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  1. Just found this thread as I am getting prepared to tackle the Mach 2 Seamaster (which from what I read is like an exam to move from one level of modelling to another). But I still have not mastered the art of vacuforming, so will probably be stuck with polishing the original canopy. Unless someone knows of an aftermarket replacement for this?
  2. Hi all Thanks for the encouraging feedback. With respect to the use of hair for the riggings, it is not a bad option. I happen to be blessed with a daughter with very long, fine and straight hair, so when I need some supplies all I need is a quick trip to where she keeps her combs. It is a good material that is amenable to get firmly attached with quick setting cyanoacrylate. I have tried other people's hairs, and the results are not all that good - particularly if someone dyes the hair, it becomes thicker and too stiff... Apparently it is not a new technique - quite old in fact: htt
  3. Here is my completed USS Gearing, built from the Dragon 1/350 kit, out of the box apart from railings and some home made improvisations. Little did I know that, when I was gifted this kit by some friends at work (my birthday, 2019) this was going to become my most ambitious project yet. Pretty much from day 1 you have to deal with sub-millimetre pieces (each Oerlikon has to be put together from 9 parts, including a mixture of polystyrene and photoetch). My learning curve became very, very steep (this is only my third ship). The rigging is largely human hair, although for some thicker
  4. Great looking Skyhawk. What is the name of the main colour (looks like some light green-grey)?
  5. Ready for inspection, my A-4M, which has kept occupied for the past 2.5 months. This is out of the box except for the added weapons, and a few scratch built details in the landing gear and ejection seat. The centreline multi-ejector rack and Mk 82 bombs are from Hasegawa's weapons set A. The Sidewinders are spare Matra 550s from a Kinetic kit, modified to look like AIM-9Hs. I have kept the weathering light, to resemble what I saw in most photos of Skyhawks from this squadron and era. For more photos, and a few tips on the build, check my web page (link in my signature below).
  6. Thank you all for the feedback. I watched a lot of YouTube video tutorials before trying, and consulted the online photo collection of the Imperial War Museums to see what she looked like in motion. Just followed the tutorials, and it came "right" (to my eyes at least) first time. Just lucky we have so much reference material available nowadays. For example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0ot-UekGm8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoAaodEqO0g&t=495s https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/search?query=HMS Eagle
  7. Dear modelling enthusiasts For my first contribution to Britmodeller, I attach here some images of my just completed 1/700 HMS Eagle (R.05). This is the old 1976 Fujimi kit, and was a bit of a challenge due to reasons including old, brittle plastic, and missing pieces (eBay purchase). The only upgrade was a set of 1/700 railing. Otherwise built out of the box and home made items. This was also my first attempt at creating an ocean diorama base. I tried to represent the Eagle at high speed. Best regards Marcello
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