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  1. Creeping to the painting stage, still finishing the additional bits and pieces. You may of guessed that these days I am in the Finish-As-Much-As-Possible-Before-Painting School. I replaced the Dragon supplied alloy ropes (some would say springs) with hemp string that I passed through my fingers with a little PVA. Let it dry and then forms nicely and much easier to get into the desired position. I have a couple of spools of such string as used by the ship modellers. Still more to do. Ray
  2. Hi Stix, I had this in mind and thought I can't show a blood-stained rabbit so came up with the back story. Has some fact though, when I was 8 years old I was out with my father and his uncle rabbit shooting, spot lighting. My job was to jump out of the back of the ute and run out and pick up the rabbit. I brought one back and threw it into the back of the ute and it was only stunned or playing dead, got up and jumped out. I don't know who got the bigger fright. I might have to put that mule to good use soon. You can see I am making some progress cleaning up
  3. Hi Ozzy, I was all psyched up to make a Milliput rabbit then spotted this at the LHS . Includes some useful creatures: Ray
  4. No prizes now for guessing the story behind the title. Translate into your best German - "7.92! It is a wonder there is any of the rabbit left" "I missed and just stunned the poor little blighter. Walked right up and picked him up." Everyone is now in a position that I am happy with. Parts swapped around. Heads, arms, hands, and legs cut and repositioned. Gaps filled with Milliput Fine. A few extra features added. Now the figures are ready for a little sanding, tidy up and wash before painting. Back to the StuG itself.
  5. Weekend is nearly upon and some serious painting to be done. I just posted a question about the remote machine gun on the WW2 AFV thread. Trying to understand some detail around this position for my 4th man. Any interior detail on the side opening loader hatches for this variant is also welcome. Ray
  6. I am modelling the late war version of the StuG III with the remote loader/radio operator machine gun, but on this I have very little information. I will model the loader's hatch open and want to present the gun in its correct position. I assume it could be spun 360 degrees and positioned at 90 degrees to the forward position. Any detail would be greatly appreciated. I do have the old Squadron/Signal Walkaround on the StuG III Ausf.G which shows and discusses the remote MG but does not provide detailed information on its operation or a period image. In fact the images in the Squa
  7. Hi Stix, I hope it works out that way. Some Vallejo acrylics arrived today so I can push on with some figure painting. Ray
  8. Yes, kinda. If the position varied then little hope of a definitive answer without the conversion documentation. We do know we have Mk. II's coming out from June-July 1940, supposedly with the engine driven pump and that nice Spitfire maintenance video showing the engine driven pump. Has anything come up confirming the serial number of the latter aircraft?
  9. Hi Dave Good to know. I will also pick up some and give it a go. I agree with you on the AK Green although, frankly, on the model and for a late war aircraft I thought it was OK. Sit it beside your Tamiya XF-81 (early jar, now finished) and you will see the difference. This Mk. XIV is done with AK Real Color and with their thinners some of the best paint I have used. Ray
  10. My references are all back in Australia so everything is being done remote. Well then that does look like some form of tank in the usual position for manual operation. The hunt continues for a clear image of a Mk. I without the header tank and a serial number for timing.
  11. There is a great side on image of P9450 https://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-al61a-430-supermarine-spitfire-mkia-p9450-71171560.html. Someone may have the high definition image. I cannot see any evidence of the header tank. What is it number 613. FF 5-4-40 8MU 8-4-40 64S 2-6-40 damaged by Bf109 nr Rouen Sgt C L Hopgood killed 5-12-40 Edit: Thanks @Mark Postlethwaite just saw your earlier post. Ray
  12. The story is coming together, I am happy with the Loader and Driver on the back deck. Time for some Milliput and clean up of gaps and joints. I also want a plain fur cap so will fill the eagle. I like the Commander's face, wry smile to the Loader's joke. Ok for a Dragon head. Having repositioned the Commander's arms/hands and getting them just where I want him, I'll probably swap him out. I think the jacket is too bulky for the Commander and will pick something appropriate - less bulky and hoodless. I still might change my mind as this sho
  13. Hi Charlie, Sadly no. The only note is this: The recent WIngleader Series Mk. I book says 6.5 mm (surely 1/4") for the head armour and 4.5 mm (surely 3/16") for the rear seat armour. Also it is worth reading this. I see Edgar also posts the same image. Does not answer you dimension questions but still worth a look : But, best of all, buried in this thread was what I have been looking for a long time. I knew I had seen it somewhere! Something I am sure that will interest you. The hand pump U/C hydraulic circuit showing that famou
  14. Looking really good. The painted up seat looks wonderful. Always a worry trying to get all the dimensions working in a model cockpit. Now when Edgar made comment on this he gave "I measured a seat, from a XIV, it was 17.5" wide" as discussed in this thread. And yet when you look at the original Mk I metal seat drawings the width is 16.0" (1:24 17 mm) plus a little for the rolled beading. I find it hard to believe they made any significant change in this, certainly not in the early marks. Possibly the SRBP (Synthetic Resin Bond
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