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  1. beefy66

    Himiko Water Bus 1/150 Fujimi

    Nice job there Chris something very different beefy
  2. beefy66

    TID Steam Tug

    Inclined sides but no sign of a slippery slope. cracking stuff. beefy
  3. beefy66

    Colne Bay Smack 'Peace'

    Cracking job looking very delicate beefy
  4. beefy66

    RMS Carpathia, Scratchbuild, 1/500 Scale

    One hell of a shortcut with the life boats and the masts and funnel are the cake topping. Beefy
  5. beefy66

    USSR Sovremenny 956 Destroyer

    Fiddly is not the same words I was using while putting it together managed to get hold of some reference from one of the lads at the model club it is from a 1/200 build but it will help with where I need to add the etch for this build so hopefully my meager attempt with this 1/350 will look somewhere near this fantastic build of Joe Simon Yeah right beefy
  6. beefy66

    BPBC 466-MTB

    Small update tubes fitted to frame work and twin vickers painted and fitted also started on the crew 3 for the bridge for now. beefy
  7. beefy66

    USSR Sovremenny 956 Destroyer

    small update slowly making up the forward mast beefy
  8. Great job on the little deck details I do like the look of the deck ropes neat work. beefy
  9. beefy66

    18th Century 28 Foot Longboat

    Cracking job. Beefy
  10. beefy66

    Colne Bay Smack 'Peace'

    Looking great so far not my colours though I would have gone for black and white. beefy
  11. beefy66

    18th Century 28 Foot Longboat

    Does seem like a shame to paint and cover up all that great work. beefy
  12. beefy66

    BPBC 466-MTB

    Build up of the twin Vickers that is not the ones with the dog collar and the handles on for the torpedo loading doors beefy
  13. Fantastic work on this monster of a build beefy
  14. beefy66

    18th Century 28 Foot Longboat

    This is like a carpentry lesson but in miniature very neat skills Mr Longshanks Even with the Spotty Chicken and Gin oh and the nice weather beefy
  15. beefy66

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    haul from Halifax new paint stand to try and help keep the model bench tidy couple of chisels for sculpting and removal of parts to be replaced by photo etch a battle class destroyer HMS Trafalgar old kit that I had the PE for and more making waves seem to go through a lot of this stuff. beefy