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  1. In a heartbeat. Love that scheme! I have seen 2 painted ones so far. Decals shouldn't be that hard to do. They could do it in segments.
  2. I remember your build. You did a super nice job! Sorry I didn't have those walkarounds when you built it. But I don't really think you needed them. I am still going to finish mine someday. Wanted to do the RQ-4B Block 20. It would seem I waited too long and now they have been upgraded to the EQ-4B BACN! I know right? See this all over (un)social media and other forums. Cheers, Alan
  3. Have that in my still need to finish pile. Got a nice walkaround of one at Beale a few years ago. See link. http://www.primeportal.net/hangar/alan_davilla/rq-4b_global_hawk_05-2023/
  4. Kittyhawk is getting better. But with their track record, you have to be reserved as to what it will be like. I understand Zvezdas explanation if they do multiple versions. Then why no rivets. Also the price will be really nice.
  5. While you are all down for those couple of months, it will give you guys time to brainstorm. Maybe some ideas for more 1/48 aircraft and helicopters.
  6. I asked them on their Facebook page yesterday. It would be great if they would.
  7. Don't know if you got anywhere on your search for a Revell HH-3. But Atlantis models bought Revell and just re-released the Jolly Green. https://www.atlantis-models.com/preorderjollygreengiantrescuehelicopterhh-3e172atlantis.aspx?utm_source=cheyenne+peacemaker&utm_campaign=12-8-19&utm_medium=email
  8. Back when I was active in the local air museum here in town. The neighbor if you will was a Mr. Bob Archibald who at the time owned Dragonfly Aviation a flight school. We became good friends over the years. He flew RF-101's in Vietnam. He unfortunately passed away in 2013 from Cancer. I really do miss him as he was loaded with history. His claim to fame was that he's the one who headed the development of Project Six Shooter. Here is the gun section of the website. https://www.f-106deltadart.com/piwigo/index.php?/category/443 Six Shooter test airplane F-106A #58-795 in Lou Drendel painting. In his RF-101C Vietnam. In front of his RF-101C Look at the handlebars on that stache! ADC Commander Gen. Agan and Major Archibald inspect first installation of 20mm Vulcan cannon in F-106 "Sixshooter". This was same era when they added the gun to the F-4E, in fact this same gun came from the MacDonnell Factory floor at St Louis. In the F-106A His credentials for the project.
  9. Go to a photo hosting site like Imgur. Stay away from Photobucket. Upload the photos. Select the photos you want to show. Click generate a BBCode for msg boards and forums and paste into the thread. Click on the preview button upper right to make sure it's showing up. Adjust as necessary, hit reply. Badaboom.
  10. Yes the vertical tail joints were reinforced. Also wingtips, entry door, prop spinner comes to mind.
  11. Also it looks like the MG kits props are better than ICM's. ICM's are too pointy. Mind you. I am not bashing ICM's. Their faults are minor. Also I should have mentioned earlier that there is/ has been 3 A-26's at my local airport. One belongs to the air museum, that I have taken part with helping in it's restoration off and on since 1992. The other 2 are owned by local owners or at least were. One went away years ago and the 3rd was a very recent restoration and was in last January's Air Classics magazine. I just found out it too was sold recently. I went out there recently and got photos of the museum's Invader. A lot of the armor is missing. But I heard they have sourced some from somewhere for it. Alan City of Santa Rosa was a Korean war A-26. This one is just painted up as it. You can see the step of the remaining armor from the windscreen forward. In this shot, you can see the difference in the nose to fuselage step because of the missing armor. Right front forward. Armor missing closest to camera. See the remaining armor. This is how it should be on the ICM kit. The right side armor steps up to the lower front of the wing fairing. Not all the way to the rear of the wing like on the port side. Lower right front. Beveled edge no wood strip where armor ends. Right front. The cutout is where the round cover would be.
  12. Yes it is (fat) among other things. Quickboost makes corrected nacelles for the Monogram kit.
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