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  1. Thanks Pete in Lincs. I'd been looking on the Shapeways site for a while, and am pleased with the quality and authenticity of the part.
  2. I've been working on my latest project, using a 3D printed product for the first time. This is the roof rack now painted.. And test fitted on the shorty VW Van. The legs of the rack are quite pliable so it sits nicely on the rain guttering.
  3. As an ex-rally marshal in the day I remember these flying through the forest stages! It looks just fabulous, well done depicting an important rally car. Interesting to see the Alpine name coming into F1 this year.
  4. Interesting to see as I've built the kit OOB. I have recently bought other 1/24 pieces from Shapeways and been impressed with the quality.
  5. Just received an email from a large Airfix supplier, many new kits based on longstanding ones, thought I'd better order one. In 1/32nd of course.
  6. Thanks guys. The bikes were originally seen on the streets of Japan then the USA.
  7. This I bought through Shapeways, produced by Kingtoys. This is my first, and hopefully not my last attempt at painting a one piece 3D model in 1/24. Do the same as any kit, wash first in hot soapy water and air dry. As these are reasonably soft plastic, acrylic paints are needed. A good undercoat/basecoat. I painted mine with a brush, firstly with a bright yellow gloss, but it dried so quickly it looked rough. The engine/gearbox, seat handlebar grips and tyres are matt black and the rest of the body gloss black. I put Molotow chrome on the exhaust and wheels and as an undercoat for the rear sh
  8. Cheers swralph and a Happy New Year.
  9. Thanks malpaso , yes the box top colour is Orange, and yes again they have both front wheel drive and 4X4, if only I could find a good 1:1 version!
  10. Built box stock but with a van style body rather than an open beach cruiser style..
  11. It was Secret Days by Asa Briggs. I didn't realise that Bletchley Park wasn't the only codebreakers outpost nearby! There were in various villages and properties numerous parts of the codebreaking teams!
  12. I'm about to finish another book on the work of codebreakers at Bletchley Park just 12 miles away. This has been lent to me by a neighbour for me to read re-habilitating after a spell in hospital. I have various other books but on my Kindle on the same subject. My last job was at the Open University where I met up from time to time with various relatives of those who served there during the Second World War.
  13. Superb! And you see so many about like this, well worn and still going strong!
  14. The Shapeways items were here in 3 days from Holland! Superb quality, The scooter and VW Motor in near clear translucent soft plastic and the Roof Rack in a tougher rougher finish grey plastic. Once washed in hot soapy water (as per instructions) acrylics paints need to be used and as they are all in one piece are interesting to paint! The Ruckus scooter in undercoat, prior to matt black tyres and engine and a yellow body and part of the frame oh and gloss black on the footboard!
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