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  1. Not sure if you're aware but the gulf jags sometimes had their centreline tank fins removed to save damage from the ejected 30mm cases. Something a bit different maybe. Also, check the for sale section, there's finally some Jag ladders available
  2. @DaveJL Very nice indeed. The twin sidewinder rails arent often seen, were they part of the boxing or aftermarket?
  3. No problem. I told a porkie though - the photo is in WAPJ Vol 11 PM inbound @Tim Moff
  4. Did you get sorted with the false canopy? Not many good photos of the underside about, but spotted one in Gulf Air War Debrief this morning, let me know if its of any use Rob
  5. (I hope not. There must be a hell of a queue of passengers by now if Im supposed to be ) No worries. I know its wrong for a B, just thought its a start to another option of a C using an another boxing as a base was all. Had a quick look around earlier for the Bs and theres nothing, like you say. Have you looked here for the common sprues? http://modelingmadness.com/splfeat/kr/has48e.htm
  6. @DrumBum I just checked my spare Hasegawa PT22 A-4C box that I had set aside with Argentine bits for such things and found an extra, spare "L" sprue in there for the C version nose. Drop me a message if it could be of any use.
  7. Good going, but unfortunately those holes in the underside are supposed to be there. Looks like access to fastenings for the tank -
  8. Got me a chair. Its a pretty good kit, not too much to it and certainly looks the part. Think theres some weird vagueness in locating the nose wheel bay or the inlet cone, been a while since I nailed one together, but everyone seems to cope. And Binbrook.... many an hour spent by the escape gates as a kid.
  9. Brilliant stuff. Theres some fiddly painting to be done! Hope to see more soon, keep up the amazing work.
  10. There's the Falklands based Typhoons for an air to air load, the box bits should cover that. Decals wise for markings at least would be a bit of a mix n match from other Flight 1435 options from Phantoms and/or F3 Tornados. Just a thought.
  11. Nice to see another one being tackled and tamed. Theyre not that bad with a bit of sand paper and patience. The pylons, ordnance and poor/missing decals I found far more annoying. Certainly looks like youre showing it who is boss, looking forward to further progress and the finished article
  12. I think its in the book Phantom Boys where a take off was attempted in a reserve FG1 with an intake FOD cover still in place after jumping from the initial aircraft that wasnt playing ball and assuming the No2 was ready to go.
  13. Found it. Yes, an interesting chapter. No idea how I missed it, had the book ages and thought Id read it all, so thanks for that. Seems France and the UK were reluctant/refusing to sell weapons due to both the multiple coup attempts and impressions that Nigeria were looking to take territory or at least had "aspirations". A few photos out there of other NAF aircraft with both Russian and what look to be Matra rocket pods on them though. A Jag in that camo with Russian UB-32 or B8 pods would be an interesting subject...
  14. RMP2

    Africa GB chat

    Ethiopia rings a bell, had no idea re Botswana. Cool! Cheers
  15. RMP2

    Africa GB chat

    I missed that one. What nation used them? Im only really familiar with the obvious MiGs in African markings, Jaguars aside of course
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