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  1. Watching and taking notes that is very neat work on the catapult small engineering project going on with that. Stay Safe beefy
  2. Yes bit of a wizard with those drawing isn't he. beefy
  3. So much for the heat wave stopping you looks like your flying along with this Jon. Stay Safe beefy
  4. All looking good Steve glad your getting back into it mate hope you are keeping Safe and Well. beefy
  5. Very neat work love that catapult. Stay Safe beefy
  6. Cracking job Mick amazing how it just all starts coming together. Stay Safe beefy
  7. Small update been enjoying some sunshine and reading my new books so lack of plastic work been done. On the PM drawings I picked up that York has railings around the bridge platforms and only the top most platform should have solid sides the photos Jamie posted ref her black lower hull show this so removed the solid sides and added some spare rail this will be covered with tissue paper to represent the canvas dodgers used the plastic sides for rough shape before cutting them down. Stay Safe beefy
  8. Cracking job there Steve keep at it mate. Stay Safe beefy
  9. Very nice paint job. Stay Safe beefy
  10. Looks amazing is that a young Arjan I see working on the deck. Stay Safe beefy
  11. nah already done that one have a look at this it is in the forward hold of the Jerry O along with a few other very nice war time vehicles. Stay Safe beefy
  12. And you should be another one of those valuable tips noted in the book for my reference good use of the clothes pegs bet your a dab hand on washing days. Stay Safe beefy
  13. have to agree with John the blue/green has my vote. Stay Safe beefy
  14. Very sorry to hear this sad news Steve My sincere condolences to you and your family hope they are there to give you all the support you will need to get through this sad time. Keith
  15. Really taking shape now I can see why she has to be dry docked. Stay Safe beefy
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