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  1. That's great . I'd noticed that Scalemates listed the 'Heller Cadet' range separately. I was also surprised to see no 1/72 Mysteres from Heller.....
  2. and a 4" paint brush. What a great choice
  3. Yours sounds an altogether a more serious build than mine, Rudolf! My only 'extras' will be to sand off the rivets and re-scribe the control surfaces. I'll also need to brush up on my Photoshop skills if I'm going to salvage the "Trident" script from the decal sheet
  4. Good luck with your Trident, Rudolf. It looks like you should have an easy build, given that the kit is "advanced", "superbly detailed" and has "perfect fit of all parts" Cheers
  5. Thanks @desert falcon Some more progress to report - all masked now and ready for some blue. Cheers
  6. Great stuff @JeroenS - keep up the good work! Here are four from my stash, that I don't think are currently on the list. Heller also did: Apollo Command Module North American X-15 Fiat G-91 Cheers
  7. Thank you for comments @PeterB and @Ray_W , and my apologies for the delay in replying. It's finally time to bring this into my 'Currently Building' list My first job was to paint the interior. Matt black seems to work best in 1/200. I've also painted the edges of the transparencies, because otherwise the refractive effects can be very noticeable in this scale. Generally, everything has been pretty finely moulded - the tailwheel being a particularly delicate 1mm diameter. The one bit of obvious clumsiness is the u/c legs, which are moulded as 'planks' rather than struts. This is OK at the front (because of the u/c door), but looks bad at the rear. I've therefore cut the rear planks away and will replace them with fine plastic rod in due course. Off now to think about a gun pack. Cheers
  8. Yes please Dennis. I've got a few options open to me in 1/100, ranging from a colourful prototype through to a Strike Eagle.
  9. Hopefully one or other of you has a birthday in August too.
  10. Thanks guys. It looks like you and your co-hosts are going to be very busy! Thanks Martin. I guess if things had turned out differently, we could have seen Tridents in European skies, rather than Starfighters Yes Tony, the mind bogles! It was obviously showing some promise though, to have had so many prototypes built. Cheers
  11. Hi all. I'll be starting with a 1/100 scale Trident, which I bought second-hand without any packaging. So here's an image from Scalemates which shows what the wrapper looked like when the kit was first released in 1962. The Trident was a mixed-power, point defence interceptor (like the SR.53), having a rocket motor in the fuselage and two turbojets on the wing tips. It first flew in 1953 and around a dozen examples were built before the programme was cancelled in 1957. I was originally going to build this in last year's FROG Squad GB, as it was one of six Heller Cadet kits that were also released as FROG Cadets. Unfortunately, I failed to get started back then - so here it is again! As you can see, it's a simple kit. Given its space-age looks, I think I'll make use of the stand and build it 'wheels up'. Cheers
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