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  1. No weapon system used in combat is 100% effective, that’s a given. No matter what the weapon salesman says. As far as I’m concerned especially in Ukraine an “M” kill is still a kill, the Russian REMEski are not as effective as their western counterparts and with Ru Tankers bailing and abandoning there tanks and running off if they survive the contact. As we have seen with the Ukraine special towing force (Tractor Brigade) they are removing intact and damaged tanks from the battle field to put them back into Ukrainian service so the “M” kill scenario works to Ukrainian advantage. I would also imagine that the crews who were lucky to survive an M kill would be rather low on the old morale front which will ebb away the combat effectiveness of any fighting force in a very short period of time. Several T-72’s have been mauled by the Ukrainian BTR 30mm auto cannon, not just the one that has been referenced, one that was shot at very close range under the sponson sides during a Fibua engagement didn’t fair very well and probably brewed up shortly after.
  2. Not sure where you have read that, the Ukrainians are becoming very skilled in killing Ru tanks with modern NATO weapons and some of the older Soviet era stuff. The Ru losses that are published also reflect that Ukraine is doing something right plus the fact that Russia is now deploying the T-62M into Ukraine. Russia is running out of tanks. Just checked todays stats and Russia has lost 1322 main battle tanks. There is a video of a Ukrainian BTR killing two T-72’s with a 30mm cannon going around which also proves that Ru armour technology is not as good as the western equivalent. I can see after all the fighting is over that Ukraine will probably train some western partners as they have rewritten the anti-tank rule book. The cope cages did not work at all and were more of a hinderance / danger for the crews, NLAW and Javelin has a duel warhead designed to defeat such modifications.
  3. Enemy combatants in Afghan didn’t use modern NATO top attack ATGW’s, such as NLAW and Javelin. Bar amour fitted to the warrior will defeat first generation RPG munitions but not any duel warhead top attack latest generation weapons. Bar armour was developed for a different threat entirely. This is now why the likes of Chally 3 will have an active defence system fitted - Trophy if my memory is correct? https://www.army.mod.uk/news-and-events/news/2021/06/pioneering-new-technology-for-challenger-3/
  4. It was a short lived stupid mod, all being removed as it caused issues with comms - antenna touching the cage. Also a major issue when bailing out after NLAW rash. https://en.defence-ua.com/analysis/interview_with_russian_tank_operator_how_barbecue_grills_turned_tanks_into_iron_coffins_without_communication_and_what_tankmen_are_afraid_of-3060.html
  5. Cheers Smudge, I’m kinda set on the Brazilian Air Force scheme at the moment but I’m not 100% set on it yet.
  6. Yellow handbag was the unofficial currency for dropping the per verbal b***ock a kind of payment as well as a morale lifting refreshment. https://collection.nam.ac.uk/detail.php?acc=2018-04-3-1
  7. Canopy molding seams polished out and the static wicks getting added. Enjoy
  8. Update time, work done on the landing gear and some of the stores. Enjoy
  9. A few days into the build and a masking session on the prop. Quickboost control sticks with the Quinta decals added. Drop Tanks primed. I've also removed the seam from the main canopy and polished it up plus added all the strakes to the rear of the Fuselage. Enjoy
  10. Strange, being told off for posting pictures in the RFI section ? How weird.
  11. More work done tonight. Gear bays painted up, some primer to check seams and the exhaust painted up, 6 colours used on the exhaust so far. Elevators modified as HB got them wrong, they butted up against the rudder so a small angled cut was required to allow the rudder to move. Same script with the outboard pylons, they would of fowled the alerions so these were cut down. Enjoy
  12. Fuselage closed up and wings on, I must say the the fit of this kit is one of the best I have built. lovely to pop together. No filler at this point only a smidgen of Vallejo Putty on the wing root and a tiny bit of Mr Surfacer to check the seams. Canopy check fit time. Enjoy
  13. Rear seat being sorted out, only a couple of decals more to add. Adding the nose weight, lots more to add yet. And the first colour on the exhausts, more colours to add yet.
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