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  1. beefy66

    1/700 IJN Mogami

    That’s looking great so far the decking has come up a treat I see you have used a piece of wood for holding the little ship it does make it much easier to handle when your working on things. Beefy
  2. beefy66

    MGB658 Scratch built

    Would a ceramic bath tile work in the same way if you do not have a bit of glass beefy
  3. beefy66

    Colne Bay Smack 'Peace'

    HMM not sure about your work bench looks to tidy compared to mine but then again the missus is always saying I should tidy up but then I explain I would never be able to find anything looking great as usual you do not really grasp the scale until you see that top shot with your work mat beefy
  4. beefy66

    HMS Eskimo

    Thanks for the maths lesson Kev glad your sums are right I was always could try harder on the old school reports Nice to see that I can open up another makes a change from colours and what specifications of said models The chains are on and not getting changed by the time it is set into the base you will not see much of them anyway Not happy with the 20mm Oerlikon I have went for the INFINI set I got from Jamie back in April at the SCOT Nationals The PE and INFINI side by side I must be catching something from you lot to go into this lot beefy
  5. What a difference a touch of paint makes I thought you would not be disappointed with the colour coats paint looking great. and like Kev said tip city will have to think about getting back to my CC build after Eskimo beefy
  6. Really like the look of these class of ships neat work. beefy
  7. beefy66

    1/350 Vanguard Class SSBN

    Very nice Stuart I like the colour variation with the matt and clear coated areas one for the notes I think. Beefy
  8. beefy66

    HMS Eskimo

    Stuart at 1mm for each link I think my sanity would have gone out the window before I had finished doing every single one Small update added the floats /rafts and used some painted masking tape to act as the holding straps to achieve the width of the strap I wanted i used 2 blades taped together to get an even strip of tape And started making up the 20 mm and the quad Vickers not happy with how flat they look so added some plastic rod to the base will have a think about the Vickers don't like any of the kit or PE options so might go for the Tetra models version beefy
  9. beefy66

    MGB658 Scratch built

    I’m with Stuart the more details the better I think that way I can always decide on what I need to pinch use for myself The more information I seem to have the more it makes me want to try and add to my own builds and you can never get enough detail to look at on a great build like this. beefy
  10. beefy66

    Lockheed Sea Shadow stealth ship

    Wired looking thing but it has a certain syfi look to it cracking build there Chris. beefy
  11. Great job as usual on the PE beefy
  12. beefy66

    1/350 Trumpeter HMS Hood

    Will be following this one. beefy
  13. beefy66

    An Ugly Frog Prince

    So much attention to the details amazing work beefy
  14. beefy66

    MGB658 Scratch built

    Great to see this back on the bench it’s about time beefy
  15. beefy66

    HMS Eskimo

    Thanks for the support lads another small update Anchor chains fitted Peter Hall gave me a tip about these so as not to look to flat he said put a small twist in the chain as you fit it Started on a base coat for the ships boats and carley floats And ships name plate added cant really get a close enough picture will have to play around with camera settings a bit beefy