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  1. Kiwidave4

    Short Jokes II The Sequel

    I have been diagnosed with CDO. Its like OCD but all the letters are in alphabetical order... AS THEY SHOULD BE!
  2. Kiwidave4

    Short Jokes II The Sequel

    A dung beetle walked into a bar and said, "Is this stool taken?"
  3. Kiwidave4

    Short Jokes II The Sequel

    Went to an Eskimo restaurant once. I said,"What do you have?" "Whale meat." I said, "Anything else?" "Whale meet." I said, "Is that all?" "Well there is the Vera Lynn." I said, "Whats the Vera Lynn?" "Whale Meet Again."
  4. Kiwidave4

    Conqueror Mk1

    The Conqueror has a bracket at the front of each track guard that holds the front end of the tow cable when stowed. This bracket had two versions;- the type fitted to the Mk1, and a different style in a slightly different position on the Mk2. Some 'museum. Mk1's, such as Jaque Littlefields, have the later bracket. I have a lot of ref pics of both the Mk1 and the Mk2, but as luck would have it none of the Mk1 pics I have clearly show what sort of pin went through the bracket - in fact most show the vehicle without the tow cables on board. Of course many of the Mk2 pics I have show this detail! The joys of modelling! So, long shot, but would anyone have a pic of, or know the type of pin, used to locate the cable in a Mk1 bracket? This is the bracket in question.
  5. Kiwidave4

    Short Jokes II The Sequel

    Which Spice Girl can hold the most petrol? Geri can.
  6. Kiwidave4

    Short Jokes II The Sequel

    I am considering learning sign language. It's very handy.
  7. Kiwidave4

    Conqueror Mk2

    Slow progress this week. Started making the lower bazooka plates, and when I had finished discovered they were too short. The old adage 'measure twice, cut once' does not work when the measuring you are doing is in the wrong place! So I then had to start all over, and when I had finished realised that I had drilled the holes for the tie downs in the wrong place. Again, I had measured carefully but had done so from the wrong edge of the plates. Could not face making another set so filled the holes and hope a thick coat of paint will hide my sins! Been a rather grumpy old Dave the past few days!!! The kits bazooka plate brackets were unusable and as they cant be seen I improvised with some 60x100 thou styrene.The plates themselves are very simple providing you get the measurements right. The upper plates are fixed, but the lower ones are removable so I can paint behind them.
  8. Kiwidave4

    Short Jokes II The Sequel

    I have been considering the benefits of living in Switzerland. The flag is a big plus.
  9. Kiwidave4

    Conqueror Mk2

    Thanks for that. My ref pics for the Mk1 are 50/50 with/without basket, and as most without are promo pics prior to service - Pathe and WD - I was thinking it should have one. I may just take your advice and just have tie downs on the turret rear.
  10. Kiwidave4

    Conqueror Mk2

    Thanks. Yes I have the Cromwell example, the basket is just a collection of resin shards! The headlight brush guards are the same. I got the Cromwell kit to provide the tracks for this build as the AA tracks are just a pile of scrap resin. Currently toying with the idea of making a jig for the basket so I can solder up some brass as I will need two baskets, one for this and another for my Mk1, but the AA and Cromwell turrets are different sizes so that may not work!
  11. Kiwidave4

    Conqueror Mk2

    I have had two previous attempts at this thing, last was in 2015 and if your are interested a search will throw it up on this forum. To cut a long story short the AA kit was a BPOS, which given the high price caused me to get even grumpier than usual, which was not a good frame of mind for a successful build. Well last year I - unusually - did no modelling at all, so this year I decided that I had to tackle something to see if I was all modelled out or not. As my stash only extends to two tanks and two artillery pieces I thought perhaps I should drag this out and have been easing myself back into it over the last month or so. Knowing that the biggest problem with the kit was the unusable side skirts, side skirt brackets, and tracks I decided to start at the top and get some easy bits out the way first. I bought an Aber barrel intended for the Dragon kit a while ago. To make it fit the AA turret I had to turn an adaptor ring, and for my own peace of mind I also drilled out the barrel to accept a spigot which will distribute the load further into the turrets resin. Then I assembled the Fire Control Turret, including a scratchbuilt GPMG mount as I intend to complete the model closed up in the tank park. Unable to delay the inevitable any further I started on the side skirts. As the support structure is not really visible when the model is assembled I decided to use only the hull brackets to 'busy up' the lower hull, and have simply pinned the upper plates to the track guards. I will have to create some bracketry for the lower plates but it need not be anything fancy. So it looks like I am committed to finally getting this across the finish line at which point I will have to do it all again with my hybrid AA/Cromwell Models/scratchbuilt Mk1!
  12. Kiwidave4

    Conqeror Mk2

    Posted in wrong place!!!!! See Work in Progress.
  13. Kiwidave4


    I was introduced to Stones during my OE in the UK back in the sixties. Have tended to avoid it ever since but that probably has more to do with excessive consumption than any inherent fault with Stones!!!!
  14. Kiwidave4


    As a whisky drinker I am no rum connoisseur and as I only use it as a mixer it does not matter too much what I use! If you are mixing it I would suggest you give a Dark and Stormy a try. Its an old yachties drink that originated in the Caribbean which both my wife and I enjoy - basically ginger beer and rum, ratio variable but I work around a 2:1 ginger beer to rum. Long and cold and iced in the summer, short and room temp in the winter.
  15. Kiwidave4

    best online AFV modelling stores?

    Hobby Easy have a good range of all genres and some good pricing. Have always found their service to be excellent. Get the odd item from BNA Modelworld. They are Australasian stockists for a lot of Euro brands like Black Dog and Panzer Art so I use them for the occasional accessory or figure set. Always had good service from Firestorm Models too.