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  1. Thanks a lot guys!! Hope I can close the fuselage this weekend...otherwise I will run out of time.
  2. Oh boy...after more than a month I finally managed to make a progress and have something to post. I worked on the kit regularly, but always only for a couple of minutes. First of all...I hate that Black Box cockpit!! The details are very vague and wrong at many places. I gave up trying to paint small details as they were badly casted and at the end only did some dry brush and some paint spots to add some live to the cockpit. After glueing the instrument panel to the resin part I had to use some putty. To get everything smooth I removed the reinforcement stripes on top of the coaming. I replaced them at the end with thin stripes of tape. Unfortunately it's tough to see at the pictures, but hopefully after closing the fuselage we can see them better. The aft IP is also a hybrid of the BB resin part, Quinta decal and instrument housings/harnesses that I added. Unfortunately I recognised that I used a way to dark grey, but it was way to late to change it. Oh well... The floor was first painted zinc chromate green followed by a layer of Ammo Mig chipping fluid and cockpit grey at the end. A couple of stripes with a wet brush helped achieve the effect I wanted. At the end not much will be visible, but it was worth a try. You can see the bad casting and the rude details, but that's it. I'm not touching it anymore. The oxygen hoses are made out of guitar wires with the microphone cables from thin copper wire, small tape stripes and stretched sprue. Boy, do I hate those details and detail shots ... So, that's it for now. Hope I can close the fuselage in next couple of days and maybe finish the model it in time...hopefully. Alex
  3. Good luck and all the best!!! Hope you can enjoy our hobby soon again
  4. Fantastic Hendie! Every update is something special...WOW!!!
  5. Great looking cockpit Dave! Which paint brand did you use? Looks like a good match to the Quinta grey
  6. I tried today Ammo Mig's Ultra Glue with the Quinta decals. The glue is pretty thick and I think it's a "better" white glue. Will see how it works out. I will let you know...but as I know your speed you'll be probably finished by the time I give you an answer
  7. Браво!!! Fantastic looking model. Will definitely look great next to your Bulgarian fleet
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