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  1. Dads203

    1/35 aftermarket 7.62 gpmg

    Live resin, definitely the best GPMG on the (after) market, but it represents an earlier version with the wooden barrel change/carry handle. The Accurate Armour version is a later version with the plastic handle so more suited to 1990’s onwards.
  2. Dads203

    MGB658 Scratch built

    Very nice work Kev, looking forward to seeing you work your Figure magic on the crew, no doubt they will all look stunning
  3. Dads203

    Airfix Sea king HU5 build No2

    Thank you folks for the likes and comments, this build is following very closely to my first build some of you might have noticed, I'll not be spending too much time on the rear cabin as you don't really see much and as I'm not putting any crew in it should speed up the build a bit... not much but a bit Seats getting some padding And the gear bays getting some work done. Fuel filler backed in Cheers Dan
  4. Dads203


    Good to see you back Bish, tis been a while mate
  5. Dads203

    Airfix Sea king HU5 build No2

    So a bit more done, the one item that is really noticeable is the larger radome on the spine of the aircraft. It's the Revell part from their sea king kit. I've popped it together and roughly removed the seams. It will require cutting down as this part is to high. To give the radome a bit more strength I've added some plastic strip as when the top and bottom are separated it becomes very fragile. Sponsons are getting a bit of work done, in the wheel bays Airfix have engineered some huge gaps, these are now filled with Mr Dissolved putty, they will require a quick sanding. The topsides will also get rescribed to restore the lost detail. More later Dan
  6. Dads203

    Strange Love - part 1

    A lot of talent has gone into that figure fella, the tonal variation in just the waistcoat is awesome let lone the rest of the figure, the hat is again another amazing bit of paint work, keep it up
  7. Dads203

    And we lose another one

  8. Dads203

    Strange Love - part 1

    Very different but bloody nicely executed, some great painting indeed.
  9. Dads203

    Airfix Sea king HU5 build No2

    All in hand Colin, I did just that on the last HU5 build
  10. Mostly my own doing, overthining the transparent paint, getting runs, dust particles, hairs .... very frustrating
  11. Ran, if you paint the transparent green from the inside then it will look much better mate i had to repaint my canopy 9 times before I was happy so I know what a pain it is .
  12. Dads203

    RN submarine color

    I’ve been told that the tiles are actually a dark purple when new, almost black from a distance but weather up rapidly, my source spent 28 years on RN Submarines starting on HMS Turbulent and finishing up on HMS Vengance as a CPO Stoker, he saw Turbulent through a few refits in his time and joined the boat from the first sea trials.
  13. Dads203

    Airfix Sea king HU5 build No2

    So I thought this might be a GPS receiver, I think now that its a Tetra Airwave radio set. I scratch built the terminal and antenna, it's close enough and not much will be seen in the cockpit once it's all together. Some cables to add and a bit more fettling yet, the whole thing need a bit of cleaning up before a primer shot. Cheers for looking Dan
  14. Dads203

    1/48 resin Gannet AEW3

    Pictures or it never happened