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  1. Well small update decals fitted and funnel stays also glued down some of the main bits. And started painting up the ships boats Stay Safe beefy
  2. Nightmare with the decals Rob I have just added the Atlantic hull numbers to my build and had no issues I use Micro sol and set for my decals with a base of klear and top coat followed by a satin varnish. The rest of the build looks great will have to make sure I remember that tip on the Corticene deck fittings. Stay Safe beefy
  3. There was me thinking I had clicked onto the wrong site again when I was reading about big choppers Cracking job with chopper David Stay Safe beefy
  4. Really coming along there Jon looking good so far Stay Safe beefy
  5. Yes you can tell where the joinery skills come from very neat and precise Stay Safe beefy
  6. That is looking rather good Rob like what you have done with the base must say though when I first saw the wet mud stuff I was reaching for the doggy poop bags That ice stuff is very convincing looks just like what I can see from my window best put the heating on I am starting to feel cold Stay Safe beefy
  7. Very nice and well built to still be around this long brings back some memories from a long time ago. beefy
  8. That is what I keep missing the small details just take it so much further than I could get to in the past but now i will have to remember these tips Stay Safe beefy
  9. Very neat work with the skylight will have to take note nick that idea beefy
  10. Well those locker doors are very tidy do you do kitchen's by any chance asking for a friend Stay Safe beefy
  11. Stuffy well really Hey Kev I think we all know he already has the dirty habits not a clean monk is he I have the Sexton to finish and base up and my eye's could do with a rest from 350 for a little while and I have a few Sherman's in the stash as they say a change is as good as a rest. looking forward to your progress on this one. Stay Safe beefy
  12. Thanks again Gent's for the kind words Small update most of the main paint done few touch ups to sort and dry fitted most of the painted items will be putting a coat of clear on the hull to take the pennant numbers and draft marks but before I did that i started to tidy the hull colour demarcation lines by using a fine sanding stick this started to wear through in some areas where the painted plating was so this showed through some of the hull red I had applied before repainting a dark grey. So this is the start of the weathering trying to get the worn look but not to over the
  13. Yes but then you will want to add more details the more you can see it's part of the never ending trap of ship building looking good Jon Stay Safe beefy
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