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  1. Or fun/painful to watch....it has all the ingredients to be a right disaster
  2. That’s looking superb Rob and you haven’t started painting yet looking forward to seeing you work the magic with the painting stage.
  3. Another small update chaps, Been working on the fuel tank, adding the plumbing connections to the tank. Some sink marks that required filling And the engine, this is the petrol version but I'll not be changing it, this kit was given to me a while ago, part started and the engine was already popped together. They must of used tube glue because it was everywhere, its been cleaned up the best that I can. Sink marks on the rocker covers have been filled and sanded back. I've started texturing the exhaust rails with Mr Surfacer, more needed yet but it's best to build it up slowly. A bit more detail will be added to the block but mainly I'll use it to practise weathering and paint effects. it should be fun. Steering box, cleaned up and yet to be detailed. Started to collect a few ancillary items, better fuel and water cans for the back, a cam net and a few period ALICE packs, these came from Legends set for the Bradley. I have some ration boxes, camp cots and few other items that will go in the back. I'm also going to have a blast at these, been kicking around in my stash for years and its about time I used them, woodland camo decals for the figures. They look a whole heap of fun! I like the fact that you get 3 slightly different shades, washed out and new. If these are to much then I'll be painting the woodland camo, I fear it could be like trying to become a micro tailor. Enjoy Dan
  4. Some great detailing going on here, the canvas cover looks great
  5. Cheers guys, The Aber PE chains are really good for this sort of work and at £7 they aren’t to bad in price. I bought mine about 10 years ago and I still have loads left, not bad considering they get used on all my armour builds https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/ABR35A16 Regards Dan
  6. That's a really well rendered build indeed, lovely finish top and bottom
  7. Cheers chaps, Only a small update today, should allow you all to catch up. So the rear fuel tank, I wasn't going to alter it but I changed my mind, it just looked too long. I cut 5mm off one end and re joined it, much better but not 100% accurate. Academy kit part before surgery And now, I might take some off the other end of the tank yet, I'll see when I test fit it into the interior. I need to squeeze in the radio shelf to the interior yet so more might need to taken off to get it looking right on the inside. More detailing to be added yet such as fuel lines and stop cocks to the tank itself. More details added to the drivers firewall .50 cal cupola mount reduced by 2mm, it looked to high up on the mount to me? Still have quite a few parts yet to add to the cradle and gun, I'm just taking a break from micro PE folding and frustration at the moment. Enjoy Dan
  8. Well if it’s Doctors orders then I shall follow it to the letter then including the Tonic ... But maybe later in the day for that part purely for medicinal value.
  9. Cheers guys, The barrel notch is for a handle that’s part of the RBM barrel set, I’ve not yet added it and I think it’s for an early version possibly Vietnam era? Hopefully there was still a few of the old barrels kicking around during the 80’s and 90’s. Regards Dan
  10. Last thing I've done is just to knock up the cupola with the fifty installed. Enjoy Dan
  11. Cheers Guys, you know tonight I'm having one of those nights, everything I touch goes wrong. It took 2 hours to get the hinge pin in the ammo box bracket, I then dropped the barrel collet on the floor, had issues with CA glue not sticking so I'm probably going to have a big glass of red and leave with my very small progress pictures. It's not a lot so don't get excited. The ammo box of death … that's two hours of frustration to get one bloody pin in,( I really am a sad old git) it need tidying up yet but I'm not going to push my luck. It's been parked for the night. I know the pins need trimming down yet Rob --- You're a Doctor, please tell me that this isn't normal behaviour ? On to the .50 Lots of fit issues with the Aber set, relief being etched on the wrong side, wrong instructions, tolerance's to tight or sloppy etc, I won't go on but I almost binned this and used the Tasca plastic version.... Dan
  12. Cheers everyone for the kind words, Beefy, you can't rush perfection mate, the 43 I'm building is going be my old wagon so it's gotta be bang on mate. It will be worth the wait Regards Dan ( The slow 43 builder )
  13. Those fibreglass pencils are evil indeed, i’m Always picking shards out of my fingers after using them. The vinegar works well in cleaning up any soldered jobs, it cleans them right up.
  14. Cheers chaps, No, I’m not the man himself Soldering, I use nothing more than Carrs solder paint and a micro blowtorch. The key is keeping the joints clean so I use a fibreglass pencil to give everything a good clean up. I’ve melted a few PE parts in the past so I’m not perfect at this, there are far better out there than me but I’ve developed a technique that works for me. I also clean up the soldered parts after soldering by dipping it in white vinegar, this removes any of the flux left over, any blobs of solder I remove with the fibreglass pencil. Regards Dan
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