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  1. Fantastic. There used to be one exactly like that as a gate guardian in an Air Force base near the Rio international airport
  2. This is a great model. It is in my "to do" list. I have seen a P-47D with these colours in the Brazilian Air Force Museum in Santa Cruz, which is a short drive from Rio. Can you share more about the preparation you did for these decals, to avoid the problems you mention?
  3. Thanks! It would mean a lot to get comments from anyone who served on the ship.
  4. Wow, this is a great compliment given that you have seen what the sea looked like then. Thank you. I'd love to build a Leander class, but all kits I found are too expensive for my budget.
  5. I wish one day I can build 1/700 as good as this. Consider posting a detailed build report with your friend, so we can learn from the techniques used.
  6. This is my build of the AFV Club 1/700 kit of the Knox class frigates. The kit comes with 6 options of markings, but I chose to represent USS Elmer Montgomery (FF-1082) because it served in the Atlantic. The Knox class frigates were frequent visitors of my home city of Rio de Janeiro, and on a few occasions I had the privilege of coming on board. I have fond memories of these ships designed for the tough job of escorting transatlantic convoys against soviet submarines swarming down the GIUK gap, in case the Cold War turned hot. This is a nice and affordable kit that gives you an accurately shaped representation of these ships, but not without problems (for a build report, and more photos, check my web site; address in the signature panel below). It is also a bit light on detail, and with next to zero instructions for painting. I intended to enhance the model by using a photoetch set, but ended up not using most of it, given that the sizes of the parts were incorrectly represented. The railing I used was generic (Big Blue Boy 1/700 modern USN set), and other parts were scratch-built (e.g. details of the masts, aerials). The decals provided in the kit were a bit all over the place, some oversized (e.g. the ship's name on the stern) and some undersized (e.g. the red cycles around the ASROC and CIWS), so a few had to be home-printed (with mixed results). The rigging was done using human hair. The seascape base was inspired by photos of FF-1082 off the coast of Norway in 1988 (see image below, from navsource.org). Given that the sea was a bit choppy I did not think it was appropriate to leave the helicopter on the pad, so I represented it overflying the ship, propped up by a glass capillary tube. Best regards Marcello
  7. Congratulations. This is a great looking plane and your skills make it justice.
  8. I think this discussion will be very useful for future builders of this model. What I find interesting about this whole affair is the disconnection between photos available online and most, if not all diagrams. Even stuff you download from the USN web site shows the outer nacelle cut flat: https://www.history.navy.mil/content/dam/nhhc/research/histories/naval-aviation/dictionary-of-american-naval-aviation-squadrons-volume-2/pdfs/appen1-2.pdf I wonder what series of events could lead to such discrepancy in current sources.
  9. Yes, I agree. Let us know what you find in the book. Too late for my build, but maybe if we can clarify this it will help the next person.
  10. I only had one photo which I used to reassure me. It was not perfect, but t did look like the outer being cut flat was at least possible:
  11. Hello No, I didn't change that. I was actually a bit confused about it since the photos I've found indicated that there have been different engines and different fitted to the Privateer, and they have different outboard nacelle ends. For example the one in the Pima museum has the nacelle like you described. In the end I used this diagram as my reference, which indicates that for at least some Privateers the outboard nacelle was lie you described. I also used is as my reference for panel lines.
  12. Lovely, I want to build something with the 3 tones camouflage too!
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