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  1. Still no sign of II(AC) Squadron Typhoon decals, but... this evening I randomly stumbled upon this image someone has kindly knocked out. Should be able to print some bits from that if anyone needs them.
  2. Thanks for that. I wanst sure if generic cordite was still on the go then or if things had moved on to more specific brandings of powder. Kind of nulls my thoughts on powder types back then!
  3. Out of interest, what were they using?
  4. If it is any help - there are various types of powder used for various calibres. They have different burn rates, temperatures and indeed amounts of smoke produced - as pointed out earlier smokeless is just that, not smokefree. Point being - I wouldnt be at all surprised if the .303 powder was different to the 20mm, in fact I expect it was. Re tracer rounds - they only "properly" ignite after leaving the muzzle, or at least are only visible a way afterwards, not immediately. I would assume that is down to accessible oxygen, the initial firing of the round producing only the heat required t
  5. Cheers, its not that - the decals for the windows are on the kit sheet. I just wanted it a little different and an early example was all as if I get around to sticking the Revell GR4 together I will have an example of the earliest and latest
  6. Note to self. When retrieving aerosols of primer from the garage, allow the can to warm up before spraying.... Face. Palm. On the brighter side, not looking too shoddy. But Tunes have happened via an unexpected live DJ set on FB, beer opened, virtual party has kicked off, so the clean up can wait.
  7. Really liking the fades in the grey. Those Falklands aircraft took a bit of a beating. Loads of weathering stuff to come?
  8. That looks really, really nice and Ive never been that much of a fan of the desert pink, but... this one is an exception. Top work.
  9. Yep, 2 Sqn being Recce biased meant that all(?) should have been GR1As, but were delivered mainly without the onboard gear. The linescan came first but there were delays in the side looking IR gear. As such Im planning on this one being a "GR1a" - with linescanner, but no windows as per a couple of photos I found. As we stand this morning: Stuck it all together yesterday and filler came out. First time using Perfect Putty and applied with a cotton bud, seems to save an awful lot of sanding but still a bit of clean up required and then a coat of primer (if I can find it) to see
  10. Easy tiger, I still doubt this will turn out very pretty. Its 2020, remember, hopes are not a thing
  11. Nice recovery on the paint job. Looking very puuurrrdy indeed.
  12. Right. Brace Yourselves....... Ive actually done stuff! Locating pins didnt, so they got removed from the fuselage and some plasticards strips happened. I know, I was impressed too. After that things arent mostly looking dire, could be better but to be honest, I was expecting worse. Brakes and blanked gun ports being the worst offenders so far, bloomin orrible. Its going as a 2 Sqn aircraft to go with my Jag, Phantom and (awaiting work in KUTA) Hunter. I figured that if I could get at least this and the Hunter to the painting stage then kill em both at once as theyre th
  13. I wish that were that simple! Couple of car crashes, employment bingo, house move and a few women distracted me a little. That along with a couple of health issues and some virus or other has caused a little bit of chaos here. All good though. Is it really 6 years? Could be by now I guess. Frogfoot is sat on the bench.
  14. Nice start, cockpit is looking very nice. Pretty sure the resin seat is correct too. The high AOA display sounds interesting too, great idea. Will you be using acrylic rod in the exhausts for mounting it? I did that with a Lightning a bit back in vertical flight and it looked pretty nice, will be interesting to see what you do with this great big lump
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