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  1. Beautiful, I collect CAF aircraft, I'll have to look for this one! Really nice finish.
  2. Your build helped to inspire my own! Thanks. Click on smaller pictures for video.
  3. Well, nothing worse that building an ill fitting modern kit, and nothing better than turning it into a diamond.

    Tengah Scramble

    Try these for the reheat effect should you do another scramble diorama. https://www.modeltrainsoftware.com/products/universal-flashing-leds-for-transformers?utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=Google Shopping&gclid=Cj0KCQjwnKHlBRDLARIsAMtMHDGAaIgOqkaP-Cn4-9nj6hSEmvqitO_EkQ1mWz_Z3MaO7B-x0Nrwx8oaAlOMEALw_wcB
  5. Hope this gives you some further ideas. We need more helicopters!

    Tengah Scramble

    Beautiful diorama!
  7. Really nice job with the tactical sea blue color. Don't fret about the paint dragging, it gives the appearance of dented or stressed metal, which were on the real birds!

    A pair of EE Lightnings

    Both look great, I just received the big Trumpy 1/32 EE Lightning F6. So I may borrow your techniques.
  9. Gorgeous- rigging, elastic thread, great idea!
  10. Here you go, click on the links: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMqAFuVN_SFURZaZkHq065fvwv19riEG6gGAu9eMU5Kwk6YblZgay0qAarL4qa_Qg/photo/AF1QipPnMrPUrQsoUxECKJcJq8B_mAMnqfO9-lev3IQ6?key=ZlpwRXdTeWRMcG9HUUVzcHBzeXFNZFZwajl4UW93 https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMqAFuVN_SFURZaZkHq065fvwv19riEG6gGAu9eMU5Kwk6YblZgay0qAarL4qa_Qg/photo/AF1QipO15GGWPKy9vK9krfgvi8dvansoUPTyGspfAXFK?key=ZlpwRXdTeWRMcG9HUUVzcHBzeXFNZFZwajl4UW93
  11. Yes, just used some Evergreen small diameter sprue rod and drill it out so it fits the motor shaft. Apply a tiny bit of Crazy Glue or Zap a Gap in the sprue rod and gently fit it on the motor shaft. Let cure over night. Make sure the hole is true center while drilling and don't let any glue get on the motor or its toast. Let motor and sprue dry so its open to the air. The glue admits vapors as it dries and can find its way inside the tiniest openings of the motor.
  12. Thanks Phil, I motorized the tail rotor using a Jin Long micro motor. Just a few $ for several motors on eBay. Here are some pics, hope they help:
  13. My favorite question to ask a new pilot who was doing the navigating, "Where are we?" The worst kind of response............"Ummmm.........cricket...........cricket.......cricket."