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  1. I suggest if you want to build a Tomcat, you build a couple of other kits first to practice your kit building otherwise you will build a Tomcat then in 6 months lok at it and say to yourself "I could have done so much better". I'll leave it to others to recommend kits but what scale are you thinking of?
  2. To quote issue 1585, page 38 of Private Eye "Meanwhile, Aviation Week reported in August that several A400Ms were grounded at RAF Brize Norton, with no propellors attached, due to a parts shortage."
  3. High Speed Silver is a paint, definitely not natural metal finish.
  4. Getting back to the C-130J, I see from the current Private Eye that 'The RAF's fleet of C-130J "Super Hercules" planes has gone on sale, despite fears this will leave the UK struggling for military transport capacity.' Apparently they are due to be withdrawn next year, leaving the RAF with C-17 and A400M as their transports. I never thought I'd see an RAF without C-130s of one type or another.
  5. Pete, like you I buy books by post. The best wrapping I have found is a layer of bubblewrap around the book with a cardboard outer cover. I despair of vendors who drop them into a plastic bag which invariably results in dented and bent corners.
  6. I can see the bean counters at MoD rubbing their hands with glee. "Australia, Norway and Sweden are getting rid of their NH90s so we could buy those cheaply to replace the Pumas. What do you mean they're no good? Not our problem - the RAF can sort the problems out once they are delivered."
  7. I paid just over £50 inc p&p for hard back copies in Fine or Very Good condition, as I vastly prefer hardback to paperback. I'm not a fan of Kindle as I find hardbacks easier to read. Just a problem of me getting older. Ex-libris would have been cheaper but you never know what you're going to get with those. Regardless of the format you read them in, psdavidson, I hope you enjoy the stories as much as I have.
  8. They are really good books. And when you've read all 20 of those, there's the Flavia Albia series (She is, the adopted daughter of Marcus Didius Falco). 10 so far with the next one due next spring. I'm currently reading the Karen Pirie series by Val McDermid, an author I'd not read before - the first book 'The Distant Echo' was so superior to the television adaptation that I bought the other five books. Authors I buy automatically every year are Bernard Cornwell (especially the Sharpe series), Ian Rankin (Rebus), Simon Scarrow (Cato & Macro) plus Lindsey Davis. Nothing like a good fiction book to while away the dark evenings.
  9. Nice - two wheels in the rear, one on each seat and the fifth as a shock absorber. That picture cries out to have a model made of it. And no weathering!
  10. Thanks to the Abingdon club for yesterday's show. TVSMC looks forward to being there again in 2023.
  11. A really good show. I was there with Thames Valley Scale Model Club and we found it very worthwhile, and look forward to being there in 2023. Thanks to the IPMS Avon crew for organising a great show.
  12. When I was 13 England won the World Cup. Now I'm 68 England Ladies won the European Cup. It's been a long wait!
  13. Like Mike, I quite fancy modifying the ICM G917T into something used by the British forces. If the nose is wrong, can anybody point me towards plans which will help me rectify this?
  14. Yes I meant the big shop who has also gone into manufacturing.
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