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  1. So todays update rest of the boats fitted to the upper deck and the railings done next job for tomorrow make the base up. Also tried out the main guns for a dry fit size up. Stay Safe beefy
  2. The actual main ship in the film Cruel Sea was HMS Saltash Castle F362 which was in real live HMS Portchester Castle K362 this was a Castle Class Corvette which where about 40 feet longer than the flower class for improved stability. I am just gathering info on this for a 1/350 build and received a large amount of info from fellow BM @socjo1 after his great build of HMS Copper Cliff. looking forward to seeing what you do with this kit. Stay Safe beefy
  3. I always take Heed of good advice cheers Rob Hi Zed all in one go which is what Rob also did I think Now having the eyelets to hand for further builds I will do it slightly different my effort on LN was a make do and mend kind of job next time I will follow Rob and add the eyelets to the funnels and deck then paint I did it wrong by adding them after paint and build up makes it much easier when not attached and you end up knocking other bits off More work done on the bridge area railings and bridge wings not much of a location point when attaching these
  4. Cracking job there Roger really like the weathering effect Stay Safe beefy
  5. Stuart have a look at Starling Models and L'Arsenal they have a good range of accessories and not bad prices Stay Safe beefy
  6. yes any photos of you caressing the plastic beefy
  7. Those projectors look very intricately detailed Another cracking bit of detailing Stay Safe beefy
  8. OK so back to this one bit the bullet and changed the stays for the funnels after seeing the great job @robgizlu did on his HMS Kent got myself some of the Bob Buckles and spent a therapeutic couple of hours redoing the stays with some Ushi thread few bits to trim and tidy but definitely thinner Stay Safe beefy
  9. Will be looking forward to this one I have this kit n the stash so will be taking notes on how you progress with it Stay Safe beefy
  10. That S*** looks good I think that’s the way the younger generation say it these days. Stay Safe beefy
  11. Cheers Gent's Rob the Davits were not that bad really x3 folds and x2 drums on the rear about an hour to complete all 16 and the barrel mounts for the 8 turrets just slotted together liking this INFINI set so far So small update I have painted the inside of the hull with a black primer thinking about the concern of light bleed that @Michael M raised with me drilling 856 holes yes I counted them all I had a bit play dry fitting the fore and aft decking with the hangar deck and flightdeck and had all my desk lighting on it from various angles and no bleed so al
  12. Nice to see this back i was getting withdrawal jitters not seeing this progress Stay Safe beefy
  13. Cheers John just trying to keep up with the big boy's Stay Safe beefy
  14. So busy around the house this week so only a small update All the boat Davits made up and the 15cm Turrets and still trying to find info on the boat deck details will try and do some more vents same a Bismarck and Tirpitz that look like these in the shipcraft book. I have ordered a couple of sets of doors and portholes from Eduard Stay Safe beefy
  15. With all projects it depends on how far you want to take it in details and accuracy as much or as little as you want you could just go for adding the railings or you could go the full all bells and whistles PONTOS sets I would suggest you start with some smaller builds destroyers or corvettes to build up your skill levels on Photo Etch details and rigging there are a number of details sets that you can use White Ensign, Eduard and Flyhawk to name a couple. I think you mean Blast Bags at the barrel base which can also be made from Milliput have a read through some of the gre
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