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  1. RMP2

    1/48 II Sqn Hunter FR10

    The rear end joint looks great while the two halves are separate... it is a little better than before but needs some work, a "Buccaneer" approach to gluing and some plastic strip. After that it might still bend off to starboard a tad, but careful photography should hide that issue... Pleased with the seat detail, no comment re the kit offering. Unsure about the resin cockpit, its all a bit vague re how it fits, but I will give it a shot - it all cost too much to just ignore. Need matt black paint!!!! Oh and if all else fails, I might have accidentally ordered a Papparazzi Meteor. Ooops.
  2. RMP2

    1/48 II Sqn Hunter FR10

    Its a fiddly bugger this Hunter with its funky intake parts, fitting it into the wings and getting everything lined up nicely. Think Im going with intakes fitted to the wings, the stick the whole lot to each side and then glue the fuselage together, see how that pans out. Progress today: Bit slow, as ever, but a little stuck until some paint arrives...
  3. RMP2

    1/48 II Sqn Hunter FR10

    Tis the truth. But hit a bit of an issue with a slight lack of paint for the forgotten anti-glare panel.... So, fighting with the resin bum end has begun on the Hunter!!
  4. After what is for me A Very Productive Afternoon, I notice just in time that I have forgotten to paint the anti glare patch on the nose. Phew, close one that as I was about to stick the last few fragile bits on the pointy end. But hold yer horse Rob, you didnt put the lid back on the matt black properly did you...? DOH! Paint on order, Jag back on hold.
  5. RMP2

    1/48 II Sqn Hunter FR10

    Oooooh look at that shiney thing over there...... Cheers, guys. I feel the pressure already! Just finishing off the undercarriage on THAT Jaguar and then Im on with the Hunter. I promise!
  6. Hello! I started this a while back, but due to various life things and a bit of frustration with the resin conversion parts it got left at a very early stage. Current state of affairs: And the original thread from last summer: Good luck everyone!
  7. RMP2

    Argentina Armada A4 Attack Trio

    No messing about indeed. Theres some helpful photos, info and erm fun n nonsense in this thread that may (or may not) help -
  8. RMP2

    The Specialist GB Chat

    And now I see this GB..... for goodness sake.... So many options in the stash. Tempted by an Argentine Etendard or one or two of their A-4s, but then these proppy things have infiltrated the collection and theres a Stuka G2 along with a pair of 111s with torpedos.... or an F-4G WW..... or.... or.... too many options!!!!!! Must finish things first!!!! AHA!! I have a barely started FR10 Hunter for, of course, II Sqn markings. That will have to be done. Phew.
  9. No. No. No. No. No. As Ben Kingsley would say. Finish what youve started, Rob. Only then can you open another box!! Yea, right...
  10. Oooh! I picked up a PR46/47 from the Post Office yesterday, maybe its time for a prop thingy for a change? Hmm. I shall let the paint stock decide I reckon.
  11. RMP2

    1/48 Phantom FGR.2 aftermarket parts?

    Top banana! Thanks very much.
  12. RMP2

    1/48 Phantom FGR.2 aftermarket parts?

    Thanks for all the help, guys, much appreciated. Just thinking about the gun pod now as it was "a thing" for Phantoms. Any ideas for resin bits or references for open panels and whatnot for that?
  13. RMP2

    Building a HAS

    You dont stop, do you? Nice work. Re the Phantom seats - I found the Eduard PE belts n gubbins worked well on both of mine should you fancy it. Keep it up!
  14. I jumped into the GB section hoping to find a KUTA GB, but no. Buttocks. I really shouldnt buy and start another box of bits, but would a Meteor FR9 be ok should I have my arm twisted? It would sit well in my II Squadron collection....
  15. RMP2

    1/48 RAF Phantom F-4J stencil decals?

    Aaah, that might explain why I havent seen them/cant see them on some sheets then. Fingers crossed and thank you.