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  1. That’s looking the dogs mate, must say this is shaping up to be one of your best builds Si.
  2. Decals - Eduard what have you done !! These had to be the most frustrating decals I've ever applied to a model, they shattered and broke apart with just a stern look ! I did wonder why they give you two complete sets for one Pod, now i know why Some have a chunks missing but its the best I could do. I was even contemplating looking for a set from the Hasegawa weapons set to use. I will seal them in with some varnish and do some gentile weathering once dry.
  3. And the lens fitted. Sensor head stowed
  4. That’s looking spot on fella, good to see all the FFR bits added
  5. Cheers Kev AN/AAQ-28 Litening pod now blocked out. Primed and sprayed with gunship grey. I hit the sensor head with some chipping fluid and before the top coat added some MRP Zinc Chromate primer colour. I then chipped up the back of the sensor head to reveal the base primer coat, more painting still required yet but its looking okay. Sensor head is stowed with the back in the airflow so some photos I’ve seen show this to be battered up.
  6. New gun port added and rear canopy tinted with MRP clear yellow.
  7. Cheers chaps for all the likes and comments. So i have started cleaning up the AN/ALQ131 pod (again) but this time the right version. Pylon has been modified and sway braces added. ELGTR round is above the 131 pod. Lovely bit of 3D printing More on the ELGTR round. The bomb is encased in a protective sprue with separate seeker head and pyro charge. Seams removed and canopies polished up, I used this ? Enjoy
  8. Aires fella, lovely bit of kit and well worth the coin
  9. New AN/ALQ Shallow pod arrived today along with the gun port. The RAM plates on the nose were not looking great from the Cross Delta set, my doing as I creased one of them so I ripped them off and made new plastic ones. They will get fettled in better. The rest of the scab plates fitted on the spine. Quick test fit of the canopy, now I think i read that the MLU update fleet are doing away with the yellow tinted canopies and going back to clear? Is this correct - I have seen a few pictures with Vipers showing a clear front canopy with the yellow tinted rear ? Canopy needs polishing up yet, its full of scratches at this point in time. So a long list of things to do yet before primer, Sand - Scribe- Rivet - not in that order Enjoy
  10. I don’t normally wipe down again after priming as it’s normally one of the last things that’s done before the top coat goes on. At this point handling is kept to a minimum and the parts have a suitable handle on as to avoid it. I can only think that something has gotten on to the primed area on your wing for it to fisheye like that fella or the primer might not have cured properly? If the primer has gone on without any issues then you shouldn’t have any issue with the topcoat.
  11. Did you wash the parts before painting? Could be that the parts have some localised contamination like oil from your fingers or mould release ~ you might of tried to lay it down a bit thick in those areas as well. Some micro mesh should knock it back but I would strip and start again. You should also prime with a proper primer for best effect. 80% of a good finish is based upon good prep work.
  12. @Filler Many thanks, the gun port arrived this morning in perfect condition.
  13. Scab plates going onto the fuselage, some Klu vipers have them where as I have seen photo's with none, I can only presume that the airframes with none are low hour or brand new (ish). Did the MLU upgrade remove these? The Daco book doesnt give much away about them apart from all versions have some but doesnt mention the MLU or later blocks, I presume that the later block 50's onwards were re-enforced during build so they dont require them? Enjoy
  14. Still awaiting the new shallow 131 pod but cracking on, some bits done and I've roughed out the RWR for the tail of the aircraft, these still need blending in and contouring up a bit more. You can see that I've been blending in the resin tail extension a bit more and totally obliterated the panel lines, next will a job with a scriber I think? Also painted up the rear of the cockpit area so I can fix the rear canopy at some point. A tad of overspray but noting too serious but a bit more detail painting and hghlighting yet. Anyone got a late Hasegawa Gun Port? The one I have is an early and incorrect - The one I'm after is the two gill version. I could probably alter the version that I have but I thinking I might screw it up. The wrong one :- Now Sorted out Enjoy
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