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  1. Very interesting stuff and very much appreciated for sharing @RAGATIGER
  2. True, but were they aware of the subs presence before the Belgrano? If so - did they have any ASW capability? Ive no idea, still reading up. Their A-4Cs had 5 pylons, so wing tanks could be carried too and I believe it was Shafrir missiles they sported now I think about it. Re fuel - I seem to recall they had C-130s as tankers? Not 100% on that though.
  3. That is one of the photos I was thinking of, Unc. I read the other day that on the day the Belgrano was sunk the Argentinians were planning a large strike on the taskforce, targetting the RN carriers from their own carrier which involved a lot of bombs on half a dozen or so Skyhawks and a further A-4 as air defence with a pair of Sidewinders on it. I think it was poor weather (or lack of wind perhaps) that delayed the strike going ahead, but once the Belgrano got torpedoed the plan was abandoned and the Navy went back to port. I suspect that photo may well relate to that planned large strike. Not sure where I read that now, might actually have been on here somewhere now I think about it though... But anyway! Im guessing a pair of 500lb Snakeyes mounted horizontally on the front of a MER would be a pretty safe bet?
  4. Cheers, Unc. The Mk17 - good point. You've reminded me that I read somewhere about the Royal Navy being relieved to find home built bombs unexploded as they knew how to defuse them. Not sure how true that bit is but it ties in somewhat.
  5. Cheers, I thought that was the case re the snakeyes.
  6. Cheers, Jens. I found some pics suggesting snakeyes earlier, but wasnt sure if they were just publicity shots - as you say their are photos of more bombs fitted than would be possible for the range required. Would that just have been on the A-4Qs do you know or other variants?
  7. Thanks for all the help and photos so far folks and of course them there decals, Unc. I now have another Hasegawa A-4 on its way to me, a genuine A-4C this time (if it was one of you guys on here I narrowly outbid in the dying seconds, apologies) and have just started building my Cave back up after my house move, so... thinks need to be finalised so I can begin with these Scooters. One query remains - the bombs. Now, I have found the ExPal 250kg jobbies here - https://sbsmodel.com/model/SBS-48049/expal-brp-250-bomb-x-2 but having seen at least one photo of them loaded inline (making me think there were actually 4 on the MER) I am a little unsure just how they were loaded given our mate Uncs comment below re pairs. Also - the 500lb bomb mentioned, would that be a Mk82 or a "metricalised" 250kg ExPal as well? Also, did they use anything other than said bombs above?
  8. RMP2

    French Jaguars and Chaff/Flare dispensers

    Im pretty certain the Kitty Hawk Gripen (at least one version) and/or their Etendard comes with the weapons sprues from their F1 Mirage and includes a suitably suspicious tank that is of no use to the Gripen. Im sure I have such a tank for my French Jags, but theyre boxed up for a house move. Might be worth setting up a wanted add for said tank as well as checking if KH have done the same with other kits and said weapons sprue. Just had a quick Google and Im pretty sure its the tank thats on the sprue with the Exocet.
  9. RMP2

    French Jaguars and Chaff/Flare dispensers

    Just as a side note - I read that the conformal dispensers could also be used to "fire" grenades of some sort. So Id guess having both the conformal and BOZ pods fitted would be a legitimate option.
  10. I too was about to set loose the hounds of hell upon Mr Parcels. Close run thing. What service? Well, seems rude to not do one of each as I have all the tricky bits, just need another airframe that isn't priced at silly numbers. I think we know which serial number the Navy bird will be getting, that's easy.
  11. Wow. What an incredibly pleasant and generous guy Mr Unc really is! If anyone was ever in any doubt of the above, please dispel such thoughts pronto!! Thanks Man!!!
  12. Excellent info yet again! Cheers, guys. Postman is slow, Unc by the way. But I have confidence in the old fella.
  13. @Uncle Uncool or anyone else who may have had a play with bits - any idea if the Aconcagua resin parts happen to fit the Hobby Boss A-4E/F? Or how appropriate would the Hasegawa A-4M be as a donor/victim? And also in regard to fitting the Aconcagua resin parts? I ask as these are the cheapest options to try to match up with what parts I have available to me here for any sort of accurate Argentine A-4s. Bit of a long shot I expect, but if you dont ask, you dont find out..... Thanks again for the info, pics etc. It is all very much appreciated. Now, someone really does need to sort out a 1/48 Pucara.... cmon Kinetic, sort it, and get it right!!
  14. Cheers! Its always a dangerous game -cutting open decal deliveries!
  15. You're a star, Unc. Thanks again, will let you know when they land.