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  1. If we are going to consider the vagaries of motion/physics/rotating parts in machinery its worth pondering the reciprocating internal combustion engine in which the rising piston(s) will always travel at a different speed to the descending piston(s).
  2. Stationary as in relative to the ground it is in contact with. As a boring old fart I must point out that this is another example of the 'evolution' of the language, which I prefer to call dumbing down. I am unfortunately old enough to remember when it was not uncommon to hear tracked vehicles referred to as 'track laying vehicles', which if you watch one in action is exactly what it does. The track gets laid in front of the road wheels, run over, and then lifted up and transported to the front of the vehicle to be re-used.
  3. As light travels faster than sound is this also why some people seem quite bright till they open their mouths? Recall once seeing something somewhere, (oh to have a functioning memory again), where a thermal camera was pointed at a seat where a female of the species had been sitting - won't go into details but it did sort of reinforce your point!
  4. Young preacher, Nathan was sitting in a cafe eating his lunch. He opened an envelope he'd just received that morning from his mother and found that she had included a ten pound note. He thought to himself, "Thanks Mum, I am sure that will come in handy". Nathan finished his food and as he left the cafe he saw a beggar leaning against the wall. Deciding the poor man could probably needed the money more than he did, he crossed out the name and address on the envelope, and across the top in large letters wrote, - 'PERSEVERE' So as to be discrete, he put the envelope under his arm and dropped it as he walked past the man. The poor man picked it up and read the message and smiled. The next day, as Nathan was enjoying his meal, the beggar tapped him on the shoulder and handed him a big wad of money. Surprised, the young preacher asked him what that was for. The man replied, "This is your half of the winnings. Persevere came in first and paid thirty-five-to-one!"
  5. I once had a dream where I was floating in an ocean of bubbly orange liquid. It was a Fanta sea.
  6. Also grey images. iMac desk top with latest OSX Catalina/latest Safari.
  7. Went into a local cafe and noticed the blackboard menu had 'Golden Soup' on it. I said to the waitress, "What's in Golden Soup?" She said, "24 carrots."
  8. Nipples - without them breasts would be pointless.
  9. I am no mathematician, but that does not seem right. For the first year of your life you are 0, and then you become 1 for the second year of your life, and 2 for the third, and so on. In my case I was born in December 1945, which means I am currently 73 which using your formula makes this 2018. In December I will have yet another Birthday, at which point your formula will apply for just a few days until 2020 arrives!
  10. Plateau: the highest form of flattery.
  11. Seems to me just another example of the world as it has become. People dont seem to be able to grasp the fact that a little bit of order is an essential part of life that makes things easier for everybody. Just like the people who sit on the train eating and drinking under the sign that prohibits eating and drinking and fill the carriage with the aroma of their vindaloo. Or the characters that drive the wrong way around the supermarket car park, then push their trolley against the flow while shopping - and then usually abandon their trolley in the middle of the car park! Jeez I am a grumpy old git!!!!
  12. I cant believe that one of our neighbours has been letting off fireworks and its only the middle of October. Frightened the dog so badly she is now hiding under our Christmas tree.
  13. True story. In the seventies when I worked at Courtline I drove a white Morgan +4. A petrol company, cant recall which one, ran a TV ad where an attractive young couple drove a white Morgan down a country road and on the way overtook a petrol tanker carrying the advertisers product. At work everyone asked me if I had seen the Morgan ad! After a few days the ad vanished, only for a similar ad to appear, but this time having a family in a Cortina replace the Morgan.
  14. I recall many decades ago someone much more clever than I suggested that aliens would never visit Earth. The logic was somewhat along the lines that in order to get here they would have to be cleverer than us, and anybody cleverer than us would already know what we were like, and therefore have no desire to come here.
  15. We tend to watch pre-recorded programmes so ads get the fast forward treatment. But for 'live' broadcast I seem to have perfected the ability to totally switch off sight and sound for the duration of the ads - I dont even consciously think about, the ads just dont register. My wife on the other hand seems to know every detail of the ads, and on occasion I will spot something in the supermarket, for instance, and point it out to her and she will tell me it is the stuff in the ad with the little girl and the white cat, or whatever. I am not inclined to believe that 'good' and 'ad' should ever appear in the same sentence. The people who make a living from creating ads seem to be a particular kind of stupid to this grumpy old git. The use of subtle 'placement' in programmes is probably the most 'Big Brother-ish' thing thats going on. For instance, I have noticed recently that after a couple of decades of little or no smoking in TV drama, we now have programmes where all the main characters seem to be shown having a drag, even to the extent that some scenes seem to be exclusively shot to provide a smoking opportunity without contributing to the story.
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