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  1. A big penis should be tattooed on their foreheads for all to see, after a suitable main punishment fitting the crime. What is wrong with some people...
  2. I have a few brushes in the tool set, my first Badger 200 that I bought back in the late 1980’s , after that a Badger 150 but both of these have not been used for over a decade now. My daily driver is an Iwata TR1, MRP brush is an Iwata CM-C and I’ve just acquired a Procon brush which hasn’t yet been used but I have the 0.2 and 0.3 needles for if it’s as good as everyone is saying then I can see that being the daily driver from now on.
  3. Dads203

    Stormer tracks

    CVRT I think , late type
  4. You don’t need much adding but I can’t see why not Curt, I just mix up what I need in a palette, it keeps it workable for a while longer than straight paint and it transforms the way it brushes. https://www.tamiya.com/english/products/87114paint_retarder/index.htm Dan
  5. Curt, You need to get hold of a bottle, comes in same bottle style as the Tamiya extra thin cement but its called Paint Retarder. You'll stand a better chance of brushing it on using this stuff. Tamiya is horrible to brush but sprays with an airbrush beautifully, thinning it I don't think will make a difference but I've been impressed with the Tamiya own paint retarder. Dan
  6. Cheers Glynn, It was a really enjoyable build and not too troublesome, yours is going to look great BTW So a bit of time today, not much but the forward tiedowns are done. Rear cabin windows are now glued in and fixed. Regards Dan
  7. Not when you try it.. it's a revelation
  8. MRP ... The best invention since the advent of the airbrush
  9. Cheers Tim, Grabbed this to help out with the build, perfect for what I need it for, a really nice engineered bit of kit. It's a GSI Mr vice, sound ominous but a great bit of kit, the jaws are on a ball joint so you can angle it in any direction. I know most of you appreciate good kit so I thought it best to show you, something that I didn't know existed until a week or so ago. Regards Dan
  10. Got to agree the resin bag looks much better than the kit offering, coming together now mate
  11. Cheers guys Adding the tie down rings. Kit rendition my version Some fettling left to do but not much. Regards Dan
  12. At least you got a reply, I bought a kit a few years (5+actually) ago, it sat in the stash for a while (years) and I decided to have a go at building last year, found that a major part was missing and emailed them several times .. Nada, not a dicky bird back from them. emailed the UK agent and the same. Gave up and will find another way to sort the problem, the kit by the time I was going to build it was OOP but it would of been nice to get a response and its now back in the catalogue. Good luck with getting the canopy sorted out, it really looks a cracking kit. Dan
  13. I have used PVA on my Sea King (72nd) build for the insulator with Ezline as the HF antenna wire, no problems at all , the long tube was insulation cut from an old phone hands free kit threaded over the line, quite effective I think. Regards Dan
  14. PVA glue works a treat for adding these, just as Stuart said above, you can build them up over time to the diameter that you require
  15. Cheers Phil, Modifying the resin rear wheel carrier to fit the Airfix kit Nothing special just a bit of plastic rod, I've added the tie down loop from brass wire. Cheers for looking Dan
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