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  1. Awesome bit of micro modelling/engineering Kev, up to and beyond your normal standard I think buddy.
  2. Nothing wrong at all with that back bin lovely bit of scratch building. Dan
  3. Just catching up Beefy, it’s now looking fantastic with some paint on fella, really nice indeed.
  4. Funny you should say that but the 432 MK2 conversion turned up this morning
  5. That’s looking really great, some nice weathering applied in the right places
  6. I think you might of just taken a seriously great build to another level Kev
  7. Well saved indeed, it’s normally the pins that suffer first as they have no paint protection once the track is assembled. You are not the first nor will you be the last who has done this, I’ve managed it in the past on a set of Bronco tracks which had a large part count per link, they were a write off. The BUK looks really great BTW
  8. Top tip Helios but it sounds like you found out the hard way mate Any mineral based spirit will strip out the plasticisers and cause it to crumble. I know it’s Probably too late now but you need to use a acrylic based wash. I feel your pain, depending on how bad they are you can get some Fruil white metal links to use, that’s if you feel that the kit tracks are now a write off. Dan
  9. Cheers John, I have plenty lined up but it changes daily I’m afraid. So the shortlist today is as follow, all 1/35, no particular order. Panda - M1 Abrams IP Meng - Leopard 2A4 Amusing Hobby - Conqueror AFV Club - M88 , this is 80% done but a stalled build Academy - Warrior with the AA battalion comd conversion Takom - FV 436 conversion, started a while ago, needs finishing off but a huge amount of scratch building. AFV Club - Scimitar, Castoff update Takom - Puma, modern German 8 wheel recce vehicle Tamiya - Pink Panther, dressed for Europe. Only a small short list Regards Dan
  10. Good start Francis, the interior is really shaping up mate
  11. Very nice Kev, the smashed glass is really effective and sets the general mood well.
  12. So the last few plastic parts going on now, the "A" Frames are complete and test fitted into the mounts, a couple of missing welds added so this is basically the rear almost done now. Front towing points are done apart from the chains for the locking pins. Now its just basically the two tow ropes that need to be added and the mounting brackets on the rear deck, a few more chains and then primer. I might scratch up the interlink brackets for the "A" frames yet and I need to address the travel lock for the MG-3 so not long until we get into paint. Cheers for looking and stay safe. Dan
  13. Very nice build Dean, considering the heritage of the kit I think you have done it proud mate
  14. Top man, some other interesting products that I have spied Under the label Cheers for sharing that fella
  15. Cheers Terry, You don’t happen to have the link for the VMS Anti-Slip do you? Ivan will be pleased to get stocked up again and I’m sure others would like know Regards Dan
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