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  1. This might be useful if you haven’t already found it. https://hmvf.co.uk/topic/11216-fv439-ptarmigan/
  2. I'd recommend trying to grab these for ref Ian, some great photo's and they do cover the 439, not many photo's but you'll get more of an idea.
  3. Soest was my best posting with Herford being very close second, I arrived as a sprog late on in 89 and loved it. I did go back around 97 to see what the old haunts looked like and Salamanca barracks was a business park and San Seb had been taken over by a foil manufacturer, well part of it. The Annex was still looking like it did and apart from the over grown trees you would of thought it was still in operation. All very sad to see these places go and close up. Big Ben, that went shortly after 3 Div and the other camps closed i'm afraid, the Schnelly on the rin
  4. Here are a couple for you, FV435 is the correct designation 00FA20 was originally a 6 Brigade wagon which was 206 Signal Sqn and my old Sqn ( 6 Brigade Rhino on the side plus the 3 Div Tricorn on the back door ) and I think this was taken at AVSD Luggershall prior to disposal probably 1993-94 ish. I have driven this exact wagon and probably track bashed it at some point when 206 Signal Squadron was an independent Brigade. I left the Squadron shortly after they amalgamated into 3 UK Armoured Div and moved back to the UK. And another one again probably jus
  5. If you are after doing a radio relay wagon then @Wogga is your man fella, he’s done a full conversion using 3d print tech, bloody good it is too, he’s ex Corps so knows the subject well. We classified all the Ptarmigan wagons as 439’s but it is a grey area with the 432 family tree. The original 439 was from memory the Cymbeline radar system which really did add a bucket full of confusion when it came to ordering spares. I ordered up some parts for one of our radio relays and ended up getting kit that wasn’t from our line of gear, one or two digits out on the NSN (NATO stock numbe
  6. Which version are you looking at building? FV439 covers the Radio Relay, SASMC and the Wavell battlefield computer system. All 3 are Ptarmigan or interface with it.
  7. Mig Ammo washable dust is just a paint that can be removed with water, great for creating some good effects, just spray on and then remove. Gives you a different effect than chipping fluid, I’m liking this product and can see more uses for it in the future. Cheers guys for the great feedback on the build so far
  8. Cheers chap Yeah, Hornet heads on the stock Tamiya figures, also I think on how Mr T would of wanted to see mate, I had to substitute the heads though as the Hornet heads are a real thing of beauty. Lots of praise for the new generation of Tamiya figs, they are pushing the boundaries of IM.
  9. That’s looking the dogs mate, lovely work fella, really well done
  10. I try and not use pigments Andy, not sure why but I just couldn't get convincing results with it, found it a bit of a mare to blend. Not saying that they don't have a place but I'm finding other methods which seem to work well (ish) Liking the enamel based stuff as it behaves much like oils but the drying time is much quicker. Still use oils for lots of applications and I really like the Abeilung range, the pigments are ground up finer than standard artist oils so they don't look grainy when thinned right down.
  11. Cheers Guys, More weathering and fine tuning of a few things, added some black oil again heavily thinned to random areas, these were blended with a damp brush, (Mineral Spirits again ) just blended enough to show a slight shadow. I've used some light rust wash on the chipped up areas of the turret open top area, not a lot just a hint. Thinners I use. And the oil paint You can just make out the black oil on the turret counter weights. And the turret roof An
  12. Lovely work Kev, some fantastic work being put into this build, all very precise mate.
  13. Nice bit of kit that you have chosen to build, looking forward to seeing it develop mate.
  14. You just want to see me build a Tiger eh ? it will happen, don’t worry.
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