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  1. OK Old John. I'm now looking for another, perhaps to build a van or camper or wrecker or car carrier or whatever!
  2. Thanks guys, yes an interesting project. I'm wondering what to do to another one, that's if I can find another!
  3. Well Old John it was the Monogram Beer Wagon.. Thanks guys as well for the confidence booster!
  4. It was for Beer now it's for Monster Energy drink. As if rescued from a local scrap yard, the rear bed has new wood, but the cab, chassis and some of the chains are still a bit rusty.
  5. Not a kit, but- I'm fascinated by seeing more and more modified Hot Wheels diecasts. They seem tiny to me so how are they done? I'll have to look on YouTube to see if they are any on video. So whilst shopping at Tesco's this morning I spotted this Porsche 914 in Safari form. At just £1.50 I'm also surprised to see them at this cheaper price.
  6. Thanks guys, yes It's a very nice kit with the instructions in Chinese/Japanese, the fit and finish is superb. I understand that the kit is a collaboration between NuNu/ Platz and possibly Belkits. The the decals are there for three cars. I did have one problem, when fitting the rear wheels into the suspension uprights and those tiny rubber ferrules, the pins on the back of the wheels broke off on one, What I should have done is ensure that the chrome plating was cleaned off first. I subsequently drilled out the centres and added small gauge alloy tubing and glued everything back t
  7. Built box stock, painted, decaled and clear gloss coated. The best thing about this kit is that the front and rear windows have their own 4 piece decal surrounds! That is the bit I hate most is trying to paint black window rubbers! I have used this build as my first set of photo's using a new light box! I now hope to improve my imagery with the new light box!
  8. Update 07.04.21. Both landed now. The TV Buggy is all in bright red and chrome. The ATMP is all in light grey.
  9. Superb! I've seen a few of these around. My late brother bought a green Mini van from the Oxford factory in 1963 and drove it home. Whilst driving home he found that as he pulled away from junctions/traffic lights it jumped out of first gear. When he got home he jacked it up on one side and took the wheels off and the inside of the rims were rusted in one spot. He asked for a new one as this one was traced back to being built in 1961 hence the dodgy gearbox, and it had been parked up for two years on an old airfield outside Oxford! The British Leyland dealer who organised the sale could only g
  10. This came last week, for better photo's, a foldable light box with LED lights and various coloured backgrounds. Also with a carry case.
  11. A new kit from NuNu/Belkits, today the interior with roll cage..
  12. I'd forgotten this! Ebay UK shouted for me to pay up! Something else for the shelf! Update 07.04.21 Just landed on the mat, all in chrome and bright yellow, superb!
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