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  1. The first one I want to do is a Rhodesian one. Then some puddle jumpers from the Caribbean islands. St. Maarten, St. Barts, etc. Would love to see this evolve into other models as well. Like this. Oh happy days!
  2. This is some great news. Want to do a few of the O-2 versions too. Based on the Reims FTB-337G, it is not the same as the Cessna O-2 version. I hope they do their homework and add all the new parts including new fuselage for the Lynx version. Also please have better luck than I have had in finding shots for a proper interior. Alan
  3. sinistervampire319

    The Su-57 are arriving

    Yes. I read that too and remember seeing some drawings on one of the then T-50 PAK/FA Facebook pages.
  4. sinistervampire319

    1/48 Italeri Jaguar GR-1

    I remember that too. I hope it is the one they announced all those millions of years ago.
  5. OMG!! OMG!! Thank you Airfix! Whenever I can get to my storage. I will be getting rid of my Academy kits, Every conceivable bit of aftermarket for them. My Aeroclub Vacuform as well. I will keep my Meteor productions decals though for the Airfix kit. Well I might also hang on to some bits to make it into the FGA.9.
  6. Hi Julien,
    Here is a few photos I took at the local airshow a few years ago. It is a O-2 Skymaster "Don't Shoot".

  7. sinistervampire319

    riveting lines for 1/48 Cessna O-2 or Reims 337 Milirole?

    Here is a few photos I took at the local airshow back in 2009. These might help a little. https://www.flickr.com/photos/7288196@N03/albums/72157691432730065
  8. sinistervampire319

    riveting lines for 1/48 Cessna O-2 or Reims 337 Milirole?

    Are you modifying the Testors O-2 kit with the Reims FTB-337G mods? All the research over the years I have done on this, the rivets I have overlooked. Also finding the internal photos of the ammo and feed system have eluded me. Good luck on your project and post photos. Cheers!
  9. At least one of them that I build will be this scheme. With the .303's and wing racks.
  10. Finally someone noticed my P-51D joke in the Zvezda post! Lol

  11. Are you thinking of the early Cessna 337 versions? The Reims version has all the mods of the FTB-337G. This is the FT-337G Civilian version. Here is a Cessna 337. No reinforcing on tail, no cambered wingtips, different windows. Similar arrangement to the O-2.