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  1. I saw one of these at Oshkosh that was marked in RCAF colors. The pilot was telling his friends how he was flying into Kansas City when the plane was struck by lightning! Picture of the real plane, the kit captures its lines well.
  2. Resin kits. You know them. You love the subjects. They drive you nuts. For my continuing COVID-19 series I decided to build the 1/72 scale Ardpol, PZL-130. The kit included all resin aircraft, photo etch details, and vacuform canopy. What I liked about this lovely little trainer was its pretty lines and interesting camo and high-viz markings. I used Zap A Gap for the stress bearing parts and a lots of Krystal Clear for the tiny parts and photo etch. This was my first attempt at an all resin model. Last pics are in my dining room cabinet with three Polish Lancers. Hope you enjoy. Now, about that 1/144 resin Bison C and F-8 Crusader???
  3. NAS Glenview, used to be home to some remarkable Naval aircraft. It even boasted an A-4 aerobatic team called the"Barons." Your kit reminds me of very happy days when I flew out of there in the 1990s. Great Job!
  4. How did you achieve that amazing camo paint job?
  5. As he was a civilian farmer, most likely in civilian colors would be my guess. Now if only HK would make a 1/32 Condor!
  6. Absolutely love this!!! I did some thing similar a while back. But just gorgeous!! https://live.staticflickr.com/video/42189001124/d6e97b437d/1080p.mp4?s=eyJpIjo0MjE4OTAwMTEyNCwiZSI6MTU4OTkwMDk2MSwicyI6ImFhZTAyMmQzOWU4YzAyMGQ1OGNjYTEwZTlkYjZjMGIyOTFiOWIwM2MiLCJ2IjoxfQ
  7. This is really cool!! I had a similar idea, but I was going to use an FW 200 Condor for the bomber. But would Herr Blaich's BF-108 be able to keep pace? Eduard just released Blaich's Bf-108 in 1/32 scale, what about using Revell's JU-88 in 1/32?
  8. Beautiful job! As far as weathering, on a land base the CAG or DCAG bird would be kept pretty clean, as they are the Air Wing Commander's bird. At sea, it is an operational aircraft like the others. So for an early tour aircraft, your weathering is spot on.
  9. I built this kit and donated it to 617 Squadron based at RAF Marham. In return, they sent me a beautiful certificate signed by the Squadron members at MCAS Beaufort, SC; patches and coin. A treasured gift I'd like to share with you.
  10. Hi Artoor, very, very nice build, but a few helpful comments, as I flew the Huey for 13 years. This is a cross between the B and the C model. To make a B, just add two antennas to the nose and put in a nose mounted pitot tube. The mast is correctly painted steel, but the pitch change links, damper link tubes and stabilization bar are painted neutral Grey. Lighter green should be on top of the aircraft and darken as you go down the sides. The dust boot on the mast should be red. The 174th never used the quad M-60s and 7 shot 2.75 in rocket pods. They used the min-guns and 7 shot rocket pods. The instrument panel would be neutral grey with black dials. The 174th Assault Helicopter Company had the "Colegate Smile" extend beyond the pilot's door after 1966. The Tiger shark paint job was actually adopted and given permission for use by the original Flying Tigers! Bust still a very nice job! Oh, even though Duc Pho was near the beach, the unit Safety Officer would never let a surfboard near a Huey for fear it would fly off and hit the tail rotor! But a nice touch.
  11. Beautiful! Looks lethal. You capture the lines beautifully.
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