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  1. Steve very impressive stuff as we have come to expect from your builds beefy
  2. Fascinating you really can get a book on any thing these days. beefy
  3. I believe that Peter Hall of Atlantic Models is developing a upgrade set for the county class he has mentioned this on his Facebook page for the Cornwall not sure if this would fit in with the Kent I am still a novice at this research business beefy
  4. Another masterpiece in the making I can see. beefy
  5. here's wishing you a speedy recovery Dan make sure you listen to them nurses they do a grand job fixing people up you know and don't worry about the stash I am sure the Guard dogs will have the place secured until you get back to it beefy
  6. Looking forward to seeing you getting started with this one. and congratulations on the awards very well deserved IMHO beefy
  7. Great work so far Rob and some great reference materials coming out of the color discussions for future builds all very helpful And I only ever thought that they were all painted grey fascinating stuff beefy
  8. Stuart and Rob no such posh things as hot wire needed just a few hand tools from the armoury(Garage) and Stuart kitchen knives stay in the kitchen would not want any bits and pieces on any of my food Any how here are the tools I use for making my bases Handsaw, cope saw, rasp file, craft knife, wood chisels, various sand papers and a bit of wood for sanding flat surfaces then there is the PVA wood glue and brush and finally the silicone and not forgetting the face mask for safety. And a couple of Black Friday deals I have picked up @ArnoldAmbrose, @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies, and @kpnuts thanks for looking in Ken I know what you mean about the PE it is a bit daunting at first but I liked the way you did you KGV with all the brass on show different and interesting to see how much was added. beefy
  9. Good spot Jeff I had not noticed the keel length and no spanner in the works either as this is going in the water and so will not be seen I had already posted this at the start of the build but here is the base so far and the re-paint is nearly done with the right colours I hope and a few touch in to do beefy
  10. Cheers Rob Cheers Alan the base is made from an old wardrobe side conti board, old wooden blind slat for the sides and building insulation foam from a skip all recycled trying to do my bit to save the planet beefy
  11. Well here is the add on platform in question Tamiya just have it as this but with the boat stands molded on I have removed these and will replace with the PE ones also noticed that there should be doors on the lower platform bulkheads so added these from some WEM spares i had and drilled out X4 porthole as per the kagero drawings. You can see where the boat platform has ended up this must have created some extra covered in area under the new boat deck and you can see on the aft funnel that there is a platform and ladders although no instruction for this from the WEM set I have added the railings and ladders to this from the spares I have. and I have started to re-paint the upper structures with the correct Light grey and blue panels beefy
  12. Well the base work continues got the base shape done and painted then started to set the ship in place using the making Waves beefy
  13. Now that has come up very quick nice one but 700 scale oh my eyes are watering just looking at it beefy
  14. I like that not OTT as you sometimes see but just right IMHO beefy
  15. It certainly looks cool in a strange sort of way and the camouflage scheme has come out great beefy
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