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  1. Another great little build there Rob with all the usual high standards of details and weathering. I keep forgetting about L' Arsenal products those vehicles look very nice. Stay Safe beefy
  2. Small update been experimenting with the wave materials but looks like I will be going with a trusted method first layer of Making Waves added after painting of base colour. The boat is only dry fit for now. Stay Safe beefy
  3. Some very fine detailing on this build and a great way of showing it off. Stay Safe beefy
  4. Very nice weathered finish and think you have the hang of the hairspray technique. Stay Safe beefy
  5. Jon looking at the photo again I think the wheelhouse is lighter because of the sun position where as the lower hull looks to be in shadow and wet because it looks like a reflective sheen on it not matt like the wheelhouse. 2nd and 3rd photos show a similar all over uniform bluish colour maybe use a dark primer undercoat and the NARN33 and lighten the centre panels slightly will look great with the white go faster stipe though. 🚤 Stay Safe beefy
  6. Looks a very tempting kit there Jon regards the colour in the link to my eye it looks slightly darker than NARN 33(B5/B15) Going from @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies colour chart I would say it looks more like the NARN 35 P.B.10 But it could be the photos showing it in a shadow will look very striking in that livery though. Stay Safe beefy
  7. Have to agree with Jeff Andy it only looks c;'ap to you because you want it to look correct and fair play it does to me. The simplest of methods is the best way to go sometimes it is not a kick in the bottom from the main point of achievement so go with it if it feels right looking great so far. Stay Safe beefy
  8. Great to have you back John and sooo glad the eye operation went well did not have any doubts. I believe the RN also use this operation I am sure @Chewbacca will be able to tell us more on this device having flew his Lynk helicopter with it I think. What a great idea to have this attached to the ship like this in the note book already. Stay Safe beefy
  9. Like the look of these French battle wagons carry on now don't be shy when your ready. Stay Safe beefy
  10. Ah back to normal service I see nice one Jeff. Stay Safe beefy
  11. For some reason I now have a hankering for choc chip ice cream. All the little details will make that bridge area really busy looking good Stuart. Stay Safe beefy
  12. Ditto from me and I know @robgizlu has one of these and I see Black Cat are soon to bring out the 350 scale version. Stay Safe beefy
  13. Right I think you have enough reference material now Stuart come on get your finger out. Stay Safe beefy
  14. Continuous Improvements (Kaizen) Plan, Do, Check, Action, Ideal condition. Used to live by this philosophy for 33 years when I was working you would have thought it would have stuck some how. The missus keeps telling me I am not at work now not quite sure what she means by that. As usual some great work here Pascal. Stay Safe beefy
  15. Some very fine work going into this build. Stay Safe beefy
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