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  1. Thanks AW The Dr.1 now has its decals. The crosses are aftermarket replacements and the stencil markings are homemade. Up until I took these photos, I was pretty pleased with how things were going. However, I've just realised that the undercarriage is in completely the wrong place! I've positioned it exactly as Faller intended, but it should be much further forward, with the rear struts being where the front ones currently are. I can't believe I missed this - particularly as I'd already corrected a similar problem with the cabane struts! Thankfully, it shouldn't be too hard to fix.... Cheers Cliff
  2. CliffB

    RB productions Me262A2a/U2 conversion

    Another beautiful build Mottlemaster
  3. CliffB

    Irish Air Corps Hurricane Mk1.

    Looking very striking in those IAC markings
  4. Beautiful work Steve
  5. Very nice indeed
  6. Great work so far Robert. It all looks so clean and tidy in the photos, but I'm guessing that it was probably rather messy along away
  7. Thank you Robert. It's painted and glossed now ready for decalling. From the little I've read (mostly on Britmodeller), I understand that von Richthoffen's Dr.1 was closer to 'blood red', rather than 'scarlet'. I've used Vallejo Model Air 'Italian/Ferrari Red', as it seemed most fitting from what I had to hand. Note that I've already knocked off the rudders' controls horns - surprise, surprise! Cheers Cliff
  8. CliffB

    Its a Yellow Fokker ?

    Hi Dennis It's nice to see another Dr.1 in the GB and especially nice that it won't be red. When I started to research my own (red) Dr.1, I was surprised how many colourful alternatives there were. Cheers Cliff
  9. Thank you gents. I'm getting there slowly! So, the red kit is now grey - ready to be turned red again . On the way I've added a few details missing from the kit: tailplane struts, control horns and wing-tip skids. I'm not sure how many will survive to the end..... Cheers Cliff
  10. CliffB

    Bristol Bloodhound - OO Scale

    It's nice to see that you're continuing your tradition of adding very small details to very small models. Bravo!
  11. CliffB

    NZ Flight seeing Islander

    That's turned out very nicely Paul. Congratulations!
  12. It's nice to see yet another nation's take on how to do WWI armour.
  13. That's quite a brute. A nice addition to the GB
  14. Superb work Arnold. Congratulations!