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  1. Jon you really must stop telling these jokes I can't get any modelling done for laughing Wise man, Young gifted modeller cheque is in the post mate all 50 pence of it. Looking at the ARK version you have the plastic looks different Grey and looks soft if you have that kind of distortion in the Eastern Express version I built it was white and I thought it was brittle but was not sure if that was because of the kits age a bit like me. good recovery on the decking though will tag along and offer any help I can there were some very good links in the build thread I did some
  2. For being old kits you have done a cracking job on both Jon. Stay Safe beefy
  3. Well managed some painting and most of the assembly work done Stay Safe beefy
  4. Stunning details and paint job what else can I say. Stay Safe beefy
  5. Very neat work as we have come to expect from you John Stay Safe beefy
  6. There you go and calling me a wise man well at least Naiad was built up here at Hebburn yard of hawthorn and Leslie see what you can get from t'internet. beefy
  7. OK I have just got up off the floor Jon best laugh I have had all day that. I have heard that is a great little kit but way to small for me. If you are going to get into building RN destroyers you might want to consider a few reference books and looking in on the IWM site and Wikipedia as Arjan has said I have a small collection and these have some good reference in them but are not fully comprehensive there are better out there with more information you could also try looking on here http://www.shipmodels.info/mws_forum/viewtopic.php?f=49&t=28595
  8. Geoff / Greg thank you for the kind comments it is appreciated. Stay Safe beefy
  9. I am pretty sure the colour chart is wrong similar to most of the trumpeter colour call outs. If you can get to Jamie's web site for the information section even the free chart information is invaluable to help interpret the complex colours of the Royal Navy during war time. I would go as D white, E as B30 WA Green, C as B55 WA blue as on the chart HTH. Stay Safe beefy
  10. Turned out great that Jon looking forward to the next one. Stay Safe beefy
  11. Looking great so far Chewbacca on the 3D printing when I look at the Micro Master stuff I have just received they look like they have a lot more of the support struts to each part could this be the reason for the failed parts do you think> Stay Safe beefy
  12. I could not have put that sentiment better. Thank you Sir for your tireless work and duty to this country and the Queen, God rest your soul in peace and honour.
  13. If you could see the top shelf it is a bit more than 2 Rob but who counts them anyway. Stay Safe beefy
  14. Now that would be very nice and generous Rob. Stay Safe beefy
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