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  1. Great job with the lighting!

    Argosy 1:72 Mach 2

    Very, Very Cool! Nothing brings a kit to life like motors and lights. Should consider an mp3 player for sound.

    F4J Phantom 1/32 Tamiya

    Really nice job!
  4. Very cool! And very realistic!
  5. Duke is a friend of mine. read the rules regarding swearing. I built this jet to celebrate his career as a Naval Aviator and the Vietnam War's first Ace. What purpose did your comment "Congressman and convicted felon" serve to further the discussion about my F-4J? I know about his past sins, they seem out of place here. Thanks for liking the build. Their is a slight anhederal to the missile trays, I've seen them both ways.
  6. Hi, you can get his book, which is a pretty good read, and if you ask, Duke will autograph it for you! http://dukescombataviationart.com/shop/photography/signedphoto/
  7. Hi Tran!


    I loved the video of your build.  Here is my Showtime 100 from Academy in 1/72.  A beautiful kit to build, but decals are difficult.  Hope you like.  Duke Cunningham and I are friends.  I built this for him.





    1. TranDuy


      thank you  somuch :D your F4 is very nice too , thank you for sharing


    1/32 Tamiya F4-Phantom show time 100

    She's a beauty! Showtime 100 was the call sign that Randy Duke Cunningham and William Driscoll were using the day they became America's first MiG aces. Their regular aircraft was down that day so they had to borrow the CAG's bird instead, call sign Honey Bee. The CAG warned Cunningham and Driscoll not to let anything happen to his bird! The rest, is history. I built an Academy F-4J on the 46th Anniversary of their Ace status. One thing I asked Duke, was how dirty did they're planes get on operational duty, to which he answered, pretty dirty. But they had an ingenious way of cleaning them. He said they would fly into a thunderstorm and the rain, plus the 400+ knots they would be flying at would power wash their jets clean!! Here is my build if you are interested, for Duke Cunningham: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235041402-academy-172-f-4j-showtime-100/
  9. That is awesome! Lindberg was in Skokie, Illinois, not far from where I grew up in Park Ridge. In Morton Grove, was the Monogram factory, a few miles away, then, the HAWK model factory, in Norridge, where my future wife lived right behind that factory. Could you imagine going dumpster diving for all the kits that didn't pass QC! Also Testors was in Rockford, a bit of a ways away.
  10. Stunning beauty! Now, how about a UH-1B?
  11. Love the camo job. Java, 1942, not a good place to be.

    Hasegawa 1/48 P-40E

    Gorgeous! I love how you didn't murder your build with weathering!

    TU-95 Bear-D Intercept

    This WAS a work of love, click picture for video, same Doyusha motors. Model is now with 617 Squadron, RAF Marham. I donated it to the Squadron's future museum:

    TU-95 Bear-D Intercept

    Here you go: https://hlj.com/product/DYS40119