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  1. The Model Master Paints were enamel, the Tamiya Dark green was acrylic. No problems using the two together, enamel and acrylic, just make sure they are completely dry.
  2. Just in my display case at home. No contests unfortunately. But it is a real nice size, although the Trumpeter F-105 is huge! As is the Trumpeter A-6A and A-6E. Wish they would make a 1/32 EA-6B
  3. I used Testors Model Master Tan and Medium Green, and Tamiya Acrylic Dark Green. It looks too bright at first, but I used Testors Dull Coat and weathering tones it down to the right color. These aircraft were painted in the field starting in 1965, switching to SEA Tactical Paint Scheme. The maps came from the old Tamiya 1/35 US Command Figure set. There on the lip of the side opening lid. I just use my printer and print them out. Paper is about scale thickness.
  4. I believe a Sony reel to reel in the pilot's hootch playing Steppenwolf.
  5. Here is another COVID build which occupied me for about 5 months. This is my first try using the SEA Tactical Paint Scheme. The plane was mainly built OOB with the addition of the pilot figure. Borrowed some bombs from another Trumpeter kit. I have to say Trumpeter makes some really great 1/32 scale jet models. Not exactly Tamiya, but easy enough to build with straightforward instructions and very good decals. With a little effort, you can make some really nice models. A word of caution! If you see a Trumpeter kit you really like, GET IT! They disappear pretty quickly and can take som
  6. A long while back I did the Revell 1/32 OH-6. Next up is an F-100, then an Alouette II
  7. Yes I did. The EA-6Bs were generally well cared for, but looked like used wartime aircraft. The Goldish canopies were hardly noticeable. They also marked the flap max travel limit with flourescent orange paint.
  8. I got the base from Coastal Kits Bases. This one is for a Vietnam helicopter display. They do carriers, concrete pads, helipads etc.
  9. Nice Job, Worked with this Det. in Afghanistan in the summer of 2005. Great Marines!
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