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  1. I have no idea which colour is the correct one, but I like the 'British' Sky more Which paint...I guess MRP...did you use?
  2. I would understand that procedure on the islands to avoid dirt build-up in the openings, but not on carriers.
  3. Wow...I never saw the shell ejection ports taped. I thought it was only done on the muzzles.
  4. You can really be happy with your job! It's a small aircraft with with tiny curves.
  5. Great job Craig! Love the details in the cockpit
  6. Moved from Berlin four years ago and we love it here. Unfortunately the Fliegerhorst is almost closed. Only some offices are still present. They even removed the F-104 gate guard
  7. Hallo Stefan, I will definitely follow your build. I bought the same decals and I have Hasegawa's "E" also sitting and waiting. Grüße aus Bayern Alex
  8. Right...forgot about Hahen. They are well researched, but it's one carrier film. So you have to cut out each decal.
  9. As far as I know the best decal sheet for a Norm72 Phantom is the long out of production Airdoc set. I have one at home and can measure the size of the crosses and the rest you're looking for. Send me a PM...maybe I have another pair of crosses
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