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  1. beefy66

    18th Century 28 Foot Longboat

    Looking very interesting and even more fun with the Gin and Spotty Chicken you have great taste in liquid refreshment beefy
  2. Very nice love the look of these older machines beefy
  3. Great job on the Centurion Steve and also great to see you back at the bench again beefy
  4. beefy66

    MGB658 Scratch built

    Great work on the figures and NOT AT ALL jealous of the model room in the sunshine beefy
  5. beefy66

    BPBC 466-MTB

    Cheers Kev not to sure about full steam ahead more like a gentle cruise at my build speed. beefy
  6. beefy66

    BPBC 466-MTB

    Gents thanks for the offer to help think I will need it Steve the open book is volume 2 of the Coastal Craft series some great camouflage ideas for future builds in these beefy
  7. beefy66

    BPBC 466-MTB

    Well it has been nearly a year since I had a bit of a breakdown with this build but the MOJO seems to have come back to it for now While waiting for the base on both HMS Eskimo and the LSM I will attempt to get this back on the slipway and completed I,am not giving up First though got to do some strip down of the bandstand on the aft of the deck it has been damaged so got myself another I know a glutton for punishment I have also been getting some more reference materials thanks to Frazer (Seadog) Time to find a good re-start point and get cracking I think Wish me luck beefy
  8. beefy66

    HMS Eskimo

    Thanks gent's Now onto the bow wave started by attaching the trimed slithers of silicone to the bow with the making waves Then added more silicone at the base and heat dried that with an old hairdryer then when the silicone has a skin over it I started to shape it with a cocktail stick Building up the wave with a couple of layers of silicone and the other slithers of dried silicone Time to let dry pick and shape more and then dry brush the wave edges in flat white beefy
  9. beefy66

    HMS Eskimo

    Small update all main deck railings have been fitted and with the first coat of making waves dry added some of the white water wake this will be covered again with another coat of making waves to gain some depth to the water beefy
  10. beefy66

    Tug S.A. Everard

    Why to late it is still in a naked state you could always add some shimms around the edge to add a little hight to it looks to be coming along a treat there Stuart keep plugging away mate following and taking notes beefy
  11. beefy66

    Landing Ship Medium

    Hi Colin the shapeways figures are not that cheap at £20 for 15 of the little fellas but I will not have to do any alterations to them so that will make this a quick build hopefully beefy
  12. beefy66

    1/35 Scimitar and Warrior - Iraq 2003

    Cracking job on both vehicles and base there Nick another winner. Beefy
  13. beefy66

    Landing Ship Medium

    Thanks for the tip Al I will be leaving them a day or two on the window sill to get a bit of UV rays as Jamie has suggested as well beefy
  14. beefy66

    Landing Ship Medium

    This one will definitely not have a cricket match palm trees Yes Had a nice surprise waiting for me today when I got in from work I ordered the Shapeway figures last Wednesday and they arrived today very well packed Mrs Beefy had a great time popping all the bubbles Going to be fun painting these little fellas beefy
  15. beefy66

    HMS Eskimo

    Well I,am hoping to get something a bit better than this one I built a couple of years back. beefy