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  1. Thanks Dave. Telford was great, as always - plenty to see and lots of inspiration. I don't buy many kits nowadays and these are almost always secondhand off eBay. For me, shopping at Telford is mainly about consumables. This year, my 'highlight' was a box of 1,000 scapel blades - I bought my last one about 10 years ago and it's just running out. So as you can see, pretty boring stuff really ! Thanks Wez. I'll watch that tomorrow. Should be good! Cheers Cliff
  2. Thanks Martin. It's nice to have you on board. Cheers Cliff
  3. I've had a good day today. Not only did I finish all the masking tasks on my P-40 (another Nov 24th deadline), but I was also able to make some worthwhile progress with the Valiant's wings. The control surfaces were re-scribed (these had been inadvertently removed by a previous owner while thinning the trailing edges). The broken wing fences were repaired: and the missing u/c doors were replaced by new ones cut from plasticard: On to the fuselage next. Tick tock! Cheers Cliff
  4. Exactly! So, the black's on now and masking's complete for the orange. It's probably not the brightest idea to paint orange over black, but it made the masking easier that way! Cheers Cliff
  5. A beautiful model and great photography too Paul, Congratulations! Cliff
  6. What's not to like . Thanks for bringing this to the party Giorgio. Cliff
  7. It's always fatal posting large photos of small items Seriously though, this is looking good and well on course for the deadline too. Cheers Cliff
  8. This is great to watch Troy. At times I'm getting flashes of He.112. Cheers Cliff
  9. All masked up now and ready for some stripes. I thought long and hard (well for a few minutes anyway), about whether to include the wing stripe or not. The flight sim skin referenced by Troy in post #2 shows it, but Hasegawa's interpretation (courtesy of Scalemates), does not. What swung it for me was Troy's photo (also in post #2), where I've persuaded myself that I can just see a stripe at the wing's leading edge. But who really knows? Cheers Cliff
  10. Thanks Dennis. These kits are indeed children of the 60s and one of the reasons that I like to build them is that I don't have to take them too seriously . They take me back to my childhood (also in the 60s), when I'd go round to my local newsagents and choose an Airfix kit from whatever limited selection they happened to have at that time. Accuracy was never an issue! Cheers Cliff
  11. Sorry to see that this one's fighting you Alan. I'm sure it will be worth it in the end though Cliff
  12. Natural metal finished. But there's no disguising the weird shape of the canopy! Cheers Cliff
  13. Time to put the pedal to the metal Tony (really, I should be cracking on with my unfinished '56 build, rather than typing this!).
  14. That's quite a range Arnold. I'm impressed! It also reminds me that I have a Bear in my stash. Not quite what I had in mind for the GB, but why not? My pleasure. You're number 15 which means that we're now half way there! Cheers Cliff
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