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Nigel Bunker

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  1. Nigel Bunker


    Lovely model - brings back memories of my first trip over the pond in '79. If it wasn't for Laker I doubt I could have afforded it.
  2. Nigel Bunker

    Splinter Camo Hawker Hunter

    Are the ones at the top cameras or some sort of sensor? They don't look like holes to me.
  3. Nigel Bunker

    Oh look, a Tempest

    Well I am 65 in November and with the MoD civil servants involved, I doubt I will live long enough to see the prototype fly, let alone it enter service. And I do intend to try and live to 100.
  4. Nigel Bunker

    Saga Noren's Porsche 911S

    I see the original sold for £125,000 hammer price (£141,500 including commission & VAT) at Goodwood on Friday -I'm pleased the money is going to WaterAid. Bonham's estimate was £20,000 - £30,000. Link here.
  5. Nigel Bunker

    A very understanding wife !!

    Well of course he thinks they are dummies, but...................
  6. Nigel Bunker

    Saga Noren's Porsche 911S

    Thanks for all your help. I have sourced a kit thanks to Matt (cmatthewbacon). There may be a Work in Progress - if I can work the camera and manage to download pictures!
  7. Nigel Bunker

    Saga Noren's Porsche 911S

    Well I have hunted high and low but no sign of one anywhere. I think I'll start with the Fujimi Carrera 2 and use lots of Milliput. Does anybody know where I can get a set of Fuch's wheels? Thanks for everybody's help and advice.
  8. Nigel Bunker

    Saga Noren's Porsche 911S

    Now The Bridge (Bron/Broen) has finished, I would like to build a model of Saga Noren's 1977 Porsche 911S. Working in 1/24 scale, has anybody got an idea which would be the best kit to start from? The modelling world seems full of Porsce 911s but I can't find one that matches the picture. This artcle gives pictures and informatin and this page from the auction catalogue gives lots of details. Just wondering if a Fujimi Carrera 2 would do as a base kit, though I'd have to source suitable wheels.
  9. Nigel Bunker

    Resin aftermarket parts

    The alternative I use instead of a face mask is to cut or sand in a bowl of water. This stops the dust getting into the air.
  10. Nigel Bunker

    Out of the Box Models 1/72 Boeing 737-100 (Crowdfunding)

    Not impossible (in the same way you could make an F-4 frrom a Sopwith Camel kit if you have enough putty, plastic sheet and skill) but why bother when Heller have an adequate 707? Snap, Ray
  11. Nigel Bunker

    Pegasus Harrier T.2 conversion ?

    The Air Conversions Harrier T.2 came out in 1971 I believe. It was their second conversion kit, the first being the two seat Hunter. The man behind them was Bryan Philpott, from whom I bought both conversions at the monthly Reading IPMS meetings when they were held at the cafe off Market place in Reading. I think the Pegasus kit came out about 10 years after thje Air Conversions one. I believe Modeldecal did a Sea Harrier conversion, not a T.2 conversion. They were due to to a two seat Lightning conversion but I don't know if it was ever issued. The decals for a 74 Sqn Lightning T.4 were issued as an extra in one of the Modeldecal sheets. Well that's as my aging memory recalls things.
  12. Nigel Bunker

    Grumman Avenger Mk 6

    Regrettably only in 1/48th scale, but thanks for looking.
  13. Nigel Bunker

    Grumman Avenger Mk 6

    Does anybody make the elongated canopy that replaced the turret on the Avenger Mk 6? I would like to make one of theses in 1/72 scale but would sooner buy a canopy rather than go through the trials of making moulds and burning fingers. Any ideas gratefully accepted.
  14. Nigel Bunker

    Hunter as D-558 in The Right Stuff

    It looks like the Hunter has a pointy nose with a nose probe and part of the canopy was painted over so a simple conversion.
  15. Nigel Bunker

    Airfix Shackleton MR3...

    KraftI could be wrong but I don't believe Revell ever comitted themselves to a Shackleton MR.3. People looking at the AEW.2 kit commented that the parts breakdown looked as if Revee had allowed themselves the option of releasing an MR.3 but this was never confirmed officiaaly. And going by the way that Revell Shackletons were being offloaded at ModelKraft this year for £20.00 or less by traders, I don't think it's been a great seller.