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  1. Cheers Guys, Well Telford is over and a good show was had ( only another 363 days to go till the next one ) Picked up mostly paint and weathering products but did sneak a Trumpeter SA-13 Gopher in as the only kit. Roger, next year mate, it would be good to catch up indeed fella. so now you have a bit of warning now to get prepped for it Bullbasket, was great to finally meet up with you and have a good chat matey. Certa Cito and till next year. Simmerit, good to see you again bud, it’s been a few years mate but now you popped your Telford cherry I hope to see you again at the show. Right, only an hour tonight so started the commanders head painting, its only roughed out at this stage and needs loads more work with blending and shades adding. It looks rough at the minute but it will come together on the next session. The helmet has had some prelim work done but requires more detail work yet. Enjoy Dan
  2. Good to catch up again Rob, I think you should pop up for Cosford just as an excuse for a good social meet up, I think longshanks might be up for it now that he has thawed out and back in tropical Cornwall
  3. Thank you all for the kind comments and the likes chaps, won’t be getting much done this weekend as it’s the Telford weekend. Longshanks is here and Si (Simmerit) is on his way for a fun packed weekend. Catch you later Dan
  4. Vallejo is probably the best acrylic paint you can brush paint with Stu so it doesn’t leave you many options in that department. I would consider getting an airbrush to get a smooth even paint finish, you will never look back once you learn the basics. It’s easier to learn Airbrush painting than cracking the brush painting to a very high standard, plus you won’t have issues with the more difficult colours to brush on.
  5. Just started painting up the arms and added the head to the torso. Close up and not very flattering, the decals look a bit pixelated here. Enjoy Dan
  6. Kev... It's a Timex mate So another time consuming activity, painting up the face, I must admit I'm out of practice so a bit rusty with flesh tones. I'm of the Shep Paine school of figure painting, I never try to paint the eye balls. I ain't good enough so rather than have a figure with a face like a boss eye druggy. I leave well alone and take the advice from one of the Grand fathers of figure painting. As he said "from 100 feet away can you see some ones eyeballs? " Just the forearms and hands to do now. These are the Flesh tones I used for those interested, one of the AK boxed sets. Please enjoy folks Dan
  7. Cheers all, I had a monster decaling session last night, Almost finished the decaling stage for the driver, amazing how you can get them to conform, Its not perfect but this is my first attempt. It will get sealed in with some gloss and then flatted down yet, the arms and face need to be sorted out but it's coming together slowly. Regards Dan
  8. Very nice work Kev, looks just what it is fella. Are you going to add some of that green wispy algae to some of the frames? Regards Dan
  9. Dads203

    Spray booths

    Thanks Colin, that’s very much appreciated
  10. I didn’t say how many boxes though
  11. Okay ... but don’t tell anyone else Possibly.... Some Brit Cold War plus a few things thrown in foreign just to mix it up. No particular order really just 8 that I quite fancy building with a reserve 1. AFV Club Scimitar, usual kitchen sink being thrown at it. 2. Tamiya Chally 2 backdated to BAOR 3. Meng Leopard 2A4, I have the Cross Delta Flecktarn decals for the crew 4. Tamiya T-72 ... updated and corrected 5. Tamiya Chieftain with the AA ARV conversion 6. Panda M1 IP Abrams 7. Tamiya Gamma Goat 8. Panda Tunguska Reserve is the Tamiya Gepard. These are just a few that have been put on the pile for the next project, after this I’m back on the 436 Regards Dan
  12. The next build will be a gentle Build Mike, the kit you mentioned has hundreds of parts and will be a complex paint .... So No !
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