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  1. Thanks Dennis. These particularly three I bought secondhand off eBay and sadly Helmet Models are no more. Thankfully though, there are still other small companies making 1/200 scale aircraft kits/models in both the UK and US, mainly aimed at wargamers. Even Trumpeter and Zvezda do a few! Cheers
  2. Welcome from me too. Interesting to see this one putting up a bit of a fight, but glad that you seem to be winning nevertheless! Cheers
  3. A brilliant choice @Redstaff. Brings back memories of collecting all the Corgi rally cars (mainly Minis and Imps), back in the day
  4. Yes please Col., probably with a GT racer of some description... Cheers
  5. Airco DH.9A - part of the first trans-Canada flight (October 1920). The model represents the ex. RAF aircraft that, in Canadian civil use, flew the final leg (Winnipeg to Vancouver), of the first trans-Canada flight. It's a Shed Models, 1/200 scale white metal & photoetch kit, finished with spares box decals. I've added a small amount of rigging (just for effect), using stretched sprue. Cheers
  6. I had a productive time this morning and managed to get this one finished As promised, I've added a bit of rigging for effect. In reality there's much more that should be there... I've really enjoyed this little build, so thank you to all who have followed along and especially to @zebra for hosting. Cheers
  7. Very nice Giorgio. That grey/blue scheme is a new one for me - I can see why you've chosen it
  8. Yes, it sounds like you've put some serious work into your Vulcan! Hopefully we'll see some pictures when it's finished . I'm not sure how far I'll go with mine - it's a fine line between pleasure and pain... Cheers
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