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  1. They are in the roof box SHUSH! Thanks s.e.charles.
  2. Thanks guys. No I wouldn't buy one personally, Because they are not practical enough for the family/shopping/going to the tip/carrying tools/shelving for my display cases and the flat-pack cabinets themselves. A Porsche 911 RSR perhaps, if I sold the house, which my wife of 50 years would be a bit annoyed about!
  3. This is the Revell kit version. Other than the twisted, buckled floor, front and rear windows buckled, and side windows too long and too high and oh yes trying to fit the body over the interior, was nigh on impossible. I had to shave down the door panels, take off the dash and shave off the mounting to the floor and about a 1/4" round the top of the dash as it touched the body without the windows in! With the engine surround there is a window panel at the back of the seats, this was also far too high and wide so shaved that down too! And a few other problems, too many to count! Anyway here's the finished article......................... The bikes, roof bars and top box come from a Fujimi kit. The decals are a Dot Camo from Scale Motorsport. The rear bike rack is scratch built.
  4. PatW

    Integra Type R

    Nice and bright Ian, just as I like it! Should have an eyesight health warning stuck on it!
  5. PatW

    Porsche 918 spyder

    Very nice finish. Well done.
  6. Yes dear Frank Williams, I've spoken to him many times whilst on Air Traffic Control at Silverstone, both before and after the accident, great man. But the team is going through some tough times at present. Oh the build is going very well too. You must have spent a fortune on wheels & tyres for this one!
  7. PatW

    What have you purchased / been given

    Both from ebay,,,,a few days ago...... And today from ebay............
  8. PatW

    Diesel cars

    We are on our fifth, 2 VW Passats, two Mercedes A Class and now a 60mpg Renault Captur Eco2 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, No Road Tax as it is so clean. Best mileage 64mpg lowest 54mpg round town. as it's a 63 plate I've had 2 MOT's, the tester asks why it has to come as the exhaust does't register for emissions! It was on a four year service free deal with a full valet each time, just one hour servicing. As above we give it at least one run a week for five-ten miles at 60+ mph to clean all the filters on the engine and the exhaust. Front wheel drive. No point in 4X4 as we have only a couple of days snow each year and we don't live on a farm! Top selling cross-over in Europe
  9. Very nice, neat and tidy, well done!
  10. PatW

    Nismo 350Z

    Yes as all above great colour combination.
  11. Well done Ian, great build!
  12. Thanks Spiny, I love bright colours, nothing dull for me, although I'm looking at converting a Revell Audi R8 V10 road car to racer in matt black with Monster Energy decals and big rear wing! OR just as a road car, who knows until you open the box and have a good look! Yes, it does convert easily to a race car, as it has a spare sprue with race seat, two different rear wing plates, two extinguishers and a complete roll cage which I build on a small flat wood base first before putting in the car. But I have boxes full of spares and I print my own decals if I have to!
  13. The kit is a road going version which I've modified to a race car. I've added decals from my spares box, added alloy exhaust tips, cut down Nascar window net, and front and rear tow eyes. The main sponsor is Apple Petronas Lubricants/Fields, with minor sponsors decals on the doors and body including various model kit manufacturers. The kit has a basic top engine moulding........
  14. Er, surely that's real! Superb build and pictures, very well done!
  15. Yes very '60's Flower Power that I remember fondly! And the kit looks good as well!