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Nigel Bunker

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  1. Nigel Bunker

    classic 1950's air show photos

    I love the fact that almost every fighter has steps beside it so that the public could peer into the cockpit. I can never see that happening again in my lifetime, what with 'elf & safety plus security. Those pictures are from happier, simpler days.
  2. Nigel Bunker

    Italeri 1:72 T-45 Goshawk

    Whilst it is not in 1/72, this article by Meindert on converting the Revell 1/32 Hawk into a T-45 Goshawk may be of use to you. I remember at one time Airfix promised a T-45 kit in 1/72. I'm surprised they don't do it as I think it would be a good seller on both sides of the pond.
  3. Nigel Bunker

    HAP-Tigre Demonstrator/Evaluation Aircraft

    This one?
  4. Nigel Bunker

    'Model Aircraft' magazine May 2019 issue

    Problem solved. I have cancelled my order at the newsagents for this magazine. No point in buying what you don't want.
  5. I received my copy today and it may well be the last one I buy. 9 model articles are in 1/48 and one in 1/32, with not a single one in 1/72. Now before it is said that people don't build in 1/72, we had the monthly meeting of my local club last night, Thames Valley Scale Model Club in Marlow. Of the aircraft bought along, 17% wre in 1/144, 50% were in 1/72, 25% were in 1/48 and 8% in 1/32. These are typically the proportions that appear at our club with 1/72 always being the best supported. So where is the magazine support for this scale? And on the back page, Mr Evans lists next months models. You guessed it - 1 in 1/32, 5 in 1/48 and one with no scale but I bet it is in 1/48. Perhaps the editor should change the magazine's title to '1/48 Model Aircraft'? If you see a column of steam over High Wycombe, it's me still seething. Regards Nigel
  6. Nigel Bunker

    HK MODELS 1:32 Avro Lancaster

    Hello You might get a better response in the Military Aircraft Modelling Discussion - WW2 section of the forum rather than here which is intended for non-military vehicles (cars, motorcycles and commercials). By the way, those at my model club who are thinking of doing a 1/32 Lancaster are holding out for the Wingnut Wings version. I hope this helps. Nigel
  7. Nigel Bunker

    Porsche Cayman 981 GTS - 2015

    There's the model And there's the real thing Sorry for the dust on the model - I thought I'd cleaned it all off!
  8. Nigel Bunker

    Porsche Cayman 981 GTS - 2015

    The Fujimi kit is based on the 2005-2012 Porsche 987 Cayman/Cayman S and is a fairly faithful reproduction of the car. The only change I had to make to the model was ro rebuild the dashboard to RHD (not a difficult job) and change the windscreen wipers to UK style (fiddly but doable). So now the model in my living room looks like the real thing on my drive. Looking at the picture you supplied, there needs to be some changes to match the GTS you posted a picture of. There are no conversion kits I know of so I think you may have to revert to filler and plastic.
  9. Nigel Bunker

    1/72 IDF A-4 Skyhawk Extended Tail Pipe (Exhaust system)

    More to the point, where can you get Fujimi A-4s at a reasonable price?
  10. Nigel Bunker

    UK purchases five Boeing E-7 early warning aircraft

    Could this be a cue for one of the injection kit model manufacturers to start making a P-7/E-7 kit?
  11. Nigel Bunker

    Current idea of nose wheels added early in a build. Thoughts?

    No, no, no & no. Fuselage, wings, tailplane & tail first. Then undercarriage. Then pllons & weapons. There is always a way other than the kit instructions.
  12. Nigel Bunker

    Airfix Hawker Hart Restoration

    Airfix oriinally offered the Hawker Hart in their Series 1 range then in the late 60s the tooling was modified into a Hawker Demon.
  13. Nigel Bunker

    F-4E weapons load air to air Vietnam 1972

    Antoine, I stand corrected. Nigel
  14. Nigel Bunker

    F-4E weapons load air to air Vietnam 1972

    388TFS at Korat flying F-4Es carried the same ECM pods as F-105s as they were (electronically) disguising themselves as F-105s in order to deal with the MiG threat. North Vietnam spots an F-105 flight inbound, sends MiGs to intercept but the MiGs find out they are F-4Es and mayhem follows. I believe this was the idea of Col Robin Olds and the pods were only carried for a number of missions until the North Vietnamese cottoned on to what was happening.
  15. Nigel Bunker

    Flanker project questions

    Bonjour Florent Here is a LINK to Ken Duffeys website which should help you.