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  1. No expert, but I have a lot of pics of non-Stillbrew Chieftains in Berlin scheme. I was under the impression that Mk5 to Mk9 were primarily engine/transmission/stowage upgrades so visually not a lot different. Open to correction!
  2. Went into our local record store and said, "Do you have anything by the Doors?" Bloke said, "Yes, a bucket of sand and a fire extinguisher."
  3. Saw this bloke with a didgeridoo busking in town today. He was playing 'Dancing Queen' and I thought, that’s aboriginal.
  4. Couple of trivia facts about Yul Bryner. He was a lifelong Liverpool FC fan, and he never used aftershave. Thats right, Yul never wore cologne.
  5. Are people born with a photographic memory, or does it just develop?
  6. It's finished! Not very good photos but the best I can do at present. The base could do with a bit of something extra but I cant decide what so better to leave it. After five years of on/off work I am just pleased to see the thing heading for the display case. Now I have to work up the enthusiasm to finish the Mk2 that I started around the same time.
  7. Non-hyphenated. Hyphenated. The irony.
  8. The neighbour just asked if I had any plans for the day. I said. "The wife and I are going to the Optometrists for new glasses." He said, "And then what?" I said, "We'll see."
  9. You clearly have time on your hands. Rather than launching into argument for arguments sake you should try reading and understanding posts. You initially repeat what I had already said, then you imply I am upset about something when it is clearly you that has the twisted knickers. My posts are always concise. That is because I dont wish to waffle on, but of course it means that those who have difficulty grasping subtleties may miss the point.
  10. You seem to have misinterpreted my comments. Correcting history on the basis of new factual evidence is quite different to the re-writing of history to suit a particular political or commercial imperative. Both the former and the latter have been going on for years, but that does not make the latter right. I did not suggest my daughter was wrong in her point of view, I even included the 'generation gap' comment to qualify my observation. I did not suggest that we should maintain the same attitudes. What I was attempting to point out was that we cannot retrospectively apply todays standards to past actions, which is what many younger people try to do. Then was then, now is now. We can avoid repeating history, but we cant pretend it did not happen. As for the US, I care not one jot about why their statues were erected. i was commenting in the context of the UK and the long running conversation there about monuments to the past.
  11. At my age I have lived through a lot of 'normals' that are now considered 'abnormal'. The reality is that we cannot change the past. It happened, - and while there is no justifying some of the more extreme behaviour, such as concentration camps, Agent Orange, and nuclear weapons testing, the retrospective criticism of individuals who in their day were behaving to the standards of the time is simply an attempt by some people to find something to be outraged about. My daughter, now in her forties and of polar opinions to many of my own is often outraged at the realities of the world I grew up in where homosexuality was illegal, girls were 'sent away' if they become pregnant (or were forced into a marriage they did not want), the situations vacant column was categorised as male or female jobs, many countries were the colonial territories of other nations, many indigenous peoples were discriminated against and held little or no legal status, etc, etc. I assume this is me experiencing what is meant by the Generation Gap. Re-writing history is dangerous ground. Knocking over a statue because the person represented held views or did deeds that were simply a reflection of the values of the time is the tip of an iceberg that will see all history expunged after twenty or so years in order to avoid upsetting the new generation.
  12. If anybody wants a copy of 'Osteopath Weekly' I have back issues......
  13. A company is planning to produce soft furnishings with the Angel of Death pictured on them. There's going to be Reaper Cushions.
  14. The Egyptian Government has asked the city's taxi drivers to drive around Cairo sounding their car horns. It is hoped that the familiar sounds of the city will induce a return to tranquillity and normality following the recent pandemic. Operation Toot 'n Calm 'Em will last for the rest of the week.
  15. The retired Army officer we were renting our country cottage to has done a runner owing us six months rent. He told me he was a General, but now he is a left tenant.
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