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  1. I suspect in 20 years times fashions will have changed and there may well be a topic on Britmodeller in 2041 saying 'Is anybody still pre-shading?'.
  2. That's as good a summing up as you will get, but the best thing is to find a photograph of the aircraft you propose to model. Don't trust artist's profiles as these can be wildly inaccurate regarding canopy types.
  3. It has been announced that Jimmy Greaves passed away today aged 81. As a Spurs fan I knew about him but never got the chance to see him play, much to my regret. How good was he? 132 goals for Chelsea in 169 appearances (second highest scorer for Chelsea ever). 9 goals for AC Milan in 14 appearances. 266 goals for Tottenham Hotspur in 381 appearances (all time top scorer for Spurs). 13 goals in 40 appearances for West Ham. 44 goals in 57 appearances for England. Thanks for all the goals Jimmy.
  4. I expected somebody else might post this news but as nobody has, here we go. Tony Bamford passed away on 21st August 2021. For a long time he was treasurer of Thames Valley Scale Model Club and only gave up the post recently. He spent a lot of his working life at Fairey Aviation and its subsidiaries. In retirement he was involved with the Museum of Berkshire Aviation at Woodley and also the Spitfire exhibition at Maidenhead Museum. Some may remember him as an early reviewer in Scale Aircraft Modelling just after it started publication in the late 70s. Tony's main interest in modelling was 1/72 aircraft (pre war through to early post war) provided they had a propellor and he usually preferred two wings to one if possible. He never really got on with computers (often preferring e-mails to be printed and then given to him) so his thoughts never graced this forum. I will miss chatting to him at our monthly model club meetings as he normally had something interesting to say about aviation. Farewell Tony.
  5. Seeing as Kotare are ex WNW staff, perhaps a slip wing Hurricane might be more up their street?
  6. Yes, all the same mould. Initally issued by Airfix (British Airways) and Heller (Air France) simultaneously and then by Revell. I can't see another set of moulds being made by anyone else for a 1/72 Concorde because of the cost but maybe one day?
  7. When first released, the Airfix version was £19.99 as I remember, a very reasonable price.
  8. "Boeing-Airbus tanker competition reopened by USAF" Boeing and Airbus both submit bids. The lowest tender is announced. Then the lawyers and judiciary get involved. This goes on for several years. Then Boeing is declared winner. Simple.
  9. No sets please, we're British
  10. RAF aircraft have been C-17s and Voyagers as far as I can see on the news reports.
  11. As far as I am aware, the only problem is that it has the wrong number of wheel nuts on the wheels. There are two ways of dealing with this - replace the wheels with resin replacements or live with it. I am not enough of an AFV modeller to comment on any other features, though I have built one and it goes together nicely. I didn't change the wheels and nobody has noticed.
  12. I am building the new kit and on reading this thread I got an Airfix Mosquito NFII/FB.VI/FB.XVIII out from the loft and built that at the same time. The wingspan is identical and measuring from the wing root to the end of the tail (no matter which type of Mosquito, bomber or fighter, this should be unchanged) the measurement is the same. So my comment is no, the fuselage on the new kit is not too small.
  13. Correct - Airfix subcontracted the design and moulding of the kit to Academy. This is an Airfix product, just made for them by a different manufacturer. I understand Airfix also subcontracted the new 1/35 Austin ambulance to Academy in the same way. I doubt either will appear in an Academy box any time soon, but maybe in the distant future?
  14. Actually it was made by Academy for Airfix to Academy's standard.
  15. The Czechs published a number of their own aviation magazines, the most prominent being Letectvi + Kosmonautika, which was published under that title from 1965 and is still going strong, being published bi-weekly. It is the only one I have seen from the 80s but it carried detailed aircraft plans in every copy, enough to make a resin kit from.
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