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  1. beefy66

    Bluebird k7, 1967

    Great job Glynn the new owner must be well pleased with your work and presentation of this iconic bit of British History beefy
  2. beefy66

    Vosper MTB

    Just knew you would have to add some sort of scratch details on this build looking good so far Beefy
  3. beefy66

    1/35 Academy Warrior and AFV Club Scimitar

    Looking great so far Nick any plans for a diorama base for the two of them Beefy
  4. beefy66

    Photobucket...what happened?

    Like Bod I use postimage good quality from them only thing when you click on images it is the adverts some people do not like But if you just use the image host it works for me spot on beefy
  5. beefy66

    Bath Wars

    Seeing your diorama has just made my day brilliantly done. beefy
  6. beefy66

    WW1 German UB 1 type U-boat 1/144

    Nice job on the little one Chris did not realise how small it was until you put the rule in for scale beefy
  7. beefy66

    CVE-9 USS Bogue 1/700

    Looking great so far and I would go with the gunmetal on the radar with a black wash to highlight the frame work beefy
  8. beefy66

    Vosper MTB

    All of a sudden I have just got a picture in my head of you two as Morcombe and Wise Flat caps and Mack's slowly walking up to a boat lake and then going hell for leather at anything on the water turns out like a scene from Pulp Fiction beefy
  9. The 50 Cal,s look sweet. beefy
  10. beefy66

    Vosper MTB

    Dan I never would have thought that you built floating things just goes to show that the quiet ones are often multi talented following along. beefy
  11. beefy66

    Pegasus Nautilus 1/144

    This looks great all the small details beefy
  12. Thanks Warren it does help a lot to have someone who can explain it step by step makes it sound so much easier that way beefy
  13. beefy66

    1/350 HMS Imperial D09

    They do the Pom Pom now I need to go and lie down now beefy
  14. beefy66

    HMS Abercrombie

    A frame fitted to the bow just the last of the life rings and rails to fit then to put it into some river Tyne water beefy
  15. beefy66

    Falmouth Working Boat

    What are your main materials used on this method of making up the hull. beefy