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  1. Brilliant Windy37! I remember these on the stages as a rally marshal in the day.
  2. Update I've failed Bill! I couldn't get the interior to fit and glue the two haves of the fuselage together so I shaved down the edges of the interior floor sides etc. No it still doesn't fit! So I glued the two halves of the fuselage fitted everything except the side windows as they were too big. I should have tried to fit them inside (but the instructions said outside) or used a thinner strip of clear plastic to cover all each side as one. The windscreen took a lot of shaving down but finally fitted. I've painted it matt light grey and added the decals, but it looks bad, so no pictures
  3. Whatever problems you had with this kit, it looks superb! Well done!
  4. Thanks guys, I like Ed Roth's creations, this being a very simple vehicle using a front wheel drive Mini engine and gearbox.
  5. One of the older kits with just the car and hut, no Ed Roth figure or decals sheet. I have changed the wheels/tyres to Centrelines and covered the Tiki Hut in vertical coffee sticks and converting to a bar! With my first Surfite from 2016, And with two of the three surfboards in the kit, with other kit decal and a home printed one..
  6. Thanks Steve. Ed Roth was one of the USA's largest producers of way-out custom cars in the 1960's not only as full size cars but also plastic model kits.
  7. Thanks galaxyG, This is the black one, just matt black spray can paint.. I've found another one today but lifesize. I have a note: I must buy a Smart Car and have it converted!
  8. Update 19.05.22. Body finished and fitted to the chassis (that's a squeeze), also fitted the Centreline wheels. More to do, fit rear view mirror, exhaust, front wiper and rear if I can find one, rear number plate surround, and some decals both from stash and home printed ones. Also my first Surfite build, with wheels/tyres, rear's from Meyers Manx kits..
  9. Found, bought now to build an old kit.. I have covered the Tiki Hut in coffee sticks and converted it to a bar, suitably painted, also decaled the three surfboards, from my decal collection. Also today, cutting out new clear plastic stock for both front and rear windscreens and fitting in place. The kit clear plastic strip is opaque due to it's age.
  10. Thanks guys. Prodrive built the range of Subaru rally cars at a plant 20 miles from here.
  11. Build box stock. Painting various parts in yellow to highlight those area's. Unusually various decals came apart ,like the rear number plate, partly rescued and the front sun strip using an old Airfix strip from the decals box and Pirelli P7 tyre decals. I also made, as they aren't supplied, three clear sprue heat stretched aerials. Here are my others including a Heller 1/43rd kit.
  12. Yes! I suppose the screen hinges up to get in and out. It also advertised two, four or six wheel drive with all that transmission it would only do about 40 miles an hour!
  13. Thanks kapam. I don't know about TV programmes, we don't see any custom style shows here in the UK. There's only Wheeler Dealers and Car SOS British programmes and they just do up road cars to their standard spec. There are a lot of USA custom car programmes but all V8 cars we don't have here in the UK especially as fuel here is around £1.70 per litre or £6.80 per gallon for petrol and £7.20 a gallon for Diesel!
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