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  1. That’s looking tasty Kev It will look superb once you get some paint on buddy.
  2. Awesome work indeed, could easily be mistaken for a 35th scale build
  3. Cheers Guys for the great feedback on the project, So I've been busy with the tie downs on the roof of the 113, there are a few and they are tiny, most don't want to bend evenly but I think after primer they will be okay. I still have a few more to add yet so it's going to take a while. I've also sprayed the scopes up on the cupola with silver and clear green, these will get masked up before the final colour. Also added the radio shelf support brackets. Enjoy Dan
  4. Again some great work going on Kev, that sunshine in your photos must be doing the world of good
  5. Not sure how I missed this one but it’s looking rather tasty John
  6. Hang in there with the PE, it’s a proper mare when you first start working with it but you will get the hang of it, each model you use it with get easier and you’ll gain more confidence with it It has a place with modelling and as long as you take your time you’ll agree eventually The kit really is a great kit and I’m sure you’ll do a great job in the end.
  7. Slow progress I'm afraid chaps, a lot is going on in the world of Dads203 so grabbing bench time is something I'm not really able to do. I will try harder though. More interior detailing and the creation of the small details that you would find on a M113 in Germany during the cold war. MRE boxes Ammo tins and the personal kit from the crew. More wiring going on in the engine bay. Some of the details have yet to be finished off but it's getting close now. Regards Dan
  8. I think coastal craft do a section of US Navy carrier deck that might be suitable for your needs. I have used their products and can say that they are quality products indeed
  9. Looks like you might be pipping me to the post with you build Roger, it’s looking rather good with the green primer on fella, noticed that you have the same issue with the engine hatch as I do. I think the radiator is to far to close the hull side and it’s throwing out the geometry just a touch. I fitted my hatch and the pressure just pinged off the radiator so I think I’ll have to modify the mounting to give a few mm extra clearance. Might be worth investigating mate? Hope all goes well with the wife’s sister, bloody cancer.... Spent the last Christmas with my Mum because of this horrible nasty disease that needs to wiped of the face of this planet. Regards Dan
  10. Good spot Richard, I did notice it early on during the build and took it that Tamiya modelled a A0 wagon, I’ll have to do a bit of digging about but it looks an easy fix with a bit of epoxy putty Regards Dan
  11. Cheers guys, Had a break from it all over the Xmas but managed an hour today, mainly adding all the bits n bobs to the interior. A few more details to add and a bit of pigments yet to go in but we are getting close. Happy New year to you all. Regards Dan
  12. Dads203

    FV432 with M2

    Sorry bud I joined 212 when they moved to Herford as part of 1 UK Div, one of the best jobs I had as CRA’s driver, until they found out I had my track licence and I had to move to diamond one and take over G3 Ops.
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