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  1. It might be better if this wasin the Aircraft modelling section, rather than Armour.
  2. No, I'll just be wary of any second hand kit to check the contents match the box.
  3. By the way, here's a cautionary story regarding 1/72 scale F-14s. Several years ago I bought a Fujimi F-14 from one of those 'under the table' boxes at a model show. The box was Fujimi F-14, on the vendor's price list it said Fujimi F-14 so I tookt it home and stashed it in the loft. During lockdown, I pulled it out of the loft with a view to making it. I opened the box to find inside not a Fujimi F-14 but what appears to be an Italeri F-14. I'm surprised the whole of my town didn't hear my comments on it. Next time I will open the box first at the show before parting with cash, and should I e
  4. Another returnee - welcome back and welcome to Britmodeller.
  5. I used a pair of exhausts from the Revell 1/32 F-14A, but not the actual exhausts bujustt the part inside the fuselage. These were reversed, cut to length and the ends removed then details added. My Work in progress is here.
  6. Well I built one using a Revell F-4F. I did it purely for reasons of economy as I had picked several up when Wonderland had them on sale at around £19.00 each. I used a resin nose cone from D J Parkins and some resin wheels for an F-4J as the F-4F ones are different. Here it is unpainted And now painted So my advice would be to use the Revell kit to make the F-4M and use the F-4J to make an F-4J(UK).
  7. Anyone posted a kit from UK to Italy? Once, and it disappeared, never to be seen again. Something not to be repeated.
  8. I remember watching him many times at White Hart Lane after he transferred to Spurs. He was a superb goalkeeper.
  9. I'm not saying my mother-in law's big but she's got a job kick starting jumbo jets. I'm not saying my mother-in law's big but she spent last summer working as a temporary roundabout for the council. I'm sending the dog to the vets to have its tail docked. My mother in law will be visiting us and I'm not having anything make her feel welcome.
  10. I buy mine from my newsagent and he's open during lockdown, like most newsagents. It seems unfair to deny them of revenue they get selling magazines.
  11. I took my mother-in-law to Madame Tussaud's Chamber of Horrors, and one of the attendants said: 'Keep her moving sir; we're stock-taking.' The mother-in-law came round last week. It was absolutely pouring down. So I opened the door and I saw her there and I said, 'Mother, don't just stand there in the rain. Go home.' I'm often accused of saying some pretty rotten things about my mother-in-law. But quite honestly, she's only got one major fault - it's called breathing. My mother-in-law's so fat that when she passes her handbag from hand to hand she throws it.
  12. Hello Nobby Have you considered asking BSI directly. The link to their 'Contact Us' page is here.
  13. I doubt you'd recognise the base now - it's been cleared and new houses built on the site. Tempus fugit.
  14. Hello Penny and welcome to the forum. I note your interest in Wycombe Wanderers - I live in High Wycombe so I keep a weather eye on them and am waiting for them to get their first points in the Championship, though I must admit my footballing heart belongs to London N.17. I look forward to seeing your finished models here on Britmodeller.
  15. Is it time for the kit manufacturers to do away with the polythene bags they pack model runners in and revert to something like maize starch or paper bags that can be easily recycled? Left over styrene runners can be put in the plastic recycling bin (at least in my area), boxes can go in the waste paper bin and that just leaves the polythene bags which cannot be recycled here and have to go in the general waste bin.
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