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  1. Oh, please don't do that Bill. We'd be lost without our Perdu! (See what I did there? Eh? Eh? ). Even if you don't think it's going well, we mere mortals are learning lots. Thanks for sharing all this. Cheers Rob
  2. Just wanted to add my appreciation of your efforts - excellent result Roger. Rob
  3. Good progress so far. I like the back story. It's a subject I know very little about and I was intrigued by the role of the Gladiators. Will follow with interest if you don't mind. Rob
  4. Me too. Why use one word when five will do? Prolixity rules!! By the way, great work Steve! Rob
  5. Amazing work. I still keep having to check what scale we're in here. Rob
  6. A few years back at the Turkish Air Force museum in Ankara I saw a TF-102 "in the flesh" for the first time. They are big aren't they? It made the F-4 Phantom next to it look neat! Amazing family of planes. Rob
  7. I suppose, rather than a difficult looking fix (no problem to you I'm sure), you could just say it happened due to the heavy landing shown in the video above! looks great Rob
  8. What a ridiculous question!! Should be ashamed of yourself. It looks awf awesome! Rob
  9. That looks great Roger. Can I ask a "newbie" question please? Was that posting showing just a single day's effort? If so I really will have to look at airbrushing more closely 'cos that would have taken me an age (or a fortnight which can seem like an age when waiting for paint to dry) AND I would have clogged the surface detail with paint! cheers Rob
  10. Thanks. I entirely agree that it looks a bit scary if one thinks about it. As an alternative to getting out the way you came in, there was an emergency hatch in the floor (there's an outline of it on the fuselage underneath). But the sketches I've seen make it look very tight and the aerial wire would be just another obstacle as well!! Hmmm ....... They were brave chaps. cheers Rob
  11. Sounds like good gnus! Sorry. Rob
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