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  1. Hello and welcome along and back to the hobby.
  2. Hello and welcome along, I played Warhammer Quest a lot back in the 1990’s and that’s what got me back into plastic modelling.
  3. Thanks for liking the AVG P-40.

  4. Hi Scottey welcome along, I’m also from Suffolk if you need help someone on here will do the honours, and like Frank suggested give us a look at IPMS Ipswich sometime.
  5. I’m not a figure painter, but I would go with “O” / “OO”. I’m sure someone who paints figures will advise better than me.
  6. Hello and welcome along!
  7. Steve86


    Hello and welcome along from the UK, enjoy your return to the hobby.
  8. Steve86


    Welcome along, enjoy your return to the hobby!
  9. Hello and welcome along, never made wooden boats but I’m into my third Roden 1/72 Felixstowe F2a flying boat.
  10. Hi Paul welcome along from just over the border in Suffolk, plenty of advice on here or join one of the modelling clubs local to you.
  11. Steve86


    Hello and welcome along!
  12. Hello and welcome along, rest assured you stash will get bigger.
  13. Steve86


    Hello and welcome along, enjoy your return to the hobby.
  14. A bit late in saying hello but welcome along and enjoy your return to the hobby.
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