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  1. The trouble with the old Airfix rivets was if they were scaled up to full size, they wouldn't have loked out of place on a battleship.
  2. I must agree with my learned colleague.
  3. I felt in many ways Wolfpak decals were the spiritual successor to Modeldecal in the way that each sheet carried a variety of aircraft. And on the few occasions I had to e-mail Mark he was both polite and responsive. He and his products will be missed.
  4. Well more progress made. Engines reduced in length to 38mm and thrust reverser mechanism cover removed. Then a piece of plastiv tube added to represent the part visible at the rear of the engines, which I presume is usually hidden by the thrust reversers on the U125A. Reinforcing around observation windows on both sides sanded off. Starboard side front two windows faired in with putty. Port side has theobservation window reduced to regular cabin window size. Now just undercarriage and aerials to be added, To be followed by priming, filling, sanding, priming, filling, sanding, priming, filling, sanding, etc.
  5. Well one advantage of being retired is you have plenty of time during the day. After a hunt through my spares I came up with half of a droptank from the Revell/Italeri 1/32 Mirage III. THe end was cut off and fettled to length. The part was too high and not wide enough so I squashed it with some pliers until it was the right height and width, then the internal edges were chafered so ot would sit on the plasticard fuselage insert which it was then glued to. A little filler was used to blend it in, though this may need reworking once the model is primed. That's it for now. more information as the job progresses.
  6. I've started a topic in Work in Progress here on converting a U125A into a C-29 and I suspect it will work equally well for a U125 or any of the Hawker 800 series. Other military operators include South Korea Air Force, Pakistan Navy, Nigerian and Mozambique Air Forces plus a plethora of civilian operators.
  7. Well this is my attempt to make a USAF C-29 from the Sword U125A. First step is to make the fuselage as in the instructions, leaving out the extra 4 seat section, having first removed the stengthening from around the observation windows (the two big ones). Then add the wings and once thoughly dry. cut away the extended fairing and underside radome. The gaps are then filled with plastic card, that for the fuselage gap rolled until it is the same diameter as the fuselage. Tedious but worth it. Once glued in place, let it dry thoruoughly and then fair in with filler. Next step will be to biuld the new fairing. I'll return when I've worked out how to do it.
  8. Wel you can't use the Airfix Dominie or Matchbox HS 125 kits as the 800 series has different wings, tail empennage, rear fuselage and engines. I am currently building a C-29A from the Sword U125A kit. As TheJammedKenny! says, the front fairing and the underfuselage radar must be removed and replaced with a shorter fairing. I've done the cutting away and am now rebuilding the missing fuselage. I'll post some pictures once I've worked out how to do it. Why Sword didn't make a plain series 800 kit then add a new sprue to enable a U125A to be made I'll never know.
  9. If there was a problem with the internet, such as it crashing or a power cut, my son's standard cry was "Dad, you've got a problem with the internet". Strange how I was always given ownership of any problem - it was just like being at work.
  10. Plenty of Jaguars to be found at Heritage Jaguar, Cheltenham
  11. Many years age (in the last century) I accompanied my MD when we were showing a prospective customer around the factory. "How many people work in the factory?" asked the visitor. "About half on a good day" replied the MD, causing the visitor and myself to laugh uproariously. We got the contract.
  12. The only picture I can find is in "The Secret Years: Flight testing at Boscombe Down 1939-1945" by Tim Mason which shows an XP-51F FR409 in three colour camouflage (I am guessing Dark Green, Ocean Grey & Medium Sea Grey as it is a B&W photograph). No mention of a P-51H. Beaten by Phil - oh well.
  13. Hello Arnaud I can't see your 3D printed part pictures, only the first picture of the Rafale inlet is visible.
  14. That is correct - the HS 125 book by Bill Gunston has a picture of a camouflaged C-29A carrying a UK 'B' registration which means it was being tested or delivered. Also, as in most countries, painting contractors will paint to FS colours, BS colours, RAL colours or any other international standard the customer requires so I think it unlikely they were painted in anything other than FS colours. As note, it is not unknown for USAF aircraft based in UK to be repainted here - I remember when BAe (or whatever they were named then) got a contract to repaint the F-111s in the UK rather than fly them back to the US..
  15. Thank you Murph and Georgio. I have ordered the decals from Fantasy Print Shop and once they arrive I'll take it from there. I thought the grey looked like 36118 but combining the colour correction on a PC screen along with my colourblindness, the chances of me getting the colour right right are approaching zero, if not less than that.
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