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  1. Superb kits from Airfix, I've built many of these different ones but 30+ years ago!
  2. Thanks bigbadbadge. Yes just as I've noticed with values and I still can't afford one. But at my age (74) I possibly wouldn't be able to get in and out of one now anyway!
  3. Thanks Vesa Jussila. Yes one of the best handling Porsches due to the mid-engine layout.
  4. Yes Gary, I had one spray tin of Plasti-Kote left in Metalic Blue as suggested in the plans.
  5. Thanks Trevor. It was my favourite road car, pity I coudn't afford one, it's mid-engined set up made it handle better than the 911/912 versions with the engine 'out the back'.
  6. Having built a few of these over decades, and having one on the shelf, following my Porsche build series recently. I added a scratchbuilt rollcage and alloy exhaust pipes. I've canted the kit number decals at 45 degrees on the bonnet and engine lid, just to be different. Having had problems previously with fitting the engine lid I added it before the body chassis connection. A couple of previous ones, built leaving out various chassis, axle parts due to difficult builds of this kit. And a rat rod barn find daily driver!
  7. Very good! I've seen the car in person, I can't forget the twin intakes on the roof!
  8. Thanks desert falcon. Yes whatever number a Porsche is, it's welcome in my house!
  9. Superb! Now looking at the 'K' registration that's about 1971 by my reconning, our VW Beetle was a 1965 'C' registration as it was one new letter per year then. This is just as I remembered them on the road in this colour with the famous Cosmic Alloy Wheels.
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