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  1. Really wonderful looking Starfighter!!! Wish I had seen them fly
  2. Great! Looking forward to see your next steps
  3. Back when I was building 1/72 kits I loved the Fujimi kits. They had some great aircraft families...Skyhawk, Tomcat, Corsair, Phantom and their Hornet is probably the best available in 1/72. Well, if you can find one.
  4. That's an ACES II seat...looks like one from True Details. Unfortunately it's the wrong seat for an A-7D. You will need to find an ESCAPAC 1G-2 seat. No idea if there's one in 1/72 though. Alex
  5. Great progress Dave! Have one of these in the stash and thought about converting it to an early E model. But back to an A model is a great idea.
  6. Great idea...I have several Bugs and Superbugs. A German Fox would be something Count me in
  7. https://www.tornadosig.com/luftwaffe-camouflage-schemes.html# I have never seen the first camo you mentioned. The only official camos are the ones listed above on the Tornadosig page. And the two schemes used by the Marine https://www.tornadosig.com/marineflieger-camouflage-schemes.html Alex
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