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  1. Thanks Dave. It's been a massive commitment for you and Pat .
  2. @Rabbit Leader @JOCKNEY Hi Dave and Pat. I'm really hesitating to mention this (knowing that you have real lives and all that), but as the end is nearly nigh it would be great to have the Build List updated to show the current status if possible. I only say this because I care . Cheers
  3. It's looking good Ross. Hopefully, once all the parts are painted it should build up reasonably quickly
  4. It's nice to see that this one is still moving forwards Tim. Keep up the good work!
  5. A bit of a landmark today, as I finally got the masking tape off. Just a few more fiddly bits to add, plus of course the dreaded PE handrails! I might also give it a subtle, streaky wash to give some depth and to soften the 'newness' of the paint. Cheers
  6. I'll be in with this 1952 Jaguar XK-120
  7. Very impressive improvements JR, using just basic materials
  8. I'm just catching up Charlie, and it's nice to see how a few tweaks are really improving this Harrier
  9. A great choice! It looks like the PE and acetate screens should be particularly entertaining
  10. You seem to have nailed that perfectly Enzo
  11. Ah, the joys of resin . It's great subject though.
  12. A nice choice Pete and, as usual, an interesting back story
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