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  1. Here's a banner for this year's High Wing GB. It's 400 x 126. Cheers
  2. Time for an update as, apart from a few flimsy antennae, I've now added all my Granby extras and am ready to prep for painting. It would've been more sensible for me to have masked the canopy before adding the details, but I was enjoying myself far too much with the fiddly bits . Cheers
  3. A great little model Pat. Congratulations! BTW, I think Luka might have come in the wrong box. He/she looks very Burmese to me (I have two staring at me right now)
  4. It's nice that you're going 'in flight' with this one Davey, although I'm guessing it will be a fair weight to support.
  5. Superb cutting of the acrylate Alan
  6. I don't know which I find most impressive Mark, the way that you find such fascinating subjects or the way that you build them? Top marks all round
  7. Sounds like you might being displaying this one dug in to very deep sand . Enjoy!
  8. I must admit I had to Google this one Mark . A great choice. I think Tony Robinson and his geophys mates, would have enjoyed themselves with one of these on Time Team!
  9. Thanks Mike. The pimples turned out to be in the casting, so I think the fuselage must have missed a polishing stage at the factory. I bought it online in a closing down sale at a US model shop, which didn't help when trying to get a refund! All credit to my card company (no pun intended ).
  10. It's supposed be fun! But I know what you mean It's looking good.
  11. An interesting choice Tim, particularly in 1/87
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