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  1. Great choice Dave! Another one on my loooong list of kits I want to build.
  2. I know exactly what you mean. I tried an aggressor scheme free hand on mine and ended up stripping the kit. Maybe one day I will finish it.
  3. Wow...great info! Thanks Anthony!!
  4. After watching all the great Skyhawk builds I opened up my started Kiwi Skyhawk and remembered something... I think all Kiwi A-4s had the reinforcement strip underneath the tail. Can't see from the pictures if you used the right part.
  5. Looking great Julian! Just one thing...I think you have to remove the reinforcement plates on both intakes. Alex
  6. Thanks a lot Pete and sorry for hijacking your thread. Won't happen again
  7. Thanks Craig! I really had a lot of fun doing that, but then kid's homeschooling started and my missus had some great ideas what I could do at home while I'm on reduced working hours. Boy...wish I could get back to 100% Even working every day on a Scarebus...oops, I mean Airbus...is more fun.
  8. At least you didn't completely freak out on that gear. I did and it killed my mojo...
  9. Great job on the NLG!! I did it the easy way and took the Eduard wheels...this set includes the lower part of the leg. So you can just cut away the original part, drill a hole in the leg and insert the resin part.
  10. That's it...I'm giving up the hobby! Wow...great craftsmanship!! Alex
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