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  1. Yes I even remember the DJ Mike Smith racing for Prodrive, ( just 20 miles away), I was on Airfield marshaling in the day (his heli flying was chronic) and yes, Frank and James was a favourite driver of mine. I've also watched Patrick's career over the years, he's still in the Belgian Rally Championship but in a new Golf if I remember rightly, that's also well decaled/vinyl wrapped in multi-colours!
  2. Super build! Paint and decals are looking really special. I also may borrow the cotton thread idea. As a rally marshal in the day the M3's were a superb rally machine on both tarmac and rough stages, the rear end sliding round the bends at speed, especially the hairpins! Our youngest son had the 2.5 engined 3 series 2 door in that red as a road car/daily driver!
  3. Another 'already started' ebay buy, Airfix 1/32nd scale. Two Rally Cars, Mini & Fiesta.
  4. 6th August. Got it in the mail today! Moulded in Orange! Great, I'll just add some Red and Yellow to the mix and polish the Orange!
  5. Another ebay UK steal........ hopefully to look like this.............................
  6. Cheers Keith, I'll have plenty hot water available as usual. I'm follicaly challenged (bald) so a hair dryer is rare here! Decal solution is standard though. Well I'll closely check the ride height before cutting anything up/off!
  7. I've opened both boxes. The Taxi has open or closed side door, I think mine will be open! The Nascar is suitably detailed, the decals are in, amazingly 'Brand New' condition so looking forward to laying those up! The body colour is supposedly Purple, so new rattle can it that colour landing today! I also going to try......................... To lower the front as most NASCAR kits ride high at the front.
  8. I'm looking forward to these decals!
  9. Our local Hobbycraft (Milton Keynes) had a few paints but stacks of kits, mostly over priced!
  10. Wallace & Gromit, my favourite TV characters, anything about these two is brilliant, well done!
  11. Super decals, good to see Michele's name on there!
  12. Superb build, it takes me back to my childhood, seeing these on black & white TV on the TT!
  13. Super colour, authentic scene and coal in sacks, well done.
  14. Thanks guys. I shall be watching the F1 as well interesting to see Valtteri on pole, he said that he had plenty more to use! Rick the decals I bought were SlotFabrik, they are very thin and you have to cut carefully round each one before dipping, and be careful they curl up very quickly when you try to lay them up. Super colour Rick.
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