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  1. Thanks Jim, yes the leaves and flowers were a test in themselves.
  2. I certainly hope so, I don't know about Anteaters build.
  3. Being Fathers Day in the UK, one present from each son...
  4. Well iainpeden say well done to your wife, mine wouldn't be so keen! So after 2 weeks cruising through Scandinavia, I decided to paint the woodwork as it have to be outside in all weathers, with a light grey acrylic.
  5. Yes having built greenhouses over decades of gardening, the Rolife version looked odd with no framing to support the 'glass'. I'm also tempted to put more framing on, but will decide that in two weeks on my return.
  6. Now plus a framework of coffee sticks/stirrers! Just a few more bits to do when we return in two weeks time!
  7. Nearly, nearly there! Thank god for coffee sticks/stirrers! It gives a more wooden framed image, like the garden greenhouse I built some years ago!
  8. Nearly there, a few blunders on the way but easily fixed, now out of circulation for at least two weeks!
  9. Looking to the future my wife and I went to the Morgan factory in 2016 and saw the production line and included the latest V Twin and an EV being tested outside with a magazine shoot underway.. And the EV ready to test.. Your making a grand job of yours well done so far!
  10. Yes Andy they do. If you buy this kit, The wheels fit into a groove on one side of the tyres, but can slide off. I added contact glue to the inside of the wheels and tyres.
  11. Test fitting body on chassis and the roof units..
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