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  1. I'm sorry V-P but I can't let this statement go unchallenged, as it misrepresents what actually happened. Bertie literally banned a member from participating in this Group Build (by removing him from the list of participants and telling him to go off and form his own GB), and then for good measure called him a troll. To my mind this is unacceptable behaviour from a potential GB host. You wouldn't do it and neither would I. Rather than apologise, Bertie chose to withdraw his GB proposal. That was his choice and his decision appeared to be quite clear and final. I do agree though that it may be insensitive to attempt the resurrect this GB proposal at this time.
  2. I still love the dynamism of the build Rob Cheers
  3. Thanks BK . According to Wikipedia, Sweden had a formal policy of being neutral in all international conflicts from the early 19th century up until 2009 (when it signed military co-operation agreements with some other nations), so on this basis presumably any subject during this time period should qualify for the GB? On reflection, I think the answer to my question on eligibilty is that there needs have been an official declaration of a nation's neutrality, in force at the time of the build subject. This is just my thought though, @2996 Victor may have a different view. Cheers
  4. Hi Mark. This GB sounds really interesting, but I'm struggling to understand what defines a nation as being 'neutral' and whether this neutrality relates solely to a specific time period or conflict? I'm sure there must be a legal definition somewhere! Can you help me out please ? Cheers
  5. I'm still definitely up for this one please Dennis. Given that we fell short this year, would you consider expanding the scope to include non-aviation subjects (i.e. make it a broader 'Between the Wars' GB)? Full disclosure: I've got some lovely Golden Age car kits in my stash! Cheers
  6. Yes please, I have a few RNAS subjects (including an armoured car.....). Cheers
  7. I'll certainly be looking out for this Cheers
  8. You're quite right, the single vote approach is quite brutal. As far as I can remember it's always been this way with Gallery polls, but I'm sure many would support a change. Maybe flag the idea up in the Group Build Chat section? It's too late for this Group Build I'm afraid. Cheers
  9. Hi folks. Well that's it bar the voting - the Poll is now open, for a week, so please do vote for your favourite model Thank you to all who took part, whether you finished or not, and of course to Dennis @Corsairfoxfouruncle for co-hosting so attentively We've seen a nice variety of subjects, including a good selection of biplanes. We've also seen more than our fair share of 'strut grief', some of which unfortunately proved to be terminal! Cheers
  10. I have to say that looks really nice from here @drdjp11. Congratulations! It was interesting to read your comments on fillers etc. I think the truth is that you need several different types of filler in your armoury as they all have different characteristics, For example, PPP is brilliant for its intended purpose (filling very fine gaps), but is rubbish for anything else. Other fillers that I find useful at times include two-part epoxy putty and UV Resin (which I've only just discovered). Incidently, UV Resin does dry hard and clear so could well be an alternatve to Krystal Klear (at least on small windows) - I must give it a try Cheers
  11. Congratulations Rob that looks great, particularly with the steps down and the figures I can see that you finished within the GB deadline OK, but haven't posted any photos in the Gallery (which has now closed). I'll drop you a PM about this, as I may be able to insert some photos for you if you're interested. Cheers
  12. Another quirky gem Mark (but I'm still not convinced that someone didn't mis-measure those struts back at the factory....) Cheers
  13. Congratulations on bringing this one in Mark. Who needs kit manufacturers? Cheers
  14. That's no problem P. A build of this complexity and delicacy is not one to be rushed. I look forward to seeing it finally coming together in due course. Thanks for taking part in the GB Cheers
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