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  1. CliffB

    BM Armageddon GB

    Me too please Sarge, although probably 'just' with a V Bomber.
  2. CliffB

    The Antarctic and Arctic GB

    A great idea Tony. It should be a very colourful affair! Count me in please with a Scandinavian airliner of some sort (taking on board the requirement to demonstrate scheduled service to the Arctic region). Here's one I made earlier.... Cheers Cliff
  3. Sad news Gaz. My condolences to you and your family. Cliff
  4. There were a few others Peter, including the Yak-15 and one of the prototype Me.262s. Nevertheless, it is very unusual and should look great on display
  5. CliffB

    1/100 scale MiG-15

    Thanks Col. Here's where we are today - two coats of primer, some contrasting shades of Alclad on a few bits and dark green (or so Tamiya say?) for the wing walkways. Masking and o/a aluminium tomorrow. Possibly even decals and finishing touches too - it really depends what other jobs come my way . Cheers Cliff
  6. CliffB


    Well done Dennis, that's a super build. Cliff
  7. Looking very nice indeed, particularly those landing gear doors
  8. CliffB

    A Streaker from Republic

    Ouch! Sorry to hear that Dennis. There two cats here, so I know what you're up against! Hopefully it will all come good.
  9. CliffB

    1/100 scale MiG-15

    Oh the irony! A month's gone by and virtually nothing has happened (apart from a Catalina). So it's time to push on with the Miglet (copyright Col 2019 ). Ready for some paint tomorrow........ Cheers Cliff
  10. Nice to see your MiG progressing so well John. It reminds me that I must get on with mine.....
  11. CliffB

    Berlin Airlift C-47 1:72

    Really interesting about the milk. They must have hauled more glass than white stuff! Maybe it made it easier to distribute in Berlin.
  12. No mistaking it's a Dakota now and glad to hear that you've sort the wing roots OK.
  13. CliffB

    Early 60s R4D (1/72)

    This one's coming along quickly and should look superb when finished
  14. CliffB

    Entex Normandy C-47

    You're right - the saving grace