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  1. Apologies Peter, I forgot this bit. If you have the Wingleader Photo Archive No 1, the subject is on the cover. I do have this but don't want to infringe copyright by scanning it etc... However, a link is here https://wingleader.co.uk/books/spitfire-mk1-wpa1/ cheers Rob
  2. Hmmph! I suppose it isn't really a surprise, but I have done a bit more font searching and come to the conclusion that this was more than likely one-off "art work" of a squadron member. Plus side is that I now have several more "obscure" fonts on my laptop such as "canterbury", "black chancery", "mordred", "pfeffer-mediaeval" and "ale-and-wenches-bb" So now, if i had any skills at all, I would want to do a "snip" around the original text from a photo or reliable profile then isolate the text from the background, "colour" it white, then overlay it on a panel of the required background colour of my choice. I've heard of this being done but I have neither the software nor the skills I'm afraid. I was going to say "Oh well! back to the drawing board!" but that would have been silly ........... cheers Rob PS: I suddenly remembered that I'd ditched the kit decals in favour of the Xtradecal set [X72117] which has this aircraft. Whilst having the more modern interpretation of the drawing under the cockpit, so that it had a white/pale blue background instead of yellow, it crucially DIDN'T have the name. Dang!
  3. So far I have this Just a rapidly put together example from Powerpoint then saved as a jpg and imported here. The font isn't quite right [Old English Text MT] but it's my first try and hope to find a better. The DE was colourpicked from a chip somewhere, so might also be improved upon. It is quite feasible, as Peter said, to print this off (scaled to appropriate size) on white decal paper then blend it into a suitable background. If anyone knows of a better font I'd be glad to hear. Hope that's helpful, but apologies if you already have this. cheers Rob Rob
  4. Excellent stuff Peter. As I only returned to the hobby beginning of last year, the only surviving spares I have from decades earlier are small bits and pieces. Thinking about it, I've never mixed and matched the larger bits so didn't think about having such spare parts. I must have been/be a far less ambitious modeller ....... mind you, if anyone needs any of the 15 or so spare aircrew I have, then they are most welcome to them [I too am from the eastern side of the Pennines and don't like throwing stuff out either ] Apologies for digression Charlie. I built AZ - H last year from the slightly later Snap Together version of the Spitfire Mk I but being new(ish) to the research malarky, totally missed the Dirty Dick name. Will now have to have a look at how to create it, or steal borrow your ideas Charlie - but happy to compare notes of course. I'm thinking decal printing on a dark earth and/or dark green background if I can find the right font. cheers Rob
  5. This looks interesting Charlie. Will follow if you don't mind. But I have to ask - does PeterB now have a replica of the parts you first showed so that he now has a kit without an upper port wing? Perhaps he's just being very nobbly noble? Just curious ........ Rob
  6. Apologies for continuing the digression. I was inspired by the discussion above to have a quick look to see whether an earlier Airfix metal wing could be used in place of the fabric one of the latest version. Can find a couple of photos here if it piques you interest. [Near the bottom of the page] https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235141993-first-contact-…-not-so-phoney-for-some-hurricane-mk-i-l1951-tm-l/page/2/ Meanwhile I look forward to the Bullfinches emerging. We occasionally get them in the garden along with Great Tits, Bluetits and Goldfinch. Strangely almost no Sparrows although they are numerous in the park down the road. Numbers are down this year as a large family of Magpies has taken up residence and scared a lot away. Last year we also had a female Sparrowhawk causing mayhem in the street. Noticeably bigger than the male (who was around also) and she took a collared dove at the bottom of our garden. Feathers everywhere! They seem to have a need to pluck their victims before dining ......... Cheers Rob
  7. Hi! Sorry for disappearing for a few days, but had a quick break readying the house for the visitation of the wife's University friends for a mini-reunion. This happened on Monday, so I've only managed a small amount of tinkering at the bench as we have been assiduously un-tidying the house so we can actually use it! As it happened, the weather on Monday was by far the best we've had for a while so they were barely in the house and we spent most of the time in the garden, so they didn't see the "tidy" dwelling. Never mind, the house is better than it was, and my Chilli non-Carne con Funghi was well received at lunchtime. 😁 So there has been a little progress. Canopy on and masked. Tailplanes on (but seeing the photo has shown that I need another smidge of filler for the joins). Wing trasparencies masked. Panel aft of the gun access hatches has had the "fabric wing ridges" removed and coated with Mr Surfacer 500 and sanded smooth. Regarding the canopy masking, I used the Peewit product for the Airfix kit. I used the Rob Taurus canopy. If there was any doubt remaining about similarity of the Taurus and Airfix canopy, then this is dispelled somewhat by the fact that I had to do a lot of trimming of the masking pieces for the side panels. Trimming was also needed for the windscreen, but not as much. Again looking at the photo it highlights that a bit more work on the tape is need around the top of the windscreen 🙄. I've also been drilling out some of the more prominent holes around the front and below the cowling. The one in the middle seems very noticeable in photos but was not on the kit at all. I've also tried to make the little "ears" on the front of the cowling ring look a little less solid, but I suspect won't be seen much. I've also had a bit of a go at the exhausts, but as they are not circular on the front 2 rows that's more of challenge and am just weighing the balance between whether it will be noticed vs the very real possibility of messing it up! I'm also using the kit parts for retracted undercarriage as paint masks, so they are wedged in position in the photo. Talking of salvaging spare bits for the spares box, I was tidying up the pilot before consigning him to "the collection" of redundant aircrew. He is a bit unusual. He sounds like he's been to IKEA (other furniture stores are available) ....... .........he's got a flat-back!! Sorry! I would normally leave at this point but this is my thread! In another slight digression, I was looking at the Classic Airfix GB currently going on and got distracted by something about Bullfinches which somehow morphed into a discussion about Airfix Hurricane kits!! https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235142316-steves-gone-wild/ Fascinating stuff. Then I realised I had a copy of the 1986 boxing of the 1978 Hurricane Mk I. There was some discussion as to whether a metal wing could be grafted onto the fuselage of the fabric wing version. I'll see if I get can some photos together then get back to you! Don't worry! I'm not going to mess up the current build, I'm just curious. Thanks for looking Cheers Rob
  8. Hi Roger, just catching up here. I agree with Adrian, before I saw his post this reminded me of the Great Panjandrum!! Imagine doing the Safety Case for such a device these days! Great topic and I look forward to seeing it emerge. cheers Rob
  9. Canopies. OOOerrr. The consensus is that the kit supplied glazing is too tall whilst the gap it is supposed to fill is ok dimensionally. Troy has posted about this on several occasions, including a look at the Bentley plans in that area. He also provided some photos earlier in this thread as well. I can see the kit is a bit "lofty" and looks awry. I have 3 optional alternatives available to me 1. Arma hobby section of canopy from Mk1 - they have different pieces for open and closed. The Arma windscreen is not suitable as it has the later internal armoured glass and squarer lower edge. 2. Rob Taurus vac-formed canopies look to be early without armoured panel 3. Falcon vac-forms are the later internal armoured glass I think, so not a choice really. In fact the detail on the screen is so "fine" (for want of a better description) that you could almost scribe your own lines if you have the skill (which I don't). The above is an attempt to show the differences between the kit canopy (right) with the Rob Taurus vac-form. I know Troy suggested it might be a straight copy of the kit item, but I believe it is slightly different. To my eye it is just a little bit less high (marginally so, I accept), whilst having the upper horizontal framing placed lower dwn the side than the kit item - making the panes on the canopy sides squarer in appearance. It doesn't appear to have the armoured glass but does have the lower rounded screen edges of the earlier canopy and what I need for the model. The external armour on the Taurus canopy is my addition. A bit messy and in side view it looks a bit "thick" so I may replace it - I only PA'd it in place. But this is probably my favoured approach. You've seen what I did to the Arma canopy. After repair here's a comparison with the Airfix item Noticeably lower in profile, but I'd have to do some surgery to make it compatible with the kit windscreen. Hmmmm. Thinks. I think I'll go with the Taurus one, and see if I can put a thinner external armour plated screen on. Despite being nearly as "tall" as the Airfix canopy, it is much thinner material and deosn't look as bad in the region of the "Doghouse". I'll just have to beware making too much of a bodge. [Think I'd better order another as insurance, but as we speak it appears to be "out of stock" at the big H] Meanwhile, wheels. In a previous post above I mentioned dimensions of the alternatives, and belatedly found possibly what would be expected. Repeated here to save scrolling back (I try to help ) 5-spoke wheels – compare resin sets in stash and select most appropriate. AML Might be almost as “balloony” but look acceptable against the Wingleader photos. CMK hub looks slightly better against photo on page 71. Use CMK probably. For the record, dimensions measured by me MMP plans by Marek Rys diameter 9.7mm x width 3.1 mm A Granger plans 9.1mm x 2.8mm a. Kit diameter 9.85mm x 3.12mm b. AML 9.67mm x 3.12mm c. CMK 9.6mm x 2.97mm d. Reskit 8.3mm x 2.87mm e. All these apart from the kit item “fit” the wheel wells. Reskit too small. Pity as they have separate hubs which make painting easier It's just occurred to me that I don't have the official wheel & tyre dimensions. Quick search yields 25.4 diameter/7.8 width, maximum 26.0/8.1; (from an old "Edgar" post). Implies the range depending upon inflation is 25.4*25.4/72 = 8.96mm to 26*25.4/72=9.17mm and width is 2.75 to 2.86mm if I've understood it correctly. Granger plans seem closest, and brings the Reskit wheels slightly more into play. But I'll stay with the CMK as they look the nicest to me. The photo is distorted, but they go in size order (biggest first) L - R. Airfix, AML, CMK. Going with the righthand one as the hub looks best to me. As for "fit", despite tiny differences in diameter size, the Airfix on the left above doesn't go in the wheel well whilst the AML does! So no less than TWO decisions! Am feeling light-headed. Better go and sit down ........... Thanks for looking Rob
  10. Thanks. But just to re-iterate, it isn't going to get started until back end of August at the earliest. So no breath holding please. Wouldn't want to be responsible for any asphyxiation issues cheers Rob
  11. Moving along, I got the fuselage together without too many fit problems. All the dry-fitting beforehand paid dividends. My only issue was incompetence when doing a"final" tidy-up of the joining surfaces aft of the cockpit and along the nose before glue. Why did I insist on doing 1 extra go-over with a modelling knife, when I should have left it alone or used a less viscious implement? But I did and made sure I had extra seam work! . I would stress that the fuse fit was quite good and didn't need forcing together. I just somehow managed to create gouges! I then joined the fuse with the wing after finding that a little sanding was required at the lower edge of the internal seat support frame (part 70 in the instructions view above). Not much, just an easing of the fit but it took some careful viewing from several angles to identify the offending area. Here's some views after a little filler had been applied As I said, I made a bit of mess of them so the fuselage seam joints needed CA+talc and a some filing/sanding. The fuse to wing joints were not bad imo, and only needed a smidge (technical unit of measurement ) of Vallejo acrylic filler along the sides and under wing. No real sanding needed after smear-on-almost smear-off with cotton bud(q-tip?) or wet finger. Next I'll do/look at the canopy and wheels a bit more. Thanks for looking. Rob.
  12. I wasn't going to join in with this GB despite having several candidates in the stash. However, I've seen how much fun everyone is having and decided a small contrubution might be in order. I have made a choice so don't need any advice from Enzo @Enzo the Magnificent thankyou very much . It is this ... My first ever go at painting the canopy framing. I can't remember how it turned out - but one does tend to forget traumatic experiences! According to Scalemates it would seem to be a 1983 boxing of a 1959 tool. I'll do it OOB but have also found .....I have a couple of tins of the appropriate Airfix paints M13 and M17 for lower and upper surfaces respectively. I haven't opened the tins yet, but suspect they'll be a bit past it (sounds like me! ). I'll start a thread but it won't be 'til the back end of August . It is a subject well outside my normal projects and I have zero knowledge of IJN subjects. If not for this GB it would otherwise stand zero chance of getting built. So I'd better build this Zero . Sorry! Couldn't resist. Cheers Rob
  13. Oh heavens! You've reminded me of these cards. Not for the squeamish, certainly, but a bad influence? Not sure. Bubble Gum is what comes to mind. I think I remember the most prized ones were those depicting a naval battle - with sharks feasting on those unlucky enough to fall overboard!! Gruesome, but excellent stuff for 8 or 9 year old lads. Thanks for the reminders. cheers Rob
  14. Apologies, but I've only just found this. Belated welcome from me. Enjoying watching this come together and looking forward to seeing it progress further. cheers Rob
  15. You obviously have far greater ambitions than me!! I've never done a diorama, although the present photo used as the basis for my model would be a simple start possibly. But I have looked in awe at your Stirling knowing I couldn't attempt the same. Smaller simpler game for me! cheers Rob
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