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  1. Yes they are. But I would think someone like Quick Boost will come to the rescue. Really good shots here at the USAFM. Especially of the cockpit. Available for Hi-Res download. https://www.nationalmuseum.af.mil/Visit/Museum-Exhibits/Fact-Sheets/Display/Article/196070/douglas-b-26k-a-26-counter-invader/
  2. About time! Caracal decals did 2 sheets for the old Revell kit. Wonder if they will work on this kit? Probably have to redo them.
  3. Would be too expensive and too big! I live in a small apartment, not a Sports stadium. 1/48 would be plenty big enough. Don't get me wrong I would love a 1/48 CH-54 and /or a MH-53 from them. But since this is ICM. I would much rather see them do the Mi-28, Ka-50/52, Mi-17 families in 1/48. That KH had announced, (Except for the Mi-17) but shattered all my hopes and dreams!
  4. Finally got one of these. Cool little kit. Hope they release the later versions as used over Vietnam. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ryan_Model_147#/media/File:556th_RS_AQM-34_Drone.jpg
  5. I really want the Flanker B to do this Ukrainian one. Have the excellent set from Foxbot. https://foxbot.com.ua/48-047a-e.html Wonder if someone will make some groundcrew getting blown across the grass in 1/48? Go to 6:30 for the blow over.
  6. Nobody is perfect. Accidents and overlooking details still happen. It's human nature. At least they are going to fix it. How many Trumpyboss kits have been redone? So when they do finally release it. You can never have too many Tiger Meet aircraft. So bring it on! What a beautiful scheme.
  7. Yeah he had me at F-16D. But lost me at 1/72.
  8. Just announced from Seal Model Kit available at Arma-Models. I can't find if SMK have their own website. But just what the doctor ordered! A resin cockpit. https://arma-models.ru/catalog/smola/smk48011_kabina_dlya_su_57_dlya_firmy_zvezda/
  9. RATS!! I was just getting ready to order the Eduard set. Thanks for saving me from buying a bunch of sets. Alan
  10. Just got mine from Lucky Model. In box it looks really nice! So the only bummer is lack of weapons. That said what are the rocket pods used on the Pucara in the Falklands and where can they be sourced? Alan
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