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  1. French Battleship are very unique, so seing one take shape is great. Read about it in the book "French Battleships of WWI" by Jordan/Caresse.
  2. Lovey-looking ship, tons of great detail and well-painted.
  3. More work done. I added the funnels, the cable reels and ventilators. I also made the turret ready for painting, it will recieve the same blue stripe as the hull so the barrels stay off for masking. The chain railings by Northstar models are beautiful but rather thin, I think they turned out well.
  4. I was thinking more of the sail-less steel warships of the late 19th cent. like HMS Devastation, French battleship Charles Martell, HMS Powerful, SMS Victoria Louise etc. Not sure there would work out wel as wooden models...
  5. Thank you. I love late 19th century warships, unfortuntely this is subject that has mostly been ignored by plastic model manufacturers, Turret and barbette ships are especially rare.
  6. After a Modelling break (I painted tabletop miniatures instead) I am back working on her Majesty Victoria. I cleaned up the paintwork on the hull and glued on most parts that I had painted. Unfortunately I had massive problems with one of the paints, which resulted in a grainy, uneven coat of paint on the hull sides. It´s ugly, but I have to live with it. Next step will be sealing the hull and applying some inks/shades to show off the detail on the white ares. Probably some light drybrush on the black areas for the asme purpose. I will also work on the boats. Next, I shall have to finish the ATB guns (12 left) and start the much-dreaded task of building the boat-carrying structure.
  7. Modern (post-WW I) ships do not fit my taste at all; however, this is such a clean and beautiful piece of work in such a small scale I can not help but love it. The sea also looks great!
  8. Super-cool model, especially the application of the deck and railings.
  9. Have been following this build, and now it´s done - amazing result, as was to be expected. The sailors really add life it it.
  10. Breathtaking work on one of the most beautiful (and most heroic) Battleships ever. Great rigging and incredible detail. If I´m not mistaken, this is exactly the shape she had at the battle of Tsushima (no rails yet on the funnels, but shields already gone from the ATB guns, and fighting tops also removed). I personally don´t like heavy weathering on ships, and I do not believe the IJN (or Togo himself) would have let their flagship detriorate to such an extent before the decisive battle (she had been in refit after the Battle of the Japanese Sea and would have looked brand-new at Tsushima). Yet from a purely artistic point of view, this is flawlessly executed and intensely beautiful both above and below the waterline. Bravo!
  11. Because it will not change the rotation at all. Here is one screw turned around - nothing has changed, sadly.
  12. I have now finished the airbrushing work on the hull; while a ton of cleanup will be needed in many places, I am overall quite happy with it. It already conveys the beauty of Victorian ship colors. I have placed all the parts done so far to give a general idea of the layout, although nothing has been glued in placy as of now. There will be some light wash on the white parts to give depth and some very careful drybrushed highlights on the black ones.
  13. I agree. Just an other one of many oversights by Combrig, who did not bother to model two different screws. There is, unfortunately, no way for me to change this. Cutting off the blades and repositioning them will surely result in a mess. Making my own 2 screws entirely from scratch is also beyond my skills, unfortunately. I will have to just stick with it and call it "artistic license". BTW the screws and their relative angle are still clearly visible on the wreck, which is cool.
  14. Progress on the upper deck. After shading and sealing it with some clear varnish, I finally finished masking it. I am sure every modeller has a task he is not keen on - masking is one for me. The most intricate parts on deck have masked over and will be painted by hand. One part I am nor sure about are the small round openings in the deck for coal. What were they made of - wood? Brass? Steel? I also added a picture of all the parts finished so far, giving an idea of the colors.
  15. Great work, lots very delicate-looking PE and nice painting, esp the camo on the planes. Is it the picture, or is the outward starboard propeller missig one of its blades?
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