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  1. Great progress nothing like a long shinn barrel bet the missus is pleased Stay Safe beefy
  2. From this photo of HMS Swift in 1985 the life raft canisters look the same as the kit this is what i hope to aim for I have noticed that the kit looks rather bare around the bridge area some more research and details to come I think Kev whatever gave you the impression I was one of the naughty boys... Nice to see you back Martian hope you can join in with the fun once you are all caught up Stay Safe beefy
  3. Stunning build full of great details and a very inspiring WIP. Stay Safe beefy
  4. You have said it that means you have to do it now. Stay Safe beefy
  5. I think the deck lines have come out very nice just visible and very subtle and a great explanation of how to do it Stay Safe beefy
  6. Well only if the venue is outside and the borders are closed mainly to keep people in Stay Safe beefy
  7. Terry you just keep putting the ammunition in there don't you Rob finds it hard to tell the difference between a ship and a boat never mind snips OK someone else can have a go now I need to lie down Stay Safe beefy
  8. There like Elephants they do not forget it when you put your foot right in it beefy
  9. Just remember Rob you said it so be prepared for the Klingon onslaught OK could not find a Klingon emoji Baktak Checker plate looking good though Stay Safe beefy
  10. Well Stuart you keep slying in these little builds that is why I keep missing them have you found a different calling or is it just a case of a change and a rest Stay Safe beefy
  11. Hard to believe that this is 1/48 scale with all the details cracking job beefy
  12. While the base for the Fletcher is drying got some time on this little un I have to apologize to @Courageous Stuart i was not ignoring you but missed out replying to your post about the filler I use Squadron green for heavy filling and Mr Hobby white for smaller gaps and even Mr Surfacer for very fine hairline gaps. Had to do a little bit more filling not the kits fault mine should have got it right first time around Started the lower hull painting and then after masking that did the upper works and decking now to mask the deck aint there a lot of masking about Stay Safe beefy
  13. Hi Dirk Sometimes it is a lot easier for people to just press a like button when they are lost for words at the skill that is on show beefy
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