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  1. Soooo, is this not the time to bring it up? When they are in early CAD design. Just making them aware there might be a problem with it. That they might of made a mistake on previous issues. Nothing gets fixed if you just sit on your rears and say nothing!
  2. Looks to me like the main wheels weren't glued on straight. The nose gear is slightly mounted off to the right.
  3. Hopefully this is successful. I am hoping eventually that they do a FH-1 Phantom.
  4. The F6U has it's place in U.S. Naval aviation history as the first jet for the U.S. Navy. Successful or not still a cool jet to have in the collection. Here is the sole surviving example restored by Vought at Pensacola. https://www.navalaviationmuseum.org/aircraft/f6u-pirate/ I would like one too. In the NAS Oakland markings. They are doing a -3 though.
  5. Just did. Nice photos! Yes saw that one. My brain must have been thinking of something else. Need more sleep! LOL Speaking of Invaders. Did you see the January issue Air Classics? The one on the cover is based here at the local airport and owned by my former boss.
  6. Thanks Andrey, I have that sheet already. Was hoping for another if and when that goes out of print. The -700 is not as prevalent as the other marks. Just 4 Russian airlines it seems are or have flown it. Alan
  7. The vertical was cranked forward and shape was off. From what I can remember mentioned years ago. In your area? I've been wanting to do this ever since seeing the movie. There is one here in my town at the local museum I belong to. It is painted up to represent a Korean war -C model. The pilot that flew the original one was from here. Story: https://pacificcoastairmuseum.org/santa-rosa-press-democrat-article-pcam-26-invader/
  8. Don't know how old the message is. But on the website says under new ownership, and said owner is going over everything. To evaluate a re-release. There is a few sheets I would like to get too.
  9. Very nice! Do you recall what was the decal sheet number? I can't find them anywhere.
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