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  1. A pastor, a priest and a rabbit walked into a blood donor clinic. The nurse asked them if they happened to know their blood types? "I think I might be a Type O" said the rabbit.
  2. No thanks Pat. I've just spent the last few months selling off half my stash (and of course I've still got too many ).
  3. Nice one Pat . Have you got any more kits from your youth in your stash?
  4. Excellent! It's turned out beautifully
  5. It's nice to see this one approaching the finishing line. It'll spring to life once those window masks come off
  6. Things are starting to come together now, with the floor pan assembly now essentially complete. I've just got the hub caps to add, once I've done the chrome-work. As I've mentioned before, I'm building OOB with no attempt to add/paint extra detail. There's not much more to do now, just the bodywork, chrome and clear parts. The latter are so poor in my kit, that I may show the side windows wound down . Cheers
  7. Excellent! You'll be very welcome Walter. Cheers
  8. I'm starting to get some paint on now. The gunmetal grey test-shot on the bonnet is actually a 'faulty' bottle of Alclad Steel, which for some reason is much lighter than it usually is. This suits by purposes perfectly . I've then added a couple of coats of Klear as a clear-coat. The upholstery is Humbrol 73 with a satin top coat. I've used the same colour for the carpets, but matt. Cheers
  9. Thanks for that Stef - it is great resource
  10. I have seen photographs of a 2CV with wooden 'park bench' type seats (although probably not original fixtures), so I thought metal seats might have been a possibility on early, utilitarian vehicles
  11. Thank you Stix. I'll be making start real soon!
  12. A great choice! I'll be hoping to pick up some detailing ideas for my baby version
  13. I'm not normally one for fly-on-the-wall medical documentaries, but I'm quite enjoying watching this surgery
  14. I'm wondering whether those are rivets on the seats (semi-serious question)?
  15. Thanks Pat. You're obviously a mind reader, as I'd already decided to base my model on this real life example (complete with a dark red interior ). Cheers
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