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  1. Well after a weekend away to Scotland and the SCOTNATS in Perth I had a very good chat with @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies and he confirmed what I thought about the little sweepers colours 507A hull and 507C/G45 for the upper works thanks Jamie. Although your sidekick wife has a very persuasive hard sell technique she will not let you leave the stand without buying stuff you really did not need well not yet anyway. Anyway back to this little build need to get my finger out get it back to the gentleman ASAP A lot of small parts painted and starting to fit out will have to have a look around for one of these for myself Stay Safe and avoid the Pox beefy
  2. Been a bit amiss on here lately just caught up and your doing a great job there Jon. Stay Safe beefy
  3. Bet this one will be a quick build he says thinking how many have I got to do on that shelf. looking forward to this one Stuart when your ready then. Stay Safe beefy
  4. Another show winner there I think Rob stunning build I have just got myself the armoured Trawlers and Drifters book from Perth show some great inspiration in that I can see why you chose this one. Stay Safe beefy
  5. great well worn finish looking to get myself one of these did you use any after market items on her or is it OOB. Stay Safe beefy
  6. Great re-start john if you had not of added or scratch built something on the funnel I would have thought there is something wrong with him great to see all the details again. Stay Safe beefy
  7. Glad to see you back at it Rob seems like an age mind you I am just as guilty of not doing much latley but a trip up to Scotland for the SCOTNATS this weekend should help that. Stay Safe beefy
  8. Parking is much better now we normally use the underground area they have barriers now so having to pay means the none centre users look to go elsewhere information on costs are on the website on the link above. So looking forward to the weekend now it’s been far to long since we were able to display as Washington Model Club. beefy
  9. I know what you mean Jon sometimes a model just does not give you that inspiration to keep it going put away for now and come back to it later that is why we have the shelf of doom. Stay Safe beefy
  10. Some very neat PE work there and good tips for me. Cheers beefy
  11. just got to love all those extra details you have been adding there Steve that holiday has given you some extra get up and go mate nice one. Stay Safe beefy
  12. As @S-boat 55 has said the revell Tirpitz gives you a full box of tricks beefy
  13. It's a good job you have such a big work area Kevin totally blow away with this one. Stay Safe beefy
  14. small update made a start on the hull paint lower 507A Added some PE to the structures and bridge. Stay Safe beefy
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