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  1. I'm finding it just to soft for it to work bud... Once you get the roller or stamp wet to stop it from sticking it really does take on the consistancy of Philidelpha soft cheese Now Steve mentioned Milliput, the Tamiya Putty has a similar feeling to Milliput, I did use Milliput years ago to do a whole heap of German armour Zim so I might give it a blast again and see. I'll report back with my findings.
  2. Another micro update from me, been having a few issues with the Zimmerit in all honesty and its not been going smoothly - Excuse the pun I've been working on other areas of the Tiger, staying away from the Zimmerit just to think it through. The Magic Sculpt is too soft made worse by having to keep the tools wet makes the putty like soft cheese !! The Tamiya Putty is just a touch too hard so I'm going to experiment with heating it up slightly to make it a bit more soft but not too soft. Anyway some progress shots, front mud guards have
  3. That is looking rather superb Matt, looks the dogs mate, the workmanship is first rate
  4. Is that Villers Bocage ? If so I was there last Aug and had a brew on high street next to where a knocked tiger once sat. I’m going keep hold of the late barrel mate, I have 3 lates in the stash, soz
  5. Right... Zimmerit It is now officially a fricken right pain. Tamiya stuff is time consuming to apply and on the larger areas just peels off when I use the roller or stamp, I've warmed it up to make it softer and allowed time for it to stick to the side of the turret but to no avail, I'm using plenty of water but its just getting to point where I'll just sack off the build as its not fun at all. Plan B is to use Magic Sculpt, this is just a bit to soft but it kinda works ? I'm going to leave this dry and see If I like it in the morning.
  6. Big box of the stuff here ? Not sure where they are though? https://www.1001hobbies.co.uk/supplies-auxiliary-products/84904-tamiya-87143-quick-epoxy-putty-4950344871438.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIoo2k577p7wIV02DmCh32rQJNEAQYAyABEgJKSvD_BwE
  7. Its been in the stash for about 10 years, I bought it from lucky model in Hong Kong to use up the postage allowance. Not sure where you might get it from closer to home fella ?
  8. Once again John I would say that you nailed it mate some lovely little touches that really stand out and really add to the finished Build.
  9. Stunning work matey, the final reveal was well worth the wait, fantastic build and again total quality all round Whats next ?
  10. Really good save on the paint fella, you would never know that it was an issue. It’s looking really superb
  11. Cheers chaps, its been a while since a built a Tiger so this has to be the first bit of German WW2 Armour that I have knocked out since 1998, been thinking about it and that was the last time that I had to do any Zimmerit !! I'll leave you with the last set of photo's of the day. Enjoy
  12. This stuff And using the Lion Roar Zim roller and stamp And the turret escape hatch gets some
  13. Just remembered why I don't build much German WW2 armour..... Zimmerit First attempt in over 20 years
  14. Aber early barrel turned up last week so i have the correct barrel I must add though I had issues getting the muzzle brake soldered up, it was a right swine to close the front and back ends, it was almost like they hadn't removed enough material for it to fit properly? I have a feeling that the first part of the brake was damaged at the time of manufacture as it still quite doesn't look right ? And the rest of the grills and other details added to the rear. Enjoy
  15. Top notch work indeed matey, all of it - just stunning !
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