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  1. Kiwidave4

    Gas Turbine Conqueror

    Small update! For some light relief from the scratch building I spent some time assembling the kit tracks which went together more easily than any other individual link tracks I have built. Then it was back to the hull. Got the mesh and handles fitted to the transmission cover, and on my third attempt got the centre panel for the engine bay done! Also made the three ventilators for the top of the turret ring blanking plate, and added mesh to the air intake.
  2. Kiwidave4

    Short Jokes III - Worst in the Series

    Mummy, , Mummy, theres a man at the door with a bill. Dont be silly it must be a duck in an overcoat. Mummy, Mummy, why is daddy in the queue at the chemist. Silly fool, I told him to get a fresh lettuce.
  3. Kiwidave4

    Short Jokes III - Worst in the Series

    My wife just caught me trying to stick a tiny blonde wig and a guitar onto a wasp. "Don't do that," she said, "You'll make him sting"
  4. Kiwidave4

    Gas Turbine Conqueror

    Got the exhaust box built and now starting on the engine decks.
  5. Kiwidave4

    Gas Turbine Conqueror

    I have fired off an email so we will so what transpires!
  6. Kiwidave4

    Short Jokes III - Worst in the Series

    Just ate 20 Kinder eggs. Not what you would expect someone my age to do...... I am full of surprises.
  7. Kiwidave4

    Gas Turbine Conqueror

    Thanks for that. Yes I had already found it....I think I can safely say if its on the Interweb I have probably seen it! I have not tried the Tank Museum - their charges rather put me off when I dont know if in fact they will even have any info.
  8. Kiwidave4

    Gas Turbine Conqueror

    Thanks John. The GT Conqueror was a Caernarvon hull modified by CA Parsons to prove the feasibility of using gas turbines in tanks. It still exists in a different form today as the Tank Museums mobile commentary box. Although the GT trials went on for several years at FVRDE and MEXE it seems the only time it was photographed was on the 30/9/1954 when FVRDE had a demo day for Press and Top Brass.
  9. Been a while since I posted any modelling related stuff here, and those of you who frequent the ‘Funnies’ section will be familiar with the contributions I have made in lieu! After completing my MAZ 7310 build at the end of 2016 I had trouble getting motivated to tackle my next project. In early 2017 I started a Trumpeter JS-3M as an OOB quickie but just could not ‘get into it’. Then early in 2018 I dragged my stalled Conqeror ‘twin build’ out and made a little progress before again finding the task too daunting. While working on the Conquerors I went to the BNA website to order the PannzerArt Bromide extinguishers that both Conquerors needed. They just happened to have the Amusing Hobby Conqueror Mk1 on special, so I thought I might get it on the off chance that there would be some injection moulded parts I could rob for the ‘twin build’, while at the same time giving me a donor kit for the gas turbine Conqueror that I had fancied building for a while. That was back in May, and no modelling happened from then until just before Christmas when I decided that I had to tackle the gas turbine project or simply accept that my modelling days are over. I knew nowt about the Amusing Hobby kit before I started so was a little disappointed, but not surprised, to find it is not very accurate. However, I do not want to get bogged down in lots of corrections so have made a conscious effort to only address the most significant visually wrong bits while concentrating on the conversion work. Not a lot of progress so far but thought I would start a build thread now so I can add new pics as I progress. Initial work concentrated on the basic mods to prepare the hull. This included removing the engine decks, adding a 2mm bulkhead at the front of the engine bay to stiffen the hull, and a 40 thou false rear plate. Redundant locating holes were filled, and some moulded on detail removed. A hole was cut in the floor to allow the crew to be added after painting. The kits stowage bins are a bit of a disaster area. They are inaccurate, a problem compounded by the method of assembly which recesses the tops into the sides instead of the much neater method of placing the lids on top of the sides. A lot of time has been spent on trying to fix these and I rather fancy I should have scratched a set which in hindsight would have been easier. In the photos they are just 'posed' for the pics, still work to do before they are fitted. I have made the falsework that covers the glacis top and bottom seams, cut out the co-drivers hatch and started on the turret ring cover. So thats where we have got to so far! If anyone can help with any info on this vehicle beyond the handful of pics, and Pathe newsreel, - all taken on the same day at FVRDE, - then I would appreciate it. I would also like to know more about the Parsons gas turbine. And before someone says “Google it”, I have done multiple searches on four search engines in three languages!
  10. Kiwidave4

    Sheds .

    Cant help with the sheds, but like the VFR! What are the other two you refer to?
  11. Kiwidave4

    Short Jokes III - Worst in the Series

    I always find New Year's Eve so stressful. I suffer from Auld Langxiety!
  12. happy birthday kiwi

  13. Kiwidave4

    50 shades of Gary

    Recall they also did a metallic, Gary Glitter, but its been out of circulation for a while.
  14. Kiwidave4

    Short Jokes III - Worst in the Series

    Guess they would serve just desserts.
  15. Kiwidave4

    Short Jokes III - Worst in the Series

    Just got a letter from the Origami Society. Not sure what to make of it. I'm sure I heard recently they had folded.