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  1. Very nice, Harvy. Inspiration for mine to finally get finished...
  2. Thanks for that, guys, much appreciated. The decals i have are from the Smokers sheet - ZE361 (P). Plenty of photos of it available online. I want to paint it in the delivery colours (Zoukei Mura suggest it was one of 4 repainted in RAF colours in 1989 - ZE354, 357, 361 and 364 being listed) so the link to the funny off-colours is helpful as is the other info in there, thank you. Re the cockpit then - would the FGR2 Eduard PE set be close enough for the IPs? I dont see any available for the Hasegawa J is why I ask. Stencil wise then, going by photos and reference books here I think I am right in thinking that its pretty much just: The wing root walkway areas that are bordered with and infilled with a darker grey? Warning triangles etc on the fuselage can either be in grey or full colour depending what year I go for? Got to say - ZE361 looks a little less "blue" than some of the others in the photos I have found, but then very few photos come with a date. Is the nose cone demarcation between upper and lower colours a safe bet as being the original delivery scheme?
  3. Hello people, hope 2020 finds you well. I have got me the Hasegawa 1/48 Showtime F-4J as a base to work with to make a 74 Sqn aircraft. Now there are some obvious differences such as the undernose antenna on the J that isnt on the J(UK) along with the formation lights on the J(UK) that arent on the plain J, but are there many other obvious differences internally and externally that are of note in this scale? Sqn decals are sorted I think as are some AIM-9s from Eduard, but... Cockpit PE bits? MB seats? Stencils? I believe these to be in white for the J(UK) but not sure where I may find them? Anything else I should be looking at that are worthy of note? Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. Suffice to say life has been a tad busy, lets put it that way. These guys however havent been doing much. The Hunter almost made it, til I dropped it while working on intake FOD covers, the Jags and Frogfoot, well... lets just say theyve been ongoing for a little while now. Going to start with the Frogfoot (yet again) as its the closest to being done, so stands perhaps a 10% chance of making it before this KUTA is over. We shall see. Phone photos as god alone knows where my camera is these days. Dust is from the last, what is it now... 3 or 4 years since I started this thing?
  5. Nowt a good punch in the face will sort out, I get your drift, cheers.
  6. Im still here! To partially quote Papillon. Had rather a lot on at work along with woman trouble. Again. But work has chilled for a bit and lets just say I found out Im pretty good at laying patios... So. Here it is at the moment. Intakes were tricky. I went with the idea of wings onto fuselage first and then fiddle the two halves together. Its mostly worked ok. Seat was a bit new to me in resin, but itll do, Im bored of it now. The resin back end got some hot water treatment and I think some plasticard will get it as good as it is going to get. Resin cockpit is very tricky to align, so I decided to use the kit cockpit, completely forgetting that its too shallow for a proper seat. Had to prize open the fuselage front end and am now trying to fiddle the blummin thing in and get it somewhere sensible. Any suggestions to get the seat looking better would be appreciated as would any other comments.
  7. It certainly seems to have pulled it all together. Very nice. How exactly did you apply the filter? - please excuse my ignorance, I am not too familiar with the terms.
  8. Further to the opened up SUU gun pod thought... can anyone recommend a kit that includes worthwhile parts such as the breach and any other gubbins that someone may have spare given that it was fitted to F14s, F-15s, F-16s and a whole heap of other things? I see there is the barrel assy available in brass which looks nice although potentially rather fiddly but Im game for a punt at it. Or any links to someone having dont such a thing before with the pod would be great - I havent found anything though, suspecting there could be a good reason for this...?
  9. It is a good laugh, especially with a group of mates. Rather hard on the car though and getting the car in shape for it can be expensive.
  10. I bumped into an old work mate the other day who was bound for some place off WA, 3 on 3 off, but was held back due to a hurricane or some nasty weather out there. Keep an eye out for a big NDT lad with the face of a 12 year old by the name of Ryan - hes a bit of fun/nutcase. No Hunter updates Im afraid, been out playing with the new car instead. Little video here (careful, some swearing at the end...)
  11. Looking very nice indeed! Well played. Any advice re masking for the blue on the upper surfaces of the engine pod areas? I have this in the stash and intend to do it in the same scheme as yours.
  12. RMP2

    What's your day-job?

    Upon leaving school my father decided I would be either an architect or a pilot for the RAF... the architecture idea proved to be full of rules, with little free will in the way of design, so I was sent to Air Cadets. Now, Im not saying I have an issue with authority, but people shouting orders at me in what appeared to be another language did not sit very well. Political wars didnt float my boat either. I did do very well on the range, with aircraft identification and a fair few other areas, but start yelling at me and Im afraid things go a bit sideways. So. After a bit of buggering about and generally enjoying myself whilst annoying others I settled down into non-destructive testing. NDT. Sometimes known as Nothing Done Today. Or Nothing Doing Tomorrow. Or perhaps Not Doing That... But generally its a chilled out way of working with mostly intelligent people and I get to see and play with/climb on/in some pretty cool things and the work is very varied. Im biased towards the ultrasonic side of inspection as Ive never met a normal Bomber... those who know will know what I mean.
  13. Cheers, Im having to resort to a magnifying glass for the seat... my eyeballs will make their mind up as to which focal length they prefer... Offshore? What are you up to if you dont mind me asking? I work in NDT and keep swerving going feet wet.
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