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  1. Even with a hurty thumb that’s some outstanding work
  2. I reckon a warm vinegar wash would do wonders for it
  3. The figure and Sherman look superb fella, top notch modelling
  4. CA glue mate, that’s what it was designed for
  5. Punch and die afternoon, Adding some of the smaller missing details to the turret. The turret counter weights were bolted on so added the bolts and washers to the inside of the turret. Also added the turret ring bolts and the .50 cal locking pin to the mount. Drivers hatch is missing a few details, the handle for operating the hatch will get added later . Enjoy Dan
  6. Blimey another cracker of a kit in the build, nice one mate
  7. Stuart, I think they would be 4ft or 12ft whip antennas, it would depend on the freq being used, lower the freq the longer the antenna is the rule but there are other factors involved.
  8. Cheers chaps, Adding the foundry markings to the cast parts, These look about right but are not probably accurate, hard to find clear pictures of a M10 showing these clearly. These have gone onto an area which has had some Klear added, once dry they will get another coat of clear to seal them in. Enjoy Dan
  9. Starting to come together now with a touch of paint waiting to see more.
  10. Cheers chaps, Real world living getting in the way of my modelling again so not had much time at the bench. Anyway I have managed to get a few more bits together on the build, drivers and radio operators hatches get scopes. Used some old Tamiya Sherman scopes cut down. More of the armour bosses added, one side done now And the exhaust gets some texture, Mr Surfacer added and stippled, more yet to go. Enjoy Dan
  11. Iceland https://vymaps.com/IS/WWII-US-Navy-LCM-ship-wreck-60418/ http://www.thewanders.eu/abandoned-shipwreck-in-mjoifjordur-iceland/ https://magicalskyiceland.com/about/__skipsprammiph3a1550_72dpi/ https://www.tripadvisor.com/LocationPhotoDirectLink-g608878-d13149802-i290507134-Mjoifjordur-Neskaupstadur_East_Region.html
  12. That’s turned out really well indeed, it could easily pass off for a 1/35 scale build
  13. No slipping of the standards I see Beefy, cracking build fella
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