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  1. I doubt if there was anything personal....for that to be true these bits of human detritus would need to have some sort of discernable intelligence. Whilst it is good that they appear to have been caught the chance of any justice is remote these days. Even if there were suitable laws/penalties in place, there will always be some aptly named 'criminal lawyer' ready to stand up in court to claim that his clients did not understand, were in ten other places at the time, and are pillars of society who regularly help little old ladies cross the road (even when the little old ladies dont want to). The use of eye-for-an-eye community service would be a big deterrent if there was any legal way of enforcing the penalty, but if the UK is like here these scumbags never bother to turn up, and/or do nowt when they do, in part because yet another lawyer will crawl out of the woodwork to claim their poor unfortunate client is being unfairly treated.
  2. Thanks Steve. Do my painting in the garage so bad planning on my part to have a build finished at this time of year. Usually the builds I start around Christmas don't get to the painting stage till the following Christmas when I can rely on higher temps!
  3. Thanks Roger. thats how I feel every time I finish build - compounded by the fact that painting is the bit I really dont enjoy!
  4. Well the construction phase of this one is complete so I just had to hang all the bits onto it for a photo shoot! Will have quite a bit of assembly to do after painting, but for now the scratching can stop! The final job was the headlight brush guards, which I initially intended to be brass, but after a couple of tries I decided to just go with styrene. Hope I dont knock them off while painting. So heres a final pre-paint look at the beast.
  5. A young lad said to his new girlfriend, "I want to be a millionaire like my Dad". She said: "Wow, your dad's a millionaire?" "No - he wants to be".
  6. Been a while since I posted an update as I have reached the stage where the only things left are the really hard bits that I have been putting off doing. A major worry has been how to create the folding ladders that are fitted to each corner of the track guards. Although I model armour these days I am always on the lookout for stuff I can use from other genres. Once more railways came to my aid when I found Peters Spares stocked a PE signal ladder kit made by MSE. (As an aside I recommend Peters Spares for great service - they also supplied the Markits carriage handles I used on the engine decks.) Although the ladders are HO scale, around 1/76th, they have stiles that are near enough to the dimension I need, and the rung spacing is easy fixed by only using every fourth hole! This is what they looked like out of the packet. The fret is supposed to provide an assembly jig but the distance between stiles was only 4mm and I needed 8mm. My initial plan was to use the jig to solder the rungs to one stile, then cut the other stile off the fret and move it out to 8mm. This plan was so cunning it had to be aborted immediately as the heat of the soldering iron distorted the stile. So after much fluffing around, de-soldering and straightening the stiles I abandoned the project while I worked out a Plan B. After some thought and a medicinal Scotch or two I decided to CA glue instead of soldering. I made a hi-tech jig out of scrap tree wood and styrene and proceeded to assemble two ladders which looked like this. I then had to cut the ladders into sections, three different sized bits being needed for each of the finished ladders. Here they are with my assembly jig. And a closer view. Then the bits had to be assembled to form the folded ladders, thus. And finally they were fitted to the model, with some styrene details added. They are not actually finished yet, I have to make a tie down for each one and I am still thinking about that.
  7. The Police phoned me to tell me my wife had been admitted to hospital. "How is she?" I asked. "Critical", replied the Officer. "Oh, what's she complaining about now?" I said.
  8. Not a Commando. It is a Manx - either 350cc or 500cc single - with a long circuit tank. The old Protar kit is a good place to start if you can find one. Probably vac form would give the best result for a fairing.
  9. I avoid gardening in the heat because I am a delicate pale skinned person not genetically adapted to work!
  10. An Aussie lady holidaying in the UK came down for dinner in the hotel where she was staying. She was given a table next to one where three ex-Army officer types were seated. As she perused the menu she could not help but overhear the conversation from the adjacent table. "I definitely recall it was Tooooooooowooooooomba", said one of the gents. "No, no, no!" said the second, "It was more like Toowoombaaaaah." "Poppycock." exclaimed the third, "I clearly remember it as Toowooooombar." The Aussie lady listened to this for a while and then turned in her chair and said, "Fair Dinkum youse blokes, its flaming Toowoomba." At this there was a stunned silence while the three gents looked in surprise at the lady. Then one of them adjusted his monocle, cleared his throat, and announced, "Madam, we doubt you have ever seen a hippopotamus, let alone heard one break wind underwater."
  11. The advantages of avoiding all the unhealthy things is that you live longer and save money. Money you will need to pay for the care facility where you will spend those extra years you have gained by avoiding the things that could have killed you sooner!
  12. Elvis Costello has put his name on a new line of Mediterranean sausages. Just tried one and it was delicious. I think olive salami is here to stay.
  13. You can easily distinguish an alligator from a crocodile by paying attention to whether the reptile sees you later or in a while...
  14. Star Wars fans might not be aware that Yoda had a surname - it was LayHeeDee.
  15. Thanks John. I only have the ref material that I found on-line - about a dozen stills and a couple of Pathe newsreels. Fortunately they give me all four sides and the top so I might not have every last rivet but I am happy with the detail I can identify. Have not seen Robs book, or the Tankograd one. I have not seen the Dragon offerings 'in the flesh' but the reviews dont flatter. I guess the AH kit is fine, it certainly is for what I am doing. As you mention the centre boxes are wrong, and cant be fixed without altering the hull/trackguards. It was my intention from the off to not bother too much about the inaccuracies, concentrating more on the conversion. Of course the anorak intervened but I have only limited my corrections to those shown above. I am sure there are a lot of other things I have missed. Currently the hold up is the four ladders that are mounted on the trackguards. I am waiting for some railway PE to arrive from the UK in the hope that it will help me with this. Regards Dave
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