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  1. Thanks guys, I printed the decals after finding the Hoonigan logo on the web. Was going to put tape on the lights but I haven't got any small enough and with my shaky hands can't draw a straight line!
  2. PatW

    Moebius Bat Pod.

    Thanks Bill.B, I like to build things that a bit 'Off the Wall' or funnily 'Outside the Box'!
  3. PatW

    Moebius Bat Pod.

    Thanks guys. Yes they didn't have any BATtlax at the tyre dealers!
  4. PatW

    Moebius Bat Pod.

    Yes a reply takes no time at all!
  5. PatW

    Moebius Bat Pod.

    Thanks Fazer. When you get round to building yours beware of the tyres! Mine were more like solid plastic I couldn't get the wide wheel rims into them! I shaved the raised edges off the wheels and placed them into the tyres as far as I could, placed them in a used ice cream tub and poured BOILING water over them! The tyres expanded enough so the wheel rims dropped into the tyres! I've sent an email to Moebius HQ in the USA complaining that the wheel to tyre instructions are nowhere right and I had damaged one of the tyres trying to force the wheel rims into the tyres. Needless to say they have not replied!
  6. I think it's a bike? Given a once over outside the workshop...............
  7. Great Spad, A neighbour had one of these in the day! He and his wife on the back went to the Isle of Man TT Races every year. Firstly on a Matchless then on a BSA, a few others then this.
  8. PatW

    Airfix Ford Fiesta WRC

    Superb WRC Ford, well done!
  9. PatW

    Zvezda Mater 1/43rd

    Thanks Rick. Yes I think Zvezda do most of the cars in 'Cars'. Although I'm waiting for the other vehicles like the tractor, forklifts etc!
  10. PatW

    Zvezda Mater 1/43rd

    Cheers KonaDawg and a very Happy New Year to you.
  11. Built box stock, just added decals, cables and chains.....
  12. Superb! As an ex rally marshall I had seen various of the Stratos on the stages. flying by, and this looks one of the best!
  13. Cheers Ian T. I was down in Sydney in January, and near you in 2003!
  14. Cheers Bill.B, Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year in 2019!
  15. Also bought for me by our youngest son for Christmas.......................... To go with the red version I bought 10 or 15 years ago!