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  1. Yes the fairings are flush at the armor. That's what I have been trying to say. Look at the photos I posted. The fairing is supposed to be angled. Not how they did it. They also left off the added armor all together. I don't think they had an actual example to study. Again look at the Monogram kit. It is correct. Alan
  2. Yes because they screwed it up. They didn't finish it. That should have been molded just like you see in all the photos as just a wedge shaped piece of phenolic plastic material that blends the thicker armor to the skin of the aircraft. But they completely forgot for whatever reason to not finish the added armor. Look at the Monogram sprue on the Cybermodeler link and you will see they actually got it right despite that kits shortcomings.
  3. This should help. http://www.primeportal.net/hemtt.htm#m977
  4. Def models are really nice. They would definitely be the ones that would do this.
  5. It's not conduit nor duct. It is fairing strips for the Dural bolt on armor. Please look again as they are straight from the AF manuals on the A-26. https://www.avialogs.com/aircraft-d/douglas/itemlist/category/304-a-26invader Read section secttion G The kit got it wrong on the right side. It should do a step and end at the front bottom of the wing fairing. Not continue all the way to the gunner door. Only the left side does. Enlarge this photo to see what I mean. http://8thattacksquadron.yolasite.com/korea.php 5th photo right side. Enlarge it and you can see the strips. Hard to see on black aircraft. Just a few examples I found on the interwebs. Also on the WWII and later natural metal aircraft. The Dural Aluminium really stands out as darker. This is an A-26B in Vietnam early period. Note armor. Korean war. Korean war. Korean war 90th BW 1951 damaged Cuban Warbird. Note one of the few that kept the armor. They went so far as to paint the strip red! Awaiting scrapping. This is the A-26 I have messed with since 1993. Lot's of riveting, repairs, etc. Scroll down on the page to see it's history. https://pacificcoastairmuseum.org/aircraft/a-26c-invader/ Something I just noticed. Monogram got it right with the inclusion of the armor. Note fuselage halves. https://www.cybermodeler.com/hobby/kits/rm/pages/rg_3921_parts1.shtml
  6. Well if they don't, I'm sure someone will do resin bits and a full spread of decal sheets for the different variants. If only we know of such a person..........
  7. Yes totally. Wouldn't be the first time nor the last.
  8. Yep! That is them. I think that is what they tried to reproduce but failed to finish the addition of the armor. Or maybe they did that for you to add the armor yourself in case of aircraft that had the armor removed perhaps? Alan
  9. It's supposed to be armor. ICM screwed up and didn't finish molding it or whatever their thinking was. The strip should be a flush wedge that butts up to the armor. The one at the local museum up the road has it. Look at my post above. It clearly shows it.
  10. Hallelujah!!!!! The G and J too. Built the 1//48 Fujimi J model in high school....... Only 40 years ago!
  11. It is the outline of the bolted on armor kit. https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/385902-61117-a-26-invader-all-versions-wrong-armor-shape/ The A-26 down the road from me has it too. With early flat canopy.
  12. I am not 100% disabled so I can't get on base. Better off you come over here. We can argue it out at the air museum here.
  13. Sorry, I was Army so MP's are what I am used to not SP (Space Police).
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