
  5. Yes, that would be fine (and nice to see). In fact, qualification is based on when the first example was built (rather than when it entered service), so the Wasp HAS.1 is clear qualifier. Cheers
  6. We don't see that many P-35s being built Steve, so a particularly nice choice!
  7. Nice work Col, on the panel lines. Re-scribing is one of my pet hates. Probably because I'm so rubbish at it!
  8. Thank you @wimbledon99 @Pig of the Week @Wings unlevel @Corsairfoxfouruncle @bianfuxia and @TimJ I'm pleased that you like the little Sprite and that, for a couple of you, it's kindled some 'happy' memories! Cheers
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