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  1. Great Vigi Pat, congratulations - afaik the white edges on the stabilisers (and all of the control surfaces on USN gull grey and white planes) were to reflect the heat when the Bomb went off - the worry was that thin skins on rudders and elevators would melt! Lovely model, cheers, Matt
  2. Super Tomcat Daryl. I totally agree about the build comparison, the Tamiya’s a dream although there’s much to like about this kit. I’m using the lovely spare open wings on a Tamiya A-model and it’s been all but painless, if I get a mo I’ll post some pics. Congratulations on slugging it out for the win! Matt
  3. Looks like you’ve got all the gear, looking forward to seeing this go together - have you considered these panels though, they look amazing, if Good luck with the build! https://northstarmodels.ecwid.com/Quinta-studio-1-48-Mi-24V-3D-interior-panels-Zvezda-kit-QD48026-p192875125
  4. It’s the chipping for me, I love it. How did you achieve that look Pete, silver paint? Whatever you did you’ve nailed it!
  5. I love this, it’s a work of art Lootenant. You’ve completely nailed the atmosphere and the tatty desert underside, hats off to you! Don’t know if you’ve seen Etienne du Plessis’ slide collection on Flickr (it’s gorgeous) but this wouldn’t look out of place there at all nice one! Matt https://flickr.com/photos/8270787@N07/sets/72157605269786717
  6. Glorious! My goodness you’re prolific, each model is more gorgeous than the last. I adore your prose, too, Moa, it’s always a pleasure to read your posts. Wonderful stuff.
  7. Perfection Andrew, congratulations. I’m building an A model at the mo and am grinning from ear to ear! Well done for an absolutely superb Tomcat!
  8. Valerio that truly is a thing of beauty, my congratulations. Beautiful sheen, Excellent photography an presentation, too. Stay safe!
  9. Sincerely hope all you BM’ers are doing ok during this unprecedented time, I know that some time at the bench is a great help for most of us when the proverbial hits the fan. Very grateful to have such a great hobby (and some time to do it!) at the moment. A major milestone passed in my modelling career, my kids are SO proud of me! These suckers have lain fallow for several years and from what I read have been the undoing of many a modeller. I’d just given up, which was a pity as the rest of the build had gone quite well .... ’Challenging’ AMUR Reaver PE wing gloves fitted
  10. What an absolute cracker, I love it, we’ll done it’s beautiful Gregax
  11. That's fine Andrew. Truth be told I'm not really going to lose any sleep over it, but well done for pointing it out. I've found the Avieaology sheets to be meticulously researched, they pride themselves on their semi-obsessive approach and I would trust them to know their onions. If you have your reservations, that's cool. I don't have a huge amount of time for modelling, and I enjoy the research phase as much as the next man, but there comes a point when one must just crack on. I've too many stalled builds these days, and I'm resolved to get several posted up in RFI this year!
  12. Sure, Andrew that what I reckoned too, but the Aviaeology sheet I took reference from suggested that while the guns weren’t present on these early E wings, the blast tubes were, and were patched over as if the 303’s had been present. Maybe some overlap at supermarine, or they had a load of C wing leading edges that needed using up?! Cheers, Matt
  13. Hi Jason, I’m afraid it’s been absorbed into another overly ambitious mega-build! The Seafire 47 is forging ahead though, detailing the engine and sorting the canopy at the moment, although struggling to find the time at present. Rest assured I’ll post up when it’s nearer the finish line. The other builds are under ‘sigh for a griffon x3’ if you fancy a look (sorry can’t figure out to link to another build thread within a post yet - would anyone be able to tell me how it’s done? Cheers matt
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