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  1. Well here's the finished model, errors and omissions included.
  2. As the person who started the original thread last year, here's a picture of the car I built. It started as a Fujimi kit and I replaced the rear wheel arches by cutting the originals off and building new ones with plastic card and milliput. It may not be totally right but at least I finished it, unlike some of my efforts. Thanks for looking.
  3. Miss Moneypenny, send in 007 - I want to take a closer look at the model.
  4. F-38 is the best kept secret....ever.
  5. Hello Vinster How to build up a reference library the Bunker way. First, look in second hand bookshops and charity shops and if you see a book that intrigues you, buy it. Also keep a look out for library sales where they dispose of books they no longer read at a cheap rate. Also second hand books are often found 'under the table' at model shows (but not the big Telford show) where they can be purchased very reasonably. Secondly, if you're going to build a kit then buy a book on that kit. Recommendations have been made previously about specific book series and it's been good advice. If buying new or second hand books online, there are other choices rather than just Amazon. I use Abebooks.co.uk for second hand books and for newer ones I like Books, etc who ship post free. Third, don't be afraid to hand out wanted book lists for Christmas or Birthday, along with where people can get them from. I.e a note like "Scruggs Wondaplane in WW2 by N E Body, on Amazon at £14.75" should get you what you want, stop you getting dubious socks or aftershave and save the present giver the job of wandering around shops thinking "What can I buy for Vinster?". Lastly, join your local model club. At mine we have a table every month where people put magazines and books they no longer need and others can take these for free. Also it's a sad fact of life but older modellers are passing away and their relatives donate the books to a model club just to get the books out of the way. So building a library takes time and there are no instant answers. I built my library up this way and at the ripe old age of 65, I now have several thousand. Good hunting. Nigel
  6. The dog house is the big lump on top of the fuselage on which the main rotors are mounted.
  7. When I went to secondary school in 1965, we used the CGS system but by the time I was taking O-levels in 1970 we were on the MKS (or SI) system. That's Metres Kilogram Seconds. and moving from CGS to SI was just a matter of moving the decimal point. I used the SI system during all of my career in engineering (until I ended up at an aerospace subcontractor where some things were made in inches as they were for our cousins across the pond) measuring in millimetres or metres, depending on the size. Never ever used centimetres.
  8. If your wife sees you coming in through the door with a Monogram B-36 box, Peacemaker is definitely the wrong name for it.
  9. Easy - e-mail the USAF and ask how much they want for one.
  10. Google is your friend. Type DC-3 G-AJIC and you will see they are for a 1/72 BEA DC-3. The big ones go on the wings.
  11. A good show as usual. Some nice models on display and a good selection of traders. I thoroughly enjoyed my morning there.
  12. It was due at my newsagent on Thursday 5th September but didn't arrive until Saturday 7th.
  13. I notice you haven't pre-shaded the panels yet
  14. No, just the instructions. And whilst Airfix & Revell make instructions available, most of the rest of the kit manufacturers and decal manufacturers don't. And don't just think it is an oldie whining - we all get old eventually.
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