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As a result of the close-down of the UK by the British Government last night, we have made all the Buy/Sell areas read-only until we open back up again, so please have a look at the announcement linked here.

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  1. Nigel Bunker


    One big factor for overseas travellers is the 14 day quarantine that the UK Government has started for all except Irish citizens. I can't see foreign modellers or traders arriving two weeks early then spending a fortnight self isolating before attending the show. Until a vaccine is developed, I think self isolation and self distancing will remain the norm. So sports in empty stadia, and any gathering where a large number of people mingle, be it model shows, carnivals, car shows or whatever will be cancelled or postponed. However trips to Durham are allowed
  2. The A-4M kit could form the basis of an Israeli A-4N but you'll need a tailpipe extension for it. Plus the OA-4M has the bits to build an A-4M.
  3. Rather than messing about with decal sheets, downoad RAF_PW_ATH font (look it up in a search engine - there are free downlaods), buy some clear decal sheet, a pot of Microscale Liquid Decal film (to seal the printed letters) and you can have literally any size serial numbers you want. It's how I printed these, which were 28.5mm tall (try finding a sheet with letters that size):
  4. If it's like when the first movie was released, licencing agreements meant that no aftermarket decals were released. I expect the 'Paramount' (or whoever) lawyers will have their beady eyes on the aftermarket producers, along with those at Boeing and Northrop Grumman.
  5. No, not all of them, just most of them,
  6. Hello Bruno I suggest you take a look here . Kev 67 built a very nice VC10 from the old Airways vacform kit and I'm sure a lot of the modifications he did will be applicable to the Mach 2 kit. Good luck Nigel
  7. Ah, if only. Regrettably printing your own decals has certain limitations so you need markings that can be printed on white decal paper to get the depth of colour. 29 Squadron was one of the few squadrons that was practical to make the markings of.
  8. WEll for those who have been following my sporadic efforts in Work In Progress, here is my 1/32 Phantom. This started as an F-4F and got converted. Apologies for any omissions. WIP here .
  9. And here it is finished. Roundels are Modeldecal, serials are home made using Word and RAF_PW_ATH font, stencils are from Modeldecal and scaled up and Squuadron markings are from Xtradecal, scaled up again. More pictures in RFI here .
  10. I have hunted extensively for an aftermarket 1/32 Phantom canopy and have been unable to find one. The only options would be either to check on eBay where some people break kits and sell them by the sprue, or to mould your own.
  11. Well here's my guess ( and it's only a guess). F-14A Tomcat - ancient Airfix F-14A A-4 Skyhawk - newish Airfix A-4B Mig 28 - elderly Airfix F-5E F/A-18E - old Airfix F/A-18A (and I bet if somebody at Hornby Railways had suggested badging a GWR Castle as a GWR King you'd have heard the screams all over this island. But it's only an Airfix kit). P-51 Mustang - newish Airfix P-51 Mustang And who at Airfix cares if they match the ones seen on the big screen?
  12. Dragging this topic back to the question asked, I have used Halfords Broom Yellow which gave a reasonable rebdition of Golden Yellow to my eyes.
  13. Well I'm sorry for the delay but this model has been fighting me. First there was prime (with Halfords Grey Primer - great for showing faults) fill, sand, re-prime over sanding, fill, sand, re-prime over sanding, fill, sand, re-prime over sanding, etc. Then the fun got going. I checked my preferred Xtracrylix paints only to find I didn't have enough so I'd better get some more. I needed Dark Sea Grey, Dark Green and Light Aircraft Grey. So onto my first choice, Wonderland Models. They hadn't got Dark Sea Grey or Dark Green. So I checked with Hannants, and guess what? They hadn't got Dark Sea Grey or Dark Green either. So after much head scratching and consulting Google I bought an RAF set of Hataka paints, Blue for brush painting from Models For Sale Ltd. Several days later they arrived. These went on nicely, two coats giving full coverage of the grey primer. But the finish was very matt, so it needed glossing so out came the Klear, my gloss of preference. I happily painted it on but when I returned I had never seen such a blotchy finish. I tried a second coat on one wing, with virtually no improvement. So out with the Fairy Power Spray. This was sprayed on, left for 30 minutes and wiped off, and after a couple of trys the Klear was cleared away . Please don't try to tell me that ISP would have worked better as I ordered it from Amazon and am still waiting it's delivery. I wonder what it's like with Tonic Water, ice and lemon? After much pondering I remembered I had an aerosol of Halfords Clear Laquer in the garage so being ultra cautious, I used it to gloss one tailplane on the basis that it was easily cleaned up if it went wrong. Happily it worked so I sprayed the rest of the model. And here's the result. The half white tyres are not some subtle weathering effect but a result of them standing in drips of Fairey Power Spray that had run off of the model. The next step is to add the natural metal sections (and repaint the tyres). Once that is done I can think about decals, which will need to be produced at home. Doubtless the final insult will be HKM releasing their kit on 1st June for £100.00, in which case you will hear my screams all over the country!
  14. That's true Trevor - but will I be able to buy one for £35.00, which is what this has cost me so far? Yours economically Nigel
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