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  1. Yes please. I've only one in my stash now - an Aeroclub Miles Messenger. Thanks
  2. Thanks @jean Heller made some nice 1/100 scale kits, almost all of which were French subjects. I've built a few and have more to do
  3. Thanks for your comments @stevej60 @TimJ @Thom216 @Bengalensis and @JOCKNEY I was just having a quick look the kit again and was puzzled by the transparent red parts. It turns out that they are stands for a scenic backdrop that was printed on the side of the box lid. You can see what I mean at the bottom of the instructions. You can also see the design of the psychedelic body stripe decals that were provided with this version of the kit . Cheers
  4. Thanks guys. I think this model is really about the PE, so I will concentrate my efforts on the exterior
  5. Thanks for the welcome Brad. It looks like the Group Build should be particularly varied and interesting Just looking at the parts (apparently there are 114 of them), it looks like it should be a fun build. There's quite a lot of detail for the scale, particularly with the running gear and engine. The opening bonnet is actually hinged too, which is not that common with Airfix kits. IIRC the RRP for the re-release is about £11.99, so it could be worth a punt. Probably a better bet than Airfix's E-Type! Thanks John. I think the most important su
  6. "Approx scale" is quite right. 1/100 does open up the opportunities quite a lot, with Heller and Revell (plus others), having been quite active. You can't rely on the quoted scale though - for example some of Heller's "1/100" kits are actually much smaller, while most of UPC's "HO scale" offerings are in fact 1/100. Generally speaking, 1/96 and 1/100 look fine together - at least to my eyes. Then of course there are the really old "box scale" kits which may by chance give you fresh opportunities. For example here's Monogram's Catalina (which comes out at 1/104), sitting alongsi
  7. Another weird and wonderful choice Mark - albeit about a century newer than your usual fare At first sight I thought 'Lego', but I guess that's just the camo doing its job! Cheers
  8. Yes please V-P. It will be a Sea Gladiator I suspect. Cheers
  9. I can see why you're pleased with it
  10. It looks like you've pick a good 'un Jeroen
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